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Chasing The Winter Moon: Nineteen [LEMON]

Chasing The Winter Moon ♥
Lesson Nineteen [LEMON / NC-17]
Pairing: Moon Jae Shin / Goo Yong Ha (GeolRim fic) Post Sungkyunkwan Scandal
Author: wedspawn
Overall Rating: Probably NC-17
Requested by: hoshiko_malfoy

Summary: Following an epic scandal at their university, two master scholars search for their own meaning of love.


Lesson One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Se7en, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen [lemon], Fifteen, Sixteen, Se7enteen, Eighteen

Jae Shin woke to the sounds of the pages stomping up and down the walkway, their high pitched voices querulous and demanding the scholars’ attention. About ready to throw off his blankets and beat the little demons to death, what they were saying finally sunk through his fuzzy, sleep-clouded head.

Classes were cancelled until further notice. Only one dining hall will remain open, serving hot soups and teas. Scholars may return home if they wish. Message will be sent to notify students when classes resume.

The singsong warbling of the pages echoed up and down the open walkways, fading in and out as they worked their way through the dormitories. Silently cursing the pages for waking him up, he shifted to turn over onto his stomach when he realized he couldn’t move.

Pinned down in place by the long slender man sprawled out on top of him.

At some point in the night, they’d fallen asleep, worn out from the emotional battles they’d fought, although Yong Ha was depleted physically as well. Staring down at the top of his friend’s head, Jae Shin frowned at the tight top knot of Yong Ha’s hair, wondering how the man stood getting his face pulled up by his eyebrows every day.

“It’s stupid,” Jae Shin murmured. “How do you sleep like that? It must pinch your dreams in.”

He found the end of Yong Ha’s hair tie, undoing the binding carefully so as not to wake the man up. Working his fingers through Yong Ha’s hair, he rubbed a few strands between his fingertips, marveling at the fine texture. One caught on a snag in his thumb’s cuticle, weaving around Jae Shin’s thumb.

“Even your hair is clingy,” Jae Shin teased the sleeping man. “You just can’t seem to help it.”

Yong Ha moved, slithering around Jae Shin’s body. His knees edged into Jae Shin’s thighs and for a moment, the scholar wondered if he’d have to protect himself from injury but the lanky man stopped moving before he did any damage. With his cheek turned and resting on Jae Shin’s chest, Yong Ha murmured in his sleep, nuzzling into his lover’s warmth as a bite of chill from outside seeped in.

Straining slightly, Jae Shin barely was able to reach the fire prod and carefully jabbed at the embers he’d banked in the brazier. Using the hook edge of the prod, he knocked in the pressed together wood blocks he’d placed on the upper rail for the morning, wincing slightly when a trail of sparks swirled into the air before dissipating into an ashen dust. Watching the flames catch and thankful for the brick work protecting the brazier from catching anything on fire, Jae Shin slid the prod back into place and tugged the blankets up around Yong Ha’s slender shoulders.

“It’s cold,” Yong Ha mumbled.

The flirtatious nature of his voice was missing, replaced by the lower pitch Jae Shin knew so well. Hiding most of his anxieties and fears behind a playful mask, Yong Ha often dropped it when alone with his best friend, especially in the dim light of a wintery, iced in morning and while cuddled up against Jae Shin’s chest. Stroking his friend’s hair, Jae Shin murmured comforting words, urging the man to sleep.

“Classes,” Yong Ha replied though half-asleep. He made no move to get off of Jae Shin and from what Jae Shin could see, hadn’t even opened his eyes but the protest was a serious warning the man would eventually rise up out of bed.

“Cancelled,” Jae Shin whispered, easing his hand down Yong Ha’s neck and caressing the soft skin there. His fingers tangled in the man’s fine hair and he smiled when Yong Ha’s arms tightened around him. “The pages came through the walkways screaming a while ago. I’m surprised they didn’t wake you.”

“Hurt.” Yong Ha’s small yelp of pain when he moved his arm alarmed Jae Shin. “Oh heavens take me, I hurt. Why did I do so much? Why didn’t I just send some of my grandmother’s men to pull you off of the room? Or to beat up Dae Min? Why did I think I needed to do it myself?”

A man of few words, Jae Shin said nothing. Sliding out from under Yong Ha, he slowly eased the man into the bedding, gathering up the blankets to form a warm nest but leaving Yong Ha exposed. His fingers shook slightly as he touched the ties of Yong Ha’s under-robes, his eyes never leaving Yong Ha’s face. The tremble in his hands echoed the uncertainty in his burnished brown gaze and he fingered the end of one tie, holding his breath as he bit his upper lip and waited for Yong Ha to answer his unspoken question.

The slow murmur on Yong Ha’s lips and the gentle nod of his head released Jae Shin from the amber he’d trapped himself in.

They kissed once, a tentative touch of lips. Yong Ha lay still, wanting desperately to strip Jae Shin bare and taste every inch of his body but he knew his Geol Oh. The man needed to explore; re-learn his friend’s body in ways he’d not expected he’d ever have the chance to do so before. When Jae Shin’s mouth descended on his again, Yong Ha sighed and parted his lips, inviting Jae Shin in.

Their clothes whispered from their bodies, soft cotton garments joining the bedding to feather the nest around them. Sitting up, they remained tangled in on one another, arms wrapped around shoulders and hips, legs hooked into one another until they sat hard against the other’s sex. Tugging at the leather thong holding Jae Shin’s top knot, Yong Ha spread a line of kisses from Jae Shin’s ear down to the crook of his neck, laving at the healing mark he’d placed there.

Then Jae Shin’s fingers splayed over the small of his back and Yong Ha went still, breathless at the intimate touch.

Holding Yong Ha close to him, Jae Shin looked over his lover’s shoulder, entranced by the long curve of his back and the milky expanse of his pale skin. Spreading out his hand, he smiled at the contrast of their tones, his darker gold on Yong Ha’s porcelain. He skimmed over the man’s ribs, laughing softly as Yong Ha squirmed in his lap then moaning with need when the man’s finger brushed his already dampened sex.

“I need this…” Yong Ha whispered wicked and hot into Jae Shin’s ear. “I need this inside of me. I need you inside of me.”

“I…” He wanted to say he wasn’t ready but his body betrayed him. Lightly kissing Yong Ha’s shoulder, Jae Shin closed his eyes and searched the why of his hesitation, startled from his thoughts when Yong Ha’s hands rubbed at his shoulder blades.

“Love me, my Jae Shin,” Yong Ha murmured. “Trust me to stay with you. Trust me that I’ll always be by your side. As I always have been… so I always will be.”

The icy fear clenching Jae Shin’s heart shattered under the weight of Yong Ha’s words. Sharpened by Yong Ha’s conviction, Jae Shin’s emotions swept through his thoughts, slicing away at the bonds that kept his heart from beating freely.

I’ve lost so much… He realized. From my brother… my dearly loved hyung… to a father who deserved more than my scorn. Thinking I loved Daemul only because she… broke through me, like Yong Ha did so long ago. I thought I loved her because it was normal to love a woman when really, all I was doing was mirroring the love I had for Yong Ha. My Yong Ha.

Leaning back, Jae Shin cupped Yong Ha’s face and stared into the man’s gentle, loving gaze. A curious frown marked a slight groove between his eyebrows, more perplexed by being examined by the man who knew his face probably better than he knew his own but Yong Ha said nothing, letting Jae Shin’s thumb rub over his mouth before nipping at it lightly then kissing it better.

“I love you, Goo Yong Ha,” Jae Shin whispered. “I have always loved just you.”

Yong Ha’s vision shimmered, watered by the tears threatening to overwhelm him and he blinked, trying to wish them away. One fell, then another, landing on the curve of Jae Shin’s hand. Leaning in, the man kissed them off, returning to savour Yong Ha’s mouth with the man’s joy on his tongue.

“Love me then, my Jae Shin. Please.” Oils meant to ease their loving emerged from under one of the cushions and Yong Ha’s eyebrows rose with surprised pleasure. Taking the bottle from Jae Shin’s fingers, he stoked another kiss to full life, taking his time with Jae Shin’s beautiful mouth.

“Let me,” Jae Shin murmured, holding his hand out to Yong Ha. “Help me. Show”

Opened, the oil’s sweet almond scent warmed the air and Yong Ha cupped the back of Jae Shin’s hand, slowly coating the man’s fingers with oil. Spreading the slick lubricant over his lover’s hand, he leaned back into the pillows, gently guiding Jae Shin down with him.

They lay on their sides, facing one another and Yong Ha stretched, reaching down to grip their sexes in his hand. Jae Shin leaned in, excited by the man’s touched and encouraged by Yong Ha’s soft murmuring sounds, ran his fingers down the sleek crevice between Yong Ha’s cheeks, lightly touching at his hidden, tight entrance. Their kisses grew languid, slow exploratory unhurried caresses of tongue and lips until the passion between them grew to a peak and Jae Shin was bold enough to slid the tip of his finger into his lover’s core.

His mouth was on Yong Ha’s lips when the man gasped and cried out his lover’s name in a burst of uncontrollable pleasure.

I want you to be everything that's you, deep at the centre of your being,” Jae Shin quoted, moving his kisses down Yong Ha’s throat and onto his shoulder. “And I want to be there as well… at your centre…in your being.”

A brief space broke between them and he delved down, pressing further into Yong Ha’s body as he wrapped his lips around a peaking nipple. Laving the nub to a tight tip, he bit at it, working it back and forth between his teeth. Yong Ha cried out, clenching his lover’s head to his chest and lifted his knees up, opening himself up for Jae Shin’s intruding touch.

“More,” Yong Ha begged. “Another, please. Make me ready for you. Make me ready for this part of you.”

He cupped Jae Shin’s heavy sex, its breadth nearly too wide for Yong Ha’s fingers to close over. The ridge beneath Jae Shin’s shaft was thick and throbbed in Yong Ha’s hand, pulsing with the need to be buried deep inside of the slender man.

Yong Ha wondered if he’d ever wanted something…someone… as much as he wanted Jae Shin.

Never, His mind whispered. From the first day you saw him until the day when you close your eyes for the last time, you will never know a desire as pure and intoxicating as your Jae Shin.

The velvety feel of Yong Ha’s heat around his finger made Jae Shin’s sex ache and the remembered pleasure of the man’s mouth on him only fueled his desire. Working another finger past the tight pout of Yong Ha’s body, he bit his lip in worry at the slightly pained expression on Yong Ha’s face. Nearly withdrawing, he was stopped when Yong Ha frantically grabbed his arm.

“No, please,” He mewled, sliding his hips back to impale himself on Jae Shin’s fingers. “It’s good. It feels so good to have you there.”

“Are you sure?” Jae Shin’s instincts told him to draw back but the grip on his arm and around his sex said otherwise. Yong Ha made long stroking touches along his shaft and Jae Shin felt the burn begin in his sac, threatening to spill over into Yong Ha’s grasp before he could even tempt himself with the hot touch of Yong Ha’s inner heat.

Yong Ha’s fevered kiss spurned him on and Jae Shin stroked and played with his lover, easing deep inside of him until he felt the brush of Yong Ha’s sweet spot on his finger tip. The effect on the other man was electrifying and Jae Shin was slightly worried he’d hurt Yong Ha then the man clenched his hands on Jae Shin’s shoulders and mewled for more.

The slick of oil around his hand sluiced at Yong Ha’s core and Jae Shin cuddled the man closer, fascinated by the sight of his fingers working Yong Ha open. His cock responded as well, a drop of pearl liquid forming at the slit and a deep throbbing want spreading through the shaft.

“You’re so close.” Yong Ha worked the seed drop over Jae Shin’s head before bringing the taste of his lover up to his mouth. The salty bitter taste was pure Jae Shin, pleasant and tangy as it filled his mouth and Yong Ha suddenly needed the man to be pressed deep inside of him, a begging want for the hot thrust of Jae Shin’s body against his growing with each passing stroke of the man’s fingers.

The sensations along his shaft were building, nearly painful with each stroke of Yong Ha’s skillful hand and he bit the inside of his cheek, hoping to stave off his release. The man’s hand was glossy with almond-scented oil and he worked around Jae Shin’s shaft until his sex glistened in the dim light.

“I’m… too big,” Jae Shin fretted. “How…”

“It fits, agi,” Yong Ha chuckled, sliding free of Jae Shin’s fingers and reaching for the oil once more. “Let me show you.”

They were clumsy, familiar with each others’ bodies but without the intimacy of touch their love needed. A few bits of laughter and Yong Ha’s consternation when he realized he’d gotten into a good position only to discover the oil vial poking him in the back.

Jae Shin reached under his lover to retrieve it and stopped suddenly, his arm around Yong Ha’s torso and the press of his stomach trapping the man’s length between them. The moisture gathering at Yong Ha’s head provided enough friction for their bodies to roll sensations through the shaft. Jae Shin pulled his lover’s leg to rest up on his hip and the slender man moaned loudly, writhing slightly as Jae Shin’s abdomen rubbed at his turgid sex.

“Go slow,” Yong Ha murmured, reaching between them to capture Jae Shin’s cock in his hand. Guiding it to the edge of his entrance, he kissed the man’s shoulder, urging him in.

Closing his fingers over Yong Ha’s, Jae Shin pressed at the resistant ring. Resting most of his weight on his knees, he slowly eased forward, feeling the tight muscles of Yong Ha’s entrance push back against him. Breathing hard, he glanced up at Yong Ha, unsure and fearful he would tear his lover apart but Yong Ha smiled and stroked Jae Shin’s temple, murmuring for the man to go forward.

The first bit of Jae Shin’s mushroom-shaped head made Yong Ha gasp and he inhaled sharply, riding the shockwaves of discomfort rolling over him. His startled noises still Jae Shin’s movements and the scholar patted at his lover’s shoulder.

“Don’t stop, Geol Oh,” Yong Ha whispered. “The hardest part is the first push. After that, it gets better. So much better.”

“I don’t want to hurt you…”

“It will only hurt me if you pull away,” He replied, cupping Jae Shin’s jaw, mimicking the adhesive bond they’d once shared. The touch comforted the alarm in Jae Shin’s eyes and his shoulders released their tension, relaxing the rigidity of Jae Shin’s hips. “Get the tip in then give me some time. I need to… feel you in me. Just for a moment and then, Heavens I want ride your body until I can’t take it any more.”

Jae Shin rocked his hips slowly and Yong Ha’s body opened, taking in the velvet head. His breath stolen from the heat of Yong Ha’s tight body, Jae Shin forced himself to remain still. Every instinct in him shouted for more, to feel the slide of Yong Ha around him until he spilled everything he had into the tight sheath but the quivering almost-pained look on Yong Ha’s face stopped him. The man’s hard sex trapped between them had softened a bit and Jae Shin frowned, fretful at the response.

“Give me a bit, lover,” Yong Ha teased, his panting breaths making his chest heave with the effort of taking in Jae Shin’s thick sex. He shifted and relaxed, opening up his body more with a push of his muscles. His body responded to his needs, seemingly sucking in more of Jae Shin’s sex with each breath Yong Ha took. “Now, baby. Fill me. Now.”

Their clumsiness gone, the men moved, falling into a rhythm as natural to them as breathing. Jae Shin’s feral nature took over, plunging his sex deep into Yong Ha and finding the spot that drove his lover crazy with nearly each stroke. His strong will tempered the rushing need for his own pleasure and he slowed his movements, drawing out each plunging stroke until Yong Ha nearly screamed in frustration. Resting his weight on his hands, he covered Yong Ha’s body, hooking the man’s legs over his shoulders and leaned in to press his lips over his lover’s gasping mouth.

He wanted to feel Yong Ha release — wanted to capture the screaming cries of the man’s pleasure into his mouth. Jae Shin rode the pleasure working through his body, allowing the sensation of Yong Ha around him to intoxicate his mind. The sound of their bodies meeting one another filled him as much as he filled Yong Ha and Jae Shin wished he could make the moment last forever; securing them a place in a heaven outside of prying eyes and a wintery gale.

Despite his innocence, he knew when Yong Ha was close. The man’s body tightened around him, spiraling sensations closing over his shaft and then the push of Yong Ha’s sac into his was a welcome touch. Riding along the man’s trapped sex, Jae Shin lowered himself further, kissing Yong Ha soundly as he reached between them and rubbed at the man’s leaking head.

He swallowed Yong Ha’s scream of pleasure as ropey strands spilled from his sex, covering Jae Shin’s fingers and coating their sweat-glistened stomachs. Jae Shin’s vision erupted with flashes of white light and the brittle, sharp feeling of his orgasm hit, shattering his senses as if they were fragile glass trying to hold back a hurricane.

The deep heat of his body spilled into his lover and he thrust harder, needing to reach deep into Yong Ha’s core and leave his mark as close to his lover’s heart as possible. Pounding at the man’s entrance, he scooped Yong Ha up, holding his shivering, spent lover against his chest as he found his passion. Too enraptured in the pleasures of Jae Shin’s sex moving against his nerves, Yong Ha cried out again, biting down into the meat of the man’s shoulder as another climax crested over him.

Jae Shin filled him. The release of hot liquid poured into Yong Ha’s waiting core, reaching in deep until he was certain he could taste the man in his throat. They continued to rock, slowly ebbing back into the languid, boneless state of their spent bodies. When the press of Jae Shin against his centre drew away, Yong Ha mewled in a faint protest but the ache in his hips and the slightly tender push of his entrance was grateful for the release.

He struggled to catch his breath, rolling over onto his side to nuzzle into the blankets as Jae Shin shakily got to his feet. Too tired to reproach the man for leaving him, he murmured thankfully when Jae Shin returned with a warm, dampened cloth and lay still as his lover took care of him.

A few moments of emptiness surrounded him then Jae Shin was back, his hands chilled from the water but his mouth was hot with kisses, shattering Yong Ha’s resolve not to move when their lips touched and the slender scholar found himself torn between sleep and wanting more.

“I am glad you decided to keep me,” Jae Shin murmured. “Especially after your father told you to cast me aside.”

“My father doesn’t know what pleasure and love are,” Yong Ha hissed and nuzzled back against Jae Shin’s stomach, resting his shoulder blades against the man’s strong chest. “You… are too beautiful and rare of a treasure to be tossed aside — and I am a connoisseur of such things.”

Jae Shin reached behind him, undoing one of the heavy duvets from the nest he’d made and covered them. Wrapping his arms around his slender lover, he brushed his cheek against the soft dark hair falling down over Yong Ha’s brow. Lulled by the release of his body and the sounds of the storm outside, Jae Shin let himself drift off, coming back around when Yong Ha kissed his arm and spoke.

“Did you mean what you said?” The scholar was tentative, as if unsure of Jae Shin’s reply.

“What did I say?”

“That you…” Yong Ha was glad he couldn’t see Jae Shin’s face and he buried himself into the edge of the blankets, holding his heart as tightly as he could in case it shattered under the deathblow of Jae Shin’s answer. “When you said you loved me.”

“I do love you,” Jae Shin kissed the back of his lover’s neck, ticking the fine hair that grew there with a brush of his lips. “Why would I say something I don’t mean?”

“I love you too,” Yong Ha whispered, unable to fully believe the joy blooming inside of him. “Very much.”

“Good,” Jae Shin muttered. “But one thing… one thing between us you should know….”

“What is that?” Yong Ha twisted slightly, edging his shoulder so he could see Jae Shin’s face.

“This…love between us,” Cupping his lover’s chin, Jae Shin brushed a soft kiss onto Yong Ha’s mouth but the firmness of his resolve gleamed in his dark eyes and the rough rasp of his voice offered no room for argument. Demanding and firm, he held Yong Ha’s face in his strong hand, commanding Yong Ha’s attention.

“No one else will ever touch you like this. No other man will ever have the pleasure of your body,” Jae Shin rumbled, his fierce love for Yong Ha shining through in full passion on his face. “I will be the only one to love you this way. The only one to touch you like this. Am I understood?”

Yong Ha nodded as best he could, captured in the predatory gaze of his lover’s need. Swallowing, he blushed and kissed the rise of Jae Shin’s palm, murmuring his assent when the man’s mouth came down to claim him.

“And I will make this promise to you, Goo Yong Ha,” Jae Shin murmured, keeping his hold on Yong Ha’s jaw as he pressed a kiss at the corner of the man’s wide mouth. “No other man will love me that way either. When you are ready. When you want me that way. Only you.”

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