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Chasing The Winter Moon: Twenty [LEMON]

Chasing The Winter Moon ♥
Lesson Twenty [LEMON]
Pairing: Moon Jae Shin / Goo Yong Ha (GeolRim fic) Post Sungkyunkwan Scandal
Author: wedspawn
Overall Rating: Probably NC-17
Requested by: hoshiko_malfoy

Summary: Following an epic scandal at their university, two master scholars search for their own meaning of love.


Lesson One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Se7en, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen [lemon], Fifteen, Sixteen, Se7enteen, Eighteen, Nineteen [LEMON]

Winter refused to give up its prey. Holding Sungkyunkwan in its icy talons, it squeezed hard, driving the remaining scholars deeper into their lairs. Meals were hastily prepared hot dishes, cooked in heavy stone or iron pots and carried back to their rooms. Buried in their own chambers, the wait staff emerged only to pick up crockery left out on the walkways, moving as a quick, shuffling fur-enrobed horde.

Ensconced behind closed doors and stockpiling food and alcohol with a few well-placed bribes to various pages and staff, the men spent their time hidden away exploring one another, alternating their laughter and low murmuring conversations with long bouts of slow love-making. Twice during the snowstorm, Jae Shin ventured out to raid Yong Ha’s stores of oils, the first time returning with a single bottle only to be met with a mocking reproach by his lover.

His second raid proved to be more to Yong Ha’s approval and amusement. A hearty eye-watering laughter greeted him when Jae Shin slung a clinking satchel of bottles and vials onto the bedding, the bag packed nearly to full with every manner of lotion, potion or oil Yong Ha had stashed in his room.

An early dinner of hot stone rice warmed their bellies and the men lay next to one another, their fingers trailing over long expanses of bare skin. Melted snow provided them enough water to bathe in and the stores for the inset brazier was stocked with dry wood, enough to last them a week if they hadn’t found other ways to warm themselves.

“Did you… mean it when you said you’d let me…” Yong Ha turned over onto his side, his nude form fitting into the curves of Jae Shin’s body. The other man lay on his back, his stomach clenching in response to Yong Ha’s long fingers tracing the muscled lines on his abdomen. He nearly jerked away when Yong Ha stuck the tip of one finger into his belly button and wiggled it, making Jae Shin squirm from being tickled.

“Stop that.”

“Tickling you?”

“That…” Jae Shin growled, grabbing his lover’s hand. “And asking me if I mean something. You know me by now. Why do you keep asking things like that?”

“Maybe because I can’t believe that… you and I are finally like this,” Yong Ha whispered as he rested the point of his chin on Jae Shin’s chest. “That we’re together like this.”

“We are.” He grunted and pushed at the man’s cheek with the flat of his hand. “Stop being stupid about it. We just…are.”

“Such a simple life you lead,” Yong Ha sighed, returning to his examination of his lover’s abdomen with a quick glance at the heft of his sex shadowing the space between the man’s thighs. “Everything is so easy for you. Once a decision is made, you move forward onto the next problem, never questioning your choice.”

“You aren’t a choice,” Jae Shin muttered. “You’re more like a fate…or a destiny. A very loud, annoying, twirling-about destiny.”

“Geol Oh’s destiny,” He murmured, turning the phrase over on his tongue. “I like that.”

“Good.” The man ruffled Yong Ha’s hair then glared the scholar when Yong Ha widened his eyes and batted his lashes at him. “What now?”

“You never answered me.”

“You never asked the damned question.”

“No?” Yong Ha cocked his head, thinking back. “I guess not. I wanted to know if you were… interested… in letting me…have you.”

“Letting you have me?” Jae Shin rumbled. “Do you want…”

“I don’t want you to feel pressured to give me something you’re not ready to give me,” Yong Ha said.

The slight startle in Jae Shin’s widened eyes gave Yong Ha pause. Only a few days experience did not a trusting Jae Shin make and although the man was relaxing about their intimacy, Yong Ha wondered if he’d pressed his lover too soon.

“But you’re willing to give it to me?” Jae Shin propped his head up with his arm, staring down into his lover’s face. “That’s not fair, is it?”

“Sex…love between us… doesn’t have to be fair, just good,” Yong Ha answered baldly, shrugging off Jae Shin’s hissing condemnation. “It’s true. Besides, I don’t want to scare you into doing something you don’t want to do just because you feel like you need to.”

After staring at the ceiling for a few moments, Jae Shin asked, “Do you like it?”

He sounded so earnest and young, clearly working around to a certain point that he wasn’t ready to get to. Yong Ha hid his smile with a quick duck of his head. He didn’t have the eloquence Jae Shin did when the man put his mind — and heart — to it but describing the pure ecstasy of having his lover take him deserved more than what he could think up.

“Oh, yes,” Yong Ha laughed. “It feels like I’m drinking from the stars. Having you inside of me is… it takes me into the heavens, my Geol Oh.”

He grunted and played with Yong Ha’s hair, listening to the storm wail outside. His cock began to fill, urged by the fingers trailing over his hips and tangling into the sparse hair below his belly button. Clearing his throat, he shifted a bit on the blankets. Yong Ha noticed and skimmed his fingers over the hardening shaft, ranking it gently with light furrows of his short nails.

“Does it hurt?” Jae Shin instantly flushed, ashamed he’d mentioned it. Never one to embrace pain or even physical exertion, Yong Ha seemed perfectly capable of taking him in and after hearing himself out loud, he cursed at his foolishness. “That was.. cowardly of me.”

“No, my dear Jae Shin,” Yong Ha murmured. “Remember when I asked you to realize you were human. Now is one of those times. Asking if it hurts is…refreshingly normal. It’s very hard sometimes being your friend. Between you and Lee Sun Joon, I sometimes have to think up especially naughty things to balance out the universe. It really is quite a chore.”

“There are times when I could beat you.” Flattening his lips, Jae Shin grunted again. “Does it hurt?”

“It’s uncomfortable at first,” He admitted slowly. “But we take our time. That helps…in more ways than one.”

“Do you want to?” His eyes were hooded, unreadable in the scant light but Yong Ha caught the small dab of Jae Shin’s tongue on his upper lip, entranced by the dampness the man left behind. He shifted, suddenly uncomfortable at the frank appreciation on Yong Ha’s face. “Take our time…”

“If that is a Yes to my question then my answer is,” Yong Ha whispered, sliding up to kiss at the wet spot Jae Shin left on his own lip. “Oh yes.”

Their bodies, fragrant from their evening bath, shimmered from the friction of their moving hands. Yong Ha rolled over onto Jae Shin, straddling the man’s legs. Cupping his lover’s face, he kissed the edges of Jae Shin’s full mouth, moaning thankfully when the man parted his lips and slid his tongue into Yong Ha’s mouth. They played with one another, rough velvet against the slick satin of their lips and Yong Ha growled at the press of Jae Shin’s sex prodding his leg.

“Are you sure?” He murmured, stroking his thumbs over Jae Shin’s jaw. “Because I can tell you, there’s nowhere else I’d rather right now be than inside of you but I don’t want to…”

“I’m sure,” Jae Shin huffed, puffing out his cheeks for a moment. “I want to at least… try it. I enjoy the…other.”

“I will do my best,” Yong Ha said, solemn despite the heated, searing look he gave his lover. Jae Shin opened his mouth to skewer the other man with a barb but stopped when Yong Ha reached out and put his fingers over Jae Shin’s parted lips. “I am serious, my Geol Oh. I want to do this so you have the pleasure of it. You’ve been taking care of me these past few days. It’s my turn to take care of you.”

“Yong Ha-ah,” Jae Shin whispered into his lover’s hand, kissing the gentle touch of fingers on his mouth. “You always take care of me.”

“Then lie there,” He teased. “And let me do my duty as your love.”

The man’s body was now familiar to Yong Ha but still as intoxicating as the first time he’d taken a sip of Jae Shin’s flesh. The lines of scars on his lover’s stomach and side still made him cringe as did the newest scar across his chest. He kissed it, reverent and thankful to whichever spirit heard his prayers the night he’d feverishly toiled to keep Jae Shin alive. The man bore the scars silently but Yong Ha only felt pride in his lover’s healed over wounds. They were a testament to his passionate beliefs and even when Yong Ha feared he would lose Jae Shin to his crusade, in the depths of his soul, he knew he wouldn’t have Jae Shin be anything other than true to his heart.

There were other marks on the man’s body, small sun kisses dappled the round of his shoulders and Yong Ha kissed the scatter of constellations, smiling at the amber stars he could find on his lover. A birthmark lay hidden on the inside of Jae Shin’s thigh, a tiny crescent moon a few shades darker than Jae Shin’s golden skin. There, in the secret place, Jae Shin tasted of anise and a night wind, a delicate tea of flavours Yong Ha found himself addicted to soon after he’d discovered it.

And as he’d done that first night — that not so long ago fantastical night — Yong Ha slipped his lover’s sex into his mouth and swallowed him down.

Jae Shin’s hands fisted Yong Ha’s hair, holding the man as an anchor to the world when the pleasure hit him. It frothed up around him, a demanding wave he couldn’t control — couldn’t stand against — and one he eagerly sought to drown in. Yong Ha’s mouth suckled and toyed with him, the man’s skilful tongue delivering curls of bliss. Jae Shin’s mind wandered, unable to focus on anything longer than a moment and the delicious feel of his lover’s hands on his hips.

They’d run out of almond oil two days before and Yong Ha discovered among the many lotions Jae Shin liberated from his stores, a container of lychee scented unguent. The paste grew slick in his warm hands and the delicate sweetness of sugar on his lover’s skin drove Yong Ha insane. Dipping his fingers into the open container, he scooped out some of the paste, cupping his fingers in to warm the balm.

Returning his attention to Jae Shin’s sex, Yong Ha laved around the head with the tip of his tongue and gripped its base tightly. Holding the man’s shaft steady, he worked its heft down his throat, breathing in carefully to keep himself from choking. The murmurs from Jae Shin’s parted lips soothed Yong Ha’s worries that the man would be too keyed up to go further but when Jae Shin began to writhe under Yong Ha’s body, he knew it was time to introduce his lover to a new kind of ecstasy.

The first touch of Yong Ha’s finger tip at his entrance startled Jae Shin and he instinctively pulled back, finding himself held firmly in place by the weight of his lover on his side and hips. Coaxed by Yong Ha’s soft, reassuring murmurs, he lifted his knees and splayed his legs apart, calming the flutter of nerves working a tingling line of apprehension up his stomach.

“Relax, Geol Oh,” Yong Ha murmured, licking along the thick vein on Jae Shin’s sex. He slid his hand up Jae Shin’s torso, rubbing at the man’s belly to soothe him. Jae Shin quivered under his touch, as powerful and beautiful as his namesake and Yong Ha sighed, wondering what he’d done to receive such a gift. A tint of salty bitters hit his tongue and he swallowed it, taking in the excitement of Jae Shin’s body.

His lover’s entrance resisted him and Yong Ha stroked and coaxed at the ring, suckling at the man’s head until Jae Shin relaxed enough for him to slide the tip of his finger in. The man’s mewling needy response was encouraging and Yong Ha ran the tip around the muscled ring, easing in further only when it seemed Jae Shin was ready. His lover’s hands were no longer tangled in his hair, moved onto gripping the coverlets as he let himself fall into the intensity of Yong Ha’s loving.

The press of Yong Ha against his core was odd at first then something in Jae Shin broke apart and his body welcomed the intrusion. Barely aware of anything beyond the realm of his own skin, Jae Shin gave a brief fleeting thought to giving Yong Ha his own pleasure but the slender man pushed him back into the bedding when he reached out for him. Trapped in the swirling tangle of his desire, Jae Shin let go his tightly held control and handed his body over to Yong Ha, willing to ride out any storm his lover visited upon him.

The full easing of Yong Ha’s finger into him went slowly, nearly maddeningly slow for Jae Shin after the first push. His hips canted up, reaching up to greet the measured thrusts. Another finger joined the first and Jae Shin gasped, panting at the widening of his entrance. The almost-pain was a whisper of something ashen on the wind, blown away before he could grasp at it. Yong Ha’s long fingers delved into his recesses, stroking along the slick, velvety passage as if trying to reach the embers starting to burn in Jae Shin’s insides.

Then Yong Ha touched something buried in him and Jae Shin lost what little grip he had on the world around him.

When he was very young, Jae Shin hid from a thunderstorm under an enormous tree at their family’s country home. Protected from the pounding rain, he’d laughed as his brother, Young Shin, searched frantically for him, calling out for Jae Shin to come back into the house. A few seconds later, he opened his eyes to find his sobbing brother kneeling over him, shaking his shoulders to wake him up.

He remembered a ripened tingling filling his tiny body and as Jae Shin sat up, the smell of crackling fireworks in the air. The tree lay split apart, its corpse smoking as its leaves smoldered in the pouring rain and Young Shin’s tears falling on his face as his brother hugged him tightly. Jae Shin had never felt so alive and secure as that moment, filled with lightening and held by someone who loved him.

Until that moment Yong Ha touched that bit of starlight inside of him and his universe unfurled to consume him.

The fleeting bursts of intense pleasure continued, erratic tremendous surges that begged for satiation that never seemed to come. He thrust harder, riding Yong Ha’s fingers, lost in the feeling of his lover’s mouth and hands until he crested close to the edge of a heart-pounding climax.

Only to gasp at the emptiness inside of him when Yong Ha withdrew.

“Need you,” Yong Ha whispered, sliding his arm under Jae Shin’s back. The man panted, rising up onto his knees only with Yong Ha’s assistance. The scholar kissed his lover, sharing the taste of Jae Shin’s sweetness with him and smiled, when he saw the confusion on Jae Shin’s face. “Turn around. Let me make this good for you.”

He guided Jae Shin into place, kissing down the length of the man’s spine. There was an overwhelming urge to take the man on his back, facing his lover as he pounded into him but for their first time together, Yong Ha wanted the loving to be gentler, easing the scholar into his pleasure.

Resting on his shins, Jae Shin leaned slightly forward, his hand drifting down to stroke at his rigid sex. The lingering buzz of Yong Ha’s explorations was beginning to subside when his lover pressed one hand on his shoulder and touched the tip of his long sex to the entrance of Jae Shin’s body. The memory of Yong Ha’s touch reignited the want inside of Jae Shin and he moaned, feeling the rush of his climax boiling in his sac. Urged to spread his legs further apart with a nudge of Yong Ha’s hand, he rested his free hand onto the bedding, distributing his weight forward.

The first push was difficult and Jae Shin let his head drop, focusing only on Yong Ha’s soothing words and the man’s hand as he rubbed long comforting circles on the space between Jae Shin’s shoulder blades. Although thinner in girth than Jae Shin, Yong Ha still knew he’d have to be careful so he eased further in, reapplying another swath of balm around his lover’s entrance.

Another rock of his hips and Yong slid in, seating his head into Jae Shin’s heat. The man stiffened, lifting up off the bedding until his back hit Yong Ha’s chest. Alarmed, the scholar rubbed his hand over Jae Shin’s stomach, coasting over his nipples as he encouraged Jae Shin to breathe slowly.

“Gods, you feel so….good,” Yong Ha whispered, resting his forehead against Jae Shin’s shoulders. “Give it time. Let your body know I’m there.”

“No…no,” Jae Shin panted. “I am fine. It feels… good. You feel good.”

“Yes?” Yong Ha smiled, despite the tremours threatening to over take him. Jae Shin gripped him so tightly he wasn’t sure he could take more than a single stroke without losing his hold on his body.

“Yes,” The man responded, slowly moving his hips back, falling into the familiar rhythm he’d found with Yong Ha before.

Yong Ha slid in further, nearly seating himself into Jae Shin’s body. The heat closed in on him, enveloping his sex with a snugness he’d never imagined feeling. Summer engulfed him, chasing away the winter battering at their door and Yong Ha sighed, hugging Jae Shin tight against him. The other man’s arms lifted, wrapping over Yong Ha’s. Jae Shin began to rock back and forth, sliding himself up and down Yong Ha’s sex in small tugs and pushes, driving the slender man wild.

“You ready, agi?” Yong Ha asked, brushing the hair from Jae Shin’s cheek. The man turned his head, resting back onto Yong Ha’s shoulder so he could share a kiss then nodded, throbbing with the need for Yong Ha to fill him.

They began slowly, finding the new ways their bodies fit into one another. A shuddering wave took Jae Shin the first time Yong Ha’s sex found the sweet core of his body and he cried out, startling Yong Ha into stopping. Panting heavily, Jae Shin slid back onto his lover’s shaft, urging him in deeper as he bent his head down, biting his lower lip as he strained to reach the stars inside of him.

Their world tightened in, becoming only a few feet of sweat and passion. The low murmur of their voices were set to the symphony of the storm, a deep aria as Yong Ha thrust deeper and deeper until Jae Shin moaned with intense pleasure. Rising up, Jae Shin plunged back down onto Yong Ha’s sex, arching his back until every inch of his lover rested inside of him. Yong Ha panted, trying to keep up with the larger man, driving as hard into Jae Shin as he could.

“Too much, baby,” Yong Ha whispered, easing Jae Shin forward. “Lie down. Let me…”

They moved forward together, the seal between them unbroken as Jae Shin rested on his folded arms. Gripping his lover’s hips, Yong Ha set into him, digging his fingers into the tanned flesh. His sac struck Jae Shin’s body, setting a soft steady beat to their driving motion. The sound drove him as did the rough, feral growls of his lover reaching his climax. Angling his body, Yong Ha hit the nerves inside of Jae Shin again, taking long strokes to rub his sex over the spot until Jae Shin was forced to spread out his hands to grip the bedding.

Snarling, Jae Shin lifted his hips, driving back against Yong Ha as fiercely as the slender man could push forward. They fought to find each other, skin striking skin until the sensations unfolding inside of Jae Shin finally grew too much for him and he clenched down, biting at a pillow to stop himself from screaming into the night.

Yong Ha was aware of every inch of Jae Shin’s skin beneath him. The man’s muscles flowed under his, the round curves of his ass parting just enough to let Yong Ha slide in between them and the wink of Jae Shin’s entrance gripping him worked Yong Ha’s imagination into overload. He couldn’t stop moving, thrusting in and out with each snap of his hips but never seeming to tire of the forceful hold his lover had on him. Jae Shin shifted, milking Yong Ha’s tip and the slender man increased his pounding, wanting to embed himself into Jae Shin’s heat until he melted.

With his hands slick from Jae Shin’s sweat, Yong Ha reached around his lover’s side, finding the man’s dripping sex and pumped his fist down its length, rounding over to cover the head just as Jae Shin’s body released. The smell of his lover’s spill took Yong Ha’s breath away and he lost himself to the rush of his climax, pouring his seed deep into Jae Shin’s belly.

They continued, furiously stretching out the moment into one breath then another. Yong Ha found himself unable to stop, pumping his hips forward as his orgasm continued to spray into his lover, mirrored by the silken liquid threads spilling over his hand from Jae Shin’s sex.

Curling his shoulders, Jae Shin took more of Yong Ha’s thrusts, grunting as he begged the man to continue, closing in on Yong Ha after every long stroke to hold him in just another moment longer. Catching himself in the stop jerk rhythm, Yong Ha dug in, gripping with punishingly hard fingers.

“More,” Jae Shin murmured, hooking his hips up to meet Yong Ha’s. “Now. More.”

“So bossy,” Yong Ha laughed, biting a trail along his lover’s shoulders. He complied, forcing Jae Shin down further with his thrusts until the man could only writhe beneath him. He crested again, lifting his hips up to stroke at himself while Yong Ha held him down, covering Jae Shin with his long body. Reaching up, he worked his fingers into Jae Shin’s grasp, holding the man’s hands as he rode him.

“Mine,” Yong Ha let his orgasm hit, feeling the tender ripple begin to swallow him up. His teeth ached with the anticipation of it and despite the warning coursing through him, he could do nothing but be carried off under its strength. The spasms of Jae Shin’s fingers in his grasp told him his lover was close as well and he continued, forcing himself to bring Jae Shin over the edge with his final, hard thrusts.

They came together, both screaming one another’s names. Their howling was lost beneath the growling of the winter storm, the fury of their bodies as fierce a gale as the one raging outside of their room.

Falling forward, Yong Ha felt his flaccid sex slide free of Jae Shin’s body and he mourned the loss of Jae Shin’s around him. Wanting nothing more than to curl up around Jae Shin’s sweat-dappled body, Yong Ha forced himself to retrieve one of the washing cloths warming near the brazier and squeezed out as much water as he could. He turned back over to find Jae Shin staring up at him, tangled hair fallen about his handsome face and his eyes hooded with a lethargic pleasure.

He started with Jae Shin’s stomach, stopping only long enough to kiss each of the man’s nipples. He had to chase them with his tongue, laughing at the heavy plunge of Jae Shin’s chest as the man recovered his breathing. Cleaning them both, he took care with Jae Shin’s thighs and ass then saw to his own sex, delicately wiping away the slick balm from their bodies. Not caring where the cloth landed, he tossed it in the general direction of the ceramic warming bowl, laughing to himself when he heard it hit the water.

“You couldn’t have done that if you aimed,” Jae Shin teased, hooking his arm around Yong Ha’s shoulders and pulling the man down on top of him.

Glad to be held, Yong Ha stretched out, working his toes over Jae Shin’s feet, knowing it annoyed the other man. “That was…”

“Nice,” Jae Shin muttered, stroking at Yong Ha’s loose hair.

“Nice?” He scoffed, lifting his head up to stare intensely at his lover. The tug of a smile on Jae Shin’s mouth made him hiss in disgust. “I hate you sometimes.”

“Maybe,” Jae Shin conceded. “But I love you always.”

Yong Ha’s hard disgust at being teased melted away, nearly as quickly as it formed, Resting his chin on his hand, he positioned himself on Jae Shin’s chest, losing himself in the man’s beauty for an indulgent moment.

“What was it? How did it go?” Yong Ha screwed his mouth up into a moue. “Wherever you go, go with all your heart?

“Yes, why?” Jae Shin eyed his lover. It was rare that Yong Ha showed his wealth of knowledge and less often when he quoted from the Analects.

“I never understood that, really,” He sighed, plucking at Jae Shin’s mouth with a pinch of his fingers. “I always thought it meant to throw yourself into everything you do; which you know is a lot of effort. I’m not one for much effort.”

“I’ve noticed,” He drawled, quirking his mouth at his lover’s playful frown. “What do you think it means then? Now?”

“I think he meant to carry your heart with you. To never leave behind any piece of it. Any part of it I might find along the way. Not just to go enthusiastically but to go… loved. To love in return.” Yong Ha hummed in pleasure as Jae Shin stroked the length of his back with a soft brush of his fingers. “You, my Geol Oh, are my heart. And I will carry you with me; wherever I may go…I will go with all of my heart.”

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