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A Kiss in the Shadows [Part 2]

A Kiss in the Shadows
Pairing: Min7en
Rating: PG-13 (eventually NC-17. Maybe)
For: Those who asked for more Min7en. :::snookies:::

Section One

A short Min7en. Just something to work on while my brain’s doing other things. I'll be continuing this for a bit. This is definitely a meandering story. Just a bit of dribbling words.

Changmin sighed heavily as he sank further down into the warm water. Soap bubbles teased his nipples, popping along his heated skin when Se7en’s arms tightened around his chest. Laying back against his lover’s chest, Min shifted until his shoulder blades rested firmly on Se7en’s pectorals and he lay his head back to rest on the older man’s shoulder.

Craning forward, Se7en gently kissed the soft down behind Min’s ear, nipping slightly at the young man’s flushed skin. Moaning softly, Changmin canted his head to the side, surrendering to his lover’s ravenous mouth. The sharp pull of Se7en’s teeth plucked at Min’s skin, leaving tiny welts along the young man’s milky skin, a weave of minute pink butterflies swooping down Min’s neck.

“Oh, don’t stop,” Min complained when Se7en’s head lifted and the caresses stopped. Nested between his lover’s long legs, Min let his body go boneless, floating on the nirvana of Se7en’s embrace.

“The water’s getting cold.” Deftly twisting the faucet with his toes, Se7en used his heel to lift the drain stop, replacing the cooling liquid with steaming hot water. He let the faucet run for a minute then turned off the flow, kicking the stop closed shut. Cradling Min tightly, he pulled the younger man closer. “Now where did I leave off?”

“I don’t know,” Changmin purred. “I think you might have to start over.”

“Good idea,” Se7en agreed, sinking his teeth into the singer’s soft skin.

Rolling a nip between his teeth, Se7en pulled a low moaning hiss from Min and the younger man’s hands clenched tightly, his fingers digging into the other man’s thighs. Se7en increased the pressure, caging the bite of skin under his canines until Min arched beneath his hands. His sex throbbed between the cleft of Min’s ass, swelling to fit into the young man’s crease and the friction drove Se7en wild.

“Stop wiggling or I’m going to dirty this bathwater,” He warned, biting slightly harder.

“No, don’t do that,” Min mumbled sleepily. “We’ll have to bathe again.”

“Then stop wiggling.” Se7en chuckled at Min’s drowsy murmur. “You’re falling asleep on me, baby.”

“Tired.” A heavy sigh escaped Min’s lips and he yawned, nuzzling closer to Se7en’s shoulder.

“Come on,” Se7en said, carefully lifting Min up out of the water. Protesting softly, the lean young man shivered in the cold air. His teeth chattered slightly and Se7en tucked a thick wide towel around him, softly scrubbing the singer’s skin dry. He took a long time tamping the water from Min’s legs, taking special care with Min’s sex much to the younger man’s delight.

“You’re tickling me,” He gasped, laughing at the feel of Se7en’s fingers tracing over his sex with the towel. The older man’s grip grew firmer and Min’s eyes darkened, arousal tugging his lids down. “Shichi…”

“Come on, Minku.” Se7en released his lover and wrapped the towel around Min’s shoulders. “I’m going to tuck you into bed.”

“But you…” Changmin groused. “You just can’t leave me like that.”

“You get some sleep,” He grunted as he lifted Min. “God, no more lifting weights. You’ve gotten heavy. I miss my giraffe. You’re more like a rhino now.”

“I can walk.”

“How romantic would it be if I let you walk?”

“Probably more romantic than when you drop me and I crack my head open,” Min complained, pulling his shoulders up to avoid the door frame. “Don’t slip.”

“Stop talking. God, you’re bossy.” Se7en lowered his head down and kissed Min soundly to shut him up. His tongue teased Min’s, coaxing the young man’s lips open. Changmin parted his mouth, licking gently at the rough silk of Se7en’s tongue as it invaded him. Se7en’s hands spread out, supporting Min’s back and the world tilted when the older man lay Changmin down on the bed.

The pillows and duvet gave under the younger man’s weight, cradling him in a nest of feathers and fine linen. A soft lemon scent wafted up from the bed covers, teasing the men’s senses. Se7en lay on top of Changmin, stretching himself out over his lover’s body.

Pressing his hips into Min’s, he straddled the younger man’s legs, resting his weight on his knees. Capturing Min’s wrists, Se7en held the man’s arms down at his sides, sliding his mouth over Min’s. Angling his mouth, Se7en deepened the kiss, slowly taking his time and savouring Changmin’s kiss. Pulling back, Se7en stared down at Changmin, satisfied at the young man’s disheveled appearance and swollen mouth. Biting his lower lip, the older man winked then kissed Min on the forehead.

“Get some sleep, Minku,” Se7en whispered against Min’s temple. “I’ll wake you when it’s time for dinner.”

“You’re just going to…” Min gestured towards the tent he made in the towel swaddling his body. “Like this?”

“Yeah,” His lover murmured, sliding from the younger man’s body. “I’ll take care of that later when you’ve gotten enough sleep to keep up with me.”

“I hate you.”

“I love you,” Se7en replied, tweaking Min’s nose. “Sleep, baby. When you wake up, I’ll feed you something delicious.”

“You could feed me something delicious now.”

“Baby, if I start that now, you’ll fall asleep mid-bite,” Se7en said, wincing. “And I happen to really like that part of my body.”

Grumbling, Min lifted his hips, allowing Se7en to pull the duvet out from under him. Tucking the coverlet over his lover’s nude body, the older man stroked Min’s cheek with the back of his hand. Fatigue swaddled Min, the long weeks of dance practice and gym catching up with him. Stifling a yawn, Changmin shoved his fist over his mouth.

Laughing, Se7en lay a gentle kiss over Min’s knuckles. “Sleep, baby. I’ll wake you up when dinner’s done.”


The smell of roasting chicken greeted Min when he padded back into the living room, clothed in a pair of old sweats and one of Se7en’s t-shirts. Toweling his wet hair, he stood and watched Se7en as the older man moved around the open kitchen, his graceful hands wielding a sharp knife as he skillfully julienned a piece of daikon. The singer’s attention was fully on his task, oblivious to the young man observing him from across the room.

Se7en looked up when Min leaned on the high counter separating the kitchen from the rest of the apartment. It was a simple space; a single bedroom and bath off of a larger loft style living area. Set into the corner of the building, Min’s apartment overlooked the river and a bustling entertainment district, the area’s vibrant lights washing the stars from the night sky.

“You took another bath?”

“A shower,” Min said, blushing. “I… um… woke up thinking about you. My body got the best of me.”

“Ah,” Se7en winked at him. “Don’t feel bad. I wake up that way all the time when I fall asleep dreaming of you.”

Stealing a slice of carrot, Min returned Se7en’s winning grin with a shy smile. Resting on his elbows, he chewed as Se7en chopped. “Do you remember the first meal I tried cooked for you?”

“Gods, don’t remind me,” Se7en rolled his eyes. “You burnt the rice. I couldn’t get the smell out of the kitchen for a week.”

“And the pot too,” Min grumbled. “You’ll notice there’s a rice cooker.”

“I did. I even used it.” He glanced at the innocuous white appliance. “Thank God because I wouldn’t have time to go buy one and I think I’m too proud to buy cooked rice.”

“Never be too proud to buy cooked rice,” Changmin replied. “I do it all the time.”

“That’s because you’re spoiled and lazy.” Se7en’s bright laugh echoed in the kitchen area and Min smiled as he filched Se7en’s vegetables.

“And whose fault is that?”

“Your mother,” Se7en teased, dodging a piece of root vegetable Min tossed at him. “Okay, I might have added to it a bit.”

Sliding the daikon and carrots into a bowl, Se7en sprinkled sugar over the vegetables then added rice vinegar, tossing the ingredients together. Covering the bowl with a piece of clear plastic wrap, he wiped down the counter and cleaned up the mess he made.

“The chicken’s going to be another hour, I think.” Se7en checked the timer. “It’s nothing fancy. Just garlic and peppers.”

“Smells great.” Min reached for his lover, spanning Se7en’s waist with his long arms.

“Want to sit on the couch and cuddle?” Se7en wrapped his fingers around his lover’s wrist, lifting one of Min’s hands to his mouth. Kissing at the plump of flesh over Min’s thumb, he raked his teeth over the moist spot. “I want to hear about what you’ve been doing.”

“Cuddle?” Min snorted. “What are you? A girl?”

“Come here.” Changmin allowed himself to be led to the couch, sliding between Se7en’s spread legs after the man lay back against the arm. Leaning his back on Se7en’s muscled chest, Min hugged his lover’s arms when they wrapped around him and took a deep breath, hooking his legs over Se7en’s.

They sat there together for a few minutes, listening to the soft rain and their own breathing. Se7en’s fingers snuck under Min’s t-shirt and the younger singer smiled, his stomach muscles clenching at the light brushing touch of Se7en’s nails on his skin.

“That tickles.” Min sighed, feeling a soft lethargy stealing through his body. For the first time in weeks, he let himself go, falling into the moment.

“You smell nice.” Se7en sniffed his neck. “Like you’ve had two baths.”

“Pfah, let’s see how many baths you take after someone fondles you then leaves you,” Changmin grumbled under his breath.

“When I left you, I had to drink two glasses of ice water,” The man whispered in his ear. “You left me as bothered as I left you. Maybe more.”

“Good.” He purred under Se7en’s hands, stroking at the man’s forearm. “At least I wasn’t the only one left hot and bothered.”

“I worked out my frustrations on the chicken.” Se7en made a face. “That sounded…wrong. That’s not what I meant.”

“I’m ignoring the implications of that because I’m hungry and I want to eat what you’ve cooked.” Min laughed. “The only thing I want to know about you and the chicken is that it’s almost done.”

“Almost,” The older man replied. “Just a while longer.”

Changmin shifted, turning around so he lay on Se7en’s chest, his hips resting on his lover’s. Sliding down, Se7en lay almost prone, easing the stress on Min’s back. The older man dropped his hands to Min’s waist, tugging the young man’s shirt up to expose his lower back. Using the tips of his fingers, Se7en drew small circles on the man’s skin, eliciting a soft purring noise from Changmin.

“Oh that feels good,” Min sighed, resting his forehead on Se7en’s chest. “I love your hands.”

“I love your mouth.” Se7en coaxed Min to look up with a gentle push of his fingers on the younger man’s chin. Staring down into his lover’s eyes, he craned his neck and stole a soft kiss from Min’s parted lips. Leaning his head back, he smiled wistfully. “I could do that all night.”

“Did you put the timer on?” Min whispered. “For the chicken?”

“Yeah.” His wicked grin brought a smile to Min’s lips. “Let’s see what we can do in forty-five minutes, Minku.”
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