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So Much Mine: Section Thirty-Four

Section Thirty-Four

Hello and thank you for reading. I feel that we reach the second to the last section, I do need to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has commented and hoped it would not end. Alas, this part of the story does end... and it does end well. There are questions still to be answered...and I will probably address most of them in the yoosu piece...but if I don't, please excuse me...and maybe prod me to give you answers. Writing a section a day for a month has been a challenge and one that I've enjoyed. I thank all of you for coming along with me on this journey. I appreciate hearing your responses.

If I do not post Section 35 tomorrow, I will post it on Sunday. Tomorrow might be too busy of a day and I really want to take the time and spend my words wisely on the end of this story. Jaejoong and Yunho do deserve that much. So once again, Section Thirty-Five will be the last section. It might be posted on Sunday.

Thank you again. On to the lemon.

Pairing: JaeHo
Rating: NC-17!... This section contains graphic sexual content.
ranalore really is to blame.
Summary: The beginning of a shifting relationship. Hot Korean boys. Sex. Dancing and some angry words. Not necessarily in that order. Not necessarily in each section.

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Yoochun grinned broadly when he opened the front door, intending to take a short walk to get the morning paper and custard from the sweet shop downstairs. Pulling his stocking cap on, Micky didn’t see the couple standing up against the door frame, their bodies intertwined in an embrace. Yunho’s mouth found the corner of Jaejoong’s parted lips, sliding the tip of his tongue into the moist juncture, the soft and rough feel of the singer’s winter burred skin. The leader’s hip slid as the door he’d supported his weight against gave way beneath him, his feet stumbling to retain his balance, arms wrapped tight around Jaejoong to prevent the other from being injured.

The younger member placed his hand between Yunho’s shoulders, holding him still before the pair fell backward, grunting at their combined weight. Jaejoong jerked back, his hands tight around his lover’s waist, hoping to stay his lover’s fall. Hissing in annoyance at the interruption, Yunho glared at the silly smirk on Yoochun’s face. Their feet were nearly tangled together, one of Jaejoong’s long legs hooked around Yunho’s knees, the space between them redolent with a musky heat.

“Ah, good morrow Friends,” Yoochun placed on hand on his chest, a melodramatic gesture as he pulled himself into a romantic stance. “Saint Valentine is past: begin these wood birds but to couple now?”

“Funny, Chunie-ah!” Jaejoong let go of Yunho’s waist, slapping at his friend’s shoulder. “Don’t you look before you open a door?”

“You’re outside of the apartment! Against the front door like something from Sol-nal?” Micky protested, his malleable face grimacing, sticking his tongue out at the group’s leader and lead singer. “How many times have you checked to see if someone was leaning on our front door? How long have you been out there? Is there still paint left on the door from you rubbing against it?”

Pushing past the younger man, Yunho guided Jaejoong into the apartment, a hand on the singer’s lower back. Jae stuck his tongue back out at Micky, twisting around Yunho’s shoulder to do so. Yoochun closed the front door behind them, newspaper and custard forgotten now that the hyungs were home. Yunho headed directly to the back bedroom, gifting Jaejoong with a light kiss on the forehead before disappearing. The singer soaped up his hands, washing them in the kitchen sink then looking for a towel to wipe them dry with.

“Chunnie!” Changmin frowned, spotting Micky coming around the wall separating the foyer from the main living space. Junsu sat next to him, the wide couch occupied solely by their pressed in bodies. Changmin guiltily glanced at the oblivious Junsu, the other’s attention on the wide television, bright colours rolling by on the screen “You’re back so soon! Where is the custard?”

Min’s elbow jabbed at the other singer on the couch, the youngest pulling away from Junsu’s crouched form, the controller gripped firmly in Su’s hands. The jostle made Junsu jerk, hitting the controller levers hard, spinning the onscreen ball out of control. With the singer snarling at the television, Su’s unruly katamari banked a river bed before careening into a wall. With a forlorn moo sounding from a tiny cow tucked into a nearly hidden niche, Junsu’s barely begun level ended, kicking him back to a disappointed King of the Cosmos.

“The elders are back.” Yoochun nodded towards the kitchen, Jaejoong poking around the refrigerator hoping to find something he could make into a brunch for himself and the others. “You should see Joongie-ah’s neck. It looks like an octopus got mad and attacked him.”

“Chunnie-ah!” Jae shouted, horrified at the younger man. Clasping his hand over his throat, he glared at his friend before hurrying down the hallway to the bedroom he shared with Yunho. A glance at the mirror behind the door showed him a small constellation of purpled marks, slender nibbles on his fine skin. Coming up from behind, Yunho slid his arms back around his lover, resting his chin against Jae’s shoulder.

“What’s wrong? I heard you yelling at Yoochun.” Yunho sucked at Jae’s earlobe, squinting his eyes when Jaejoong pointed at his own neck. “What?”

“You bite! Look at me. It looks like you haven’t eaten in a week.” Jae rubbed at one of the marks, seeing it redden. “Chunnie said it looked like an octopus assaulted me.”

“You didn’t complain when I was biting.” Yunho shrugged, smiling at his lover in the mirror. “They’ll go away. If anyone asks, we’ll just say you got a girlfriend.”

“I don’t have time to have a girlfriend. They’ll know it was one of you.” Jaejoong sniffed, suddenly tired. “I don’t want to...”

“Don’t say anything about not wanting to live like this.” Yunho warned his lover off. “We have ambitions. Neither one of us want to give those dreams up. And we don’t have to. We can have the group and each other. You have to remember that, Joongie-ah.”

They both fluctuated between telling the world and not hiding behind the covers and hoping the world would just go away. Neither solution would work right now, not with Yunho’s possessiveness and Jaejoong’s wild, carefree spirit. At the most, their affection could be passed off as the closeness of friends, a brotherly fondness grown deep from living through trials and obstacles. Yunho knew the day would come when they could just walk away into the sun, leaving the past behind them. Until then, their lives together would be behind closed doors.

The ride back from the hotel had been nearly giddy, a trip back through the time they spent together. Yunho had tried on the stained hoodie, realizing his shoulders did fit into its breadth any more, giving it back to his lover when Jaejoong pouted at him. Jae never found his underwear, the briefs lost somewhere in the spacious room. Yunho left his off as well, a token display of solidarity that was rewarded by Jaejoong’s fingers along the length of him, the singer’s hand sidling down Yunho’s waistband while the driver was intent on maneuvering through traffic. The leader’s shocked shout jerked the cab driver’s eyes back to the seat behind him, his narrowed eyes wondering at what the two young men were doing, a fey-faced beauty slanting towards the other, their hands hidden by a pool of greyed fleece.

Streets then flew by too quickly for Yunho, his desire aching to pool into his lover’s tight grip. Grabbing at the hoodie, Yunho waited while Jaejoong paid the driver then hurried the other man upstairs, holding him fast against the door to capture the pout that teased him through the miles. Jae’s hands once again wandered down to the zipper of Yunho’s jeans, tugging at the flesh hidden behind there until the leader’s body jerked with the spilling. Sucking the pleasure from his fingers, Jaejoong’s catlike tongue lapped at the milky seed. Yunho’s body surged again, the thought of his own body being taken into Jae’s with each delicate tongue lick. It was that moment when Yoochun opened the door, nearly spilling them down onto the foyer floor, Yunho’s jeans still partially undone and the taste of him on Jae’s hands.

“Come on.” Yunho grabbed at a pair of towels hanging behind the door. “We both need to...clean up.”

Jaejoong slanted him a telling look, a realization dawning on him as the other dragged him out into the hallway and into their bathroom. Shutting the door behind them, Yunho slid his fingers under Jae’s shirt, yanking it off. The leader stared at the pale, lean form of his lover, a sculpted marble body hidden under a veil of clothing. There wasn’t time for candles, rose petals or taste of a freshly picked strawberry. Time was something neither one of them could afford purchase as undeniable lust raging between them arced and flowed, an electrical spark Yunho knew would ignite once the water hit them.

“Take the rest off.” Yunho found each and every one of the bites he’d already left on the singer’s neck, laving at the minute bruises, worrying one into a ripe plum. It would be hidden under a shirt collar, Yunho reasoned to himself, the gasp of want from Jaejoong’s panting mouth more than worth the singer’s consternation. The leader felt a need to mark this young man, make sure that even if no one saw the ownership of his mouth, it would be there for Jaejoong to feel.

“Yunnie...” The singer wondered if the door behind them was locked, trying to reach the knob to feel the lever. “The others...”

“You keep saying the others when we’re behind closed doors.” Yunho turned Jae around, leaning him back against the door, hands on either side of the singer’s head. “No one is going to come in. Trust me, Joongie. They’re outside... and will stay there. Now, pay more attention to me...not them. Just me, Jaejoong… only me.”

The shyness came back with a flood, Jae suddenly assailed by the realization that they were here, in the home they shared with the others. This was no longer the spot of paradise in a hotel where they had no identity. When they left the bathroom, bodies beaded with the remnants of their sweat and hot water, the other three would know what they’d done... know who they were. The “we” in their relationship would suddenly no longer be a fantastical fiction kept hidden away from all other eyes. It would be there, evident and a real, forever thing.

Yunho’s love of hot water was tempered by Jaejoong’s more tender skin, the leader adding enough cold water to the mix to bring down the scald. They shed their clothes slowly, taking more time in helping one another be free of the constraining materials, hands searching out the curves and dips of each other’s bodies. It was different this time, a leisurely stroll over more familiar territory, no longer the race to consume one another’s essence, trying to bring together two parts.

“Mine. So much mine.” Yunho’s breathless whisper lacked the obsessive urgency from before, a declaration of what was real, not of what he’d hope only in the dark recesses of his heart. This man was his, solely and only his. Jaejoong responded in kind, kissing his lover’s chest briefly, stepping back into the shower stall and tilting his head back, letting the water course down over his nudity. “I want to make you beg. I want to beg in return. I don’t think either one of us will have any voice left when we die. My last gasp of breath will be filled with wanting you.”

“How many times again?” Jaejoong finally asked, most of his weight resting on the ball of his foot, the other leg bent slightly as he glanced over his shoulder, licking at his mouth with the edge of his tongue. “How many times do I have to beg you and say please?”

“Three.” The leader stretched his arms out, hands on the shower door, the glass enclosure running from the floor to the ceiling, just a tiny marble set lip to kept the water at bay. “Three times, baby. Just three times.”

“Please.” Jaejoong’s head canted to the side, reaching with his hand to tug on Yunho’s hair. The leader stepped into the shower, remaining at arms’ length until the singer bent forward, his mouth on the round of Yunho’s earlobe.

With his breath hotter than the water pounded at their bodies, Jaejoong sighed into Yunho’s thoughts. “Please...”

The hitch in Jae’s voice resonated in Yunho’s gut, the tiny little mewling noise when they joined echoing in its depths. With a growling retort, Yunho stepped in closer still, hands on Jaejoong’s hips as he pulled the other closer, sliding the smaller man against the tile wall.

“Please.” The final whisper was accompanied with a lingering kiss, a hot trail of tongue and teeth marking the beginning of Yunho’s jaw line and ending at the plump ripeness of the leader’s lips. Yunho’s control wavered and then spilled, desire breaking free when Jaejoong panted into Yunho’s waiting mouth. “Make me yours.”

Rain-proof lotion provided Yunho with enough soothing liquid to explore Jae’s body, a lemony fragrance Changmin bought for his dry hands. The citrus scent eased into the water, a few splashes of the pale buttercup fluid splashing onto the darker beige tiles. Reaching around and under, Yunho eased into Jae, the other man holding onto his lover’s shoulders to give himself support. A single finger quested inward, stretching him slightly, Jae’s body tight and clinging. A crescendo of mewling began in Jae’s throat, kittenish sounds that purred in the singer’s chest when Yunho added another finger, his mouth touching Jae’s to capture the noises into his lungs.

Sweeter than any wind off of the ocean, Jaejoong’s mouth tasted of sugar and his own saltiness, Yunho’s passion lengthening with a strong want. His teeth ached, wanting the feel of his lover’s throat under them, scoring and marking the precious skin stretched over Jae’s flesh. The singer made him crazy with need, the moon fallen from the sky and caught in Jaejoong’s eyes. Within a few short months, Jaejoong had become everything for him...friend, lover and family... the foundation of his day. Chaotic and wild, the singer gave Yunho purpose, a balance to his controlled discipline... teaching him to laugh at the darkness and straddle one’s fears.

“You give me strength, Joongie-ah.” Yunho pressed Jae against the marble, turning him by the shoulders until the other’s arched body rested on the water-warmed tile. “There is so much power in your soul... I marvel at it.”

Kissing at the tenderness of Jaejoong’s nape, the man nudged his lover’s legs, urging Jae silently to spread apart for him. Leaning into the singer, Yunho rested against him, the length of his sex nestled in the crest of Jae’s rear. They stood there, a torrent of water coursing down, filling into the dips of their bodies, pressed so tight none of the runnels found purchase to pour between them. Jae’s arms slid down over Yunho’s, hands wrapping into his lover’s fingers. The singer played with the webbing along Yunho’s palms, running finger tips over the sensitive flats, pulling the air cupped there with stroking motion.

Neither moved, not wanting to give up the cocoon warmth of their togetherness. Resting his cheek between his lover’s shoulder blades, Yunho listened for the quiet beat of Jaejoong’s heart beneath the spread of bone, each second affirming the life of the man he loved. Yunho’s body ran hot, aching to be buried deep into the promise of Jae’s silken warmth, an obsession he now welcomed with an open soul.

“I never want this to end.” Jaejoong echoed Yunho’s heart, his soul poured into those words.

The singer knew the world outside would soon come crashing in around them. It could be anything to draw them back... the other three pounding at the door, demanding attention; the pressure of another dance routine that would take them to the edges of exhaustion and tears or; the remembered strain of their voices in trying to perfect a sound that only one of the members could distinguish... but for now, it stayed behind the locked door. In the quiet of the now, all Jaejoong wanted was the man holding him to rock him until the night fell again.

Their bodies drifted together, a slow dance where the music suddenly became a deep throbbing pulse within them. Still tender, Jae’s hissing pants warned Yunho to go slow, each small thrust measured with a lingering kiss on the singer’s mouth, the keening of his throat mingled with the wet of Yunho’s tongue.

Everything outside of the glass shower walls stopped moving, just the sounds of the water and Jaejoong’s gasping breaths with Yunho’s soft encouragements. The leader’s hands spanned his lover’s hips, kneading at singer’s muscled back before moving to his stomach, stroking at the soft skin around the piercing. Jae shook his head when Yunho let his fingers trail lower, his flesh too sensitive from rubbing on the slightly rough cold-tainted marble. With the inferno of his lover’s body on his back contrasting with the iced feel of the stone, Jaejoong felt the universe pour through him, unable to take much more without splitting his soul apart.

A nudge pushed Yunho in farther, the tip of his length rocking against Jae’s moist passage. Yunho’s breath strained with the amount of control he was exerting, nearly every nerve in his body begging for Jaejoong’s sweetness to engulf him. It was too warm.. nearly hot in texture. Yunho shivered, his shaft poised on the clinging flesh, hearing the deep inhaling pants ratcheting through Jaejoong’s body.

“It’s too much, baby.” Yunho stopped, nearly drawing free. Jaejoong’s fingers clenched on the back of his thigh made him pause, the singer’s fingernails digging in sharp and hard. “You’re too raw. Honey, no… it’s been too much… I don’t want to hurt you. Please, don’t let me hurt you.”

“Yunnie, please… “ Jaejoong begged, tears in his voice. “I need you to bring me home…to have me here where we live. It will make everything we are… real. I need to be real for you.”

It broke Yunho, that plea…those tears unheard by anyone else in the world. Those were only for him, a sobbing pleasure married with the hot want of his lover’s body. Jaejoong rocked backwards, sliding the tip of Yunho’s shaft against his moistened rosette, teasing the pouting head until finally Yunho’s nerves tingled down to the soles of his feet, an copper bitter taste curling up from his stomach… the denial of Jaejoong’s body finally becoming too much.

The slide into the heated silk was torture, a long slow process punctuated by weeping cries of pleasure from Jaejoong’s bared throat. Head thrown back, hair wet into a long strands of ebon plastered over his fine features, Jae bit hard into the tender spot under Yunho’s jaw, the pain of the caress shuddering through Yunho’s spine as his hips met with the curve of his lover’s body. He stood there, still against Jae’s shivering, wrapping one arm around Jaejoong’s chest, another around the slender width of the other’s waist. Fully engorged, Yunho was both afraid to and desperate to move, buried deep into the heat he knew he would dream of forever.

Jae worked slowly around his lover, his hips moving in soft circles, pulling Yunho along a sensuous, erotic path, the small nub of pleasure buried deep along his passage rubbed with each passing stroke. Cradling the other man, Yunho began to lave at the singer’s shoulders, pleasure found in small kisses and finger strokes along Jae’s navel, enticing the pout of his lover’s navel with the edges of his fingernails.

The rocking became insistent, a slide of Yunho's sex against the ridge of Jaejoong's tight body, the lotion providing a slippery caress over their clenched joining. Yunho heard Jaejoong's rumbling moan, so familiar of a sound now that Yunho wondered how he lived his whole life without hearing it. It completed him, filled him with everything Jaejoong had in his soul, taking the leader on a ride through clouds he'd only wished he could reach, angelic wings spread wide and proud.

The pressure on their bodies didn’t take long, already depleted from a long night spent cuddling and loving, the small amount of energy they had poured down into their sexes, unwilling to stave off any further delay from sipping at the pleasure offered. Jaejoong trembled, his sex curling up against the marble, the sac beneath tightening up into the hollow of his body until they rolled and gave in, surrendering every last drop of seed he’d held in.

Yunho followed, drawn by the convulsions cascading around his length, ripples of muscles forcing his nerves to respond with a surge. The leader seized his lover tightly, buried deep within and let go, swallowing at the thickness growing in his throat, emotion stammering his mind until it lay numb beneath the wave of fulfillment Jaejoong cast upon him. A milky flood poured into Jaejoong’s depths, unseen by the world but felt between the shared bodies of two young men touching the spot within their souls where they found the other. Yunho’s chest gave a shuddering heave, his voice found in the raspy cry of his release, Jaejoong murmuring in response with a tired satisfaction.

Unwilling to slide free from his lover’s body, Yunho tenderly stroked at Jae’s back, pulling free as his lover clenched a hissing breath into his lungs. The tenderness spread in deep, a burning flutter along his core. Turning Jaejoong around, Yunho wondered if the singer could see the tears on his face, lost amid the shower spray. Jae leaned his head in, licking at the other’s cheeks, tasting the salt he knew was there.

“I love you, Joongie.” Yunho cupped Jaejoong’s face, staring into the perfection of chaos that tumbled into his heart. “When your demons come… when the monsters find you, I’ll be there with you. There will never be anyone like you…no one but you. Remember that.”

“I will.” Jaejoong nodded, turning his head to kiss Yunho’s fingers. “I will always be your love… like you’ll be mine. Nothing…not even death …will part us.”
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