wedspawn ♥ (wedspawn) wrote,
wedspawn ♥

So Much Mine PDF and Website

hello, and once again, thank you for reading So Much Mine. doesn't this sound like an advertisment?

i have created a website to house the entire PDF. it can be found here:

you may also download the PDF directly from this link:

thank you again for all of the comments and support. i will be back in a few months with a yoosu. perhaps though, i'll write a few sections ahead of time and then post. i obviously was struck by insanity this last time. feel free to pass the link around if you like. just remember, it is NC-17. there is, as many of you know... lots of lemon in it. and only a dash of lime.

hugs to you all. and ciao.
Tags: pdf, smm, website
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