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An Angel's Crime [10] JaeSu

An Angel's Crime [10]
Pairing: Jaejoong and Junsu (apparently Yoochun and Yunho / Min7en too)
Rating: NC-17 [some lemon]

Summary: Junsu discovers an emptiness in his heart and is afraid the only person who can fill it is someone too broken...too afraid to be loved.

Sections: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Se7en, Eight, , Nine

For Ree, Scarletpeonies, Calyto and Maria...and anyone else who wanted a JaeSu.

What they were doing was forbidden. Society demanded children and the heat of their bodies would bring nothing but satisfaction and a warm glow to their hearts. Their kisses were fierce and sloppy, a celebration of the male form instead of the gentle delicate bringing together of lips a man might give a woman. The air between them was rich with the musky scent of sweat and almost-sex, a perfume devoid of anything feminine and wholly undesirable in the world they both lived in.

It was perfect.

It was right.

Neither Se7en or Changmin would have it any other way.

Se7en’s fingers carded through Min’s short hair, tugging the dark locks as he pinned the younger man against the living room wall. Se7en’s apartment was dark with only a few accent scones lit against a broad wall but it was enough illumination for Changmin to see the fire in his lover’s eyes.

Using his greater weight, Se7en muscled Min onto the hard surface, satisfied with the small grunt coming from the young man’s parted lips. Hooking his leg between Min’s, Se7en slid his knee up until his thigh forced Min’s long legs apart and the slender singer slid down the wall, his knees bending as he lost his balance.

Changmin spread his hands out, trying to get a grip on the wall but the slick surface provided him without any traction and he slid further down until his crotch rested against his lover’s thigh and he straddled Se7en’s thigh. Spread apart, Min felt open and vulnerable, ripe for the taking and without a way to refuse Se7en anything the older man wanted.

Rather than protest, he tilted his head back and moaned when the older man bit into the curve of his neck and refused to let go. Se7en suckled the bit of flesh, bringing Min’s blood up to his skin. For a moment, the younger man was scared Se7en’s teeth would break through his skin then the pain blended with the pleasure of Se7en’s fingers stroking his erect sex and Min lost any care he might have had.

Grinding his hips, Min ached to get his hard shaft into Se7en’s firm grip but the man’s hand eluded him, teasingly moving out of reach after skittering a delicate touch over Min’s pants. The young singer panted and tried raising his hands to grab at his lover’s shoulders but Se7en warned him off with a growl.

“You take this,” The older man’s guttural order racked shudders through Min’s primed body. “You feel me. Here and now. Then you tell me when I’m done with you if you think anyone else is in my heart.”

The desire Se7en invoked pooled at his groin and Min felt the tip of his cock begin to wet, a slivering leak forming at his slit. Within moments, Min’s mewling grew louder, his pleas for Se7en’s touch growing stronger as the man’s hands roamed over him. Nimble fingers plucked and played at his nipples. Se7en tweaked the hardened nubs into painful points then stroked them back down until Min’s pleasure of Se7en’s touch became too much for the young man to bear.

Changmin writhed under his lover’s hands. His clothes were too constrictive, swaddling him tighter with an unbearable heat with every pass of Se7en’s hands. The pants he’d put on earlier in the evening, chosen purely for seduction, were now a prison. His lover’s fingers were under his shirt, pulling the garment up to his armpits but he squirmed, wanting the offending clothing off of his body. A rush of air hit his chest and Min growled, wanting less of the cool air and more of his lover’s hot skin on him.

Then Se7en’s mouth closed over his plucked tight nipple and Changmin lost all ability for reason.

The older man’s mouth was sin incarnate. A dribble of Heaven daubed with the spice of Hell. His teeth sank into Min’s tender flesh and the tip of Se7en’s tongue played with the captured nub, rolling it back and forth against the hard serrated edge of Se7en’s bite. His mouth did more damage to Min’s mind than anything the younger man thought possible, especially when Se7en’s lips suckled and pulled at a rhythm against the one working at his nipple.

His pants were down before he could whimper or surrender. The rough pull of his underwear being jerked from his hips only excited him more. The soft cotton clung to his sex for a long moment, catching on the flared glans and milking the seed at its tip with a sweep of the forgiving elastic.

“Turn around.” Se7en’s growl didn’t give room for argument. Neither did his hands as he gripped Min’s bare hips and twisted his young lover around. “Stay put. Don’t move.”

Changmin gritted his teeth at the sound of his shirt being torn apart then the cold air prickled goosebumps over his bare back. The wet points of his nipples rubbed against the wall’s sleek plastered surface and his cock sprang forward, fighting its downward cant. Pulling on Min’s hips released the younger man’s shaft and it bobbed free, skimming its damp head on Min’s sculpted belly.

The wall was warmer than the air but the surface still held a bit of a chill and Min grunted at its icy touch on his cheek and chest. Se7en’s knee nudged his thighs apart and Min canted further forward, his ass jutting outward. He moaned loudly, unsure and needy as his lover gripped his buttocks and spread his cheeks apart with a rough knead. The chill on his chest ran down his body, licking at his exposed entrance. A snap of something plastic opening startled Min and he twisted in an attempt to see what Se7en was doing but the older man’s hand gripped the back of his head, holding him in place.

“What?” Min protested lightly. A dribble of something slick ran down his cleft and Se7en’s hand left his hair, dropping down to smear an aromatic oil around Min’s rosy opening. “Where did you…. Oh God.”

“For a good Buddhist boy, you sure say that a lot,” Se7en chuckled. He dipped his finger past the tightness of Min’s entrance, working the first digit in. “I had a small packet of lube in my pocket.”

“So…sure…of yourself,” Min growled. The pressure at his opening was slight and he needed more. Tilting his hips back, he slid further down Se7en’s intruding finger, fighting the urge to beg.

“I’m sure of you,” His lover said softly. Se7en bit down into Min’s shoulder, grabbing at the meat near his upper arm. Min hissed in approval then whimpered slowly as his lover pushed further into him.

“More,” Min demanded, his voice harsh and rough.

“I don’t want to do you too quickly, Minku,” Se7en murmured, kissing the throbbing spot bearing his teeth prints. “God, I wanted to do this in the car but that damned driver wouldn’t pull over. Be patient, my ass. He just likes seeing me suffer.”

“Shut up,” He gasped and strained his shoulders back, resting his forehead against the wall. Min couldn’t bear to touch his own sex, fearing he’d lose his control and splatter his seed. Spreading his arms up over his head, he pressed his hands on the wall, softly urging his lover to go deeper. “Don’t…want…to talk… about the driver. Just you. Here with me. Right there. Yes.”

“You should see yourself, baby,” Se7en whispered into his lover’s ear, flicking his fingertip around to catch Min’s sweet spot with each pass of his strokes. “So wanton. So pretty. Spread out in front of me and taking me in. Your body is so tight. Watching your sweet body turning pink and needy makes me want you even more.”

“Less talk,” Min growled. “More doing.”

“So bossy.” Se7en yelped when Min’s teeth sank into his forearm. He’d rested his free hand against the wall for balance, not paying attention to how close he’d brought himself to Changmin’s mouth. Kissing his young lover’s neck in retaliation, Se7en whispered, “Hold onto the wall, baby. Time to hear that famous scream of yours.”

They fit into each other. There was no other words for it in Min’s mind. Their mouths were perfectly attuned, even with Min’s torso twisting to reach Se7en’s lips, they could always find one another’s sweetness.

Their bodies sang the same song, finding the other and taking him in until they both lost track of where one ended and the other began.

Se7en’s sex reached deep into Changmin’s body, touching off fires Min knew he couldn’t control. The rise of flames from his belly lapped at his groin and pricked at his nipples until Min broke off their kiss to impale himself further on his lover’s sex. The wall that had once been his prison suddenly became the cliff he plummeted from and Min used it to push back, leveraging his muscular body to drive the rhythm of their joined bodies. The slap-slap of their sweat-dampened skin echoed in Se7en’s apartment and the smell of their sex laid down a musky overtone to the sugar of their desperate kisses.

Each stroke of Se7en’s sex brought his flared head to the brink of Min’s entrance, the tight muscles stretched out nearly to the brink then giving way again under the man’s next thrust. Min lost count of the thrusts, a game he’d once tried to play with himself but the tingling pleasure of Se7en’s cock inside of him made him lose reason and any thought of counting higher than the next push flew from his mind.

A playful tweak of Se7en’s fingers on his nipples brought Min’s sex to a painful tilt and he felt the boiling of his sac as it rose up to curl against his shaft. Reaching down, he grasped his cock only to find Se7en’s hand already closing in over the tip. Grunting with each shove of his lover’s shaft into his hot core, Min worked his fingers over Se7en’s, stroking himself alongside of Se7en’s ministrations.

The first wave of pleasure hit Changmin and his head lolled backwards. Resting against Se7en’s shoulder, he let his orgasm take him, riding out the pounding surf of his desire breaking free. The flush of his cheeks rose and it ignited the fire in his belly. He felt each pounding plunge in his spine, his release breaching along his sex. At the feel of his spill on his fingers, Min shouted and thrust back hard on his lover, straining to take Se7en in deeper until the man filled him.

Gripping Min’s shaft in his hand, Se7en milked his lover, blind to anything but the young man’s release. His own pleasure lingered at the edge of his awareness, clinging to the slight control he had on himself. A control that shattered beneath the wild pushes of Min’s entrance running up and down his own shaft.

They came together, Se7en’s seed pouring into the depths of Min’s young, lithe body while his own release filled Se7en’s cupped hand, the milky fluid as hot as the summer sun.

The lovers convulsed around one another, murmuring their pleasure as they slowed their bodies’ movements. Taking the time to languidly let go their final release, they lay against one another, panting with the effort of their love making.

Changmin was the first to move, his knees giving out from under him as Se7en caught him in his arms. They toppled to the hard wood floor, Se7en’s body catching Min’s weight. The older man groan when he hit but his arms wrapped tighter around his lover, protecting Min from being injured in the fall. Min’s elbow dug into Se7en’s ribs but the older man merely exhaled, cradling the young man close.

“God, that was good.” Se7en struggled to catch his breath, his body shivering from the explosive release of his desire. Unable to do much more than draw air into his lungs, he still strained to keep Min balanced on his body, groaning when the younger man slid off of him and onto the floor. “Where are you going?”

“Catch your breath, old man,” Changmin hissed air in between his parted teeth. “I want more. And this time, it’s going to be you against the wall.”


Morning rose unseen, kept outside of the windows by the heavy drapes in Junsu’s bedroom. A mint scent tickled Junsu’s nose and he murmured at the pleasant weight that settled into the bed next to him. He reached out to snuggle up against the warm body next to him then his eyes flew open, all thoughts of sleep escaping his mind. A bleary eyed Jaejoong peered back at him, fatigue drowning his consciousness. Blinking sleepily, Jae cuddled into the curve of Junsu’s body and promptly fell asleep.

A twinge under his belly nudged Junsu further awake and he scolded his bladder, admonishing his body’s bad timing. The pressure turned to a near-pain and Junsu reluctantly slid free from Jae’s embrace, sprinting to the bathroom to relieve himself. Shaking himself dry, he glanced over at the sink and smiled at the sight of a freshly unwrapped toothbrush sitting in the holder next to his. Scrubbing his own teeth with a daub of paste, Junsu spit out the froth and padded back to the bedroom, sliding back under the warm sheets and into Jae’s waiting arms.

“I didn’t want to wake you up but I really had to go to the bathroom,” Junsu murmured. Shuffling forward, he fit himself into Jae’s torso and slid one of his legs between the older man’s knees. Jae murmured something indistinct, sliding forward until his nose nearly touched Junsu’s. Clearing his throat, the singer pressed his lips together and Junsu grinned before reaching up to tug at the man’s pout.

Jae kissed Junsu’s fingers and lifted his hand to cup the other man’s face. “I had to go too. It’s the only reason I got up. I didn’t want to ruin your sheets.”

Junsu blushed, thinking of the nights he’d soiled his own sheets, pulling on his sex until he spent, his mind wrapped up in the memories of Jae’s body or smile. His hands had become Jae’s hands, manicured fingers rough on his own nipples and he’d secretly misted Jae’s green-tea cologne on his own shirt more than once so he could imagine the man held him at night.

The same man who held him now.

“How did you know?” Junsu whispered.

“Know what?” Jaejoong asked.

“How did you know you liked men?” Junsu sighed, feeling the brush of his sex as it hardened with each stroke of Jae’s hand in his hair.

“They just …. do something for me. Not every men.” Jae shrugged. “Okay, sometimes a lot of men. It depends on how they act. How they look. I seem to like guys that are…fit.”

“Like dancers.” Junsu wished he’d kept his mouth shut as soon as the words left his mouth. They both knew one dancer and the past Jaejoong had with him.

“Yeah, like dancers,” The other man whispered then kissed the tip of Junsu’s nose. “Like you.”

Junsu blinked, lifting his chin up suddenly so his mouth brushed Jae’s lips. The shock of their brief kiss widened Jae’s eyes and he parted his mouth in surprise. Daring more, Junsu pressed the tip of his tongue in, delving into the sweetness of Jaejoong’s mouth. Jae responded, cupping Junsu’s face and dipping his tongue past the other man’s lips. It took a long minute before they ran out of air, and they pulled apart briefly before meeting again. A slower kiss. Thoughtful and sweet.

“Do you?” Junsu asked when they finally parted, resting forehead to forehead and hiding from the world under tea-scented sheets. “Do you like me?”

“I love you,” Jaejoong admitted, a slow whispering sound that drove joy into Junsu’s heart. “It’s why I want to take things slow with you. I don’t know… we don’t know what we’re doing. I don’t want to hurt you. I don’t want you to hurt me. You…deserve better than that.”

We deserve better than that,” Junsu corrected. “You deserve better than that.”

“You’ve only known love, Susu-ah,” The singer murmured and slid his arms down until his hands rested on Junsu’s hips. “That’s why you think that.”

“No, it’s because I’ve only known love is how I know you deserve it.” Junsu let himself drift off, secure in the man’s embrace as he wrapped his own arms around Jaejoong’s slender waist. “You already love, Jaejoong-ah. I just need to teach you how to show it. And how to be loved in return.”
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