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Sand and Blood (NC-17)

purloined bits but they're mine to begin with! i had to steal my own words! :::grins::: Inspired by Seven just being unable to stop touching Jaejoong. yeah i tweaked things i already had but it's jaejoong.... and i just thought it fit. poor seven is made into such a bastard because of it.

Sand and Blood

Pairing: Se7en and Jaejoong
About 2000 words

Tiny specks of sparkling grains stuck to Jaejoong’s naked body, sand hugging the dips of his muscled thighs. A storm kissed the horizon, the ocean just turning a grey slate under the fallen sun’s descent. Thin rays crept out from between clustered clouds, Jaejoong casting a final longing glance towards the ocean, leaving it behind like a discarded lover. He tugged on a pair of loose fitting pants, tying the drawstrings up above his hips, finding the tank top he’d tossed onto a piece of driftwood. Padding on bare feet, he slid open the glass door to the beach house, a deserted, isolated glass and wood structure he’d rented for the month.

Being alone was a godsend, something so rare in his life that the singer reveled in the quiet. A quick stop in the kitchen where he uncapped a bottle of water, replenishing himself with moisture leeched from his body from the swim in the storm-violent ocean. He knew he’d left a discarded book on a small table, left on the nightstand in the single bedroom, a weighty fairy tale Jae picked up at the small airport he’d been stuck at for a few hours before connecting to the final flight to the island. The tale called to him, a promise of being lost in a created world caught between pages.

A masculine form stood in space, familiarly loved and wholly loathed. This man was someone Jae had run from, often skipping out of functions where they were forced to share a stage, the other singer’s hands often finding the tender bits of his body, twisting small pains into his flesh. The bruised kisses on his skin reminded Jaejoong of the idiocy his heart possessed where the other was concerned, a weakness…an addiction he’d yet to shake.

“You run so far to get away from me, little one.” Seven cast an disparaging glance around the spacious room, taking in the wide bed and its tangled sheets. Jaejoong had left the linens unmade, attending to just the barest of household chores, enjoying the sheer wanton pleasure of leaving off things he would normally attend to. “And I’m guessing that you’ve been writhing on these sheets alone. Such a pity, Jaejoong. You weren’t meant to be alone.”

“Why are you here, Seven?” Jae stood, trembling. His mind screamed for his body to run but his legs had their own ideas, taking a step towards the other man, a temptation he fought with… a tenacious fight where he always succumbed.

“It’s been a long time, Jaejoong.” Seven whispered harshly as his body responded thickly to the presence of the one man he hungered for. “It’s been too long since we’ve shared the heat of the night.”

“Share?” Jaejoong asked with a tilt of his voice. “You’ve never been known to share anything. You take… never satisfied. Sharing has nothing to do with anything that’s between us.”

“I’ve shared passion with you, Jaejoong.” Choi argued as his hands slid down to catch at the hem of Jaejoong’ shirt, tugging it upwards and over his head, tussling the dark silk of Jae’s wet hair. Tossing the garment away, Seven murmured pleasantly at the rising mounds of Jaejoong’ abs, curving the edge of a fingernail under each swell. “So much beauty hidden beneath your clothing.”

“Choi…” Jaejoong protested lightly as Seven lay his hands on the singer’s shoulders, pushing him back onto the bed. “You promised… never this again. We can’t…do this. We do this and I am left… alone and shaking, wondering when you are coming back to destroy my world.”

“So formal with me. Shhh, little brother.” Seven brought his mouth down over Jaejoong’, sealing off his half-hearted protests with a searing kiss. “It is past time for us again. I’ve missed you, little one. And I know you’ve missed me. You always miss being touched by me. Even when I know someone else is fucking you, I see your face afterward and I know you’re left unsatisfied and wanting.”

Choi’s teeth found the pebbled nubs curled against Jae’s pecs, alternating between luxurious nips and tender laving. Capturing one between his teeth, Seven drew the pierced nipple into his mouth, sucking hard as Jaejoong’ body arced beneath him, small kittenish moans of pleasure escaping from Jae’s parted lips.

“Do you remember when I did this to you?” Seven sucked harder, tasting a bit of blood on his tongue, torn from the channel inside of Jaejoong’s nipple. A lick washed the bar clean, the areole left raw and swollen from his teeth. “I sometimes hear someone screaming my name in the crowd and I think of you, underneath me…screaming when I pushed that steel needle through you.”

“I…remember.” Jae gasped. “I remember all the time.”

Seven smiled, swallowing the dip of blood on his tongue, savouring its coppery slickness. The salt of Jae’s body mingled with the taste of the ocean lingering in Choi’s mouth, making him growl with heady anticipation as Jaejoong’ fingers worked to tangle into Seven’s thick hair. Shivering under the moving wet caress, Jaejoong fought the pleasure that rode over his body, slowly drowning beneath it as Choi’s mouth licked at the clenched mounds of his abdomen and the flicking of Seven’s tongue against the dip of his navel.

Drawing himself up, the other singer unbuttoned his jeans, sliding them frantically off his body as Jaejoong lay reposed on the deep crimson sheets that still held the young singer’s tangled scent of single sex and sweat in their folds. Porcelain gold flesh sculpted by a God’s loving hand lay beneath Seven’ vision, Jaejoong’ full mouth punctuated by the tip of his wet tongue as he sought to bring moisture back to their parched surfaces.

The erotic pink peak of Jae’s sex echoed the twin aureoles of flesh mounted on Jaejoong’ chest, his bare flesh clean and lined with ridges of satin-smooth strength. The faintest darkness clung to the ridge of Jaejoong’ waistline where his golden skin disappeared beneath the black fabric that hugged his body religiously. Straddling his beloved Jae’s legs, Seven lightly guided one of Jaejoong’ hands to where his turgid young sex bobbed against his naked belly.

Cautiously watching the other’s reaction, Jae skimmed lightly over the spongy tip of Choi’s cock, amazed at the resilience in its texture as Seven’ breath deepened, thickening until his chest almost heaved with the effort of control. Trailing a curious finger over the blue length of a vein that wrapped around the silky column, Jaejoong dipped his head, taking the uncircumcised tip into his mouth and stretching Dong Wook’s urethra with the tip of his tongue. Moaning, Seven thrust his hips forward, burying himself into the back of Jaejoong’ throat and growling anew as he felt his brother’s teeth against his hot flesh.

“I cannot take this much longer, little one.” Seven muttered, his mind lost in the times when he rode the young man’s body, a desert storm raging over a parched landscape. Reaching down, Choi drew out his a knife from where he’d hidden it earlier under the pillows, facilely worked its sharp edge through Jaejoong’ pants, slicing the fabric apart to reveal the treasure beneath.

“You brought a knife with you?” Jaejoong’s pout trembled, the erotic play of steel over the tender length of his skin, a single bead of blood welling at the tip of the blade as Dong Wook’s wrist dipped down, pricking the singer slightly.

“I didn’t want to take any chances of your clothes tangling around your body, little one.” Seven sucked in his breath, taking a kiss from the singer’s panting mouth. “I might have been met with resistance. Wouldn’t want that to get in the way of my pleasure, would we?”

Sliding easily from Jaejoong’ mouth, Seven carefully turned his lover over, his hands spanning the space above Jae’s ass and resting on the slight rise directly beneath the dip of his spine. The purring in Jaejoong’ voice grew as the other man reached around and stroked at him, sliding nimble fingers around the length of him as Choi buried his teeth into Jaejoong’ shoulder. Tipping his head back, Jae felt the rush of pleasure take over him and a tightening fire between his legs mount as Seven grunted for him to reach the small jar sitting on the nightstand. Trembling, Jaejoong almost dropped the glass vessel, its slick roundness curving away from his open hand.

Capturing it, Seven laughed softly as Jaejoong twisted to capture Choi’s mouth with his own, his wariness lost in the inferno between them. His voice harsh in Jaejoong’ ears, Seven let the heat of his hand burn along the length of Jae as he pushed his lover slightly down with his other hand. “Bend to the side, Jaejoong.”

Nodding silently, Jaejoong complied, gritting his teeth as Seven’s long fingers, now coated with a sheen of honeyed oil slid into him, working the oil past the tight ring of muscle and against Jae’s prostate. Finding the small nodule with the tips of his fingers, Choi expertly worked Jaejoong into a sensual frenzy, finding pleasure in the growing elegies of indulgence working free from Jaejoong’ mouth.

“Seven…please.” Jaejoong’ dark chameleon eyes roiled amber in the flickering candlelight, his body clenched in the almost pain of delight under Choi’s ministrations. “Either do this or don’t”

“Of course, Jaejoong. Anything you want.” Seven nodded as his fingers slid free, positioning himself against Jaejoong and pressing the tip of him up against Jae’s hips. Grasping Jaejoong’ sides, in his hands, Seven tilted upwards, sliding in slowly as Jaejoong continued to beg for release. Burying himself completely, Dong Wook waited until Jaejoong’ almost virginal body adjusted to the heavy length of flesh inside of him.

“You are so hot around me.” Seven murmured, tasting small bits of Jaejoong’ skin in little nips…first his neck then his shoulders as the other singer rose back from his crouch to rest against Choi’s muscled chest. Wrapping his lean arms about Jae, Seven began to rock into him, never completely withdrawing from his savoury moistness. “This is how we were meant to be… together…for eternity. You just refused to believe me… spending all of your time panting after other men.”

“You talk too much.” Jaejoong growled impatiently as his body roiled its pleasure once more and he clenched at Seven’s thighs, trying to drive the man in deeper. Smiling in satisfaction, Seven let one hand remain on Jaejoong’ hips and brought the other around to encircle his cock, working along its length as Jae pulsated around him. Thrusting forward, he let the knob of his flesh work around the small nodule deep within his lover’s body, hitting the pressure point with each fervent plunge.

Drawing their bodies close, sweat glistened on their joined bodies, crystals of perspiration ringing the curves of their muscles and running down to gather at the curls of hair captured between their legs. Tilting his head back, Seven felt the rush of his seed gather in him and he roared as his balls rose up against the rise of Jaejoong’ ass, releasing in a hot rush of fluid just as Jaejoong lost control, splashing the crimson sheets with his pearly discharge.

Panting as he leaned back against the taller man, Jaejoong eagerly sucked at Dong Wook’s fingers as Choi raised his hand to plunder into Jae’s mouth as he trailed a series of kisses along the other singer’s shoulder. Their sighs of pleasure, muted among the flames lighting the room, tangled with the heavy breaths their chests fought to take in. Pressing Jaejoong down onto the sheets, Seven held him close, still buried deep inside of his lover despite the softness returning to his flesh.

“That is how it should be between us, Jaejoong…” Seven turned Jaejoong’ face until he faced him. Suckling a kiss from Jaejoong’ exposed mouth, Choi once more plundered the soft depths of his lover’s moistness. “You just need to surrender to this… and realize that you’re mine to have.”
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