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Blood and Kisses

Blood and Kisses

Pairings: Jaejoong, Se7en and Yunho
Rating: NC-17
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Wrought iron gates held guard at the entrance of the sporting club, their fronts emblazoned with Asiatic tigers and dragons worked through the spokes. From the outside, the building resembled little more than an enormous sprawling hunting lodge, flagstone foundation and smoked windows concealing its occupants. Wood gleamed from endless polishing, rippling crystal mahogany planks oiled with a fine lemon spray and rubbed to a fine heen. The interior spoke of quiet wealth and a relaxed environment for the cultured gentleman to find his pleasures…a Havana cigar, a snifter of Napoleon brandy or a sensuous singer slathered with a veneer of respectability to hide the sexual predator beneath.

Beyond the outward trappings of the gentleman’s club, the establishment held the pulse of a community and the three people who caused its heart to beat. Jaejoong walked besides the long legged Tiger as he strolled through the corridors of the establishment, keen purple eyes catching each detail as Yunho consulted with his security detail. They singer different people outside of the bedroom, Yunho’s snarling ferocity masked by the silky authority he settled over his shoulders when dealing with Seven’s holdings. Seven changed very little except for the subtle shift of his control. No longer did his passions rule his face or body and the exotic features of his face became nearly cold, dipped in ice as he spoke to one of the women who corralled the establishment’s companions.

“You’re thinking of something, Joongie.” Seven’s purr shivered Jae’s spine as the singer skimmed the rise of the singer’s buttocks with the flat of his hand. “I can see the thoughts skip over your face like butterflies dipping down to sip at the nectar of a morning glory. What are you thinking of?”

“That this place is so foreign to me but I feel…safe here.” Lacking the garish bravado of the Trance, the establishment promised discreet pleasures and a murmured assurance of protection.

“You will always be safe here, Joongie.” Seven’s fingers sought the strength of the singer’s chin, caressing the spot beneath the chuck of his jaw line. “Yunho sees to that.”

”It isn’t just…physically.” The singer sighed as Seven pulled him close. The warmth of the singer’s body spread through him, a quilt of affection freely given. With a start, Jaejoong became aware of the ease Seven spread affection to those he cared for…something extended to the singer as well. “You love…easily.”

“No, not easily.” Seven corrected, dipping his head down to taste the sweetness of his submissive’s mouth. Teasing Jae open was easy as the other parted his lips to accept the delicate intrusion. An erotic flick of Seven’s tongue against the roof of Jae’s mouth elicited a moaning mewl from the depths of his soul and Seven chuckled, sending the sound echoing into the singer’s throat.

“I love fully. As I breathe.” Choi stroked at his lover’s cheek. “Come, Yunnie is finished bullying people into submission.”

“You like when I’m a bully.” Yunho sauntered closer, rubbing his face against the breadth of the white-haired demon’s shoulders and inhaling the spicy scent of him into his lungs. Seven’s natural perfume, musky and masculine, still thrilled his and pebbled the desire deep between his legs. “In fact, you demand it.”

“Yes, I do.” Seven bit his lower lips and tugged with sharp teeth. “I definitely do.”

Sated with a full belly, Jaejoong groaned as he turned over on the zabatans in Seven’s den. Enormous windows stretched on one wall, overlooking the city and the gardens of the establishment’s owners. Fragrant pink jasmine filled the air, the delicate flower imported from Jakarta worked over a trellis below them. His shirt lay on the side of an end table, tugged off by Yunho who spread a light goat cheese over his naval and sucked it out on a lost bet with Seven. The humour the pair shared was surprising, given their bloodthirsty upbringing but laughter was a rising sound between them…an aria woven tight with mingled pleasures.

“Again thinking, Joongie?” Seven contemplated his young lover with jaded eyes. The dancer had found refuge in his bed but would his heart be as easily healed.

“Full….body…mind.” The singer stretched, arching his body against his lover’s touch.

When he’d first seen Jaejoong, Seven knew the submissive ached to be mastered…to be taught to survive and flourish. A little investigating brought knowledge of Dong Bang Shin Ki but nearly nothing of Jaejoong himself. It was as if the young singer existed solely for the pleasures of a man who cast him aside when his own lovers surfaced each evening. Not the sort of living Seven wanted for anyone. Despite his cold-blooded outlook and philosophy, the dominant singer held a Machiavellian passion in his heart…one fueled by satiation of his own needs. Jaejoong promised to satisfy more than a few of his needs…and Yunho’s as well.

“Turn over.” Seven said softly, tapping Jaejoong’s ribs with a touch of his fingers. Without questioning, the singer rolled over onto his stomach, lifting his hips as Seven slid practiced hands under him, unsnapping the top button of his jeans. Working the fabric down, Choi stripped the singer quickly. Bending over, Seven traced the line of Jae’s spine with the tip of his tongue, weaving a wet trail of hot desire from his ass to the jutting of his shoulder blades. Quivering with anticipation, Jaejoong sighed as Seven’s fingers spread his cheeks apart, gasping as sharp teeth sank into the firm flesh without warning.

“He is so pretty.” Yunho sat at Jaejoong’s shoulder, his fangs finding the soft pulse on his throat and nibbling lightly. “I like the taste of him.”

“I do too.” Seven laughed at his Yunnie’s growling protest as Jae bucked slightly at the probing fingers testing the ring of muscle nearly hidden from him. “Actually there is something I want to give you before we go any further, Joongie. Turn over again.”

“Turn over so I have easier access...” Yunho laughed, a throaty sound velvet with promise. “…to what I want.”

Seven stretched over Jaejoong’s hips as the singer turned over, his mouth ravaged by Yunho’s as he parted the dark heavy veil of his auburn hair. The ivory haired dominant held a small black box up for Jaejoong to see, its lid inconspicuously embroidered with the design from a high-end jewelry store. Placing it on the singer’s bare belly, Seven motioned for him to open it. “That is for you.”

Craning his neck, Jaejoong picked up the box and cautiously cracked open the lid. Nested in a bed of blood red satin, a single platinum hoop winked at him, a groove of channel set plush amethysts free floating around its edge. A bar ran along the flat slice at the top, locking down in a curious snapping mechanism. Gulping, Jaejoong struggled to speak.


“I know that you had your heart set on the silver one but Joongie, silver isn’t good against your skin.” Seven replied him, cupping the back of the singer’s neck, his fingers tangled with Yunho’s as his other hand plucked Jae’s nipple to a turgid peak. “And I would hate for anyone to do this to you besides us.”

Coaxing the young man up, Seven slickened his flesh with a coating of oil, stroking the flat of Jae’s belly as Yunho crooned his desire across the other’s mouth. Flushed up against Jae’s body, Seven pushed deep inside of his submissive, feeling Jae’s body surrender beneath the pushing insistence as the singer’s fingers fisted into the cushions against the intrusion. Yunho dipped his own fingers into the warmed oil, preparing himself for taking Jae into his own moistness. Seven watched with hooded eyes, aroused as much by the young man preparing to mount the singer as he was of having Jaejoong around him.

The velvet hot heat of his lover’s body throbbed along Seven’s length, contracting and twisting as Yunho slid down over the singer’s stiff shaft. It was rare he tucked the other singer inside of him, a heated need so rarely satisfied. Nestled between them, the Jaejoong’s sensitive skin flushed and roiled beneath the sensual glide of his lovers’ hands rubbing him to an excited peak.

“We will do this first, Yunnie. Look at him… beginning to belong to us.” Seven whispered into the shell of the singer’s ear, the dark murmuring nearly lost amid the silky moans Jaejoong couldn’t control. They spilled from his slack mouth as Seven laved at the sensitive nub in the core of his guts. Yunho nodded, his hips straddling Jaejoong’s, settling the singer to nearly the hilt of Seven’s twitching shaft. Resting his thighs on Jaejoong’s legs, Yunho trapped the slighter-bodied singer between them, holding him fast on their questing bodies.

A glint of metal, a thin spire really, rolled between Yunho’s fingers as the Yunnie dipped its point into acrid smelling alcohol. With the push of Seven into him and the cup of Yunho around him, Jaejoong sat rocking between them, wanting to drive himself further over the edge but reluctant to do so until his lovers commanded.

The differences were startling. Jaejoong cupped between them felt a curious blend of safety and excitement and that in a blink of an eye, a simple no would mean he could stop them….the faintest brush of a negative against them would hold back the terrifying passions in Jae that both singers were skilled at inflicting. He’d certainly never had that with anyone else and while he longed for Yunho’s hand across him…on him, the singer never felt as free as when he was bound by the two cradling him.

“Remember that we know you, Joongie. That we…in our way…love you.” An aching red flare of pain erupted as the tip of the needle entered the tender flesh of his nipple, the peak tight with a clamp to hold it taut. Yunho’s fingers singer wrapped around Seven’s wrist as the singer held Jaejoong’s ribs with one hand and pushed through the tender areole with the other. Slick, the needle easily pierced through the singer’s flesh and emerged through the other side. Within a blink, Yunho’s free hand held the hoop towards his lover, helping Seven slide the amethyst and platinum ring’s locking bar through the opening.

Hooking Jaejoong’s arm up, Yunho dipped down as Seven tilted the singer back, their mouths both closing over the throbbing nipple when Seven released the clamp, blood rushing into the peak. Thrusting up into Jae, Seven shut his eyes at the sweet taste of his lover’s blood sliding over his tongue and the erotic perfume of Yunho’s excitement running slick over Jae’s shaft. Licking a final drop clean from the singer’s pulsating body, Seven grinned with wild pleasure as he met Yunho’s passion dark eyes, his body moving hard up into Jae’s as if he could plunge into the Yunnie’s as well, possessing both of his lovers with one thrust.

“It is a pity.” Seven thought to himself. “A pity Changmin does not like boys. I would so much like to share this with him.”
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