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Roses and Blood (YunJae, Chapter 2)

Roses and Blood
Part: 2 (Chaptered)
Previous Sections: One
Pairing: Yunho and Jaejoong
Rating: R/NC-17ish (Unknown overall)
Genre: Angst, Romance
Written for swallowtt

Separation comes at a terrible price. Reconciliation demands an even greater coin but can they...are they willing to pay it?

Speckles of blood dotted the rose petals as Yunho stepped into the foyer. The metallic taint turned the perfume coppery and slick, curling deep into Jaejoong’s soul. Time stilled, then stopped for the men staring at one another, each breathing hard from a glut of emotions too tangled to make sense of. After a forever of long moments, Jaejoong broke their stillness, licking at his upper lip with a nervous dart of his tongue.

Time began in an explosion that tasted of rain-drenched sex and darkened sin. Yunho’s hands, wet from his pain, smeared blood over Jaejoong’s cheek and the singer leaned into the man’s touch, rubbing the spill of his life into his own skin. Hunger tore through them, an insatiable and quivering fire neither one expected to survive.

Yunho pushed Jaejoong back, slamming him against the wall hard enough to make the pictures rattle on their hangers and he cupped the singer’s face, slanting his mouth over Jaejoong’s parted lips. He needed to crawl inside of the man he’d ached too long for but the simple pleasure of Jae’s mouth would have to do. At least until he could peel the clothes from the man’s lithe body and have him spread out under him.

“Need to taste you,” Yunho whispered into Jaejoong’s mouth. “Don’t stop me. Please. Just breathe. Let me…have you. Let me have … this.”

Their innocence was a long forgotten memory and the rush of passion surging between them had nothing in it but temptation and sin but lingering at the edges, a whisper of sugary sweetness emerged, slowing Yunho’s savagery. His onslaught slowed and he began to explore the man he’d tucked away deep into the recesses of his heart.

A heart that began to slowly beat once more with a heavy ponderous thumping in his breast he’d long thought turned to ash.

When Yunho was a very small boy, he’d been walking in an ornamental garden with his mother when a cool spring rain took them by surprise. The sheets of water were unrelenting, slicing sideways through the air and chasing them through the hedges. A flowering cherry tree offered them shelter to hide from the deluge and Yunho stood beneath the swaying, pink-frosted branches and stared up at the rumbling storm clouds. A few stray drops worked their way through the canopy and he remembered closing his eyes and tilting his head back to let the storm strike his face with its wet kisses. He opened his mouth to the rain, hoping to catch a drop of water on his tongue.

A single rain drop struck his tongue and he was left mute from the rush of flavours he held in his mouth. It was a medley of electric sky and cherry blossom freshness, carried in the sweet undernote of newly fallen rain. The taste stained his memory and he’d never been able to find it again.

Not until his first kiss with Jaejoong and only then Yunho knew how wickedly cruel the world could be, filling the most sensual, delightful mouth he would ever know with the delectable flavour of a sizzled pink-scented rainstorm.

Lightning struck Yunho’s mind and he pulled Jaejoong closer to him, longing to slide under the other man’s skin. His fingers left smears of blood on Jae’s fair skin, striping his high cheekbone with a visceral war paint. A flick of Jae’s tongue against his lips and Yunho was lost again, plundering past Jae’s defenses to lick at the roof of his mouth. There was a hint of mint lingering on Jae’s tongue and Yunho lapped at it greedily, fueling his lust with every small bit of the man he could get.

It wasn’t until he realized he’d slid Jae’s waistband down to curve over his hips that Yunho came up for air. A second later, gasping to fill his lungs, Yunho pondered the swollen plumpness of Jae’s lips and the pristine whiteness of his throat. It was a short debate, one his wicked mind encouraged whole-heartedly. Sliding his hands under Jaejoong’s thighs, Yunho hefted the man up, growling under his breath as he sank his teeth into the tendons striping down Jae’s neck.

“Hold onto me, Joongie-ah,” Yunho ordered. “Wrap your legs around me so I can feel your cock against me. Show me how much you want this. Show me how much you want me.”

“You said…” Jaejoong struggled to avoid Yunho’s grasping teeth but the other man was rapacious in his hunger and his skin was captured quickly in Yunho’s bite. The sharp edge of pain shot straight past his gut and into the boiling curl of his sac. His sex thickened, stirring quickly with each nibble trailing over his skin. “Stop, Yunho-ah. We need….”

“I need you,” Yunho whispered. “We need this. Tell me you’ve not missed this and I’ll walk away. Tell me you don’t want this and I’ll never bother you again.”

“I want this,” Jaejoong murmured. “But your hand… Yunho, your hand.”

The wall’s pale sage paint was smeared with Yunho’s blood, a trail of anguish and passion. Dips and valleys of spackle were drenched red, the thin splotches drying brown around the edges. Drawing away from Jaejoong, Yunho mourned the cool air between their bodies only to discover the sparks of pain pulsating under his skin.

Pulling his hand back from the wall, Yunho winced at the sight of Jae’s face, blotched crimson with his blood, and then blanched in shock at the ruin of his palm. It was nearly covered it blood and specks of black studded the folds of his hand, the wreckage of the stems poking out of his skin.

“I’m bleeding,” Yunho gave Jaejoong a lopsided smile. “I guess my hand matched my heart now.”

“Don’t come in here and say those things,” Jaejoong murmured, pushing himself away from the man who stole his breath. He needed room to think, fresh air to breathe…air not filled with the heady scent of male sweat and sweet, blood-stained kisses. “Go sit down…on the couch. I’ll… there’s bandages. I’ll get them.”

A sleek grey cat balefully glared at Yunho from its place on the couch and as he approached, the elegant featured feline narrowed its eyes and looked down its long nose at the man intruding on his space. Covered in blood, Yunho was reluctant to make any overtures towards the cat and from the creature’s narrowed gaze, any signs of affection weren’t going to be appreciated.

“Here, wash your hand.” Jae entered the room, handing Yunho a damp warm washcloth. His own face was speckled with drops of water and clean of blood.

Some small part of Yunho hurt when he saw Jaejoong’s clean face. It was as if his former lover wiped away a kiss he’d left on his mouth or worse, the hot spill of his seed on Jae’s skin while they were still in bed.

Setting down a first aid kit on the glass coffee table, he studied its contents as he nudged the cat aside so he could sit down next to the other man. The feline expressed its displeasure at being moved with a mewling grumble but then inched over.

“I don’t think your cat likes me,” Yunho hissed when he lay the cloth on his hand. “Ouch, this hurts too much.”

“He doesn’t like me either. All he does is eat and complain,” Jaejoong remarked, taking the washcloth from Yunho. Closing his fingers around Yunho’s wrist, he pulled the man’s hand into his lap. “Actually, now that I think about it, Jiji is the cat version of Changmin. He’s always angry, hits me and runs away from me. I’ve traded one long-legged thunderstorm for another.”

“I think you’ve got the better version,” Yunho said quietly. “This one doesn’t leave bruises.”

“No, he draws blood though.” Jaejoong bared his wrist for Yunho to see the light white scratches healing on his arm. “Quit moving so I can see what you’ve done.”

Yunho groaned, suppressing a whimper as Jaejoong began to pick detritus from his skin. The blood washed off easily enough, turning watery with every swipe of the cloth until he could clearly see Yunho’s wounds. A curious snuffle sound made him look up and Jaejoong found himself staring straight into Yunho’s clear brown eyes.

“You smell good,” Yunho whispered, ghosting a kiss through his breath over Jaejoong’s lips. “Like green tea and… something else.”

“Soap.” It was disconcerting to see Yunho’s face pressed tightly into his space and Jae blinked, taking a sharp breath.

It was a mistake. Yunho’s scent burned Jae’s lungs with the misery of missing him and his body clenched, echoing the emptiness inside of his heart.

“Why are you here? Why are you doing this? Why now?” Jaejoong turned away, his fingers numb with the weight of Yunho’s hand.

He forced himself to concentrate on working the bits of thorn and bark from the man’s palm, trying to ignore the small circles Yunho’s other hand was making on his thigh. His cock refused to be misled and it throbbed under the thin cover of his pajamas, peeking up with interest at the warmth soaking through the cotton.

“A lot of things,” Yunho murmured. The pain in his hand began to overtake him and he forced himself to focus on other things. The soft down at the nape of Jae’s neck was an enticement and if it hadn’t been for the sharp tweezers the other man held in his hand, he would have bent forward to nuzzle it until it lay wet against Jae’s skin.

His tongue tingled with the taste of Jae’s kiss, spiced erotic with a suggestion of mint and sex. The corded muscles of Jae’s neck were an enticement, as was the tiny milk chocolate smear of a birthmark Yunho once loved raking his teeth over. So much had changed on Jae’s body, the man’s waist was pulled in, too thin for Yunho’s liking and the thin t-shirt he wore was stretched over lean shoulders more heavily muscled than Yunho’s hand remembered. A small scar on the webbing of his right thumb was shallow and white from healing, but the mark was new to Yunho’s eyes so his attention caught on the triangular shape every time he saw Jae’s graceful fingers move across his own palm.

“Changmin-ah, mostly,” Yunho finally admitted. “And…seeing you… every where. Really, it’s difficult sometimes. Crossing the street and then you are there on a bus or across a screen over a mall entrance. Smiling at everyone but me. But really, Min. He’s…angry. Probably angrier than your grey cat. Probably angrier than the sun is hot, I think.”

“I can understand anger,” Jaejoong replied softly. “I’m pretty angry some times too. A lot of times, really. What is he angry at? He got everything he wanted.”

Yunho cocked his head at Jaejoong, his eyebrows beetling together in confusion. “What do you mean, Joongie-ah?”

“He got you, didn’t he?”

The harshness of Jae’s whisper brought Yunho’s head up and he drew a sharp cold hiss through his teeth in surprise. The singer refused to meet his eyes and Yunho gripped Jae’s chin, forcing him to look up. The heat in Jae’s cinnamon eyes burned hot, a warning against pushing him any further.

Lacking any sense or the desire to let Jaejoong walk away unscathed, Yunho pushed.

“What do you mean? He got me?” Yunho softened his demand by brushing his thumb over Jae’s full, plump lower lip but the sear of Jae’s simmered anger scorched through any of Yunho’s gentleness as if were a sheet of rice paper set too close to a flame.

There’d been rumours of Min’s machinations, whisperings behind the scenes of his growing discontent with their eldest but Yunho’d dismissed them at the time. Jaejoong and Changmin both shared a juxtaposition of their roles from son to band member and they’d grown close, remaining childish between themselves when the others left boyish games behind. Still, it’d been hard to ignore the hurt emotions flittering across Jae’s face when Min slapped him a bit too roughly or the blink of tears in his lover’s eyes when Changmin’s cutting words hit too close to the bone. He’d tried talking to their youngest about his play but Min’d shrugged Yunho’s counseling off, saying his relationship with Jaejoong was like a brother.

The only two of them who had brothers, Yoochun and Junsu, disagreed but Yunho was the first to admit the soulmates had peculiarly close relationships with their siblings.

Of course, Yunho thought as he bent forward to kiss at the salted hint of tears on Jae’s lashes, he’d had a peculiarly close relationship with Jaejoong… one Min certainly did not approve of once he discovered it.

“There.” Jaejoong ignored Yunho’s question and pulled away. “Everything’s out. Let me wrap it and… you can go.”

“I’m not leaving you, Jae,” Yunho said softly.

“Why not? It’s what you’re good at,” Jae sniped back.
A tug on a gauze bandage sent it flying across the couch, shedding tiny flecks of white fuzz over the black leather. The cat, suddenly interested, pounced on the roll and kicked at it with his back legs, disemboweling the roll into shreds. Grabbing at the gauze, Jae’s fingers closed over the end of the roll just as his cat danced off with the rest of his kill. Yanking on what little he could retrieve, his fingers shook and he balled a fist around the strings of gauze.

“Fuck. Damn it, why did you have to come back? Why couldn’t you have left me alone, Yunho? I’d just gotten…so I didn’t mind missing you. I could handle the pain. Damn you!”

His answer came in a kiss, a searing meld of Yunho’s mouth on his. Unable to do more than gasp, Jaejoong found himself pushed down onto the leather and spread open for his former lover’s pleasure. The squeak of the couch beneath him faded under the groaning whimpers coming from his own mouth when Yunho pushed his tongue further in to explore. There was no sliver of his mouth that escaped Yunho’s slow quest to claim him and the soft tearing sound of his t-shirt giving way under Yunho’s strong hands was all the warning he got before Yunho’s fingers found the ridge of his nipple with skilled twists.

His breath grew short then tightened until his lungs ached but Jaejoong was unable to do more than swiftly steal sips of air. His hands burned from the rasp of Yunho’s rough cotton sweatshirt and he clawed at the thick fabric, needing to feel the strength of Yunho’s body under his palms. The press of Yunho’s weight on his body was achingly familiar, a whisper of a memory he’d thought long buried.

Jaejoong’s legs instinctively parted, letting his hips take the weight of Yunho’s torso. His cock was hard, pressing up against his pajamas and straining the fabric in an attempt to get loose. A small dot of moistness spread as his sex wept from being so close to Yunho’s touch but too imprisoned to do more than cry pearly drops of need.

Yunho’s fingers seemed to be everywhere, in his hair tugging at the strands at the base of his skull or roaming over his bared chest. His mouth was busier than his hands, raking down Jae’s throat only to find the tightened nub of a nipple with his tongue. With Yunho’s fingers flicking and teasing one nipple, Jae arched in pleasure when his lover’s mouth closed over the other, nipping and suckling Jae’s tip as he ground his hips into the shaft trapped beneath Jae’s pants.

Returning to Jaejoong’s mouth, Yunho bit lightly on Jae’s lower lip, tugging the flesh out and pressing it against his teeth. Worrying at the spot he suckled, he murmured soft endearments into Jaejoong’s panting mouth as he slid one hand down Jae’s stomach to caress the man’s ridged, thick cock through his pajamas.

“Why couldn’t I left you alone?” Yunho whispered, sucking in Jae’s mewling pleas for his touch. “I couldn’t leave you alone for the same reason you couldn’t leave the door between us closed. You were meant to be beneath me, Joongie-ah. As I was meant to be buried deep inside of you… deep enough to touch the stars that made you…deep enough to split apart your heart and fill you with every ounce of my soul.”

“That is why I am here. That is why I came back,” Yunho gripped Jaejoong’s sex in his hand and stroked it, curving his fingers through the cotton until Jae’s shaft was encased in a sheath of soft fabric. “I am here because I can sooner live without the sun or water before I live without you.”
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