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Roses and Blood (YunJae, Chapter 7) *LEMON*

Roses and Blood
Part: 7 (Chaptered)
Previous Sections: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six

Pairing: Yunho and Jaejoong
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Angst, Romance

Written for swallowtt

Separation comes at a terrible price. Reconciliation demands an even greater coin but can they...are they willing to pay it?

“What are we going to do then?” Jaejoong eyed his former lover. “I can’t… you can’t be here. Every time I see you, I begin to bleed again. How do I get over that? How do I get over you?”

“Why do you have to?” Yunho asked softly. “Can’t we try again?”

“To do what?” Jae slid his arms free of the quilt and set his mug down. “We can’t… be what we were. You’re running a huge risk now just seeing me. What are they going to do with you when they find out you’ve slipped off your leash?”

“Do you care?” He grinned at Jae’s blush.

“I’ve already… damn it, Yunho-ah,” The singer swore fiercely under his breath. “Get out.”

“See me again,” Yunho pushed. “At least… try. Please?”

“You make a lot of promises,” Jae warned him off. “They don’t mean anything. You don’t mean anything by it.”

“Joongie-ah, I was wrong,” He murmured. “I can see that. I can feel that. And no, they no longer care about us…about what is happening to us. The company has new toys to play with…new groups they are grooming. They’re turning away from us…from me and Min. We’re nothing but a machine for them to oil once in a while and then let go.”

“That is all we were when they had the five of us,” Jae reminded him in a soft voice. “The difference is that you and Min are strong enough to do that. We were not.”

“We’re not, you know,” The other man said. “Strong enough. In body, yes but without the three of you there…we have no heart…no soul. Everything left behind is just ashes and anger. I need your help to heal, Joongie-ah. Please?”

“And who is going to heal me, Yunho? You? Min?” Jae spat. “He’d sooner set me on fire. You were the one to pull him off of me when I asked him to leave with us. You heard what he said to me.”

“I also know what I said to him to make him feel that way.” Yunho confessed. “That’s on me too. What he’s feeling…what he’s going through right now. I did that to him. And I used you to do it.”

“So why now?” Jae’s voice was soft but the edge in it cut at Yunho’s core. “Are you dying? Do you want to meet God with a clear conscience?”

“I want you to live with a clear heart.” He leaned over and grasped at Jaejoong’s cold fingers. “Even if… you let me try to make this up to you… even if you decide you can’t love me anymore, I want to… I want to know that you’re okay. That you know you’re loved… that you can be loved. That’s what I need to see, Joongie-ah. That’s what I broke in you and I need to fix that.”

“And that’s it?” Eyeing his former lover, Jae let Yunho grip his hand. Every fibre in Jae’s body screamed at him to pull away but there was a tingling ember of something fragile and hurt deeply hidden that bloomed to life at the man’s touch. “Then if I want, you’ll walk away.”

“That’s it,” Yunho promised. “Just let me make things…right. Please. I promise… I’ll just… walk away. I don’t want to but if that’s what you want… if that’s what you need, I will do it.”

“I don’t want you to…” Jae murmured. “Walk away, that is. Not now. Not then. But if you tear me apart again, I don’t know how I’m going to live…”

They came together, each moving fluidly for one another until their mouths touched. Tentative and soft, their kiss grew, deepening with the passing seconds. Sighing, Jaejoong let himself be leaned back, cradled against Yunho’s arm. Sliding his former lover into the crook of his arm, Yunho pressed in, tasting the sweetness of Jae’s soul on his tongue.

It lasted an eternity for Yunho’s heart but the barest amount of time for his body and when Jaejoong broke their kiss, he panted with the effort of not chasing after the man’s delectable mouth, needing more than the taste he’d been given.

“That…” Jaejoong whispered. “Is what I need. Can you give me that, Yunho? Can you stay with me long enough to give me that until the last of my soul burns away?”


Changmin wasn’t exactly sure where he lost all of his clothes. Somewhere between the living space and bedroom, he must have left a trail of scattered garments behind but he couldn’t say where. All Min knew is when Se7en pushed the door to the bedroom open, they both were naked and bathed in the watery, sparkling light of the city as it poured through the wall-length windows.

And sitting the corner of the enormous room, framed by the enormous expanse of glass overlooking Seoul, sat a very familiar red couch. Deep enough to fit Se7en’s long legs when he sat, the sofa cushions were wide enough for the two of them to cuddle on, provided they lay sideways and were close together. From what Min recalled, they’d spent a lot of time laying sideways and other ways on that particular sofa.

“Fuck,” Min snarled, wrapping his arms around his lover’s neck. His cock was hard, nearly aching with need and it brushed against Se7en’s thighs, leaving a silver-kiss trail of wet behind. “You hid the couch!”

“You think I could just give it away?” Se7en smirked. “I had to move it in here. I didn’t want anyone…sitting on it. Not when I couldn’t…have you with me.”

“And now?” Min quirked a sardonic eyebrow.

“Now, I think we need to break it back in.” Se7en’s kiss burned Min’s nerves, searing him down to his toes until they curled. “Actually, how about if we just try to break it.”

The red chenille felt like home on Min’s back and he spread himself out, reveling in the soft texture against his skin. Lifting his head up, he watched his lover rummage around in a few drawers before coming up with a handful of condoms and a bottle of lubricant.

“Do we need these?” Se7en’s question was solemn but nonjudgmental and the trust in his eyes shattered what little reserve Min had left in him.

“No.” Min shook his head. “There’s not been anyone but you. Never has been anyone but you.”

“Me too,” Se7en said, tossing the foil packets back into the drawer.

“Then why do you have those?” The younger man quirked a smile at his lover.

“Because Jiyong-ah thought I should have some in case I found someone interesting.” Se7en shrugged at Min’s threatening growl. “Hey, he’s my dongsaeng. He thinks it’s his job to take care of me.”

“Just tell him we’re… together,” Min looked up through his lashes at the lean-bodied man approaching him. “So he doesn’t need to try to do…that anymore.”

“At least the oil is new.” Se7en grinned, wiggling the unopened bottle for his lover to see. “Now, where were we?”

Separated for months, they took their time relearning each other’s bodies. Tracing the inked sun on Se7en’s arm with his tongue, Min bit down on the spot, hoping to see if the area tasted different. A sharp slap on his bare ass jerked his attention back up to Se7en’s luscious mouth and his hands wandered down to stroke at the older man’s length while he suckled at Se7en’s lower lip.

“You keep doing that,” Se7en gasped. “I’m not going to last long.”

“Got all night,” Min murmured. Casting an eye towards the pinking cloud-washed sky outside of the apartment’s windows. “Or all day. I don’t care if they come looking for me. They won’t find me. Not here. Not with you.”

“Then we have all day.” Se7en’s kiss lingered, drawing out every bit of sweetness from Min’s questing tongue. “Turn over, Minku. Even if we have forever, I need forever to start right now.”

The sugary scent of strawberries and cream hit Min’s nose when Se7en opened the bottle of oil and he wrinkled his nose, trying to ignore the quivering shock of nerves running up his spine. When Se7en’s broad hand touched his lower back, he shook with anticipation, wondering if he’d be able to hold off on his pleasure until his lover found his. The man’s long fingers explored Min’s form, delving down between the crack of his rear and stroking at the puckered centre hidden there.

Kneading Min’s thighs and ass, Se7en dribbled a long thread of oil down Min’s cleft, watching it disappear in the shadowed recess where his fingers waited to work through Min’s tightness. The oil was cold on Min’s hot flesh and he gasped into the arm of the couch, hissing when Se7en’s fingertips pulled the silky fluid up and around his entrance.

At the first press of Se7en’s finger against him, Min huffed in a short take of air and his hips rose, inviting the man to explore further. Se7en’s other hand roamed over his back, making small circles up and down his spine. At Min’s third hiss, he leaned over, tenderly kissing his lover’s shoulders.

“Relax, baby.” Se7en threaded his fingers through Min’s hair, coaxing the man to unclench his shoulders. “I’m not going to hurt you.”

Se7en’s lips were on the back of Min’s neck when he pushed his finger in, sliding quickly into Min’s moist heat. The stretch was a welcome burn, a tingling reminder of past pleasures they’d shared. Nearly too tight to take Se7en’s digit, Min exhaled and forced himself to let go, lifting his chest so Se7en could wrap his arm underneath him. Holding onto his lover’s forearm, Min rested his forehead against the couch and took a deep breath, his body shuddering with the effort to keep still under Se7en’s intrusion.

“Do you want me to stop?” Se7en slowed his slide down, trembling while he balanced on his knees.

“No,” Min whispered. “I want you inside of me. Please, Shichi. I need to feel you fill me. I want to feel your wet inside of me.”

“Let me take my time, Minku,” He whispered into Min’s ear. “And I will.”

Min lost count of the seconds it took for Se7en to ply him open. Each stroke of the man’s fingers and dribbles of oil only sought to bring him closer to the edge of his control and more than once he had to hiss for Se7en’ to back off, his cock nearly spilling its load into the soft fabric cradle beneath him. With Se7en’s strong arm holding him tight, Min rocked back and forth on his lover’s fingers, spearing himself on their flexible lengths, prodding himself to take more and more until he felt he was ready for Se7en’s sex.

“Now, Shichi,” Min mewled, arching one last time until he felt Se7en’s palm rest flat against the curve of his ass. “I need you now.”

“Hold on, baby,” Se7en murmured. “I’m almost there.”

The skin on his shaft was tight, straining against his desire for the man splayed out before him. Min’s long legs cupped his thighs, his toes dug into the couch cushions to brace himself for Se7en’s entrance. Sliding his fingers free of Min’s body, Se7en murmured reassurances to his lover that he’d be back as soon as he could. Nearly upending the bottle of oil, he coated his sex and gripped it at its base, guiding it towards the pout of Min’s entrance. The muscled folds resisted for a moment then unfurled, eagerly taking Se7en into Min’s depths.

Se7en took his time, pushing in an inch then resting, withdrawing when he felt Min’s striated entrance flutter and give under him. Clenching the stuffed couch arm, Min’s fingers dug grooves into the plush chenille, marbling the fabric with evidence of his need. Below him, his own cock wept with desire, pearlescent drops tumbling from his slit and onto the couch. Arching his back, he yearned to push back onto Se7en, needing to have the man plunge into him but with each reserved push, the elegant pleasure of his lover pulling down on his nerves broke the surface of his want, splashing tingles up and down the length of his body.

Min’s core trembled around Se7en’s sex and the older man could no longer hold himself back. Pushing in fully, he seated his cock into Min’s clasp, burying himself to the hilt. Min cried out, clenching his teeth around a mouthful of the couch’s fabric but his hips rolled with the thrust, mewling as he urged Se7en to find a pace.

The rhythm Se7en found was a pounding beat, one guaranteed to push any thought of Min leaving him again from the younger man’s mind. With each stroke, he met Min’s pleasure centre with a long slide of firm flesh and skin, rasping his length over and over the spot until he was sure Min could no longer hold back anything from him. Changmin cried out, his pleasure spilling open and his mind broke, unable to contain the full brunt of Se7en’s loving him. The initial sparks of Se7en’s sex against his core bloomed into a full-strength storm and it took him, rapacious and needy, sweeping him away.

Soon their world became nothing more than the sounds of their bodies joining and their cries mingling into a husky, erotic song. The broken pieces of Min’s heart soared and found one another under Se7en’s thrusts and when the man’s supporting hand lowered to cup his erection, he nearly spilled and wept from relief. Pushing himself up onto his elbows, Min clenched his legs down around Se7en’s thighs, needing to feel as much of the man against him as he could.

As if understanding his lover’s needs, Se7en stretched out over him, laying his chest down on Min’s sweat-slippery back until his face was buried in the soft hair at Min’s nape. Murmuring Min’s name with each long stroke, Se7en cradled his lover’s sex, running his fingers up and down its length until he felt its vein throb with its impending release.

Reaching up, Se7en tangled his free hand’s fingers into Min’s grasp and pushed his shoulders down, pinning his arched lover against the couch. Barely drawing back, he began to pound furiously at the young man’s entrance, spearing him deeply with his turgid sex until Min squirmed from an overload of pleasure.

He felt Min’s shaft spasm in his grasp and he cupped Min’s head, peeling the tender slit back to ease the eruption of Min’s release. The hot spill came fast and hard and Min’s entire body jerked with the force of his climax. Shouting Se7en’s name, he reached another zenith and bit the couch’s arm, tearing the fabric with his sharp teeth.

Gripping Min’s hand as tightly as he could, Se7en let himself go over the edge, falling into the ripples of Min’s climaxing core as it suckled him to release. His own spill gushed forth and reached up into Min’s crevices, expanding out into the man’s centre. Waves and waves of Se7en’s pleasure hit him and he fell forward, riding the storm he and Min created between them.

As the sensations rippled down to a pleasant afterburn, Se7en carefully pulled free of Min’s clasping body but the younger man held him fast, closing his fingers around Se7en’s hand and pushing his legs together until his ankles locked around Se7en’s thighs.

“Don’t go anywhere, Shichi,” Min murmured. “Not yet. Just… lay against me. Lay inside of me.”

“I’m too heavy..” Se7en protested but Min shook his head, cutting him off.”

“No, not heavy,” The young man whispered. “I need to have you there. You are like the rock holding my heart of coal…so tight that it turns into a diamond. You make me feel that priceless, Dong-Wook, that treasured. So don’t leave me, Shichi.”

“You were always a diamond, Minku.” Se7en cradled his lover in his arms. “All I did was show you how precious you are to me. Infinitely and forever so.”
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