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Stolen Cherry Blossoms

Stolen Cherry Blossoms
One-Shot Set in So Much Mine Universe

Pairing: Yunho and Jaejoong
Rating: NC-17 Lemon

A thank you to tachikoma09 and snowpiggie who were first to point me to the translations for the MNET. i owe everyone so much for digging that up for me. a huge thank you to everyone on the jaexanyone and jaeho_yongwonhicomms for helping me with the searching. i was going to list people out individually but it ended up being a HUGE list. and then it was... alphabetical or what? so damn it, if you are on the comm and/or my friends' list, you know i appreciate and adore you. many hearts.

this fic is a response for "fluff" requested by hyungie, already and pudding_egoiste but i swear, i'm not good at fluff. i think this is as fluffy as i get.

Time away from their lives was a fleeting gift, gossamer days measured by each grain of sand that wept from their fingers. Jung Yunho still savoured the freedom in the spray of sea water lingering in his memory, the short ride on the ferry from Japan’s Honshu island to Shikoku. They’d chosen the ocean route to shed the bustle of every day life from their minds, longing to exist just for a short time in the now of their world, rather than the long list of commitments and expectant faces.

Standing in the open courtyard of their private bungalow, Yunho knew he’d made the right decision in coming to the mountainous region just at the burst of spring’s promise. The private inn he’d found tucked gently into the crevices of the hillsides, its rambling streams nearly bursting from the snowmelt from the upper regions. Frost hugged the air, just a delicate nip against the skin, a snowflake’s memory caught in the wind. They’d arrive late in the night, tumbling into a soundless sleep onto the wide heavy futon in the middle of the bedroom, barely stripping off their clothes before nodding off.

He’d woken with Jaejoong wrapped in his arms, the slender singer’s face innocent in dreams. Yunho laid there, listening to his lover breathe and feeling the warmth of his soul burnish open under a gentle kiss on the nape of his neck, Jae instinctively turning his beautiful face towards Yunho’s mouth. This was a different Jaejoong than what the world saw, devoid of the polished façade they all wore on a day to day basis. His dark hair was unstyled, a black soft fringe around high cheekbones blushed from the heat of their shared covers. Angelic in repose, the singer’s mouth still held the hint of mischief and glee he often hid behind a mysterious, cold face, shyness stilling his passionate tongue when unfamiliar people were around.

They’d been promised that no one would disturb their short stay in the mountains, food ordered over an ancient intercom and left in a warm box near the bungalow’s door. With luck, they would see no one, only existing in a small pocket of their own for the scant few days they had alone together. Jaejoong’s delight at the suggestion of spending time with his lover alone made up for the hoops Yunho had to jump through to get them some time off, the cost of the bungalow well worth every won just for the relaxed look on his sleeping lover’s face.

The worry and pressure often proved to be too much for them both, each dealing with their own expectations and then, having to be reluctantly parted under the fierce scrutiny of cameras. The other members tried to ensure they had time alone, sometimes an hour in the afternoon that the couple spent lying together on a couch, talking about nothing more than how they felt and sharing tidbits of their souls.

Yunho had chosen a traditional shoji-enclosed, its expansive single room surrounded by a wide planked patio, a thick overhang protecting the interior from the elements. A winding trail of rock stairs led them up the hillside, the other structures of the small inn hidden from their view. The back of the bungalow opened up to a copse of cherry trees, the blossoms just barely pinking under the faint green shoots popping out from the slumbering branches.

A small stove set into niche heated water to a boil, a blend of orange zest and clove chai tea measured carefully out into a wire strainer. Yunho hoped he eyed the amount properly, he tended to have a heavy hand when making tea, preferring his brews nearly black with flavour. The tea kettle began a whispering shrill, startling Yunho from his reverie. He bolted across the floor, lifting his feet so as not to thunder over the tatami mats and caught at the kettle’s hand to remove it from the flame. Turning the burner, he poured the hot water over the strainer, filling a ceramic tea pot. Letting the leaves steep, Yunho placed the tea pot on a tray, arranging bowls of purple grain rice and fish cake around a bowl of fresh strawberries. Walking over to the futon, the leader of Dong Bang Shin Ki gently set the tray down on the low table near the head of the bedding, kneeling down over his lover and softly kissing Jaejoong.

Yunho teased the corner of Jae’s mouth, just a nibble on the prominent pout filling the singer’s lower lip. With a delicate trace of his tongue tip over the pretty man’s philtrum, licking at the ridges until the tickling startled Jaejoong out of his sleep. Tracing the damp spot, Yunho placed the tip of his index finger into the dip under Jae’s nose, touching its slight slope.

“My mother told me once that the reason we all have this spot above our mouths is because God sends an angel to each baby and its given all the wisdom of the universe.” Yunho touched his lips to the spot, inhaling the sweetness of his lover’s skin.

Moving his mouth to Jae’s jaw line, ignoring the soft mewl of need from his lover’s parted lips, Yunho murmured as he kissed the softness of Jae’s throat. “Then, just before the baby is born, the angel touches it right there, between the upper lip and the nose, leaving that mark. And everything that the baby was taught is forgotten, and is his to gain all over again.”

“That’s the first gift we’re given.” Yunho lifted his head to stare down into Jae’s warm eyes. “We’re given innocence and the thirst to regain everything we’ve lost. I think, in loving you, I’ve filled that thirst tenfold. I can’t think of anything else I would want to have in my heart and soul but you.”

“Are you trying to get me to give you my share of breakfast? Your sweet words and hot mouth are after something.” Jaejoong slanted a suspicious look at his lover, mouth pursed to one side. A glimmer of a smile danced in his eyes, tasting Yunho’s mood. The leader barked with laughter, his face crinkling with a grin. Easing out from under his lover’s arm, Jaejoong kissed the edge of Yunho’s nose, rising gracefully. “Let me go to the bathroom. I’ll come back and we can spend the day under the covers.”

“I was thinking that we could maybe go fishing.” Yunho called out after him. Jaejoong stopped in the at the curtained off area of the bungalow, holding back the blue fabric as he turned to stare at the other.

“As in, hooking a fish?” Jaejoong’s face furrowed with thought. “How…romantic. Come, Jaejoong my love, let us go to the mountains of Japan and pull slimy fish from the cold, icy rivers. You are strange, Yunnie-ah.”

“I thought fishing was a good idea. The water will be cold and you would need someone to warm you up.” Yunho muttered to himself, stretching out onto his side.

Reaching over his shoulder, Yunho lifted the tea pot’s tiny lid, peering into the glazed porcelain bowl. He’d let the tea steep too long, the liquid nearly ebony and pungent. He would apologize profusely but secretly, the broad shouldered young man thought his lover preferred tea darker now, especially after having to drink pots of stronger brew if he wanted to share a kettle with Yunho.

The futon bounced when Jaejoong raced back over it, the thick padding within the duvet absorbing most of his weight as he burrowed back under the covers. Never one for the cold, the bungalow’s chilled air cut through the thin fabric of his t-shirt and scrubs, icing the undersides of his feet. Shoving his cold nose against Yunho’s warmer throat, Jaejoong nuzzled in close to get warm, his breath minted from toothpaste. With the scent of his lover’s return, Yunho quickly forgot about the darkly brewed tea.

“Wrap one of the blankets around you, Boo.” Yunho tucked the covers around his lover’s shoulders. “You’re going to have to sit up to eat.”

“You chew it and then kiss me. I’ll feed that way, like a little bird.” Jae mockingly held his mouth open, cheeping once to Yunho’s amusement. “You’re laughing at me. I’m too cold, Yunnie-ah.”

“I like it when you’re silly.” Yunho held a strawberry over Jae’s open mouth, wiggling it as a mother bird would a worm for her chicks. The young man’s white teeth made quick work of the fruit’s tip, spurting juice over Jae’s face. Laughing, the singer was about to wipe his mouth clean but Yunho’s tongue beat him to it, laving the pink sweet liquid from Jae’s downy chin. “It’s good to hear you laugh. I miss hearing you sometimes when we’re working so hard I can’t even tell what day it is.”

“I hate having you in a different room.” Jaejoong admitted softly, placing the palm of his hand on Yunho’s chest, his fingers finding the nub of his lover’s nipple with his fingers. The rasp of fabric on the sensitive tip brought a low satisfied rumbling moan from Yunho’s throat. “I miss you in our bed. I miss waking up to your legs tangled in mine. I even miss having to fight you for the covers.”

“It’s too dangerous for us. If management knew this was more than fan service…” Yunho pondered the ramifications to their careers, familiar with Jaejoong’s strong insistence that they remain behind closed doors to protect the other members. “We would lose everything. You are the one that reminds me of that. But yes, it’s so hard sometimes. I ache for you.”

The leader still longed for the day when he could reach out and touch his lover and not worry about how long he could hold the contact. Things between them were escalating, their body language more and more intimate with each passing day. There was going to come a time when the excuse of a close friendship wouldn’t be enough, probably on the day that someone groped at Jaejoong for just a moment too long. Jae cautioned him on his jealousy but the urge to pull the singer away from prying hands was too overpowering. Not to mention, there was no ignoring the primal instinct of wanting to claim Jaejoong as his own when another male came too close. He was torn between punching and just grabbing Jae behind him, neither of which would help hide their relationship.

“Your face is so serious.” Jaejoong pressed up on Yunho’s forehead, smoothing out the lines between his eyes. “No thinking about serious things. There’s only supposed to be us for these few days. Don’t forget that.”

“We have a lot of ghosts walking around this room, elephants that we ignore.” Yunho waved at the empty cavernous space around them. “Sometimes I feel like telling the world to go to hell so I can spend entire months just staring at you.”

“I’d hope you would do more than stare.” The coyness in Jaejoong’s sly glance tickled a warmth in Yunho’s belly.

“Oh, I want to do so much more than stare.” Yunho dipped his head down to capture Jaejoong’s mouth, probing and demanding passion from the singer’s supple body. They’d spent so many nights with just a wall between them. “Do you know how much it drives me crazy hearing you for just an hour or so on the phone when we’re on tour? How hard it is pressing my hand on the wall and wishing I was inside of you while we talk….while I tell you where to put your hands…your fingers?”

“We’re going to get caught doing that one night.” Jaejoong laughed, his teeth nipping at Yunho’s chin. “Yoochun found me… whispering with you over the phone and he just left before I… lost control. I didn’t even see him come in.”

“How did you find out he walked in? Did you see him standing there?” Yunho pulled back, worry on his face. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“He left the room so I didn’t see him. I didn’t tell you because he was a bit shy.” Jae shook his head. “Not at what we were doing but because it…got him so bothered he had to go into the shower and… well… then we were done and I had to go to the bathroom. But he forgot to lock the door and I interrupted him…doing what I just finished doing.”

“God, Joongie!” Yunho’s colour rose in sympathy for their younger brother. “It’s good you two are so close. He would have been mortified if it were someone else. Well more so than what he already was.”

“I know.” Jaejoong nodded, his voice a husky thrum of erotic want. “We spent some time talking…laughing about it a bit…after both of us stopped blushing. I never knew I had so much shyness in me until right then. I always thought I was rougher than that but I guess not. You make me innocent again.”

“Don’t tell him I told you.” Jae pleaded, tugging at the collar of Yunho’s shirt. “He would be so embarrassed and he won’t be able to look you in the eye anymore.”

“Ah, well now it makes sense why he jumps every time my phone rings now and you’re not around.” Yunho laughed, kissing Jae quickly. “I won’t say anything. I promise. I don’t want to embarrass Chunnie.”

Outside the wind picked up, a smatter of whispers rushing through the cherry trees. They’d been told the first blush of pink was upon the horizon, a few blooms spreading a fragrant gentle perfume in the air. Jaejoong knew that they would be long gone before the mountain’s crevices were blanketed with the rosy snow of sakura but for the short time that the couple could be sequestered, they might have a chance to walk hand in hand along the private trails around their hidden bungalow, far from prying eyes and knowing glances.

“Help me get your clothes off.” Yunho tugged at the drawstring of Jaejoong’s cotton pants, working the knot free with a practiced twist of his fingers. Sliding his hand around to the back, the leader urged Jae to lift up, pulling the scrubs free of his lover’s legs and tossing them to the bottom of the futon. Their shirts were shed as quickly, Yunho’s sweats easily cast aside during a small succession of kisses that left them both breathless and panting for more.

Yunho felt his breath leave his lungs, their bodies bare against one another under the soft feather duvet, the chill from the early spring wind a forgotten memory on their skin. He could spend hours sliding over Jaejoong’s length, the singer’s hands exploring each crevice and dip of his lover’s body, sometimes driving Yunho mad when Jae insisted on tasting every square inch of skin, insisting Yunho not move until he was done. Jaejoong felt a burst of pride in his heart at the heat he could coax from his boyfriend’s body, Yunho’s words lost under a ramble of erotic moaning when Jae took his time moving on the leader’s shaft, long soft strokes alternating with a gentle rocking of his hips.

The couple made their memories vivid, knowing that the time they could steal away from their public lives was so scant. Kisses in stairwells substituted for long embraces and there were entire minutes where Yunho fought not to groan aloud when Jaejoong stroked at him while a van was driving them to their next appearance, the others sitting a few inches away in the front seats. Their love was a secretive whisper of want and the achingly heart-break of being able to hug one another in plain view of others, Yunho’s hands longing to wrap fingers in the wealth of Jaejoong’s hair.

There were nights spent in the safety of their apartment where they lay together, joined tightly and barely moving, wanting to prolong their lovemaking until their bodies screamed for release, at times, even the barest of touches would bring them to spill, muscles clenching with pleasure and with the pain of being denied. It was those moments that they relived in hushed tones while speaking late into the night on shared phones, each telling the other where they were touching and listening for the harsh pants of breath echo back as they spilled their love into hands that ached for the other’s flesh.

Now together, Jaejoong and Yunho were reluctant to part, wanting to live in one another’s bodies until time wasted into nothing and their public masks were donned.

“The gel is over there in the bags.” Jaejoong looked forlornly at the vast distance separating the futon from where they’d dumped their duffels when they arrived late in the night. “I just don’t want to let you go, Yunnie-ah. I waited so long to hold you like this and even going just that short distance is like a lifetime.”

“Then we shall improvise.” Yunho promised, delving his fingers deep into his mouth and wetting them down past the pads, drawing spit from his body until his palm ran slick the deep red that keep them both alive. Sliding his hand down between Jaejoong’s legs, he worked the length of his hand into the soft centre hidden in the singer’s flesh and parted it slightly. Rebelling against the invasion, Jaejoong’s body eventually gave into the soft probing and opened under Yunho’s insistent touch.

Seeing the swell of pain in Jaejoong’s eyes, Yunho placed a gentle kiss on his eyelids and murmured against the dark lashes that flicked under his lips. “Give in to me, baby. Relax and let me bring you pleasure.”

Feeling the length of Yunho’s cock slide up into him, Jaejoong forced himself to drain the tension from his body, remembering the steamy nights shared amid tangled sheets and the panting cries of their bodies awash with clean moonlight. Leaning back, Jaejoong rested his ebony silken head back against Yunho’s shoulders and reveled in the hard push of the leader’s flange past the tight ring of muscle hidden between his rounded buttocks.

Yunho’s hands found the rise of Jaejoong’s hips and the black-haired singer clenched the curve of the singer’s hipbones, driving him back until the slide of his penis crested past the barrier of Jaejoong’s body and into the hot moistness within. Letting the engulfing swath of muscle wash over him, Yunho let his eyes close against the pleasure filling him and wrapped his arms around Jaejoong’s chest, drawing him tighter until their faces were brushing cheek to cheek and their mouths frosted the glass in front of them.

Resting his lover’s body against the futon, Yunho drew back and slowly withdrew from the heated pleasure of Jaejoong until the singer moaned in need. His palms flat against the softly padded bedding, Jaejoong rested his cheek against its coolness and felt the rush of a volcanic liquid need drown him as Yunho worked back into his nearly virginal body, giving way beneath the insistent press of the leader’s body. Their hearts, broken from being apart too long, began to beat under the driving threading of their bodies’ movement…catching a simple rhythm until they fell into the languid strokes of each other’s flesh.

Yunho’s hard length mingled with the spit from his fingers and the rush of heat against Jaejoong’s flesh made him shiver. The headiness of the leader’s tongue in his mouth drew the need once more up, Jae’s hips moving in slow circles to prolong the tingles of pleasure rocking their bodies. Yunho drank deeply from the pro-offered kiss, suckling Jaejoong’s tongue as his fingers found the areoles tightening on his lover’s muscled chest. The leader’s hands roamed over Jae’s body, seeking out the favourite dapples of skin that brought hushed whimpers into the other’s throat, folding the sighs over with a froth of Korean that spoke of velvet and stars scattered above.

Mewling sounds erupted from Jaejoong’s throat and echoed back against Yunho’s chest as the leader reached over his lover’s shoulders and wrapped his long fingers into Jaejoong’s, tangling them together as he pounded against the smaller singer’s body. Tilting his hips back, Jaejoong rose to meet every thrust, the memories of past couplings spilling from his mind and surrendering beneath the torrid want and release of the complicated tension between them.

The wave of pleasure cut through Jaejoong’s walls, slicing apart his heart until his love for the other became too much to hold in, drops of salted sorrow leeching from his body as he began to cry, Yunho rocking him slowly until the singer sobbed out all of the loneliness he held in his soul for too long. Yunho continued to move deep into Jaejoong, reaching in deep until all the other felt was the pleasure of his body and the burgeoning intimacy they shared. Murmuring in Jae’s ear, Yunho cast words of love onto the fires of his lover’s self-doubts, extinguishing each into a cherry blossom petal to catch on the hot wind of their joining.

Tears stained the singer’s face as he hitched a breath into his lungs and spilled forth a wash of seed from his loins, moments before Yunho allowed the heat of his liquid to burrow deep into Jaejoong’s replete body. Embracing him fiercely, Yunho swayed his lover softly, letting the softness of his body be cradled in Jaejoong’s warmth until the two nearly became one in sensation as the singer’s body left a moist imprint against the futon.

Reluctantly, Yunho turned and withdrew, keeping Jae’s love-softened body tight in his arms. Laying a brushed kiss against Jaejoong’s forehead, Yunho sighed and held the scent of the other in his soul, reliving the taste of their young bodies, vibrant and brilliant in repose. “I would stay here forever if I could. Seeing your eyes shimmer… and I see myself reflected there. It’s like I exist inside of your very soul as I plunge deep into your body.”

“It’s strange sometimes, when we are making love and I see my face in your eyes. But then I realize, that’s where our souls make love…in our eyes. We’re joined there as tightly as our bodies are.” Jaejoong’s words were languid, deep with sated lust. “Sometimes I wish I would stain them, so you always have me with you. You could blink and see me, no matter where we are, we’ll be just there.”

“I have you in my heart, Joongie.” Yunho rubbed his cheek against Jaejoong’s, hearing his lover purr with pleasure. “Every time it beats, I hear you whisper my name. You live there in me. And I can hear me in you.”

“I love you so much, baby.” Yunho whispered into Jaejoong’s throat, feeling the other gulp around words caught on his own tongue. “I can’t live without you, Boo.”

“I love you too, Yunnie.” Jae reached his hand up, stroking at his lover’s face and running his finger tips through Yunho’s soft hair. “And I promise, you won’t have to. I’ll always be here with you.”
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