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Creme Brulee (So Much Mine Universe)

Quick One Shot for pudding_egoiste. I hope you feel better. This maybe can help?

Pairing: Jaeho and a Creme Brulee
Rating: Semi-Adult

The sugar crust broke under the tap of Yunho’s spoon, a delicate caramel stained glass opening wide under the silver’s breeching edge. Snow fell hard outside of the window, a roaring fire licking clean the bark of the thick log he’d placed on the flames just before he sat down. Sprawled on the low bed, Jaejoong watched his lover cross the wooden floor, Yunho’s bare feet making a whisper of sound on the polished planks.

The leader’s fingers cradled the brown ceramic dish room service thoughtfully left on a warmer, a dome trapping the steam inside. Barely cool enough to handle, Yunho juggled the pleated soufflé dish, its bowl ripe with sweet custard. Breaking the sugared seal allowed the brulee’s creamy vanilla scent to escape, reminiscent of the soap he’d used to wash Jaejoong with during their shower.

“It smells like you.” The singer whispered, his breath hot on Yunho’s naked thigh. Licking at Yunho’s stomach, Jae peered up through his mane of hair, eyes coyly seductive with his teasing. “I bet you taste better than it too.”

“Ah, behave and sit up.” Yunho nudged Jae with his foot. “Let me feed you. I need you to have your strength with you, baby, or you won’t last the night with me.”

Jaejoong lifted his body up, resting on his elbows and opening his mouth to accept the spoonful of sweet his lover offered up to him. Closing his eyes at the taste, Jae savoured the milky essence of Yunho’s kiss embodied in the spongy custard, finding his lover’s scent and the smooth ridge of intimate skin mirrored within the vanilla pudding. Swallowing, the singer wanted nothing more than to compare what he just had in his mouth to what he truly longed to place there, the heft of Yunho’s sex and their coupled moans of pleasure.

“You look like a satisfied cat, fed plump on cream.” Yunho kissed the edges of Jaejoong’s mouth, licking at the sugar granules caught on his upper lip. “I see you wearing that face after I am done with you, every night and sometimes in the morning. I like seeing that look there in your eyes…on your mouth. I think I might have to be jealous of this custard for putting it there. I should be the only one that can make you mew like that, Boo.”

“I was thinking of you when I ate it.” Jaejoong admitted shyly. “So in a way, you did put that look on my face.”

Setting the custard on the floor, Yunho bent over and captured Jaejoong’s face with his cupped hands, taking the breath from the singer’s mouth into his own. It seemed like an illogical place for his heart and body to be broken into prisms, a far off tucked away corner of the world where the Earth cupped her breasts and thrust them into the night sky, begging the Universe to suckle from their ripe tips. Yunho swore that he would wake up from the dream of his life and find nothing but ruins and weep until he was mad but the day kept dawning with Jaejoong at his side.

Yunho’s lover lay sprawled, naked to the waist as the leader ran his hands along the singer’s taut body. Fingertips grown accustomed to the touch of the other man’s collarbone, found its mark again… a trail then followed by the expected thrust of a tongue, tasting, laving at the perfect skin stretched over fine bone. Yunho bit, his sharp teeth never finding just a small bit of skin between them. It was as if Yunho could never be sated by the taste of his lover, always wanting more against his tongue, in his mouth, down his throat.

Jaejoong gasped, his throat swelled tight. Pain never felt this good…pleasure never felt this terrifying. With each sweep of fingernails, of his mouth, of the brush of a palm on tortured dermis, Jaejoong trembled…so frightened of the passion within him and of the need within Yunho.

Candle light flickered on the mantle, echoes of flames curving against brick below. The singer’s hands shook slightly, a shivering butterfly of need resting its wings along Yunho's jaw. The leader closed his eyes, holding his breath as his lover touched him.

Harp strings were woven into Yunho’s spine, a coursing vibrato of sensuality as the ardor rose between them. It licked and teased as easily as he had but moments earlier, running a familiar taunt under Jaejoong’s skin. This felt different from the velvety darkness of their shared room, more like tatted lace and suede purring along the ridges of his control.

It was Jaejoong’s mouth that reached for a taste, capturing a sliver of pale golden skin between the nip of his teeth. Carefully, he tasted just the press of Yunho’s skin in his mouth, rolling it back and forth until the passion rode them both. Love lay strong in the depths of their souls, something that bound them both together amid the tangled confusion of their cloistered lives. That bond flared between them now and Yunho could feel the aching longing Jaejoong tucked away from view, his intense love for the leader blooming open under Yunho’s touch.

Their love was so raw, its edges scalloped where the scabs of betrayal and fear had been ripped free. Yunho felt a surge a pride at their bond. They’d worked so hard to come to terms with each other and even had seen the laughing teasing ghosts waft between them but Yunho’s overwhelming heartache of needing Jaejoong and nearly losing him to pride almost made the leader weep.

“Love you.” Jaejoong whispered against Yunho’s kiss, nibbling at the other’s mouth.

“Love you as well, Boo.” Yunho replied, tasting his lover on his own tongue.

“Prove it, Yunnie.” The leader narrowed his eyes at Jaejoong’s words. The singer was never one to demand proof of his affection, usually kisses and gentle touches were enough for the feral young man.

“By doing what?” Yunho asked softly, wondering what was going through his lover’s mind.

“Feed me more custard. I think I need to see exactly how much sweeter you are than crème brulee.” Flipping over onto his back, Jaejoong pushed lightly at Yunho’s shoulder, opening his pouted mouth wide. The erotic growl from Jaejoong’s throat thickened Yunho’s need as the singer stroked at the leader’s thigh. “And I think I can only do that if I taste you side by side.”
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