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Pearled Ice (So Much Mine Universe)


Pearled Ice
Pairing: Jaejoong and Yunho
Rating: NC-17 (LEMON)

A night out turns.

Bitterness crept on bended knees, wrapped tight around Yunho’s tongue. A sip of green tea shared hot between chilled lips warmed the leader’s belly, tasting of cloves and erotic sugar. In the brisk cold winter air, the pair bundled against one another, shivering against the icy wind. Shards of ice bit through the wind, cutting into Jaejoong’s soft skin. The driving snow had a bite in it, a slavering creature hungry for blood, intent on stealing the heat from the couple’s breath. Overhead the moon’s sliver hung on a crystalline sky, a halo gloaming under cloudy wings.

The streets surrounding them sped about, long strings of cars weaving through the tight curves, red tail lights flashing pink over the decaying snow banks bolstered by the incoming heavy storm. Sleet rang bells of hail onto the cement, making their passage slippery in places, nearly dangerous in others. With the cold winds came an uncertain surge through the city’s power grid, entire blocks flickering as the current waned and waxed through the lower rent districts. In the distance, the hills dappled with faux starlight then a burst of darkness plunged the far off towers into the background as the power bled off from the first wall of the storm front.

Jae ducked his head down, cutting down the brusque slice of the wind against his delicate features. The colour had long since drained from his skin, pale ivory bleached to bone under a winter night’s kiss. Yunho cradled the Styrofoam cup, the lid’s lip pulled back. They walked, silent in the unspoken argument between them, a sourness curdling the pleasure they’d shared earlier.

Yunho’s cell phone buzzed, vibrating through his pocket. The leader ignored the call, a hardness in his soul forming against the world. Sharp words divided their walk, carved from harsh tongues. In the wanderings around the district, the pair walked off Yunho’s anger, the leader’s face tight and closed in. Jaejoong pursed his lips, puffing his cheeks out as he blew his lungs clear of unspoken hot words.

“Do you even know where we’re going?” Yunho stopped dead in front of a grocer’s store, the doors shuttered tight against the cold. “Damn it, Jaejoong.”

Wide iron tangs soldered over a long shaft barred the store’s entrance, the windows encased behind metal sheaves rolled down and locked. Shoving his fists into his jacket, Yunho turned and instantly regretted his words. The paleness on Jaejoong’s face leeched his lover’s beauty to a near deathly pallor, a waxen cheeked doll carved from whale bone and breathed to life by whimsy. Unsure of how to mend the schism between them, Yunho stumbled in his thoughts, wondering how to stitch over the wound he’d just placed in Jaejoong’s psyche. A moment of contemplation and the leader decided to go with the simplest thing he could do.

“I’m sorry, Jae.”

Although he was contrite, the apology clung to his throat and whimpered when Yunho jerked it free into the cold air. Those words held so much power in their saying, the leader’s heart splayed open for Jaejoong’s fingers to dig in deep and hook into his soul. The consternation in Yunho’s words held an apologetic offering not only for what he said but for what he did, the evidence borne stoically on his face.

The cold air did little to bring down the swelling on Yunho’s cheek, a dark berry stain of bruised skin and muscle rising under his eye. Another mark, reddened hot by thick knuckles marred the leader’s handsome chin, running nearly to the edge of his jaw line and into the curve of his sensual mouth. He bore the pain on his face silently, his own hands aching from pummeling at another’s body, the grating sound in his shoulder a reminder of the man’s friend pulling Yunho free and slamming him against the wall.

They’d braved the evening, choosing to spend the relative weekend they had free prowling down to someplace no one knew them, a risky adventure the other members warned them against. Yunho nearly forgo the excursion, changing his mind only when he saw the crestfallen edge of Jaejoong’s disappointment ripen in the other’s eyes. He’d agreed to brave the storm’s moving front, getting Jae to agree that they’d only be gone an hour or so, stolen minutes of dancing together in the crush of a darkened club, perhaps even stealing a brazen kiss when the lights dashed down between songs.

Yunho would never have guessed that they would be waylaid before they entered the dance club, pushed off the street by broad-bodied men with narrowed minds. It was a word first, something soiled one of them hung on Jaejoong, a filthy pelt knitted with a profane suggestion for the pretty singer’s body. Another call followed then shadows emerged from the dark alley entrance, flat-eyed men circling the slender young Korean. Yunho had stopped to examine the lean lines of a sports car, his attention caught by the shiny red enamel paint poured over sleek metal. It reminded him of his lover, warmed to the touch when stroked properly, cold when left outside in the elements. He’d nearly called Jaejoong back when the first of the men strolled up to the sloe-eyed singer, the tilt of Jae’s chin a warning sign to those who knew him.

The men had the look of those who’d fallen from graces, if ever they’d been given any in life. Clothes worn nearly shiny at the hems, torn edges of collars left unmended. Thick coats bundled their barrel chests, rounded bellies tight from too much beer and soju. There was anger in their stances, troubled times balled up in the clenched fists resting at their thick waists. Jaejoong knew these men…not personally, it had been some time since he’d prowled the back streets of the low-rent district…but who they were inside.

Jaejoong had seen these types of faces, hardened by an astringent resentment and disgust for their own proclivities. Sexual innuendos spilled from their gestures and mouths, barbed tentacles wrapping up into the soft moistness of an unprepared young man, ripping him open for their ravenous feeding. Scarlet warned Jaejoong about men who hid their desires behind rage and harshness. Over the years she’d suffered broken bones of her own from quick fists and rounding kicks, the anger in the rain of blows directed at the attraction these men felt for others of their sex.

It was lonely to love another man, Scarlet often told her young charge. And even more so dangerous for the one who had been fallen for. These types of men wouldn’t seal their love with kisses and strokes of warmth. They would take what little pleasure they could get from unwilling bodies, uncaring if the screams ran raw in their lover’s throat. Sometimes it even fueled their desires, the man struggling beneath them feeling the rancid pain nesting in their own putrid souls.

The shorter one struck out first, his fat fingers snagging at the fur collar of Jae’s coat. The lean singer tugged free, his sneakers sliding over the iced cement. Yunho’s attention snapped clear from the car, tuned in on the scrambling limbs of the singer as Jaejoong backpedaled away from the trio. His chin tilted back further, his feet trying to find a solid purchase on the slippery ground.

Another came in fast, his belly peeling back the thick polyester sweater he’d tugged down earlier. Fists flying, he moved quicker than Jae could respond, striking the singer full on the cheek with tight knuckles. The meaty hook slammed into the young man’s face, rolling him back. Jae fell, his hands spread out to catch his fall. The third moved in, his foot reeled back to deliver a kick to the singer’s ribs. Their voices carried, harsh coarse laughter mingled with suggestions for the sin of Jae’s pretty mouth and the tightness of his taut backside.

Yunho’s temper filled him in that moment. As the red splash of Jae’s blood hit the ice, the leader sprinted over the cement, his rage murderous and hot in his eyes. The world spun slower, hardly turning in the space of Yunho’s hot intake of breath and the blow of fists on the third man’s throat and chest.

The first man responded with an attack of his own, striking Yunho’s chin and jerking his arm back to hit at the young man again. Jaejoong was there, pulling at the excess material of the man’s jacket and slamming him into the cold hard ground, his nose breaking beneath the impact. Yunho ducked his head, weaving around the older men until he could get a clear shot at their faces. The man Jae spun to the ground wasn’t getting up, low moaning sounds coming from his mouth.

The leader jabbed at the taller assailant’s face, hooking up into the soft bridge of his nose. His arm jarred from the impact, rattling up to his shoulder joint. Ignoring the creeping pain of his elbow, Yunho struck again, slamming repeatedly into the battered spot. The taller man choked as blood ran down his throat, catching on the phlegm as he tried to swallow. Yunho stepped back, balancing on the balls of his feet, waiting for the man to give him another opening.

Jaejoong kicked at the other, the man’s hands closing on the singer’s shoulders. Grabbing up at the man’s crotch, Jae twisted through the baggy fabric of his opponent’s pants. With a keening sound, the man released Jae, swinging at the singer’s face. Clenching again, Jae drove his fist into the man’s mouth, cutting his knuckles on the uneven edges of his teeth. Yunho reacted when the man he fought off turned, slamming his hand into the tender spot under the man’s ear, hoping to rupture something along the hard jaw bone. He felt a tooth give way under the hit, a cracking sound as the root splintered free.

A shout sounded from down the street, followed by a shrill whistle of a police officer calling for the fight to break up. Yunho heard the call for another officer and froze momentarily. Panting hard from the exertion, the leader snagged at his lover’s arm, pulling Jaejoong into a steady run. Neither of them would want to explain why they were out walking around in a low-rent district in the middle of an incoming storm, much less what provoked them to get into a fight.

With the blood pounding a steady fast beat in his ears, Yunho dragged a protesting Jae along. He just wanted to get away, not caring where they ended up. The alleys twisted and turned around them, swallowing the pair with a voracious hunger. In the darkness, men clustered together under awnings, sharing cigarettes as they traded small words before falling onto one another. Secreted from the main streets, Yunho found himself among the hidden folds of other men’s lives, faces ducking from view when the young men hurriedly walked past.

“Yunnie-ah, you have to slow down.” Jaejoong finally stopped, needing to catch his breath.

Yunho’s grip on his arm painfully bruising the tender muscle beneath. The first man’s hands had been rough, marking Jae’s flesh with a fierce possessiveness. The words that were whispered under the howl of the wind burned shame into Jaejoong’s cheeks, hot lustful drawling that held no affection, turning the want of the singer’s pretty face and lithe body into an obscene desire to hurt until he bled white from pain.

“I don’t want to stop here.” Yunho glanced around him. Other men looked back from under the cover of shadows, eyeing the too-pretty face of the young man with him. Jaw set firm, Yunho stared back, daring someone to step forward or speak too loudly. The adrenalin raced in his blood and the rage provoked by the first group of men simmered in Yunho’s heart.

They’d continued walking, getting further lost in the warren of streets until finally Yunho’s heat wore down and he stared at the sweet rise of Jaejoong’s shoulders, wondering what he’d done to deserve the singer’s heart. He’d purchased the hot tea from a closing kiosk, taking the bitter brew with a heavy dose of honey, forgetting the singer wasn’t fond of the sickly sweet taste. A sip and Jaejoong made a face, scraping his tongue on his upper front teeth to rid himself of the treacle feel in his mouth.

“I’m sorry.” Yunho repeated, coming to a complete stop. They were lost. Nothing around them looked familiar and Yunho was certain that they’d looped around and ended up farther into the district than Jaejoong had ever been. The singer tilted his head back, puffing his breath out into the cold air, watching the mists rise and dissipate into the wind. Their bodies hurt, beaten from other men and each other’s misplaced anger. The evening they’d wanted…they’d desired had been ruined by the reality of their world, a harsh reminder of the boiling acidic minds that stalked around the pair. Together, their hands brushing as they walked, Jaejoong and Yunho trundled through the icy streets silent, an unheard argument lingering between them.

“I heard what that man said and I just…” Yunho shook his head, an icy cold shivering down into his spine. The chill had nothing to do with the winter’s kiss on the air and more with the sobering idea that Jaejoong might have been taken from him. Through the piercing hatred of his parents and the hiding behind closed doors, their world tightened until neither one of them could breathe, each struggling to push back the clinging membrane of society’s expectations. “I want to protect you against that. Is that wrong?”

“I’ve heard worse. I don’t need protecting from the world, Yunho. Sometimes I can protect myself. I’m on the bottom not because I’m weak but because I love to have you inside of me. Don’t forget that.” Jae shrugged, closing the distance between them. Yunho cupped his lover’s face, smiling when Jae hissed at the feel of cold fingers along the back of his skull. “Aish, your hands are freezing.”

“We’ve been walking in the winter for half an hour now.” Yunho reminded him. The wind picked up, carrying a harsh bite in its mouth. “We need to get home.”

“There aren’t any taxis.” Jaejoong looked up and down the street. The wave of sleet cut down the foot traffic, sending people into the warmth of the nearby buildings. Abandoned by potential fares, the circling cabs headed outward into the centre of the city, hoping to ferry recalcitrant passengers caught in the storm. “Come on, Trance isn’t far from here. We can ask Scarlet if she minds us sleeping at her place.”

“We should get home, Boo.” Yunho shook his head at the suggestion.

“We’ve got nothing happening tomorrow, Yunnie.” Jaejoong rested his hands on his lover’s fingers burrowed in Jae’s dark hair. The warmth of his jacket fur was welcome but would be little comfort. “Besides, the train isn’t running because of the cold and there aren’t any taxis. We’ll freeze to death waiting for a car to get down here.”

“We’ll be imposing on Scarlet and I won’t be able to touch you on her couch…or with the cats watching.” Yunho reminded him. “There’s a hotel down the block. We can stay there.”

The hotel was a far cry from the luxury suites they’d spent in the first nights of their solidifying relationship. A rat skittered from the edges of the brick outer wall, beaded eyes shiny in the reflection of the street lamp. The clerk didn’t blink at Yunho’s request for a king-sized bed, long used to the traffic of forbidden couples hiding from their lives in the lower districts. Handing over the key fob, the clerk turned back to studying for his Chinese exam, the squeak of his highlighter following the singers’ footsteps up the staircase.

Yunho couldn’t resist pinching the rise of Jae’s rear as the singer took the stairs by twos. Stairwells were a special place for the, an erotic unexpected haven amid the turmoil of their day. Smiling back at the leader, Jaejoong shook his head at the other’s silliness, a warm, wide grin over Yunho’s face.

Inside, the room was cleaner and larger than Jaejoong expected, a cheery bright dash of red crimson poppies on the bedspread. A lamp on the night stand provided them with enough light to see, the curtains closing out the brilliant neon signs flickering on the main street. Shrugging off his jacket, Jae peeked into the bathroom, sighing at the large bathtub against the far wall.

“I’m going to go back downstairs. There’s a small store in the lobby. We’ll need toothbrushes…and other things.” Yunho said, wrapping his arms around Jae’s waist. “Right now, I don’t think you can see anything but the tub.”

“I’ll be waiting here.” Jae cocked his head, kissing the end of Yunho’s nose. The outside door shut with a small click and Jaejoong peeled off his clothes, wincing at the traveling pain along his right side. Nude, Jaejoong padded to the bathroom, the swing of his arm sending a sharp twinge up his side. Turning the tub faucets on, Jae twisted to stare at himself in the mirror.

Lifting his arm, Jaejoong peered at his ribs in the mirror’s reflection, hissing at the blue-black tracks rising over the spread of his bones. The hot water gushing into the tub was a welcome respite on his sore muscles, the lip of the enameled porcelain cool under the ridge of Jae’s skull.

He nearly dozed off in the warmth, only pulling himself free of the water once the cold settled into the liquid. Pulling free from the water, Jae toweled himself dry with the rough white terrycloth sheets left hanging on the shower rod, the fabric a brisk rub on his tender skin. Stepping out of the bathroom, he sighed at the sight of a naked Yunho stretched out on the mattress, the sheets pulled down to his hips. Patting the bed, Yunho held the linens up for Jaejoong to slide under.

Jaejoong stood, quietly drinking in the sight of his lover displayed under the held open sheets. Seeing Yunho never failed to take his breath away. Strong faced and masculine, Yunho’s chest narrowed into a tight waist, long lean muscles arrowing down to his hips. Even in repose, the leader’s tawny body held the promise of power and strength, his breath calm despite the hot fire of want in his eyes. Crawling over the edge of the mattress, Jae took his time sliding the towel from his hips, laving at the line of Yunho’s side until he nuzzled at the plum point on his lover’s pectoral muscle. Nipping once, Jae kissed the spot and slid into Yunho’s arms, finding the sweet spot on his lover’s chest where his beating heart resonated in Jaejoong’s ear.

“You took long enough. I thought I would have to go in after you.” The leader pulled his lover in close, their legs tangling under the cotton sheets. “I called home. Changmin is staying with his mother. Yoochun and Junsu are home playing video games.”

“I should call and talk to Chunnie…” Jae reached for his clothes, intent on digging out his cell phone.

“Let them be, BooJae.” Yunho pressed his fingers along Jae’s wrist. “They’re fine. Yoochun will be fine. They’ll spend the night together circling one another and wondering which one will take the first step. And then dance away. They won’t go anywhere.”

“I wish they would.” Jaejoong stared down at his phone, pursing his mouth in slight disgust. Yunho traced the swell on Jae’s mouth, a mark left by hatred and a clenched fist. Kissing the whorl of Yunho’s thumb, Jae murmured softly. “I’m fine, Yunnie-ah. I promise. I’ve had worse.”

“It kills me to hear you say that.” Yunho admitted, stroking at the curved pearls of bone along Jaejoong’s spine.

“Ah, your ribs.” Yunho gasped, pulling the singer slowly towards him. The bruises rose fully to bloom from under the singer’s skin, violet chrysanthemums stretched in an ugly spray over the trestle of Jaejoong’s ribcage. “I’m going to kill that son of a bitch. I’m going to find him and kill him.”

“Trust me, I’ll heal.” Jaejoong curled against his lover’s warm body. The discarded phone nagged at him, a small piece of plastic and metal tying him to friends and lost family. There were uncalled numbers on his contact list, unanswered questions lurking in the strings of denied familial ties. He knew Yunho felt the same way when his phone chimed through, his mother’s number flashing on the tiny screen. Those calls went unrequited, a silence in the echoes behind angry words flung at her son.

“How about if you call Chunnie?” Yunho kissed the top of his lover’s head. Reluctantly releasing Jaejoong’s shoulders, the leader unraveled from Jae’s legs. “I’ll go take a shower and get some of the sweat off of me.”

“You’ll just get dirty again.” Jaejoong teased, his fingers stroking the inside of Yunho’s thigh. Laying on his stomach, the singer’s lithe body stretched erotic on the coarse sheets, the small of his back tightening down to the rise of his buttocks. Yunho slapped at the temptation of Jae’s rear, strolling to the bathroom with a jaunty swagger.

“Oh yeah, I planned on that.” Yunho tossed back a grin, whistling under his breath at the sin of Jaejoong’s body behind him. “Talk to Chunnie. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

The phone chirruped three times before Yoochun’s breathless voice answered. “Joongie-ah! I didn’t expect to hear from you.”

“Am I interrupting something, Chunnie-ah?” Jae rolled over, scratching at the itch crawling over his belly. “If I did, then hang up…”

“No, nothing. Junnie stole my phone.” Yoochun leaned back onto the smaller young man, fighting to keep Junsu’s hands off of the dial pad. A series of beeps sounded in Jae’s ear, Yoochun’s laugh beefy and full in the echo of the call. The trapped singer retaliated, writhing under Yoochun’s heavier body. Junsu’s hands roamed down Yoochun’s chest, pulling the other’s shirt up and running light fingers along the singer’s flat stomach.

“Junnie-ah, stop it.” Yoochun hissed, his jeans growing tight with the feel of the other man stretched out under him. Sliding his thighs back, the heavier man trapped Junsu against the couch under him. Junsu shuffled up, giving himself room to breath and bit at Yoochun’s bare shoulder. Jerking his arm up away from the smaller man, Yoochun swore lightly, mingled in with laughter. Taking advantage of the shift in Yoochun’s weight, Junsu slipped free, shouting he would be back to beat Yoochun after he came back from the bathroom.

“Bring us back some food!” Yoochun shouted at the retreating young man. “Sorry, Joongie. We ate dinner hours ago. I’m hungry.”

“It sounds… happy there.” Jaejoong winced as he shifted on the bed, the welted marks on his side rubbing on the sheets. “I was wondering if you still had lights. But it sounds like you do.”

“They keep going on and off.” Yoochun sighed as the electricity drained from the apartment. In the utter blackness of the living room, only the screen of his cell phone provided any illumination. An outraged shout came from down the hall, Junsu opening the door to call for a candle or flashlight. “Junsu cannot piss in the dark. He wants someone to light the way.”

“If it’s our bathroom he’s using, then yes, give him a light.” Jaejoong said. Yoochun laughed at Jaejoong’s mock horror, “Light him a candle then…or better yet, help him hold himself so he doesn’t get the seat wet.”

“Goodbye, Joongie, my dearest naughty mouthed friend.” Yoochun’s laugh boomed. “Best not keep Yunho waiting.”

“No, our Yunnie doesn’t like waiting.” Jaejoong felt the warm tickle of fingers on the back of his leg. A slickness followed, the length of Yunho’s tongue licking up the length of the singer’s thigh, over the rise of one buttock to suckle on the dip of Jaejoong’s spine. “Good bye, Chunnie-ah. Have a good night.”

Teeth scored into the softness of Jae’s back, mouthfuls of skin plumped from Yunho’s suckling. Moaning under the voracious laving, Jaejoong shifted to give his lanky sex room as it grew, his lover’s touch hardening his length. The phone fell from Jae’s nerveless hands, the connection cut off at Yoochun’s end. The wet of Yunho’s tongue moved again, finding the darkest bloom of purple on Jae’s ribs. Lightly kissing at the man’s mark, Yunho sent a blessing for the angelic singer laying under him.

“Yunho, your mouth is hot on me.” Jae purred, “I need more of it.”

“You’ll get more, love.” Yunho promised. “Is everything alright with Yoochun and Junsu?”

“Fine.” Jae gasped, his writhing stilled by Yunho’s strong hand on the small of his back. “There’s no light. It went off while I was talking to Chunnie.”

“Ah, I’m sure they’ll find something to do in the dark.” Yunho examined the snowy canvas before him, brushed golden in the stilled light from the night stand lamp. The golden wash of light cast Jae’s ribs into shadows, his pale skin brushed with vermilion peonies. Crawling up his lover’s body, Yunho kissed between Jaejoong’s shoulder blades, nipping harder as he splayed his hands over Jaejoong’s hips. “Seeing what they’ve done to you… it makes me insane.”

“Turn off the light.” Jaejoong whispered into Yunho’s ear when his lover rested his chin on Jae’s shoulder.

“No.” Yunho responded, his breath hot with lust. “I’m going to make you forget someone else’s hands were on you. I want to see your face when you lose control around me. Turn over.”

Shifting positions proved difficult, Jaejoong’s thickness heavy against his thigh. Yunho’s fingers were restless, roaming through the young man’s hair and trailing down to the hardened points ripening on Jae’s chest. Bending his head, Jae licked at Yunho’s collar bone, leaving a wet trail to follow back should he get lost.

“I never get tired of doing this.” Jaejoong said, his words husky and smooth. Yunho smelled of soap and the hint of snow, an electric roll of desire shaking Jae’s belly. Cupping Yunho’s face, the singer kissed at the tiny brown dot above his lover’s mouth, the slight mole always a beacon for Jae’s tongue. “You always taste so good. You taste like home. You’ve become home for me, Yunnie-ah.”

“I’m never warm inside until I’m with you.” Yunho slid his hands under Jaejoong’s shoulders, hitching the other’s leg up over his hip. “I hate hiding from the world but to be honest, sometimes I’m glad we do. I can keep you to myself. I hate that no one knows that you’re mine. But in the dark, behind every door… you’re mine. And I want you to remember that.”

“I do.” Jaejoong slid his hands down from Yunho’s face, gripping his lover’s shoulders. “I think people do see us. How can they miss it when I lose my breath every time you touch me? You don’t think anyone watching us doesn’t see that? They’d have to be blind.”

“People don’t always see what’s in front of them.” Yunho reminded Jae, finding the edges of his lover’s mouth with his lips. “Look how long it took me to see you. Right in front of me. Sexy and needy.”

“I’m not needy.” Jae said, his protests buried under a kiss. Yunho pressed his fingers along the pout between Jae’s legs, teasing the rim with a feathery touch. Jaejoong sighed, pushing his hips up to meet Yunho’s hand, sliding the tip of his lover’s index finger past the tight ring.

“No? You sound as if you need me. Do you, Jaejoong?” Yunho asked, his smile hidden as he nuzzled Jaejoong’s throat. Another bite captured Jae’s beauty mark, a merlot kiss Yunho was certain Jae got from a star’s kiss as he fell from the sky. “I want you under me. And I like that you need that. Or am I wrong?”

“No.” Jae swallowed hard, his skin begging for Yunho’s velvet touch. The ache for Yunho’s flesh grew, a slithering hot desire that left his mouth raw. “You’re not wrong.”

“Turn over again. Jaejoong.” The simple command brooked no disagreement, Yunho’s face sober with lust.

As Jae slowly withdrew his body from Yunho’s embrace and slid a pillow under his chest, Yunho grabbed a small packet off of the night table, his teeth tearing the silver pouch open. Slick gel warmed with Yunho’s body heat as the leader squeezed the lubricant over his fingers. The singer, first startled by the gentle intrusion of slickness, relaxed under Yunho’s familiar touch, forcing his body to accept the breech.

Yunho contemplated the stretch of muscle below the young man’s purple patterned skin, rosettes of bruises covering his shoulders and buttocks in bouquet sprays. Working his fingers of the firmness of the singer’s ass, Yunho spread Jae’s cheeks apart until the rush of air on the hidden orifice flexed it open, a warm satin kiss waiting for the leader’s attention. Working free of the tangling sheets, Yunho removed the hard shaft of his cock from the fabric’s binding cotton, stroking at the soft spongy tip until it gleamed with a drop of clear juice, salty wine slickening his entrance.

The ring of muscle keeping him from Jae’s body opened easily as Yunho pushed the tip of himself against the dusky rose kiss, letting the sensation of invasion spread through the singer’s awareness as Jae lifted his hips to accept the man loved. Yunho eased slowly into him, feeling the ring pop over his head as the singer gasped and squirmed slightly, adjusting to the heft burying deep inside of him.

Leaning forward, pushing the entire length of himself into the ready singer, Yunho began to slowly rock his hips back and forth, rubbing Jaejoong’s shoulders and murmuring soft encouragements into his ear. Carefully, the leader reached under the boy’s body, finding the soft velvety head of the singer’s cock and stroking it, coaxing him along to release as Yunho plunged into him, working back out as his other hand stroked at Jae’s shoulder blades.

“I want to die like this.” Yunho’s husky voice deepened, a whiskey hot desire raking coals from the inferno raging in his heart. “If I could, I would spend forever inside of you.”

“I want you there.” Jae arched his back, pressing back against Yunho’s thrusts. His body ached, a bundle of nerves run with lightning. Gasping with Yunho’s insistent pushing, Jaejoong fought his rising release, wanting to prolong the sensation.

Shifting, Yunho worked Jae’s leg up under the singer’s belly, giving him an easier angle to work deeper into the lithe young man. Jae’s moans crept darker, a panting plea for longer strokes lost amid the murmurs of a broken string of love. Yunho’s fingers found the softness of Jae’s hair, working the dark strands in his grasp. Pulling the singer’s head back, the leader sank his mouth into the tender pulse along Jae’s neck, worrying at the skin until the pain-mingled pleasure became too much for the singer to bear, Jaejoong crying out loudly under Yunho’s unrelenting plunge into the depths of his body.

Surrendering himself to the feel of Yunho inside of him, Jaejoong let his soul drift outwards, lost amid the hard embrace of the leader’s body over his own. The feral wildness lurking in his essence growled, crouching in submission to the taking of his core. Rubbing his hips back against Yunho’s body, Jae felt a rush of power in his lover’s mumbled confession of love, nearly lost under the heaving snarls coming from Yunho’s mouth.

“You’re mine.” Yunho growled, his teeth finding the back of Jaejoong’s neck. “My Jaejoong. My soul. My mate.”

“Yours. Always yours.” Jaejoong agreed. Reaching behind him to hold onto Yunho’s thrusting legs, Jae nearly undid the leader’s control as the singer pushed him further into Jae’s warm sleeved moistness.

“I’ll share your heart with the other members…because they’re your brothers.” Yunho whispered, sucking on Jae’s earlobe. “But your soul…that’s mine. I love you too much to want to share you. But I love you too much not to let you be free.”

The unexpected tenderness coupled with the rising sensation of his body reaching climax overtook Jae as Yunho turned the singer’s face to accept the leader’s kiss, his body possessing Jae’s as he worked the singer into release. Urging the young man to come into his hand, Yunho pushed further, running the length of his body against Jae’s until their skin hummed with the combined power of their beings and the rush of heat from the singer’s seed spilled outward, their gasping breaths a jagged rush of sound against the soft burble of the snow hitting the windows, unseen beyond the thick curtains and mists rising from the steam vents below.

Allowing himself to explode in the hot silky channel Jae formed around him, Yunho lay on the young man, stretched out and wrapping his arms around Jae’s chest. Jaejoong sighed and stretched his legs back out, feeling the press of the bed under him. Laying under Yunho lulled the sleep from his body, coaxing slumber in the safety of his lover’s embrace.

“Always mine.” Yunho rocked Jae in his embrace, the barest of motions. Finding Yunho’s fingers, Jaejoong drew one into his mouth, reliving the heat of his body around his lover’s shaft with his tongue. Twitching, Yunho’s body responded to the caress, thickening slowly in the buried velvet of Jae’s rear. “You’re going to drive me crazy, Joongie. Insane with wanting you.”

“Then we’ll be crazy together.” Jaejoong replied, squeezing down around the length of flesh inside of him. The gentle rocking of Yunho’s body slowly grew harder, the other’s hands running the edge of fingernails on the sensitive nubs on Jaejoong’s chest. Mewling in response, Jaejoong sighed, loving the feel of his heat tightening around Yunho’s pressing shaft. They would spend hours in the seclusion of a small room, lost in a love only they shared. Despite the echoing emptiness of the world around them, Jaejoong heard the stars singing in Yunho’s voice, the night sky draped with jewels just for them.

Jaejoong kissed Yunho’s palm, licking off the small pearls of his own seed left on his lover’s hand. Yunho groaned at the touch of Jaejoong’s tongue, aroused by the erotic picture of the young man suckling himself off of Yunho’s flesh. Smiling to himself at the sway he had over Yunho, Jaejoong whispered against his lover’s wrist, kissing the blue veins pulsating under the leader’s tender skin. “I don’t care if we spend forever in here. I need you, Yunnie. I love you. Inside of me. Besides me. Anywhere I can touch you. As long as you’re here.”

“Good.” Yunho kissed at the mark he’d left on Jaejoong’s long neck, a biting splash of wine rising under Jae’s jaw line. “Because I plan on being here forever. Your body will always have my touch on you. I promise you that, Joongie.”
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