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Lemon Ink (So Much Mine Universe)


Pairing: Jaeho
Rating: Lemon/NC-17

needed a lemon cookie before i continued writing something else. hope it goes well with your afternoon tea.

A pair of sleek sunglasses hid the young man’s face, protection against the waning, watery sun as he watched the city pour past him through the taxi window. The driver passed an MRT station, turning into the Orchard Road district. If he closed his eyes, Kim Jaejoong could imagine he smelled the scent of nutmeg and pepper in the breeze. Within minutes, despite the traffic, the taxi pulled in front of the hotel’s wide outer staircase, its distinctive pinnacle tower a sharp gleaming white.

Keeping his head down, the singer tugged at the collar of his jacket, pulling the lapels up to his jaw line. The multiple flight connections and then a long drive over a heavily traveled causeway ate at his nerves, the driver fearless in his handling of the cab. He’d taken a circuitous route getting to the island, losing himself in the crowds until he was nearly sure that no one saw him as one of five members of a singing group, rather just a slender young man traveling alone.

The lobby was a relief to walk through, the courteous receptionist handing Jaejoong a key and directions to get to the room. Soft classical music lifted the singer as he walked up the sweeping wooden stairs, his shoulder burdened by a simple duffel bag stuffed full of casual clothes.

Sunlight sought the edges of the suite, refusing to give into the encroaching night. The French doors were shut against the sounds of the city, the room’s air conditioning beating back the island’s incessant humidity. Orchids dappled purple and white spiders against cream walls, the long stretch of mahogany Queen Anne table offering Jae a place to deposit his room key.

Hands closed over Jae’s hips, fingers digging into the waistband of his jeans. Leaning his head back, the singer reveled in the feel of the man at his back, despite the simmering anger he’d nursed over his trip. Yunho bit hard into Jaejoong’s throat, rolling the tender skin back and forth in the hot moistness of his mouth.

“Stop, Jung Yunho.” Jaejoong made an effort to pull free, trapping himself against the table. Turning to face his lover, Jae leaned back on the polished wood, his palms curled over the table’s carved edge. “I don’t even get a hello?”

“Why stop?” Yunho leaned into Jae’s body, his hands spanning the singer’s wrists, holding him in place. “Because you said so? Or because you want to talk? I think if I talk right now, I’ll start yelling until I’m hoarse and I’d rather get breathless some other way.”

“I don’t want yelling. Either from you or me.” Jaejoong reached up behind his shoulders, trying to rub at the space above his blades.

Moving his fingers to the span of Jaejoong’s narrow waist, Yunho slowly roamed upwards under the softness of Jae’s shirt until he felt the rough peel of his lover’s upper back. He knew without looking that fine specks of black inked skin clung to his palms, remnants of Jaejoong’s healing tattoo. Yunho’s face went dark, a closed in tightness around his eyes. Jaejoong canted his head away from his lover’s cheek, listening to the leader’s slow intake of breath and the steady release of his anger between gritted teeth.

“Does it still hurt?” Pulling one hand free, Yunho stared at the thin scrapings of his lover’s skin, tender shreds of Jaejoong’s pain. “Stand still. Let me do this for you.”

“It doesn’t hurt.” Jae rubbed his shoulders against the hand resting lightly under his shirt. “It itches though… just a bit. It’s nearly done. Rub at it, help me scratch.”

“I can’t believe you did this. I can’t believe you and Chunnie did this. You’re idiots.” Yunho huffed again, although he rubbed at Jaejoong’s shoulders. “What the hell were you thinking?”

“Of you. You bring out the idiot in me.” Jaejoong pulled away, shrugging the jacket from his shoulders. “And we’re not going to yell at each other, remember?”

Tossing the garment onto the couch, the young man poured himself a drink, adding a slice of lemon to fizzing tonic water. Through his down-swept eyelashes, Jaejoong watched Yunho fist his hands to his side, keeping the shards of Jaejoong’s broken skin tight on his palms.

“Are you hungry?” Yunho jerked his chin to the dining table set up with room service. “I had them bring in some food for you.”

The power of Yunho’s body always set a rumbling tightness through Jae’s chest. His own body reacted instinctively to the other man’s presence, sometimes hardening his nipples and shaft with a painful want. No one could tear at Jae’s heart or body like Yunho, the leader’s strong face and capable hands tearing down the fragile rice paper walls Jaejoong used to construct his defensive walls. Standing in the puddle of his anger, Yunho’s somber face barely hid the passions in his eyes, a flirtation of desire coyly submitting under the aggressive possessiveness the leader tried to keep hidden.

Jaejoong knew he played with fire when he strung Yunho along, plucking at the other’s nerves until they nearly snapped from impatience. They’d been fighting silently for nearly two weeks since Yunho first discovered the healing ink stain under Jaejoong’s shirt, the leader’s shock nearly palatable on his tongue. Yoochun’s own tattoo, shown in an attempt for empathy drove Yunho’s rage over the edge of reason.

The fight was more welcome than the chilly silences that marked their early fumblings in finding where they stood with one another. Jaejoong preferred the yelling and screaming to the coldness Yunho could show when he suffered his rage in silence. The one regret Jaejoong had was the toll on the others’ peace was significant. Changmin fled first, sequestering himself in the tiny room he’d claimed for his own. Junsu and Yoochun slunk away soon after, retiring to their bedroom where Junsu lifted the other’s shirt to marvel at the black grit rising from the healing tattoo. The silence rode after the argument they had in the living room of their apartment, sharp knives of plunged heat aiming for sliced apart hearts.

“Do you even think before you do these things?” Standing near the red couch, Yunho nearly lost the pulp of his voice on the rise of his temper, a jagged glass shard of sound in his throat. “And with Yoochun? You put that out there and do you know what others are going to think? About the two of you?”

“They’re going to think what they want to think!” Jaejoong retorted, his own stubborn will flaring to match Yunho’s, the fire of phoenix wings in his tone. Usually chaotic and scattered, Jae’s focus sometimes frightened the others when it was turned towards them, Yunho often standing firm against the maelstrom. “I don’t care if people think he’s inside of me every night, making me scream. We both know I can only say your name when I’m losing my body. Sometimes I can’t even do that… I just keep crying for more even when I can’t take in any more.”

“Is that what you want, then?” Yunho moved in close, his stronger features hard and firm. “You want them to think that you and Yoochun are lovers? That you’re soulmates?”

“That’s not what it means.” Jaejoong snarled, pressing back against Yunho, nearly shoulder to shoulder with his lover. “Besides, if I want to put anything on my body, I will. I don’t need you to tell me how to think or to act off stage. Don’t get it in your head that you own me, Jung Yunho. Just because you have my heart, it doesn’t mean you have my life.”

After that, the cold winter of their fight settled in, each word shared a drop of ice on the hot skin of their tempers. Nearly seven days passed before Yunho spoke calmly to Jaejoong, the willful singer unwilling to take any peace offered to him. The couch remained empty, a good sign Yoochun thought, although the low rumble of voices from under the hyungs door remained absent. Junsu helped Micky rub lotion into the lower part of his back, taking care not to tickle the baritone when he leaned in to blow on the healing ink, commenting that he hoped Yunho would at least do the same for Jaejoong.

After thirteen days, Yunho fairly ordered Jaejoong’s presence on the island…or at least that is how the singer viewed it when the other man told him they would be spending a few days at the hotel, away from prying public eyes and the other members’ tender hearts. His pout set in but Yunho’s sternness would allow no argument.

With that, Jaejoong found himself alone on a long series of plane hops, hiding his movements and identity. The subterfuge was necessary, Jae knew that. He was the one who chose to keep their relationship behind closed doors and shut windows although the decision did chafe at times, often when he just wanted to turn around and either hug or strangle his lover. Standing just few feet away from Yunho, Jaejoong was revisited by the compulsion to do … something to the leader, although his hands were unsure if they should wrap around his lover’s cock or throat.

“I’m not really hungry.” Jaejoong lifted a silver dome covering a plate. Shreds of duck skin glistened, set on a bed of raw shredded green onion. A small basket of bao warmed nearby, pots of hoisin and plum sauce cradled into rounds of hot towels to wash off the sticky repast. The skinless meat lay under another dome, Jaejoong assumed, hopefully deboned and with a heft helping of vegetables. Picking up a piece of skin, Jae crunched his teeth into the caramel coloured flesh, chewing thoughtfully as he stared at his lover.

“Did you have a good flight?” Yunho joined Jaejoong at the table, selecting a piece of the duck and holding it for Jae to bite into. “I was a plane ahead of you. I only got here about an hour before you.”

The singer closed his lips around his lover’s fingertips, sucking off the pungent grease from between the pressed offering. They stood connected by fingers and the soft moistness of Jaejoong’s mouth, silent and brooding on their frayed tempers. A soft rain splattered at the doors’ panes, sending the world back behind a misty wash of wet circles.

“You make me madder than anyone else I’ve ever had in my life, you know that?” Yunho pulled Jaejoong in close, his hand braced against the singer’s spine. Jae allowed himself to be brought in against his lover’s belly, biting his teeth lightly around Yunho’s tips, sliding his tongue over the flat of the other’s fingers before letting go. “I love you and you just…enrage me sometimes. And I just have to keep loving you because I can’t think of how broken I would be without you.”

Yunho’s wet fingers teased at the golden ball piercing Jae’s navel, rolling the sphere between his thumb and index. A simmering anger lay just under the surface of his thoughts, a pique brought on not by the tattoos Yoochun and Jaejoong now shared but by the meaning behind the ink.

“You’re the only person I given myself to…all of me. And you want more. Sometimes it’s too much, Yunho. There are thoughts and desires in me that I want to keep to myself for a while.” Jaejoong countered, looking straight into his lover’s eyes. “You just want everything as soon I have it. Taking, reaching inside of me and taking. You leave me breathless because you steal the air from my lungs and push your own back inside of me. And I love you for that. But some things… have to remain mine until I want to share them.

The leader’s hands were restless on Jae’s body, finding dips of muscle and bone to play with. Undoing the top button of Jae’s jeans, Yunho dipped his hand down over the elastic of Jae’s underwear, biting at the tender skin along his lover’s jaw until Jaejoong opened his mouth to take in a sensual kiss.

Teasing, Jaejoong licked at Yunho’s questing mouth, dabbing the tip of his tongue over his lover’s lower lip. Brooding in their anger, their bed remained cold and stiff, the night broken only by mumbled grunts and Jaejoong’s rubbing at the skin on his shoulder blades. To touch the other man was a bittersweet heaven. Jaejoong wanted to cling to his stubbornness but the erotic scent of Yunho’s warm skin spread into his chest, filling the hungry desire inside of him.

“I hate when we fight.” Jae mumbled, letting himself be led towards the soft bed beyond the main room. Yunho pushed at his lover’s shoulders, dropping the other man onto the duvet. Stripping the belt from his waist, the leader dropped the leather strap to the floor, his eyes never leaving Jaejoong’s pretty face.

“I think we talk too much, sometimes.” Yunho lifted the hem of Jaejoong’s shirt, his teeth worrying at the ball of gold he fingered earlier. Murmuring on his lover’s belly, Yunho laved at the dip of space on Jae’s abdomen. “We just fight so well.”

The singer’s hips twitched, his head arching back into the mattress at the feel of Yunho’s tongue on his delicate skin. His face flushed pink with want, his tongue trying to move the dampness in the back of his throat to his lips. Swallowing hard around the lump in his throat, Jaejoong reached up to tangle his hand in Yunho’s hair. Grabbing at his lover’s wrist, Yunho pushed Jaejoong’s arm back down against the bed.

“Stay there.” Yunho looked up into Jae’s face, his eyes barely visible over the singer’s rolled up shirt. “Let me believe that you’re mine to play with…even if it’s just for a little while.”

Jaejoong’s clothes rolled from his body, Yunho easing the singer’s jeans from his hips and onto the floor. The shirt followed, a pile of discarded cotton armour against the pile of the room’s plush carpet. Ebony strands clung to Jae’s pale shoulders, a fringe of jet rubbing soft on the ivory of his skin. Yunho’s strong hands pressed against Jaejoong’s thighs, pushing the singer’s lean legs apart. Mewling at the feel of his lover’s breath ghosting over his groin, Jae dug his hands into the bed linens, his hips instinctively raising free from the mattress to display for Yunho.

Yunho licked once at the plum nestled amid the young man’s softness, blowing a soft burst of breath over the wetness. With one hand resting on the inside of Jaejoong’s thigh, the leader worked himself free of his clothes, alternatively laving at the growing hardness and biting softly into the tender skin where Jae’s legs met his pelvis.

“Sometimes I just want to chew through you.” Yunho bit down at the hollow along Jae’s leg, his cheek brushing against his lover’s sex. “Especially when you make me mad. I keep thinking that if I could just get my mouth around some of you, my anger will be fed and it will go away.”

“Yunho…” Jaejoong gasped at Yunho’s mouth finding the puckered rosette between his legs, the moist ring clenching from the slight intrusion. Another dab nearly threw Jae’s control into the wind, his stomach twisting in response. Unable to stop from moving, the singer bucked when Yunho’s fingers teased at his entrance, wet from his lover’s hot mouth.

“Do you have any idea of how beautiful you are?" Yunho reached over and ran a finger over the his lover’s chest. Jaejoong purred, responding to the gentle warm touch, his nipple formed a tight pink rose peak beneath Yunho’s fingertip. “Your mouth holds a honey that is sweeter than any bloom God has created.”

Yunho slid up Jae’s lithe torso and tipped his face forward, capturing his lover’s mouth against his again. The feel of Jae’s skin on his felt like a satin wrap on his flesh, and he roamed over his pale, warm body with his supple hands. He found the ball tucked into the small piece of span of flesh above Jae’s belly button, the muscles clenching into solid, rounded curves as he moved over them, sliding his limbs between his lovers.

Leaving Jae gasping, Yunho returned to the line of shadow hidden below his lover’s belly, nuzzling at the downy skin before moving downward. As he stroked his fingers over Jae’s belly, Yunho dipped his head down to taste at the velvet head sliding hard along his lover’s legs, seeking a garden of nectar past the slit. The wetness left by his mouth cooled as he moved to the other side of the glans, nibbling the slightly spongy skin at the small rising peaks until the hidden treasure grew moist and smelled of spice. Sliding his hands behind his back, Jaejoong fought to hold onto the sheets, losing himself into Yunho’s touch. The leader’s hand soon joined his, tangling his fingers in Jae’s under the singer’s weight.

"I need more air…I need more of something." The growl came from Jae’s chest, moist where Yunho drank from his nipples in the same way that he moved over his mouth, a long supple tasting of flesh and inhaling of scent. “I can’t… stand to just lie here, Yunnie-ah. You’re driving me insane.”

"Maybe you should think about how you do this to me then?" Yunho bit into the rise of Jae’s hipbone, satisfied he could get the singer to moan under his mouth. “Just looking at you does this to me.”

“Shipsheeyo…” Jae’s intense growl thickened Yunho’s already hard shaft, the head painfully throbbing from being denied his lover’s hot core.

Yunho purred as he found the pout in the head of Jae’s sex, sliding his tongue into the small recess. Moving lower, he inhaled the honeysuckle scent through his mouth, tasting Jae on his soul before found the other man’s weeping salt with his tongue. A delicate sip from Jae’s parted flesh, Yunho’s tongue stealing a drop of honey drove the singer’s hips upwards and he gasped as Yunho’s fingers slowly stroked his grasping entrance. Jae grabbed at the short mane of brandy hair covering his stomach and clenched the silken threads tightly as he murmured a soft, melodic tumbling of words over Yunho’s laving, the leader’s warm breath cinnamon sweet against his rosy, hard flesh.

A shift of Yunho’s weight on the bed rocked Jaejoong on the mattress, the other man’s hands lifting Jae’s legs up, hooking the singer’s knees up over his biceps. Yunho gentle kissed him, laving at the velvet folds of his body until Jae found himself wrapped around Yunho’s torso, tasting his shoulders with clenched hands. Yunho drank deeply, savouring the taste of his lover in his mouth until Jae started to pant wildly, his hands moving to digging short nails into Yunho’s corded thighs.

Letting his mouth roam, the tip of Yunho’s tongue eventually wound around one of the tiny pink jewels plump on Jae’s chest, sending ripples of ecstatic pleasure through the singer’s aching body. Jaejoong shuddered around him, clinging to his shoulders and instinctively biting down on his shoulder and neck, his mouth filling with a full spicy scent as he drew minute drops of blood with his sharp teeth.

The sensation overwhelmed his and he pulled backwards, trying to fight the waves of pleasure that threatened his control, remaining on the edge of desire until Yunho suckled at his flesh, drawing the small tourmaline pebble into his mouth and drinking the honeyed sweat from Jae’s body. At that moment, Jaejoong tipped his head back onto the pillows and let the waves overcome him, a tide of pleasure brought to the feral and sensual singer by his lover’s mouth.

Supple fingers moved over his temple, parting the curling waves of black silk around Jae’s face. With a gentle kiss, Yunho moved his mouth over Jae’s lips and brought the taste of their two mingled bodies to his mouth. The sweet taste of nectared spice on Jae’s tongue drove another small ripple of desire through Yunho’s limbs and he lowered his trembling hands until he found his firm flesh with his fingers, stroking at himself with a deliberate urging.

"I want you." Jaejoong could barely make out his own voice amid Yunho's deep purrs of pleasure.

"You have me." He smiled a sweet grin and kissed his once more, tangling his tongue in his. Moving his hips until they rested against the other’s hips, Jaejoong slid his fingers along the length of Yunho’s sex before touching the tip of his flesh to his moist body.

"Yes?" Yunho's cocked head held a question and desire. He brought both of his hands up from their journey over his body and cupped Jae’s face, searing his mouth to lover’s before pulling back to stare down into the porcelain beauty he desired. “I don’t know if there’s enough..”

"I don’t care if you’re dry and raw. I need you, Yunnie-ah." Jaejoong's dark eyes glazed over slightly as Yunho lowered his face to suckle at his lover’s mouth.

Yunho slowly slid into him, paring Jae’s pink flesh with his. The width of the leader’s sex filled the space deep within his lover, pushing against the walls of his being, and the heat of his channel moistened and flexed with desire as Yunho moved in further. He could feel the smooth heated flesh between the tingling juncture of his rear, their moistness mingled in with the spiced wine from his mouth. Clasping his hands to his shoulders, the singer hefted a sigh as he lay on his back, his lean body moulding against his hips and the concave curve of his stomach.

"It feels like forever since I've done this," Jaejoong gasped as Yunho began to slowly move, pulling the length of his body against his heightened flesh and pushing back in, threatening to pierce his soul. “Why do we fight?”

"I think I did this last night." Yunho looked down at his flushed face and licked off the small beads of sweat gathering on his brow. "When I slept I dreamed and tasted fire and honey on my mouth and on my body. And we fight because we love each other too much. It hurts and we just want to consume one another. It’s not a bad thing, baby. We just can’t go for too long without one another. That’s something we have to remember."

It stung, the leader’s hardness nearly dry except for the moist laving from his mouth on Jae’s entrance and the singer braced himself for the pain of being stretched out. He didn’t have the patience for the gentle coaxing of a shared heated gel, or the tender pushing of Yunho’s fingers into the ridged muscle protecting his body’s inner warmth. They’d been apart too long in Jae’s mind, their anger erecting a brick wall only tumbled by their frustrated desire and instinctual need to crawl into one another’s souls. Jaejoong was more than willing to bear the pain of Yunho’s heated shaft, if only to reach the ache crying inside of him.

The pain was sharp until Jaejoong breathed slowly, willing his body to relax and take in his lover’s heft. With the head moving slowly into the ring’s embrace, Jae tilted his head back, hissing at the length. Yunho paused, stroking at his lover’s jaw until Jae murmured encouragements, moving his hips up to envelope Yunho’s length.

Yunho began to rock against Jae, watching his face curl in pleasure beneath him. His mouth found the edges of Jae’s lips and drank from his warmth, a drowning man finding a glass of heady wine in a parched sun baked desert. The velvet of Jae’s body against his, poured nirvana along Yunho’s flesh as he fell into rhythm with his movements, Jaejoong tightening on him in an attempt to draw Yunho in further. Responsive to his desires, Yunho slowed and rocked in deeper, touching the core of his lover’s nerves and capturing his mouth once more as Jaejoong drove his nails into Yunho’s firm shoulders.

The golden glow of the sunlight spread over them as Yunho felt the rise of his orgasm on his flesh, the power of his soul and essence running through him while he brought his lover to the heights of passion. Crying out, he shuddered as his body wracked with the wave of violent pleasure that consumed him, working its way from between his legs and spreading over his torso. His mouth seemed to slowly find each spot of Jaejoong’s flesh that tingled with need and his teeth unhurriedly sought to run an erotic edge over the turgid points of Jae’s ripe nipples.

The movements of Yunho against Jae brought the a storm rumbling from his inner flesh, slickening the way for his lover as Jae slowly increased the pace of his dance against him, filling his body until he felt that he could fit no more of Yunho inside of him. Another shudder built up inside of Jae and Yunho dipped his head down once more to taste his tongue, lacing his fingers through his lover’s as the shudders began to shatter his mind and his cries grew louder, heart wrenching sobs of pleasure brilliant against the night.

Yunho quickened his pace, driving himself deep inside of his lover, and closed his eyes as Jae spasmodically closed around him. Jaejoong felt the hot pant of Yunho’s breath on his throat, their breaths mingled into a sweeping aria of desire. The sudden heat wave that touched his body felt as if liquid gold poured from his very soul, filling the space between them with a fine gilding. Jaejoong could hear a throaty urging, a dark purr mingled with a fiery response, their two voices joined in a primal song as he brought his to the edge of oblivion again. His nipples tightened as the brief flick of Yunho’s tongue passed over them on his way to his mouth, capturing their cries between their joined lips. His stomach clenched when Yunho’s stiff flesh bore deep within his, finding the small part of his body untouched by another, and he lost himself to the darkness that closed in around his, smelling of vanilla and sounding of deep purrs.

Lying there, still within his lover, Yunho cupped his face and kissed Jaejoong deeply, sealing the pact of desire they held between them, oblivious to the world outside that was blind to their storm of pleasure. Pulling free of his lover, Yunho cradled Jae against him, holding the singer’s sweaty body in his arms.

The sight of black ink across his lover’s blades burned Yunho’s belly, his mouth aching to pull the tattoo off of Jaejoong with the edges of sharp teeth. Sighing, the leader forced his anger aside, placing a soft kiss on the nearly healed over inking.

“Do you know why I did that?” Jaejoong asked softly, his face nearly buried in the encroaching darkness of the night. “The tattoo?”

“To piss me off?” Yunho chuckled when Jaejoong sighed. “I’m guessing not.”

“Because you bite me there. All the time.” Jae said, tangling his hands in his lover’s, their fingers spanning Jaejoong’s belly. “That’s where you find my soul every time we make love. Whenever I’m on my stomach, and you’re about to release into me, you bite me there. I ache for a few moments and then it just throbs into a soft burn, like how I feel when you first push into me. That’s why I had the inker put soul there. That’s where you bite into my soul and I never want you to let go.”

Yunho lay speechless against Jaejoong’s trembling body, the flushed heat of his anger searing Yunho as it left his heart. “And the… rest?”

“I put the band’s name there because you all are… there in my heart. I wanted something that showed that.” Jae whispered, cuddling back against Yunho’s chest. “You’re always behind me. You protect me and watch my back. With the tattoo there, I remember that.”

“You are going to drive me mad, you know that?” Yunho rested his forehead on his lover’s back, his heart clutched tight in Jae’s soul. “Why did Yoochun get mate then? Other than to drive me jealous.”

“You’ll have to ask him that.” Yunho could hear the smile in Jaejoong’s voice. Feeling sleep tug at him, the singer tucked his ankle behind the leader’s foot, fitting into the bend of Yunho’s body. “But I think first, he’ll have to tell Junsu. Not all secrets are mine to share, Yunnie-ah.”

“No. I guess not.” Yunho took one last sip of his lover’s neck before settling against Jaejoong. “Promise me that you’ll talk to me before you do something else like this again? I love you but you’re fraying my nerves.”

“I won’t promise you anything, Yunnie.” Jaejoong closed his eyes, letting slumber drift him away. “If I did, then you would own all of me and I think that would be bad for us. It’s better that I drive you insane. It will keep your life interesting. You already have my love, my heart and my body. You can’t have my thoughts. I’m using those to plot your madness. Think on how boring your life would be if I weren’t in it to unsettle your nerves.”

“You’re doing a good job with that then.” The leader resigned himself to the chaos that infected his life, tightening his hold on Jae’s waist. “Just take care of me when I’m a drooling madman.”

“Of course.” Jaejoong mumbled, just on the edge of sleep. “Because you drive me just as insane. Give it time, Yunnie-ah, we can go mad together.”

“I’ll gladly go mad inside of you, baby. I can think of no greater fate I would want to live out.” Yunho murmured, keeping the sound of Jaejoong’s peaceful in his heart before he drifted off.


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you first! :::hugs::: i'm heading for a nap. i leave you to the lemon cookies! :::trots off with the rest of my diet coke with lime:::
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i missed ur fics! been literally on dbsg detox so i've only checked comms again recently.

I loved the part where Jae finally tells YunHo why he had the tattoo put on that spot. <3 YunHo was not the only one speechless after Jae explained.

I also like that Jae is Jae and will not apologize nor change the way he is for anyone. Honestly, YunHo will not love him nearly as much if he was otherwise. They just drive each other crazy and they can't live without each other. If that's not love, then I don't know what it is ^_^

Looking fwd to ur drabbles! Oh, and the YooSu. Hehe.
Jan. 31st, 2007 06:30 pm (UTC)
::::nods:: thank you! and yes, i think jae is rather willful and very independent. very catlike :)

i apparently owe a yoosu :::grins:: i'm glad you liked it! :::grins::: and yes, they can't live without one another.
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wonderful little fic, as usual.

but what really killed me this time, was this:

The driver passed an MRT station, turning into the Orchard Road district.

... I never thought I'd see the boys walking in Singapore. XDD Really.

And hell, I think I know which hotel you're talking about. I had my ball there 2 years back. And it dosen't help that I live approxmiately a stop away from the Orchard MRT station.

... You're giving me too many ideas. >.>
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heh... it's the goodwood hotel :::grins::: and yes, i wanted to put the boys in singapore... i thought it would be a nice place for them to just hide and be... jaejoong and yunho...rather than Hero and U-Know.

i'm glad you liked it! many hugs!
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Hah! I've just reread this fic thanks to the link you left in the comment on "Inked Soul".

I cannot know how many times I have read this! Maybe hundreds of times! I swear!

This fic is the first one of yours I read and the impression stays the same! The atmosphere of love is so thick that it drives me dizzy (in a positive way, of course)

At the first time I read JaeJoong's explanation for his tattoo, I cried! It's really touching!

I love every speech they share when making love in your fic, it's so warm, sweet, passionate. With that talking, I feel that they cannot part away each other!

As I always say, you were born to write about YoonJae.

Thanks so much for your fics!
May. 21st, 2007 08:43 pm (UTC)
ah, i am so glad that you like these. i am. ::::hugs::: i try to write the yunjae/jaeho with an intesity where yoosu is more... lighter and funny. well playful.

::::hugs::: thank you so much. i am so very happy you find these nice. thank you! :::::offers cookies::::
Jul. 4th, 2007 11:14 pm (UTC)
i_____i your lemon are definitly some of the best i read *____*

It was just sexy and hot at the same time...i could imagine *blush*...and i like that!! ahahah *no i'm not a pervert XD...just a little!! ahaha*

But i think it's really cute to be able to give and receive love like that!! <3

i want to be Jae in this story!! >.<
Jul. 5th, 2007 12:41 am (UTC)
ah, thank you! ♥♥♥♥ and i think i'm trying to convert everyone into lemon pervs :::grins::: ♥♥♥

and yeah, i'd want to be jae in this story too. :::grins::: ♥♥♥

thank you again! ♥
Mar. 1st, 2008 02:55 pm (UTC)
wooooooooooooooooah! even though we know now that yoochun's tattoo isnt "mate"! this was wonderful
Mar. 1st, 2008 06:32 pm (UTC)
hah.... i refuse to believe it's not mate :::grins::: i'm ignoring that. :::grins:::

snookies and chus. and thank you.
Apr. 26th, 2009 06:16 pm (UTC)
i love how jae plots to drive yunho insane :)

funny why i didnt read this before. LOL

Apr. 26th, 2009 06:32 pm (UTC)
heh... snookies. and jae does plot well, doesn't he? :::hugs:::
(Deleted comment)
Jul. 1st, 2009 04:19 am (UTC)

thank you. i rather like their passionate intensity. for me, i think the hidden heat behind the masks is what makes writing this jaeho fun. :::nods:: and the tempers. ah, the tempers. :D

snookies and thank you, again!
Jul. 1st, 2009 02:39 am (UTC)
Yunho's temper and Jaejoong's stubbornness never cease to amaze me. No one depicts them quite as well as you do when they are like this.

The intensity and raw emotion that surround them in your writing is absolutely consuming and something that I can't get anywhere else.

Jul. 1st, 2009 04:20 am (UTC)
(Deleted comment)
Nov. 23rd, 2009 02:50 am (UTC)
aw, thank you. :::blushes::: oh, i did love writing this piece. i keep putting them in singapore :D

snookies and hugs. thank you.
Aug. 27th, 2010 04:15 pm (UTC)
i don't know how 2 express this, but u're been one of my fav writers after i read ur story: so much mine. bcoz all of ur yunjae stories is beautifully written..n d lemon parts r not just..lemon but hv somethin more in them.
i just LOVE~ it. =DD
*hugs u*
Aug. 27th, 2010 04:23 pm (UTC)
aw, thank you! so much. :::hugs:: i do like to add emotion into the piece... or at least i hope to. thank you for commenting and reading along with me.

thank you baby. :::grins:::
Sep. 5th, 2010 06:46 pm (UTC)
I absolutely love how realistic this is regarding a person's desire to be independent even when they are so in love with someone. You have described it perfectly - how much the two love each other but how Jaejoong wishes to keep a part of himself TO himself because if he didn't, he would be entirely Yunho's and that is just not right/healthy.
*claps* Amazing!!
Sep. 5th, 2010 06:55 pm (UTC)
heh... you're hitting all the smut today, aren't you? :::grins:::

jae does need some... space. at least inside his head. :D and he knows it. :D

snookies and thank you.
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(no subject) - wedspawn - Sep. 5th, 2010 07:05 pm (UTC) - Expand
Sep. 28th, 2010 12:20 am (UTC)
argh, i feel the hurt feelings when yunho confronted jae. when yun said, what will the others think, that you have yoochun inside you every night;
and then jae answered with let people think what they want to think; it hurts me. A LOT. I am as mad as yunho (well maybe less), just because of that. that is a hurtful thing to say to your lover, as if jae doesn't understand yun's feeling (fuck, jae knows better). and yes, yunho is jealous because of that thought, which is normal for me (they're couple *in secrecy*) and when jae said yun doesn't own his body is quite a slap to yun's cheek too, IMO.
at the end, yunho still cannot fully forgive jae, i mean, he needs time to do that; but in the essence yun forgive jae already. The same feeling that I felt right now. I understand the feeling of simmering anger at the edge of my soul but I can do nothing about it. it's painful to my soul (painful to yun's too).
it's jaejoong. yunho have to forgive him. And yes, they crash and burn together.
Sep. 28th, 2010 03:05 am (UTC)
yun did forgive... but oh he needed to have a fight. sometimes he needs to blow things out and rage :::grins::: and jae, sometimes his words are very sharp and they hurt. but oh, they are lovers. and love one another very much.
Apr. 8th, 2011 09:21 am (UTC)
You mentioned a yunjae fic you wrote in Singapore.. I am years late to read this but I'm going to do so now... /huggies
Be right back :D
Apr. 8th, 2011 11:32 am (UTC)
My dear...
This is upmost beautiful.

I love the passion yunjae holds for each other in everything they do. Be in loving each other or fighting one another. The passion is fiery, it consumes them both. Jae's explaination of his ink... I love it, you make me miss them so much.


But it's all wonderful.

I love the way you write, it speaks so loud the image you describe.
(you make me want to get another ink too... Ahhhh)

By the way Which hotel is that that you were describing? Somehow I want to say raffles hotel haha, but I'm not too sure...
(no subject) - wedspawn - Apr. 8th, 2011 02:48 pm (UTC) - Expand
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