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wedspawn: Lavender Bunny Section Six (SMM Universe)

Title: Lavender Bunny (SMM Universe)
Section: Six
Pairing: Yoosu (Jaeho)
Section Rating: R
Overall Rating: NC-17

i still hold ranalore responsible for this mess.

Synopsis: A continuation of the relationship between Yoochun and Junsu from So Much Mine. Once again, hot pretty boys, music, dancing and sex. Not necessarily in that order.

One; Two; Three; Four; Five

Junsu winced at Yunho’s fingers probing the soft muscles of his side, the ache in his hip flaring with a searing fire. Practice had gone well, relatively well until Junsu stepped right instead of left, slamming full force into Yoochun’s immovable chest. He’d limped away, after rubbing at his shoulder, Micky’s plaintive query after his health seeming to be just another dig in a long line of double-layered innuendos.

Yoochun shot Jaejoong a confused look, his shoulders lifting in a shrug. The only one seemingly unaffected by the collision was Changmin, the youngest continuing his part of the routine as if nothing happened, stopping only when he realized Yunho wasn’t in front of him anymore, the empty space startling considering their leader usually was the first of their number to master the choreography.

The ride back in the van was uncomfortable for Junsu, Micky’s careful support of an arm around his waist nearly too much contact for the tenor to bear. In the two weeks since their venture into Sin, Yoochun’s presence rubbed Junsu raw, exposing even the tiniest of nerves to the surface where the baritone unknowingly stroked and played with the tenor’s sexual awareness.

Everything Yoochun did became suspect, Junsu cursing the other out of one side of his mouth and then praying the small intimacies would never end. He’d confronted Micky once when the baritone slid over to make room for Junsu on the bed, his long legs a warm cocoon for Junsu’s chilled thighs. Yoochun pointed out, infuriatingly so, that he’d always gave Junsu comfort and body heat, something he often did with Jaejoong.

“How is it so different, Junnie-ah?” Micky asked, the low, satin-slick rumble of the other’s voice a punch to Junsu’s trembling groin.

It was different, Junsu thought. It was different because Micky didn’t stroke at his best friend’s back and behind the breadth of his thighs or when he did, the singer’s hands didn’t linger just at the dip of Jae’s rear, finding the subtly warmer spot that drove another man crazy. No, Junsu was sure that Yoochun was intending to drive him insane or at least make him doubt every thing that came out of Micky’s mouth.

That mouth… that mouth of Yoochun had become an obsession. It invoked the most erotic of thoughts in the most inopportune times. Mostly it was when Micky was chewing on his lower lip, serious…deep in thought as he worked out a tune on the piano. Then when he noticed Junsu standing in the doorway, a smile laced with goofy affection. Everything changed on Yoochun’s face with that smile. And it dug deep into the back of Junsu’s brain, ripping out every thought he might have had in his skull.

Charismatic. Amiable. Playful. A few of the words used to describe Yoochun’s face but none hit that quality of flirty affection that resonated up from his soul into his deep brown eyes. It held a starry sky of emotions, pinpricks of glittering will o’ wisps drawing Junsu in. That mouth’s wide grin … the erotic slide of sensuality into a teasing jester filled with mirth… caught Junsu’s breath in his throat, its blinding pure joy lifting even the darkest of shadows curtaining a heavy heart.

That mouth… lingered near his own when Yoochun supported his weight, the muscles in his side seizing up as Junsu walked. There was a small beauty spot on the cusp of Yoochun’s cheek, a small dark dot begging to be kissed, to be laved until the skin around it was pink with affection, drawing a small nip of flesh between needy teeth until a sliver of a bruise ran under the tiny spot. That was what Junsu found himself staring at as he stumbled from the van, over the short steps to the lobby of their apartment building and what he missed deeply in the shuddering tingle of his stomach when Yoochun deposited him on the couch.

“Stop wiggling around, Susu-ah.” Yunho dug his fingers into the other’s thigh, spreading a relatively thin layer of Tiger Balm into the strained muscle. “I can’t help you get out the knot if you’re moving around.”

“It hurts, hyung.” Junsu complained, biting down on the edge of a pillow. Looking around, he tried to twist his body, wondering if any of the others were nearby. “Where’s the rest?”

“Changmin is studying…or just sleeping. Jaejoong and Yoochun are probably in our bedroom. Our Jaejoong got a new CD… well I got a new CD for him.” Yunho pressed down on the tangled bundle of flesh on Junsu’s hip. “And you’re still moving. Do you want help or should I call the trainer to come do this?”

“No.” Junsu’s sullen reply made Yunho smile. The trainer in question was a well-known sadist for massaging out stubborn knots, seeming thrilled every time he could make one of the boys howl in pain. Resting his chin on his clenched fist, the tenor closed his eyes tight, wishing for the agony to leave his hip.

Footsteps came down the hall, long strides followed by Jaejoong’s querulous reply to something Junsu didn’t quite catch. Frowning, he tried to twist around to see what the others were doing, earning a light slap across the back of his head from the leader.

“Ah, you look nice, Yoochun.” Yunho said, keeping a steady pressure rolling over Junsu’s bared hip.

Jaejoong climbed over the arm of the couch, leaning into to give his lover a short kiss before heading into the kitchen, padding gracefully to the cabinets to search for something to snack on. Junsu turned his head, a crease forming between his eyebrows. Grumbling, the tenor frowned, taking in the long lean form of his roommate.

Black was definitely a colour made for Yoochun’s body, ebony denim snugged up against his rear and loose down over his legs, pooling just over the tops of leather boots. Thin black pinstripes ran through dove grey of his button up shirt, the collar pulled up over a square cut black suede jacket Junsu was certain belonged to Jaejoong. The soft leather clung to Yoochun’s shoulders, falling straight down to his waist, past the tuck of his shirt and ending at the singer’s trim hips.

Junsu’s frown grew more intense, seeing Jaejoong’s naked feet and torn cotton pants, the drawstring looped into a bow dangling over the singer’s crotch, One of Yunho’s gym t-shirts, worn and battered from years of use, hung loose on Jae’s torso, the hem ripped loose on one side.

“Are you playing dress up, Chunnie-ah?” Junsu tried to keep his voice light, a teasing note in his question. His stomach grumbled, low and squishy when the other shook his head, fixing the loop on his belt.

“No.” Yoochun replied, grabbing at his keys then sliding his cell phone into his inner breast pocket. “I’m going on a… out with a friend.”

“Anyone we know?” Yunho said right before he nearly found himself tossed to the floor as Junsu turned over, the tenor’s feet hitting the floor with a solid thump. “Junsu!”

“Sorry, hyung.” Junsu replied, his tone scant in apology. “I…”

The bell rang for the front door, Jaejoong waving Yoochun off as he walked around the short wall to answer the summons. A too familiar voice echoed Jae’s warm greeting, Junsu’s eyebrows lifting as his friend Hyukjae came around the corner, the other singer bowing a welcome to Yunho and raising a hand in greeting to his best friend.

“Junnie-ah!” Hyukjae nodded. “Good to see you. Yunho… Jaejoong. Nice to see you too.”

“Did we make plans, Hyuki-ah?” Junsu asked, looking down at his clothes. Hyukjae was dressed for a night out, sleek in dark chocolate pants and a brown jacket, a splash of red dotting his white shirt. “I thought I…”

“Ah, no… Susu-ah,” The SuJu singer reacted to Junsu’s confusion with a wide grin. Running a hand through his light brown hair, he motioned to Yoochun with the other. “I’m here for Micky-ah.”

“I’ll see you all later.” Yoochun touched Jae’s shoulder as he left, the contact fleeting but comforting. “I have my house keys. I will try not to wake you if I come in late.”

“So, is it a date Yoochun is on with Hyukjae?” Yunho asked, squeezing a length of paste onto his toothbrush. He watched Jaejoong behind him, the other man’s reflection cast in the mirror running above the double sink. Jae paused for a second, looking up from his drawstring ties, the bow knotted into a tight puzzle. “Ah, come here, Boo.”

Jaejoong padded over, lifting the edge of his shirt over his head and pulling it free from his torso. His warm stomach shivered when Yunho’s colder fingers brushed near his navel, his muscles flinching at the chilled touch. Head bowed, Yunho slowly worked the ties loose, tugging patiently at the tangle.

“You didn’t answer me, baby.” Yunho looked up at his lover through hooded eyes, watching a blush pink over the other’s face. “It is, isn’t it? A date?”

“Yes.” Jaejoong nodded, wanting to pull free from Yunho’s intense scrutiny but the other had his fingers clenched into the waistband of his pants, the knotted drawstrings forgotten. “Yunnie-ah, either you help me or let me get that loose. I want to take a shower.”

“How does Junsu feel about this?” Yunho asked, freeing his lover’s waistband from its tangle. Jaejoong placed a gentle kiss over his lover’s mouth, a brief thanks before drawing away to pull the pants off.

“Junsu and Yoochun are… not for each other.” Jae turned on the water, holding his hand out briefly in the hopes of hot water. “Junsu just wants… someone warm in his bed and a friend outside of it. Yoochun… he needs something else. Maybe not with Hyukjae or one of the women he’s seeing but something. Hyukjae asked him out because… well, he thinks Yoochun is cute. Chunnie-ah said yes because… he’s curious.”

“And if Hyukjae just wants someone warm in his bed, how does Micky feel about that?” Yunho leaned against the bathroom counter, his toothbrush momentarily forgotten.

“Yoochun doesn’t love Lee Hyukjae.. not like he loves Junsu.” Jae shrugged, stepping naked into the shower and looking over his shoulder. “If they end up in bed, then it won’t matter if they drift apart, yes? Are you coming in or are you going to brush your teeth?”

“I’m going to brush my teeth.” Yunho laughed at his lover’s pout. “I already took a shower and I think Changmin still needs one. If I get in there with you, he complain about the lack of hot water. I’ll wait for you in our bedroom.”

Yunho slipped out of the bathroom, wiping his mouth with the end of his towel. Tossing Jaejoong’s discarded clothes over his shoulder, he headed to their bedroom, depositing the laundry into the wicker hamper they shared. A trip to the kitchen provided hot water for a pot of tea, the fragrant chai as spiced as his lover’s kiss. Scooping enough sugar for himself into a small bowl, Yunho carried a tray back, the teapot’s porcelain lid rattling slightly as he walked.

He tried to digest what Jaejoong off-handedly threw out before he stepped under the water stream, the singer’s lean torso nearly lost beneath a misty cloud. Yoochun was more than adult enough to take care of himself, Yunho reasoned, but Lee Hyukjae’s motivations were suspect. He’d long known the SuJu singer was… experimental in his sexual tastes, something Heechul pointed out a few years ago. Yunho cast it off as information he didn’t need but now with his relationship with Jaejoong hidden behind closed doors, he was becoming more and more aware of the delicate balance many of their peers had to maintain in order to live out their lives.

Their lifestyle, cloistered tight around one another led to intimacies whispered about openly, some pairings a casual flirtation to garner attention. His own coupling with Jaejoong had caught attention of its own, their manager tactfully maneuvering things to separate them when they were in situations where their privacy could be compromised. They left he and Jaejoong alone, not speaking aloud but all parties tacitly agreed that until the time came…if ever that time came… the depth of their relationship would remain hidden.

With Jaejoong still in the shower, Yunho covered the steaming pot with a hand towel, trapping the warmth before it escaped. He was peeling the thin skin from a honey tangerine when Jaejoong’s cell phone rang, a melodic echo of one of their songs. Grinning, Yunho ignored it, sucking the juice from his fingers. The cell ceased its summons then another chirrup began, as incessant as a gnat on a hot summer’s day.

“Damn, that might be Yoochun.” Yunho remembered the baritone was out, quickly grabbing at the cell and flipping it over.

Any warmth from Jaejoong’s hot kisses scattered beneath the frigid blooms erupting in Yunho’s stomach. He stared down at the number flicking on the outside LED screen, briefly wondering why the phone didn’t catch fire as he held it. Anger warred with…something darker roiling in his soul, a bitterness Yunho thought he’d never be able to break from his heart. Flipping the phone open, he thumbed over the answer button, his voice low and deep in his throat.

Answering the call, Yunho wasn’t surprised to hear the woman at the other end, familiar and once beloved to his ears. She spoke Jaejoong’s voice, a haughty commanding query before he replied, her breath a harsh rattle in her throat when she heard him speak.

“Hello, mother.”

Changmin exited the bathroom in Junsu’s room, standing on the threshold of the door with a determined look on his face. Wearing a pair of loose sweats, he nonchalantly toweled the water from his hair, walking over to where Junsu lay on bed, a heating pad shoved partially down his shorts.

The youngest member wondered at where he could sit before finally deciding on Yoochun’s bed, the space between the two frames barely enough room to walk through. Junsu looked up at the sound of the box spring giving under the youth’s weight, pulling the ear buds from his music player free.

A promise of masculine beauty lay under the young man’s face, the potential for strength in the slender body. Junsu smiled up at the youngest, Changmin’s face blushing with the attention. Junsu glanced at the boy, a frank perusal of his tanned chest and tall frame. Nodding, Junsu turned over, wincing at the shooting pain of his hip reminding him that it still bore a grudge.

“Thank you for letting me use your shower.” Changmin said, wrapping the towel around his neck. “I saw Yunho follow Jaejoong in and I thought I would never be able to get one.”

“I don’t envy you for that. I know they try to be considerate but sometimes, I think time just flies out of their heads.” Junsu stretched his foot forward, feeling the burn of his muscles giving beneath the motion. “Those hours in the gym are doing good things for you. Pretty soon you’ll match Jaejoong.”

“Is Yoochun out for the night?” Changmin looked at the clock on the wall, wondering how much time he’d have with Junsu without the other man coming in.

“I don’t know.” Junsu glanced at his silent cell phone on the night stand. He’d picked it up several times, wondering if he should call Yoochun to see how the night was going then alternating between calling Hyukjae to rant. “I hope not. He had just a long of a day as the rest of us. If Chunnie-ah doesn’t get any sleep, then he’ll be no good to us tomorrow.”

“Hyung…” Changmin grinned at Junsu’s laugh. “Sorry, it’s habit, sometimes… Junsu-ah, do you need help with your hip? I used to massage my mother’s shoulders when they cramped. I can help, maybe?”

“I’ll take any help.” Junsu breathed a sigh of relief. “It’s almost loose but then I try moving just a little bit and it grabs again. Yunho helped a little bit but I think he was more focused on Jaejoong eating cherries than in helping my hip.”

“That’s a hard thing to watch.” Changmin agreed, remembering his own choking fit when he swallowed a pit trying to emulate Jaejoong’s seemingly effortless peeling of the cherry meat from its stone. Yunho was a lost cause to it, the singer’s mouth burnished red and moist set something off in the leader and Jaejoong often found himself pulled into his lover’s lap. “I think sometimes he does that on purpose.”

“Oh no…” Junsu moved over to give Changmin room to sit next to him, sliding the heating pad to the side. Laying back down on his stomach, Junsu sighed as he pulled a pillow under his chin. “He really has no idea of how he looks. Yoochun assures me that our Jaejoong is as insecure as rain is wet. I’m not sure how much I believe but…aaaahhhh, that’s good.”

Changmin’s fingers found the tenderness along Junsu’s hip bone, following the muscle line to the rise around his rear. He stroked upwards, running his hands up over the other man’s waist, wondering if his face was as red as it felt. Junsu’s low moan went straight to Min’s gut, erotic and calling.

“Aish.” Junsu jumped, nearly knocking Changmin off the bed. “Sorry, that… “

“I didn’t mean to hurt you.” Min shifted, stretching his hands out.

“No.. you didn’t.” Junsu reassured him. “It just felt like everything in my body came alive when your fingers worked that spot. It was a surprise.”

“Here, roll over onto your back. It might make it easier for me to reach.” Changmin rubbed his hands together, creating a friction of heat then tugged Junsu’s waistband back down over the jut of his hip bone.

With the rise of Junsu’s t-shirt, the youngest breathed in at the sight of his crush’s golden skin under his finger tips. Circling the spot just below Junsu’s abdomen, Min traced the line of muscle cutting down into Junsu’s groin, following it back up with a tingling sensation in his chest before he went too far for his heart to handle. Smooth, Junsu was satin under Min’s hands, the barest of down rippling on the youngest’s palm where the skin darkened slightly to dip under his shorts.

“Min…” Junsu’s body reacted, impulsively… erotically… to the young man’s exploring touch. Wrapping his fingers around Changmin’s wrist, the tenor sat up on one elbow, staring into the pretty boy’s awed face. Whispering, Junsu asked, his voice soft and inquisitive. “What are you doing?”

“What I’ve wanted to do for a while now.” Changmin felt the tightness in his chest release, unfurling with a taint of fear and a boldness he wouldn’t have given himself credit for. “Nearly as long as I’ve wanted to do this.”

Cinnamon flavoured Junsu’s mouth, a remnant of the spicy gel the singer used to brush his teeth. Something else lay under it, a sugar sweetness rolled in a molasses darkness that promised to quench the curdling need in Changmin’s belly. He tasted and then dipped his tongue in, savouring the kiss until he nearly ran breathless against Junsu’s mouth, begging for the other to respond… to give some hint of a reaction.

Junsu’s hand rose, wrapping into the younger man’s hair. Holding Changmin close, Junsu explored, softly at first, a gentle inquiry of his mouth on Min’s then more insistent, pulling out a shuddering cry from the young man as he deepened his caress. Cupping Changmin’s face, Junsu pulled back, leaving just the barest brush of his lips against the youth’s, swelling passion filling Min’s cheeks with a rosy glow.

“Min… no.” Junsu shook his head, pulling back slightly under the young man’s weight. “You’re… too young. Still young.”

“Are you telling me that you felt nothing?” Changmin’s hand roamed, feeling the heft of Junsu’s passion pressing against the ridge of his fingers. “Are you telling me that I didn’t do this to you, Junnie-ah?”

“Minnie-ah. No, you did. And… it… you are… adorable. Special and adorable. Because right now, saying no is probably one of the harder things I’ve ever had to do in my life.” Junsu kissed the end of the youth’s nose, then lifted his chin to leave a buss on Changmin’s forehead.

“Thank you. That was nice. I needed nice right now but this… I can’t jeopardize what we have in the group and I don’t want any… entanglements.” Junsu whispered, thinking of the forever Yoochun needed for his soul. “Friends… brothers, I love you for that but the rest of it… I can’t give you that. I’m not Yunho or Jaejoong. I can’t promise you that forever. Don’t look to me for that.”

“I want more than nice from you, Junsu. And I want whatever you can give me. I don’t need anything else. I don’t want forever. I want…now.” Min whispered, the burn in his face deepening under Junsu’s gaze. “I want to … see what you can give me… what you can do for me… and mostly what I can do for you.”
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