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wedspawn: Lavender Bunny Section Ten (SMM Universe)

Title: Lavender Bunny (SMM Universe)
Section: Ten
Pairing: Yoosu (Jaeho)
Section Rating: R
Overall Rating: NC-17
i still hold ranalore responsible for this mess.

This is a very short section. Better to have posted short than not to have posted at all. I am dead tired. AND I will not be posting on Sunday my time :) I will resume on Monday.

Synopsis: A continuation of the relationship between Yoochun and Junsu from So Much Mine. Once again, hot pretty boys, music, dancing and sex. Not necessarily in that order.

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The pearl button at Yoochun’s collar slipped free of its button hole, his fingers working blindly at the fastening. He searched through his jacket pocket for the half-empty pack of clove cigarettes he placed there earlier, the crinkle of the cellophane a welcome sound after the long evening he’d shared with Hyukjae. A flare of red smoked the tip of the cigarette he’d pulled free, the drag of the spiced smoke soft in his lungs.

Standing on the balcony, the baritone exhaled slowly, looking out into the city around him. From his vantage point, he could just make out the trees around the rock he shared with Jaejoong and the spire of the dance studio building that he shed so many tears and more than a little blood. Bent over the railing, Yoochun contemplated the talk he’d had with the SuJu member, stories told over shots of whiskey while scantily clad women shimmied around thick metal poles.

“It’s good to have you home.” Junsu’s hand pressed on the small of Micky’s back, just at where his jeans hit his skin. Sliding under the pulled out tail of Yoochun’s black shirt, Junsu felt the other’s warmth spread over his palm, a stroking softness curling around the tenor’s spirit.

“Are you the only one up?” Micky turned slightly, reluctant to break contact with the other singer. Another drag pushed out through his pursed mouth canted Yoochun into profile, the baritone blowing the smoke away from Junsu’s face.

Junsu leaned in against his friend as Yoochun turned, their shoulders touching. Micky’s prowl through the nightclubs left its scent on him, a tantalizing whiff of longing and satiation mingled with the roughness of the fragrant musk Junsu always associated with his best friend.

“You missed a lot.” Junsu nodded, his face strangely quiet.

At Micky’s quizzical look, the tenor recounted the evening’s events, conveying everything from the shock of Changmin’s words to his own chilled terrors when Jaejoong shared a personal pain, Junsu scraping any semblance of seeing Jae as a fragile dreamer. Yoochun remained silent through the telling, his face nearly unreadable until the point that Su reached Jaejoong’s secrets. Only then did Micky drop his eyes, a glisten of silver banding down one cheek as a tear ripped itself free from his soul.

“I’m glad he... could share with you.” Yoochun cupped Junsu’s face, crying openly and without shame.

Junsu envied the other’s willingness to bare his soul openly, his emotions right at the surface and unwilling to compromise his feelings for the sake of pride. Susu slid into the crook of Yoochun’s arm, his chest against the other’s ribs as Micky moved over into the corner of the balcony, keeping the tenor out of the harsh wind whipping up from the open park.

“I don’t know what happened between Changmin and Yunho.” The tenor confessed, his hands moving to burrow under Yoochun’s shirt, spanning his back and stomach. Unconsciously, he ruffled at the soft down below Micky’s navel, hooking his other hand into the waistband of the other’s black jeans. “Jae didn’t speak to Minnie-ah yet, I don’t think. I think he just went into his bedroom after he washed his face and stayed there until Yunho joined him.”

“Aish.” Micky moved his hand, keeping the smoke from filtering over to Junsu. “What a mess. I’m sorry I wasn’t here to help.”

“It might have been good that you were out.” Junsu said. “I think if you were here, Joongie-ah wouldn’t have come to me and I wouldn’t... have seen who he is. I understand now... why you’re friends with him and at the same time, I’m glad it’s you and not me that has to patch him up.”

“Jaejoong doesn’t let anyone patch him up.” Yoochun corrected with a laugh. “No pity for our Jaejoong or he’ll bite the hand that’s trying to feed him. He’s too used to not having anyone to depend on. Jae isn’t going to suddenly roll over and play nice because someone offers to give him a belly rub.”

“He lets Yunnie-ah...” Junsu replied.

“I’m sure Yunnie-ah has more than one scratch on his arm from trying when it’s a bad time.” Micky grinned, wide humour on his handsome face. “I just listen and hold him when he needs to cry. That’s sometimes what friends do. Hug and touch. You don’t need to do anything. You just have to be there.”

“I’m figuring that out.” Junsu nodded. He watched the tip of Micky’s tongue touch at the end of his cigarette before cupping his mouth around to pull in a draft of smoke. The hot spice smell of the smoke was different from the stale mint of Micky’s usual cigarettes, the kreetaks having a very different exotic scent to them. Yoochun was about to turn his head when Junsu’s fingers closed on the ridge of his chin, holding the baritone firm.

“I don’t want to get smoke in your face.” Yoochun pressed away, pushing the smoke out through parted lips, a tight stream caught on the wind. “You don’t like smoke, remember?”

“This smells different.” Junsu sniffed, the cloves blending nicely with Yoochun’s skin. “It’s more like something Jaejoong would have.”

“He’s the one who gave them to me.” Micky nodded, moistening his lips with his tongue. “I wanted to quit the others and he said these helped him. They’re good...different. It’s like being kissed with a mouthful of chai tea.”

Junsu thought of himself as someone who could coax anyone into temptation, a flirting smile or the cant of his head but the innocent sexiness of the young man he snuggled against made him rethink the image he had in his mind. Staring at the flat bow of Micky’s mouth, pursed to release a dragon of spiced perfume, Junsu now felt he intimately knew temptation.

“I want to...” The tenor swallowed when Micky’s passionate eyes moved, finding Junsu’s face. “I want to see what that tastes like.”

“You don’t smoke, remember?” Yoochun gave a small shake of his head, disbelief in his smile. “Your voice... here, let me try something with you.”

“What?” Junsu frowned as Micky moved in close, the other bringing his mouth down over to hover just outside of touching distance from Junsu’s. “What are you...?”

“I’m going to do something that Jaejoong showed me.” Yoochun whispered, his thumb stroking at the sensitive spot behind Junsu’s ear. “It’s something called shotgunning. It’s supposed to filter the smoke so it’s not as harsh. When I blow out, you breathe in and see if you like the taste.”

Yoochun’s chest rose as he inhaled on his cigarette, holding it in until he leaned into Junsu, their lips barely skimming against one another. Turning his head, he slanted his mouth and exhaled, the moistness of his tongue flickering under the ripeness of Junsu’s lower lip.

Junsu couldn’t help but close his eyes, taking in the blue-grey smoke wafting from Yoochun’s lungs. The numbness struck him first, his tongue going dead and then tingling when the clove scent hit the back of his throat. It was soon overwhelmed by the sin of Yoochun’s taste in his mouth, the silvery splash of joy that Junsu knew lived in Micky’s body. The kisses they’d stolen from one another over the years lingered in the smoke, coyly dancing amid the mists of Yoochun’s breath, spiced hard with lust and peppered with desire.

When their lips finally touched, Junsu couldn’t tell who’d moved in first but his hands ached, the fabric of Yoochun’s shirt crumpled in his grip. Needing more of the taste promised to him on the smoke, Junsu claimed the torrential flood of Micky’s sensuality, pulling the other in until no air was left between their pressed bodies. He left the kiss as chaste as he could, fighting the desire to plunge deeper in... anything to touch at the dark velvet warmth that lay hidden in Yoochun’s soul. When they parted, it was from lack of air in their lungs, the shared wisps of smoke dissipating with their panting, Yoochun’s hands firm around Junsu’s waist.

“We need...” Yoochun’s breath was hot and he choked on the gasping need for oxygen in his lungs. “I’m not sure what we need. Either to just do something about what’s between us or walk away. But we can’t do this anymore, Junsu. Not and survive each other.”

“No, we can’t...” The tenor agreed. “We can’t just do nothing. I just...”

“Can’t promise me forever.” Yoochun nodded. “I don’t know if it’s fair to ask you to think of forever. You’re right, we’re not Jaejoong and Yunho. Maybe we should... try to... become closer... but stay friends. Not... mated... just ...”

“Just lovers.” Junsu agreed, barely able to stand the frenetic thumping of his heart in his chest. “I don’t want to hurt you, Chunnie-ah. I... love you.. more than a friend ...but I have to know that if you find someone you’re falling in love with, you won’t let me being in your bed stop you from having that.”

“I won’t.” Yoochun said softly.

Micky couldn’t understand why his heart stretched with pain, dusted hard by whipping sands etching an imprint of Junsu’s mouth on its tenderness. Junsu’s stipulations were reasonable. They both...needed something that the other could give. If he followed Hyukjae’s advice, he should be able to explore the desire Junsu raked up in his belly without worry of losing the closeness between them. Then why did Junsu’s logical reasoning hurt so damned much? And why did Yoochun find his unshed tears searing his soul?

“I don’t know about...” Yoochun struggled to keep eye contact with the other, finally losing under the blush of his ignorance. “About how it is between...”

“I know a bit...and well, there’s always Jaejoong to ask.” Junsu grinned, licking at the young man’s mouth. The wicked heat of his thoughts spread through him, a triumph of wills as Yoochun succumbed to his needs. “We don’t have to... this isn’t a game for me, Chunnie. I do... love you. It hurts when I see you’re in pain and there are times when it’s hard not to touch you because you look so damned good.”

“Tonight when you left with Hyukjae...that about killed me” The tenor admitted. “I saw you walk out, all dressed in black and all I wanted to do was drag you back to our room...”

“Well, that would have given you a very different evening.” Yoochun couldn’t help but laugh at the thought of the other three members seeing such a drastic change in their relationship. “Changmin wouldn’t have hurt Jaejoong, at least.”

“No, but it would have hurt him.” Junsu exhaled hard. “Maybe we should...keep this between ourselves for a bit... just until ... Minnie-ah...”

“Feels better.” Yoochun agreed. “I get to tell Joongie-ah. I have to be able to talk to Jaejoong about..”

“I know. You talk to Jaejoong about everything.” Junsu found that realization no longer stung, evaporated under the tears shed in the intimacy of the bedroom he shared with Yoochun. “I...”

“Talk to Hyukjae.” The baritone interjected. “Maybe it was good that we spent time with each other’s best friends.”

“I think so.” Junsu shivered. “Let’s get off of the balcony. I’m cold.”

“You go in.” Yoochun pushed gently at the other man. “I think I’m going to spend some time out here...and then sleep on the couch. I don’t know if I’m ready to have you sleeping across of me just yet, Junsu.”

“I can sleep out here.” The young man was reluctant to separate from Chunnie, his fingers curled over the button of Yoochun’s jeans. “I don’t want you to give up your bed.”

“No, I’ll be okay. I can leave the door open and be as cold as I want.” Micky slowly unfurled Junsu’s hand, kissing the warm palm before releasing the tenor’s wrist. “Besides, who is going to keep our son company as he sleeps? I’ll need you to do that for me, Susu-ah. Just tell him that I love him and I’ll be back tomorrow.”
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