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Wedspawn: Lavender Bunny Section 11 (SMM Universe)

Title: Lavender Bunny (SMM Universe)
Section: Eleven
Pairing: Yoosu (Jaeho)
Section Rating: R
Overall Rating: NC-17
i still hold ranalore responsible for this mess.

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Synopsis: A continuation of the relationship between Yoochun and Junsu from So Much Mine. Once again, hot pretty boys, music, dancing and sex. Not necessarily in that order.

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Sun ran spots of gold over Jaejoong’s bare stomach, the singer’s eyes closed as clouds drifted overhead. Besides him, Yoochun stuffed his jacket under his head, offering the back of his skull a cushion against the hardness of the granite slab. After a cold, long winter, Yoochun welcomed the soft heat rising from the stone, hot as Junsu’s kisses on his back. He’d spent three nights on the couch, the first to distance himself from the confusion of wanting Junsu wrapped around him, the other two because of the tenor’s chest ached with a cold, Junsu falling to a mild cough and insisting Yoochun rest elsewhere and not be kept awake. Micky refused to let Junsu sleep in the living room, telling the other to keep to his bed.

“I’m glad we have today off.” Jaejoong murmured, languid and drowsy under the sun. The singer’s pale skin glistened with a hint of gold, shimmering beneath the clear porcelain. Jae had taken off his sunglasses, piling up his belongings on his backpack, using it as a pillow. “It’s been a rough few days. Junsu should rest more. He’s going to make himself sicker.”

“He won’t.” Yoochun replied, letting his eyes drift close. The clouds were dots of cotton against the blue, barely enough of a wisp to cast shadows on their sunning bodies. He’d briefly wondered if he should pour more lotion on the paler singer but Jae started to grumble at being handled and Yoochun knew the last thing he wanted on his day off was a feral, irritated Jaejoong. “Junnie-ah always works too hard when he’s sick. We all do, I think.”

“Yunho says it’s our strength…and our weakness.” Jae nodded. “Work until you fall and then one of the others will pick you up and carry you so you can work some more.”

“Do you think it’s worth it?” Micky asked, contemplating their lives.

“Yes.” The singer said, his voice as soft as the clouds overhead. “I’ve always wanted… to be someone that mattered…even if just for a moment. I’m not going to rest until I have that… done. You all.. have the talent to make a longer and wider mark than I do. There are times when I feel like I’m just riding on the backs of your talent.”

“Is that why you think you can’t be open about your relationship with Yunho?” Micky turned his head to look at his best friend, Jae’s frame loosely graceful on the rock, a content look on his face as he basked in the sun. “Because you think you owe us?”

“I do owe all of you.” Jae turned his head, nearly brushing noses with his best friend. Micky stared into the whiskey flecks of Jaejoong’s eyes, the young man’s mouth swollen from Yunho’s early morning kisses. “I wouldn’t be here without any of you. You carry me.”

“You are silly sometimes, Boo.” Yoochun leaned his body over, placing a light kiss on his friend’s succulent mouth. Jae’s smile beamed through Yoochun’s darkness, a lingering cloud over his soul. “Are you and Changmin okay?”

“We haven’t talked. Not about that.” The singer moved over to rest his head on Yoochun’s shoulder, Micky’s hand lifting to play with the fringe of Jae’s bangs. “We’ve been so busy… and I don’t really know what to say. Did Junsu tell you about…”

“Yes.” Yoochun nodded. “He told me about… everything. I’m glad you and he spoke. It’s made things… easier. He’s jealous of you, or was.”

“Of me ?There’s nothing to be jealous of.” Jae snorted, closing his eyes again to soak in the sun. After a second, Jaejoong’s left eye cracked open and he stared over at his friend’s face. “There’s nothing to be jealous of, right?”

“No.” Yoochun grinned, kissing the top of the young man’s head. “He’s a bit… stupid sometimes.”

“I told him that.” The singer replied, lolling back into a stretch before sighing with contentment. “Are you and he okay? After everything?”

“We’re going to… try to be… lovers.” Micky wasn’t prepared for Jaejoong to suddenly sit up, the singer twisting to glare down at his friend. Jaejoong slugged Yoochun on the shoulder, the blow rattling the baritone’s joint. “What? We’ve not done anything yet! Nothing’s happened!”

“God, the two of you are meant to be together. You’re both stupid.” Jae settled back down. Yoochun could tell he was in a fit, a mild temper rising and then falling back into the chaos of Jaejoong’s thoughts. “When did you decide this? How long have you been sneaking around behind my back?”

“We’ve not even kissed since the night you and he talked.” Yoochun replied, hearing the heavy exasperation in Jae’s snort. “He’s been sick and I wanted him to get better.”

“No wonder you slept on the couch.”

“It’s not like that.” Micky protested around Jae’s derisive chuckle. “We’re… taking it slowly. Like you and Yunho did. He’s… we’re not as impetuous as you two. And you and Yunnie took forever.”

“I think we took forever because Yunho was afraid he’d hurt me.” Jae murmured, running his fingers over his stomach, touching at the golden navel ring Yunho threaded into his piercing that morning. Closing the hoop, the leader gently suckled at the spot, leaving the wetness behind as a lingering kiss for his lover’s morning. “We’re.. fine now.”

“Oh I can hear how fine you two are sometimes. You have to remember to close the door.” Yoochun teased, delighted at seeing Jae’s cheek blush pink. “No, we’re going to… date first, I think. We need to see how it goes.”

“And Minnie-ah?” Jaejoong pressed, tentatively wondering how the youngest would take the burgeoning relationship between Yoochun and Junsu.

“We’re going to keep it quiet for now.” The baritone said. “Not too long because we don’t want him to think that we’ve lied to him but maybe long enough that he gets over his crush on Junsu. Susu thinks that Min is just… stretching out to see how he fits into the world… and not really in love with him.”

“I hope so. Or we’re going to have a very big mess on our hands.” Jae’s phone chirruped at him from his hoodie’s pocket, the worn greying fleece newly patched on the chest with a small embroidered skull on a string of roses.

Turning over onto his stomach, Jae looked for his cell, pulling it out and flipping it open. “Hello?”

Yoochun watched the colour drain from his friend’s face, all hint of the sun’s burnished gold lost under the glacier white of shock as Jaejoong listened to the voice on the other end. The singer’s eyes flitted first through fear, a dread sinking down into his stomach, the hint of green coursing over his cheeks. Then the young man’s fearless stubborn found its clawing path up to Jae’s mouth.

“Fuck you.” It was a simple curse, sibilant and hard. The streets of lower Seoul were evident in the melodic sounds of Jae’s growling voice, tinting the back country dialect he often fell into when angry. Yoochun sat up, his hand reaching to comfort his friend but Jaejoong shook off the contact before Micky’s fingers could close on his shoulder.

“No.” Jae said into the phone. “If you think that I am going to hurt Yunho just because you think you can manipulate me, then you’re wrong. Anything you throw at me, I’ll deal with. I love him. You had your chance to love him and you threw it away. If you want him back, then you talk with him but you leave me out of it.”

Yoochun’s expression bled to incredulous, Jae’s trembling hand reaching for the baritone’s jacket. Shaking out the pack of cloves cigarettes, Jaejoong silently motioned to Yoochun permission to steal one, mouthing a thank you at Micky’s assenting nod. The squawk of the voice at the other end continued, a rambling solid rant hot and high pitched as the speaker dissolved into screaming.

Jae closed the phone on the call, nearly dropping the cell as he tried to control his shaking. Micky lit a Djarum and passed it over to his friend, taking the phone from Jae’s nerveless hands.

“Who was that?” Yoochun asked, worry dripping from his thoughts. The singer inhaled hard, holding in the smoke before releasing it slowly, an aromatic cleansing of his anger held in the wafting threads from his mouth. Jae took another drag, offering the cigarette to Micky who took it, cradling it between his fingers. “Joongie-ah, is everyone okay?”

“They’re fine.” Jae leaned his head back, looking once more for the sun’s warmth to burn off the chill deep inside of him. “That was Yunho’s father. He just called me… to threaten me. He wants me to leave leave the group.”

“He can’t be serious.” The baritone said, shocked to the core. The Jungs hadn’t made any contact with their son since the night they cast him out. A few phone calls left unanswered on Jae’s phone was the only thin thread to the Jung residence, Yunho expressly forbidding Jae from responding to any messages left from the leader’s parents. “Yunho is going to be pissed when you tell him.”

“I’m not sure I should tell him.” Jae ran his hands through his hair, pulling at the black silk in the hopes of working out the buzzing of his thoughts. “But if I don’t, then he’ll be even angrier. I don’t want to deal with an angry Yunho. It takes me days to get him back from that.”

“You’re going to have to tell him something.” Yoochun took a small sip from the Djarum, passing it over to Jaejoong to calm his nerves. “What was his father going to do?”

“I don’t know?” Jae exhaled, shrugging. “I never let him finish. I got too mad. Whatever it is, it’ll make Yunho mad. Maybe I will tell him… let Mr. Jung deal with his angry son. Better him than me.”

“Hello, Hyukjae.” Junsu was waiting for his friend outside of the studio, the SuJu member’s radio broadcast just ending. The singer grinned and hugged Junsu in welcome, clasping his hand over his friend’s back.

“Ah, it’s good to see you, Junnie-ah!” Hyukjae replied. “What brings you here?”

“Park Yoochun.” The steel in Junsu’s voice made the SuJu singer pause, the hard cant to Junsu’s head an ever greater warning signal. “I heard about your… talk.”

Hyukjae beamed, shrugging off the conversation he had with Yoochun in an elegant lift of his shoulders. “It was just talk… nothing much more. How are things between the two of you?”

“He told me you offered him a threesome with Si-Won.” Junsu found himself hurried along the corridor, Hyukjae’s hand clasped firm on his arm. The SuJu member rushed his friend into a small room normally reserved for visitors, the door shut firmly behind them.

“Junnie-ah!” Hyukjae rebuked the rigid-faced singer. “Not so loud. And yes, but it was teasing.”

“He told me it was teasing but I know you… there was a sting of truth in there.” Junsu paced away, his hands buried in his jeans pockets. “I don’t want you to ever proposition Chunnie again. Ever.”

“But the two of you are just friends.” Hyukjae crossed his arms, slyly assessing the strong set of his friend’s shoulder and the tight line of Junsu’s back. Junsu turned, the glare on his face freezing Hyukjae in place. “Or you’re more than friends now? It’s only been a few days.. and you’ve been sick. How much could your relationship have change? Should I shop for matching rings to give to you at your wedding?”

“He’s off-limits, Hyuki-ah.” Junsu reiterated. “Yoochun is…”

“What, Junnie?” Hyukjae asked. “What is he? The other day he was out of reach for you because he is someone with a serious heart. Today what’s changed??

“What’s changed is that…” Junsu wasn’t sure what happened but he knew the when.

He’d been nursing a lingering anger in his heart for nearly three days, his stomach growling at the thought of his best friends kissing. At first, he thought perhaps it was the loss of Hyukjae to Yoochun that had him upset but then as Micky answered the phone one morning and the SuJu member was on the line to ask if Yoochun wanted to join him at a club, Junsu’s jealousy overwhelmed him.

A coughing fit, half brought on by Junsu’s rage but mostly a successful attempt to keep Yoochun home, closed down any thought of Micky leaving the apartment. Yoochun spent most of the evening plying a bundled Junsu with hot tea and laying next to him on the couch, a soccer game playing on the television. He’d spent the next day rehearsing but thinking of what to do…what to say to the dearest friend he had… only to find that everything Junsu practiced flew out of his mind when he saw Hyukjae come out of the studio door.

“I’m sorry, Hyuki-ah.” Junsu sat up on the makeup counter, gripping its edge. The lights ringing the mirrors were off, black-ended bulbs surrounding the singer’s lean body. “I just… need to ask you to leave Yoochun alone. I had… everything worked out in my head but.. all I can say is, I’m sorry.”

“Why don’t you tell me what you wanted to say?” Hyukjae asked gently, straddling his friend’s legs and leaning into him. Brushing his mouth over Junsu’s, the SuJu member smiled forgivingly, ruffling at his friend’s hair. “Why did you come down here if not to threaten me for fondling Yoochun?”

“You touched Chunnie?” Junsu’s flare of anger returned, setting embers alight in his eyes. “Ah, stop teasing. You’re going to get your nose broken doing that one day.”

“I think you’d only break my nose if it were something more than friendship.” The young man said. “You told me on the phone that you were considering becoming lovers… but just remaining friends. If that’s the case, then you can’t warn anyone off of Yoochun. He’s got to have the freedom to come and go as he likes… just as you do.”

“I don’t want that freedom. I don't want him to have that freedom.” Junsu whispered. Looking up at Hyukjae through his eyelashes, Junsu sighed. “I don’t know what happened… or why it happened… and I hate that it has happened. But I want him, Hyuki-ah. I don’t want anyone else to touch him or have him. He spent the past few days taking care of me and it was like…”

“It felt right.” The SuJu singer said. “It felt like he was a part of your body and soul, just outside of your reach but then returning.”

“Yes.” Junsu nodded. “And it hurt… thinking of you wanting him. I nearly came over to kill you when he told me but I was too weak from coughing. I even thought, not a problem… I can sleep for a little bit and then wake up to kill you. That’s how angry I was.”

“What are you going to tell him then, Junnie? Are you going to tell him that you’ve changed your mind and are going to ask for forever?” Hyukjae poked at his friend’s stomach. “If you do, he’ll think you’re playing with him. You keep jumping back and forth between how you feel. You keep jumping and he’s going to pull away from you. You’ll lose him then.”

“No, I don’t want that.” Junsu agreed. “I’m going to… date him. Love him and hopefully, get him to trust having me around him. I have… to see how we are. I can’t tell him that I’ve changed my mind. I don’t know if I have really changed it but I don’t want to lose him. I can’t.”

“I don’t know if I’m just confused but… I can tell you that I look at Yoochun and the thought of having him… love someone else. It brought so much damned pain, I couldn’t even swallow.” The young man touched at the flat of his stomach, remembering the feel of Yoochun’s kiss and how it sent butterflies of want through his body.

“It was as if because I couldn’t… be as strong …” Junsu continued. “I know that I’m.. louder than he is. In personality, in… vibrancy but over the last few days, it was like being in the water and having it cradle me.”

“That was all Yoochun. He made me feel safe when I was the most vulnerable and then when I felt stronger, he stepped back but I could… feel him there. Just being there made me feel… powerful. Like I had someone else’s strength with mine.” The tenor recalled the touch of the other’s hands on him, soothing and warm, coaxing the sickness from his body until he felt he could rest. Then waking to find Yoochun still around him, holding the chill of the air at bay. “I always thought that depending on someone would be like being chained to a rock but Micky, he.. makes me float. I could rest and not … worry about being let down or falling. Every time I floundered, he was there, just holding me up. I can’t lose that. Not after feeling just the bit of it that I’ve had.”

“He’s mine, Hyukjae.” The tenor whispered, in awe as his feelings swelled from his soul to fill him. “Yoochun is mine. And I’m not going to let anyone else have him.”

“That, my dearest friend…” Hyukjae sighed, shaking his head as he pulled back to grin at the other. “That sounds like you’re in love.”

“I think I am then.” Junsu replied. “Hyukjae, I think I’m in love with Yoochun. And I’m here to tell you, if you ever come near him again and touch him… I love you. Very much. But I will kill you. And slowly. Because he is… most definitely… mine.”
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