October 17th, 2007


pity fics list

i opened up a "request line" among my f-list. as i work on the Four, i'll be alternating fics with my book sections. i posted a couple in my regular LJ then decided you know... that's not where fics belong. so i'll be posting them here.

not all of these pairings will be what you like. nor will the content matter satisfy everyone. i ask that please be sensitive to this. i know you all won't be flaming one another. because you all are incredible people :::hugs::: just remember, some of this will be CRACK!FIC. most of these will not be in the SMM universe.

here's the list:
1. theresa_lynne : jaemin. ice cream sundae sharing.
2. prospensity: min7en with stockings. (SexyVictorianCorset!Min complet with frilly, fluffy, soft petticoat and yes...lacy stockings.)
3. smellsliketheta: Yoosu and a rubik's cube
4. ravenlock_3: JaeChun - SoulMates (smex.friends)
5. already: YunJae breakup. And then reconcile
6. audient: YooSu; "Susu, it's too early for this."
7. tea_biscuit: JaeMin (although your probs don't do these!) with catholic school girl ensemble!Min and a very bemused, turned on Jaebear.
8. jaejung: JaeSu. Passion. Jae to top.
9. velcro_undies: YunJae. Slutty.
10. bel_chan: jaesu. su tops. su!hipthrusts plz
11. kandadze: YunChun- comfort between buddies
12. hyungie: jaeho. jae can be manly too. red umbrella, rain and smut
13. kakkobean: Yun7en! Burdens! Burdens; the conflict that exists between what they should do (images to uphold towards the public, the fact that they're from different companies, their workloads) and what they want to do (see each other, listen to each other, dance together)
14. ichnelle: hosu... ghost story... yunho was scare and junsu laughed mischievously XD~ or yoosu and their couple rings idea.
15. tumi18: YooSu and thongs
16. chibi_chibit: rafe+death smex~ lolz only to be disturbed by min+mal+kismet due to death's car being yet again smashed up because rafe forgot to lock the garage door in the mist of dragging death up to their apartment for smex
17. lavhire: yunjae; nerdy ho ho. smexy jae
18. xiao_tian_jelly: YOOMIN. Prompt: FOOD.
19. clicheterms: junchun; shadows and erasers.
20: mickey8: Yunjae: fluffy