October 31st, 2007


Updated TA PDF

I have updated the TA PDF. This is the file that is being used for the web and for the printer.

If someone can tell me if they see the fonts for the letters, then I know it will be good at the printers.

Web File

Printer file

if it's good, then i know the ordering will be fine.
min wings

yet another TA notice

i've ordered my proof. i would say to wait until i get the proof before you order. but because well, i'd feel more comfortable. i would hate for you to get something that's not nice or good enough. i'll let you know when it hits and hey, while it might not be perfect, it at least will be readable. which is a fine word! it is! :::pets the word:::

proof should take about a week. :::cheers the postal service::: lulu is rather quick.