May 26th, 2008


se7en encounter

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a brief account:

he's very sweet. and was quite... shocked/surprised and/or overwhelmed that he was given presents. it was a pleasant surprise. it was more... this is for me? ooohhh... aw. thank you.

and he got shy. so cute and so sweet. really, i walked away thinking, aw...he's adorably sweet.

i got se7en cooties on my hand. :::smears screen::: here, i'll share.

we each had different gifts. fujis got him a beanie, knitted him a scarf and got him a photo box. ren gave him a starbucks bear with a note in its messenger bag. it's a san diego bear. i gave him a box of tarnished angels soap. with a BIG note that said... SOAP SOAP! i stopped short of saying this is not cake. prz do not eat. because this batch of tarnished angels, REALLY looks edible.

i don't care if you take the pictures of se7en out and distribute. i will ask that you respect the privacy of the others and not pass them around like a hot potatoe :) oh... and the woman in the white shirt was so much in the way.

ooooooh... and ps. that mouth is SO biteable.