October 23rd, 2008


*begs F-List for Spammage Assistance

if you are able to... can i ask you to participate in the meljean spam for ilona?

i shall enter the people who comment in a fic request. i will pick five people out of a hat for fics and post them to wedspawn.

any pairing. (i will do my level best)

at least 1000 words. (you know me, i can't chew a piece of gum in 1000 words so you know it's going to be more)

your choice of venue and setting. up to you on rating level.

in order to enter this, comment in http://meljeanbrook.com/blog/ on the Oct 23rd: (Link). If you can't get to the 23rd's contest because you are in Asia, please comment on the next one she posts. I will count any comments prior to Saturday morning my time.

Come back and comment here (tell me who you commented as), so I know you did it and I will draw a random winner on Saturday California Time.

Make sure your comment includes the following phrase: Ilona would like to read the steam punk novel.

If you go to Ilona's blog and comment in her post here that you've spammed meljean's blog, you can enter to win the personalized Magic Burns ARC she's offering up.

winners all around. :::grins:::

if you don't want a fic, i'll send you something from LJ. more user pics perhaps?