July 8th, 2011


xiahzart amigurumi dolls

swallowtt is now taking orders for people who want the xiahzart doll. She is offering a special LJ price before putting them up on etsy.
See here for details: http://swallowtt.livejournal.com/207631.html

Name: Mozart aka Xiahzart *grins*  (If you want the green trench coat, I could make it.  Just tell me.)
Size: 8 inches in height (bigger than my hand)
Materials used: yarn, poly-fil
Cost: $45 USD
Shipping + packaging fee: USA ~$3, International ~$6
Payment through Paypal (I need to ask Reece unnie how to work it again.)

She's also offering up the blushing bunnehs. Strangely enough, I have a lavender one :D