August 27th, 2011


Dirty Kiss Giveaway HERE!

I'm giving away an ebook copy of Dirty Kiss to TWO of the comment entries HERE! The links were problematic.

Comment below with the most disgusting or surprisingly tasty "foreign dish" that you've ever tried. For me, it was pot roast. I'd never eaten it until I was an adult. :::grins:::

This excerpt starts Chapter 9. Since this book is in Cole's POV, sex between Jae and Cole is sometimes explosive and complicated. He's drawn to Jae but oh, the young man in question is definitely Trouble with a capital T. Still, once Cole's taken a bite of his temptation, he doesn't want to stop.

Please keep in mind, this isn't Jaejoong :::Grins::: I chose Jae because it was a good name for an American audience.


This excerpt is NC-17 / LemonCollapse )