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wedspawn: Lavender Bunny Section Eighteen (SMM Universe)

Title: Lavender Bunny (SMM Universe)
Section: Eighteen
Pairing: Yoosu (Jaeho)
Section Rating: LEMON! NC-17
Overall Rating: NC-17
i still hold ranalore responsible for this mess.


Synopsis: A continuation of the relationship between Yoochun and Junsu from So Much Mine. Once again, hot pretty boys, music, dancing and sex. Not necessarily in that order.

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Micky wasn’t sure what to make of the sight of their beds when he entered the room, pushed together and covered with a thick feather top. The enormity of the joined mattresses stunned him into silence, his feet unwilling to cross the threshold. It was a move of barely a foot…the removing of the end table and the sliding of the other bed across but it seemed so… final. And in the opinion of Yoochun’s stomach, frighteningly so.

“You … moved the beds.” Yoochun stammered, his eyes slightly wild as he spoke to Junsu standing behind him. Gingerly cradling his hand against his stomach, unsure if the lump in his throat is from fear or desire.

“Jaejoong said…” Junsu placed his hand on the small of Yoochun’s back, sliding his body around to stare up at his lover’s pale face. “I told him it was too soon but he…”

“No.” Yoochun’s words trembled, held in the air, poignant and weighted. “I…wow. I can’t even…”

“We don’t have to do anything, Chunnie.” Junsu turned the other man, hands on Yoochun’s hips, his fingers clasped behind the other’s back. “We’ve been sleeping together on a bed that’s too narrow. That’s all. Nothing else.”

“No, it’s more than that.” Yoochun murmured. His arms hugged Junsu’s body, locking the other man against him. “It’s not just beds, Junnie. And it shouldn’t be. I’m okay with it. I think after what happened today, I just got… slammed in the face with how much people hate. And then I come in here and find how much you love. How much Jaejoong loves. I wonder how I got so lucky.”

“You’d be luckier if we put aside this stupid two week waiting period.” Junsu muttered to himself as Yoochun walked into the bathroom. Junsu prepared for bed, washing his face in the sink set outside of the shower area.

He asked after Micky, wondering if the other needed help getting undressed with his injured hand but Yoochun shouted that he was fine. With the door cracked open wide enough to lure Junsu into the temptation, Junsu stood for a moment staring at his lover through the steam coming from the shower, Micky undoing his jeans and tugging them free of his legs.

Junsu called out after rubbing the water from his skin, hoping he could get his mind off of Yoochun’s naked body covered with a fine spray of water drops. “Do you think Jaejoong and Yunho are okay?”

“They’re fine.” Yoochun responded, stuck his hand into the water spray, testing its warmth. “Boo called me and said that Yunho is going to stay and talk to his mother. They’ll be spending the night there probably. It’ll be too late to come back home and honestly, they’ll both probably be dead tired. Listening to someone apologize can be tiring.”

“So she’s apologizing?” Junsu picked up the socks he’d tossed on the floor, putting them with the rest of the dirty clothes. “And her husband?”

“Aish, I think he’s a lost cause.” The answer was muted as Micky stepped into the shower, the hot water muffling his words. Junsu nodded, leaving the other to his washing, knowing Yoochun would make quick work of the soap and return to their bedroom.

Turning away, Junsu paced towards their bed, staring down at the mattresses and wondered if he should have asked before shoving his own wants before Yoochun’s. Their blankets covered the beds, solid evidence of their combined lives and lusts.

Junsu shed his clothes, tossing his balled up t-shirt into the open hamper. It landed perfectly, cuddled against a pair of Yoochun’s discarded sweats. Turning on the end table lamp, Junsu closed the door to their bedroom and doused the overhead. Placing the tear-matted plush rabbit on the far end of the bed, the tenor waited for the other to come out of the bathroom, grabbing Yoochun’s music player and sliding its headphones over his ears.

The shower stopped, mists pouring through the opened door as Yoochun came into the room. He’d pulled on a pair of briefs, dark green fabric hugging his trim waist. A sparse dusting of fine dark hair rolled over the crux of the baritone’s thighs, a kissing promise of more hidden beneath. Toweling as much of the water out of his hair, Yoochun ran his fingers over his skull, working the kinks out of his neck and winced, an ache in his knuckles reminding him of Mr. Jung’s face.

“You’re an idiot.” Junsu moved his legs, pulling Yoochun into the bed next to him. Micky crawled over Junsu’s stomach, stopping long enough to kiss the other man’s chest. Bared to the waist, Junsu bent his head back, closing his eyes and feeling an intense pleasure working into his bones. “I am not going to last two weeks.”

“Why did you want to wait two weeks any way?” Yoochun crawled under the sheets, tossing off the edge of the quilt, the slight throbbing of his hand subsiding under the wash of heat along his spine when Junsu slid under the blankets next to him.

“What?” Junsu nearly banged his head against the wall, sitting up abruptly. “I wasn’t the one that wanted to wait two weeks. That was you!”

“I never said anything about two weeks.” Micky protested. “Never. You said something about it. I agreed because you wanted to.”

“I didn’t want to.” Junsu stretched over Yoochun’s belly, trapping the other under him. “I said we might want to wait two weeks. Sometimes I think you hear a different Korean than what I speak.”

“You mumble!” Yoochun muttered darkly, hitting the edge of his knuckles on Junsu’s leg. Hissing at the slight ripe of pain along his hand, Micky pulled back, blowing at the plasters on his hand. “It was you. I’d never agree to something like that unless you brought it up first. I know myself better. I can’t even buy a candy bar and wait until I leave the store before I eat it.”

“Did you just compare me to a candy bar?” Junsu kissed at the rough, reddened spots peeking out from under Yoochun’s bandage. “I don’t know about that…”

“Why not?” His tongue found the hollow of Junsu’s throat, Micky tracing at the line of shadow cast from the table lamp. “Sweet… caramel and just long enough to fill my mouth.”

Yoochun’s fingers slid down into Junsu’s briefs, toying at the hard length stretching from the other’s groin. Rubbing his thumb on the wetness across the head, Micky kissed Junsu’s panting mouth, suckling on the tip of the other’s tongue. His fingers gripped at the thrusting sex in his palm, Junsu’s hips circling over Yoochun. Guiding Junsu over onto his back, Micky hooked his leg over the other’s shin, tugging Junsu’s underwear off of his body.

The sheets slithered free of their bodies, Junsu’s long torso glistening golden against the fitted cotton below. A spare hour spent on the rooftop lent the kiss of the sun to the tenor’s skin, easily burnished under pale spring rays. Pale pink circles pebbled on the tenor’s chest, delectable and pouting, offering a sweetness to Yoochun’s mouth. Cupping at Junsu’s sex, Micky lowered his head, sucking at the points on Junsu’s body.

Junsu’s hand gripped Yoochun’s hair, the wet sleekness leaving a damp trail along his palm. With questing fingers, the tenor hooked into Yoochun’s briefs, sliding the elastic down over the young man’s trim rear. Grabbing at the other’s earlobe, Junsu worried at the softness in his teeth. Tugging at the underwear, Junsu maneuvered them free of Yoochun’s body, Micky mewling a soft protest when the young man’s shaft slid from his hand.

“Stop wiggling.” Micky growled, dark velvet purring in his voice. Roughly pulling Junsu’s pants free from under the other’s trapped body, Yoochun bent over, sinking his teeth into the rub of hip bone jutting from the other’s waist.

“You stop wiggling.” Junsu answered with a snarl of his own, playful seduction roiling through his smile. “You’re hurt… let me.”

“I’m hurt. Not dead.” Yoochun grumbled, allowing the other to shove him back onto the mattress. “Why do I let you push me around?”

“Because you spend all of your time being the mommy to our umma.” Junsu grinned up at his lover, licking at Yoochun’s stomach. “Besides, you were…”

“How the hell are we going to do this?” Junsu stopped suddenly, propping himself up on his elbow. The sheets creased under his weight, the feather top Jaejoong wrestled over their combined mattresses dimpling. “I want to taste you. You want to taste me. How are we going to figure out who is where?”

“I don’t know.” Yoochun admitted, bending up to kiss the edge of his lover’s mouth. “But it’s definitely something we should work on.”

“You were in charge last time.” The tenor pressed his hand on Yoochun’s chest. “My turn now.”

“We’re going to have to keep track?” Yoochun worried how many notebooks they’d have to go through and what would happen if they lost count.

“For right now, just let me… do.” Junsu replied. “Okay?”

“Okay but… I get to… do this next.” Yoochun nodded, pressing back onto the mattress. He reached for his lover’s hand, tangling his own fingers into Junsu’s. “We’re going to have to get something… maybe an egg timer… or maybe a hat for the bunny to wear. Blue hat my turn, red hat your turn.”

“Hats?” Junsu snorted, blowing a raspberry on Yoochun’s bare belly. “Why not a shirt? It can say ‘Tonight is Daddy Chunnie’s turn to be in charge’. We’ll switch it every other night for one that has my name on it.”

“In charge?” Yoochun’s giggle rolled lightly. “That stinks of leadership. We’re both going to come in here and find Yunho’s name on the shirt and neither one of us getting what we want then.”

“Yunnie-ah has his own lover.” Junsu growled, sliding up Yoochun’s chest and biting at the other’s chin. “He doesn’t get you too. I won’t let him.”

“I think that if he had a choice of Jaejoong or me… I’d left waiting forever.” Micky said, stroking at Junsu’s cheek. “I think I laugh too much for him. It would drive him insane. He likes a serious, pouting Jaejoong he can tease a smile out of. All you have to do to get me laugh is make a silly face. It’s like between us…I just keep waiting for either one of us to start laughing or giggling during kissing. They’d consider that very unromantic.”

“There’s nothing wrong with that. I promise I won’t laugh when I look at your cock. I might giggle a bit but laugh, no… not all the way.” Junsu couldn’t help but laugh at the baritone’s grimace, breaking the serious tension in Yoochun’s body.

Unable to resist being pulled into the other’s mirth, Micky burst into a low giggle, burying his face into Junsu’s throat. Falling onto Yoochun’s chest, Junsu rested his chin on his lover, listening to the laughter resonating between them.

“Sex… love… doesn’t have to be serious, Chunnie-ah.” Junsu kissed his lover’s chin. “We’re not serious people. I think the worst thing that we do is compare ourselves to Jaejoong and Yunho, two people who are rarely goofy and are always serious together. We’re goofy all the time. Nothing wrong with things being silly between us.”

“They need to laugh more.” Yoochun agreed, nipping Junsu’s lips. Shifting his weight, he banged his hand again, rolling a hiss of pain in his throat. “And I need to learn how to punch someone. This hurts too much. Jaejoong used to get into fights all the time and he never said it hurt his hand.”

“Do you think we should laugh less?” Junsu asked, his voice soft. He’d spent his entire life focused on one thing…stardom. The breadth of what they’d accomplished so far left him breathless but more importantly, the man under him gave a skip to the beat of his heart. Pushing for his dreams, he’d found the deepest desire he could ever hope to discover.

“I think laughing is good for us.” Yoochun allowed himself to be serious, just for a moment, letting his hands wander over Junsu’s lean body. “I just don’t want you to think that I’m… taking you for granted. Because I don’t, Junnie-ah. I am thankful for every minute I get to spend with you.”

“Good.” Junsu pursued the line of muscle on Yoochun’s stomach. “Turn over. I want to… try something.”

Yoochun’s trust in his lover echoed along Junsu’s mind as the other twisted his body to lay on his stomach, his arms burying under a pillow. With his head turned to the side, Yoochun could see Junsu moving out of view, then the bite of Junsu’s teeth along his spine. Panting, Yoochun clenched at the pillow from underneath, fingers digging into the case as Junsu’s biting began to mark a path downward, kisses intermingled with nibbles along the curve of his rear.

Licking at the bites, Junsu pressed in further, finding the soft roll of skin tucked between Yoochun’s spread legs. Micky gasped, nearly lifting clear of the bed, guided back down only by the gentle touch of Junsu’s palm on the small of his back. Rubbing at the spot, Junsu stroked Micky back to calmness, excitement prickling goose bumps under the tenor’s palm.

There was a spot Junsu wanted to nuzzle, a powdery brush of skin just below the dark pink sac gently moving under Junsu’s touch. His teeth brushed carefully over the tender area, Yoochun’s shivers increasing with each touch…every lick that Junsu tenderly gave. Sliding up, Junsu’s tongue slithered around to the pouting rosette hidden between Yoochun’s clenched cheeks.

“Let me, Chunnie.” Junsu pleaded, softly stroking at the other’s spine. “Trust me, love.”

Yoochun forced himself to relax, willing his muscles to unclench and allow his lover to explore his body. The gentle touch of Junsu’s tongue on the inner ring of his body made him gasp, spit slickening the way for the tip of Junsu’s intrusion. Fingers brushed at his sex, Junsu working up and down Yoochun’s trapped shaft. Turning slightly to the side to allow the tenor an easier time, Yoochun swallowed hard, keeping down the sounds he felt growing in his belly.

“Chunnie, it’s okay. Make all the noise you want.” Junsu whispered, his fingers now wet from a dip in his own mouth, closing once more on Yoochun’s sex. He returned to the pout of Yoochun’s body, licking at the edge until it bloomed for him, opening under the slow coaxing. A dip of his index finger pressed into the heat, a promise of dark wanton pleasure just beneath his touch. Spit wouldn’t be enough to ease his way into his lover, Junsu knew that but it would allow him to press into Yoochun and explore the centre of the other’s joy.

One hand cradled Yoochun’s sex, pulling lightly on the loose skin around the head, a slow draw of his hand to bring Yoochun near the end of excitement. They writhed together, Junsu’s tongue working deep into Yoochun’s body, one hand wandering between the small of his lover’s back to the soft pout of his rear. Hovering near the crest of his climax, Yoochun let his sounds loose, a mewling strong moan released through his clenched teeth.

Hearing the hitch of desire in Yoochun’s voice, Junsu allowed his finger to push deeper in, drawn by the roll of Micky’s hips as the baritone rose to meet the other’s exploring tongue. Pleading with Junsu for more, Micky felt the wave of release begin in the back of his head, crawling with spidery pleasure over his skull, His belly burled tight, stomach muscles clenching with the wash of explosive joy threatening to steal his thoughts from his mind.

“Junnie… Jun…” The short gasp of Yoochun’s breath rolled pleasure over Junsu’s tight body, his groin rubbing against the softness of the sheets welled about his hips. “You’re killing me. Please.”

With a twitch of his sex, Yoochun pushed back on the rise of his want, needing to feel Junsu deep into his body. Junsu complied, easing the length of his index finger past the ring of muscle. Sliding over Yoochun’s hip. Junsu closed his lips over the other’s sex, suckling on the hardened head and licking at the wet salt leaking onto his tongue. Probing carefully, Junsu found the tiny nub of pleasure tucked into Yoochun’s body and stroked carefully, pulling each moaning plea that he could from Yoochun’s writhing body.

Junsu’s own release came hard, a hot spill of seed between his legs a moment before Yoochun filled his mouth with a spill of sweetened salt. Licking at the offering, Junsu struggled to swallow, not wanting to lose anything of Yoochun’s first gift of love. With the feel of his lover’s lips around him, Yoochun gave in fully, his chest hurting from lack of air when he finally was able to breathe again, his soul slowly slipping down into body with a contented purr.

Gasping, Yoochun waited for the blackness to ease from around his vision, the bobble eyed lavender bunny mutely staring down at him from its perch on the pillows. Junsu’s kisses led the tenor up Yoochun’s back, his face nested against the other’s throat. Yoochun turned, wrapping his arms around his lover’s waist, holding Junsu tight against him. Sighing, Junsu leaned into the embrace, tugging the sheets up over their entwined bodies.

“Definitely shirts.” Yoochun agreed, grabbing at the bunny lurking near their heads. “And hats. We’re shocking our son into muteness. We’ll end up paying for therapy at this rate.”

“Therapy?” Junsu mumbled, capturing Yoochun’s mouth with a ravenous growl. “I fully intend to drive our son insane with our lusty ways.”

“Please. After all we’ve done to raise him to be a good boy?” Yoochun wiggled the bunny in front of Junsu’s face, the tenor placing a gentle kiss on the toy’s embroidered nose. Placing the rabbit gently on the night stand, its back to the bed, Yoochun flicked off the lamp and worried himself back down into Junsu’s arms. “Love you, Junnie-ah. I wanted to tell you that. And I’m very glad you make me laugh.”

“Love you too, Chunnie.” Junsu shushed his lover’s breath with a gentle kiss, holding the air from Yoochun’s lungs in his mouth. “I like that you make me laugh too. I think it’s as important to us as love is. There’s no one else I would rather laugh or love with… than you.”
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