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wedspawn: Lavender Bunny Section Twenty-One (SMM Universe)

Title: Lavender Bunny (SMM Universe)
Section: Twenty-One
Pairing: Yoosu (Jaeho)

Section Rating: NC-17 LEMON!
Overall Rating: NC-17
i still hold ranalore responsible for this mess.


Synopsis: A continuation of the relationship between Yoochun and Junsu from So Much Mine. Once again, hot pretty boys, music, dancing and sex. Not necessarily in that order.

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Placards waved along the avenue, Yoochun’s eyes picking out what little Japanese he knew. A deep weariness broke over the singer, dousing what little energy he had left in him after the long flight to Tokyo. Changmin’s soft snores behind him threatened to lull Micky to sleep, the youngest falling to the deep exhaustion that plagued most of them through the tour.

A sniffle from Jaejoong next to him was followed by Yunho’s concerned murmur, the leader leaning in close to his lover’s body, rubbing at the slender singer’s shoulder blades in the hopes of easing the aches from Jae’s cold. Even Junsu lagged with an uncharacteristic quietude, nearly silent throughout the entire trip to the hotel.

Sliding from the van, Yoochun grabbed at his backpack, slinging it over his shoulder and glancing back to see if he’d left anything behind. Meeting Junsu’s eyes, he smiled, ruefully aware that neither of them had more than a moment alone together, their manager herding them from place to place and separating the pairs in different hotel rooms. Yunho cautioned patience when Junsu expressed his displeasure, a muttered darkness that threatened bodily harm. Yoochun understood completely. He sorely missed having Junsu in the same room, within touching distance or even within earshot. Micky found it hard to sleep without Junsu’s presence.

The lobby seemed too long to walk through, the weight of his backpack dragging heavily on Micky’s shoulders. Junsu nudged his side, the briefest brush of an elbow having to substitute for a hug amid the crowded hotel foyer. It seemed as if an eternity passed before their manager checked them in and secured room keys, life slowly dragging down to a stall.

Yoochun leaned his head back, trying to work the kinks from his neck when he spotted the road manager intercepting Yunho settling Jaejoong onto one of the lobby’s many couches. The lead singer’s coughing subsided since yesterday although his eyes were still slightly swollen and red. Pulling his legs up, Jaejoong made himself into a small ball of thin bones and muscle, tucking his head against his thighs in an attempt to drown out the noise around him.

Junsu joined the discussion between the manager and Yunho, their faces growing more serious as the leader’s voice dropped to a low rumble. A dangerous glint formed in Yunho’s stare as the road manager shook his head, trying to argue a point with the singer. Junsu glanced at Micky, giving the baritone a tight smile and a wink before turning back to listen to Yunho’s emphatic words.

Forcibly taking the key cards from the older man’s hand, Yunho handed one to Junsu, telling the tenor something too low for Yoochun to hear. Crouching in front of Jaejoong, Yunho gently nudged at his lover’s shoulder, murmuring for Jae to follow him up. Cradling Jae’s waist, Yunho guided the singer to the elevator, ignoring the hushed admonishments from their frustrated road manager.

“What’s going on?” Yoochun asked Junsu when the tenor approached him. Changmin’s barely audible mumbling reassured Yoochun that everything was fine, the youngest member nearly fully asleep on the couch besides him. Hooking an arm over the young man’s shoulder, Yoochun moved Changmin until the boy rested against him, pillowing Min with his body.

“Yunho just... took control of our room situation.” Junsu held up an electronic key, waving it for Yoochun to see. “We’re sharing a suite with Changmin but we’re in our own bedroom. He’s in his own. Yunnie-ah and JaeJae are across the hall.”

“And the manager is... okay with this?” Yoochun asked.

“At this point, it doesn’t matter to our leader.” Junsu hefted Changmin’s duffel, slinging its weight over his shoulder. “Yunho’s not going to listen to any arguments. He’s had enough of being shuffled away from Jaejoong, especially now that hyung is sick. As far as he’s concerned, these are our sleeping arrangements for the next five weeks...and damned what anyone else has to say about it. Can you get Minnie-ah to his feet? He’s going to start drooling on your leather jacket soon if we don’t put him to bed.”

Micky let the hot water pound his back, steam rising up around his chilled body. The shower spray felt delicious on his aching muscles, cramped from long hours spent on a plane or hunched to fit between tight car seats. He’d let his clothes lay where they fell when he disrobed in the bathroom, barely taking the time to let the water heat up before stepping inside of the glass enclosure. Junsu had made some noise about food but Yoochun barely heard a word that came from his boyfriend’s mouth, the baritone lured by the promise of a hard scrub and a soft bed.

Crossing the threshold of the suite, they’d both marveled at the sheer expanse of the quarters, Changmin dozing on Yoochun’s arm. With Junsu’s help, Micky pulled off most of Changmin’s clothes, pulling back the covers and helping the young man into bed, tossing a light blanket over his legs before turning the light off behind them. Just recovering from the same cold that felled Jaejoong, Min sighed and immediately drifted further into slumber, welcoming the darkness that embraced him.

The shower door opened behind him and Junsu stepped into the enormous stall, running his hand over the travertine tiles surrounding them. Barely able to skim the opposing walls with his outstretched arms, Micky himself had been amazed at the size of the shower, a collection of fragrant shampoos and soaps lined up on an inset shelf. Junsu’s gasp of glee at the sight of the multiple shower heads studding the side wall made Yoochun laugh, the hedonistic singer immediately stepping into the water flow and wrapping his arms about Yoochun’s naked body.

“I can’t believe we’re not going to go anywhere for a while.” Junsu sighed, rubbing noses with his lover.

They’d struggled to keep their body contact down to a minimum in public, often straying together during car rides or back stage. It was doubly hard when they were tired, each straining not to seek each other out over the others when looking for support, their weary bodies nearly breaking down under the pressures of their schedule. Now, Junsu thought they would at least have time to reacquaint themselves, a leisurely process hidden from prying eyes.

The two week moratorium on their relationship hadn’t entered its third day before management whisked them off to someplace new, closing up the apartment they shared and shuttling them to cities that they struggled to learn its native tongue...or at least enough of it to make people feel welcome. The demands on their persons and time increased tenfold, sleep often taking precedence over time spent talking to one another, heads resting on each others’ shoulders providing the pair little to no private time to build their growing relationship.

“So, we’re here for... two months?” Yoochun let his hands wander down the familiar terrain of Junsu’s back. His fingers created small waterfalls from the spray, the run off coursing down over Junsu’s rear and down the back of his thighs. Nodding, the tenor leaned into Yoochun’s chest, resting his cheek on Micky’s shoulder.

“That’s what the manager said.” Junsu nodded. With his eyes closed, he was able to focus on the sound of the water and Yoochun’s heartbeat rumbling a steady beat in his hear.

He could stand like this for hours, Junsu thought to himself, nested hip to hip with the other singer. Yoochun felt... good. Long stretches of wet skin pressed tight on his own, not just for the hint of arousal that lay beneath every single one of Micky’s nonchalant touches but also the comfort of having the other’s heat next to his own.

“Here. Stay still.” Yoochun reluctantly pulled away, sleep tugging at the corner of his eyes. Soaping the scrub cloth, the young man worked over Junsu’s body, taking care with each curve and line until Junsu nearly swooned with the pleasure of the rough scrub over his skin.

“You know, I want to jump you right here and now but I don’t think I have the energy.” Junsu whimpered as Yoochun turned him around, working the scrub cloth over the small of his back. “I’m going to have to do this for you when you’re done.”

“Nope.” Yoochun disagreed. “When I’m done, you’re going to step out of this shower, get dressed and wait for me in a bed that isn’t moving or reeking of someone else. Then I’m going to turn the water to icy cold, stand under it and hope that my body remembers it’s too tired to do anything tonight.”

“Do you have to?” Junsu chuckled, placing his hands on the tiled wall to steady himself. Displayed for his lover, Junsu glanced over his shoulder and smiled, seductive with the knowledge of what he did to Yoochun’s control

Yoochun’s hands slowed, brushing a stroke of soap bubbles down Junsu’s rear. Innately graceful, Junsu flowed when he moved, nearly as liquid as the water they stood under. Yoochun licked at a stream of water that found Junsu’s spine, following the ridged dip until he reached the nape of his lover’s neck. Sighing, Micky rested against Junsu’s back, fatigue working up from his weary muscles and spreading a hated languor through his body. Hard and needy, his sex pressed firm into the crux of Junsu’s legs, insistently pushing on the cleft of his rear.

“You better…” Micky stepped away from the other man, switching off the hot water and standing under the stream as it chilled to a nearly icy temperature.

Unable to take his eyes of the smirking singer, Yoochun watched Junsu leave the shower, grabbing a towel to rub the water from his hair. The shower’s glass door retained patches of fog, the steam reluctant to give up its hold on the clear panes. With the tip of his index finger, Junsu traced a heart in the misted glass, kissing its empty centre to leave lip prints for Yoochun to see.

“Hurry up.” Junsu said, crooking his finger at his lover and pointing towards their bedroom. “I’ve got plans for you.”

Nearly all of the lights were off when Yoochun entered the bedroom, only the glow of a table lamp illuminating the broad mattress Junsu lay on. Naked, the singer watched his lover from his prone position, one arm hooked up over his head, resting on the soft feather pillows.

Micky allowed the towel to fall from his hips, kicking it free of his feet and left forgotten on the pile carpet. The bed dipped with Yoochun’s weight, the baritone slowly crawling up every inch of his lover’s body, ghosting his breath over Junsu’s bare skin and marveling at the prickles of goose bumps rising in waves over the tanned flesh.

“God, you are… simply gorgeous.” Yoochun kissed the flat of Junsu’s stomach, tasting the fragrant spice of the soap they both used. “I could just do this…forever.”

“I hope not.” Junsu pulled Yoochun’s hand up to his mouth, sucking on his lover’s fingers. “That would mean I never get to taste you.”

“Tasting is good.” Yoochun murmured, dragging his teeth over Junsu’s ribs. “We don’t… we’ve not planned for this, Susu-ah.”

“Speak for yourself, baby.” Junsu unclenched the hand he’d laid over his head, showing Yoochun the plastic tube of lubricant gel he’d asked Yunho to get for him. The leader blanched when he’d been asked but hurriedly dug through one of his suitcases, palming the tube to the tenor while no one had their eyes on them.

“Damn.” Yoochun whistled under his breath. “I suddenly find I have a lot of energy.”

“Good, now come over here and find other things.” Junsu sat up on his elbows, covering his lover’s mouth with his own.

They allowed themselves time to explore, their mouths clinging and sucking where ever either could reach. Torrid kisses barely allowing air between their pressed lips, teeth scoring dimpled lines on each other’s throats. Junsu became fascinated with the hard line of Yoochun’s collarbone, biting and licking at the ridge until he felt Yoochun’s sex respond under the lavation.

Yoochun reacquainted himself with the bends and curves of Junsu’s hips, trailing through the sparse hair husked up over the other’s sex. He circled Junsu’s shaft with the edges of his nails, raking a gasp of needy want from his lover’s throat. Micky pulled and tugged at the hardness, wanting the heat of Junsu’s body to curl and smoke under his skin.

“How do we want to do this?” Junsu murmured, leaning his head back to pull air into his oxygen-starved lungs. “Because God, I want you in me as much as I want to be in you.”

“You choose first.” Yoochun growled, bending his head down to lick at the pearl drop of salt forming on the tip of Junsu’s shaft. “Truth, I think I…want you…any way you’d let me have you. Or you have me.”

Junsu slicked his fingers with a dollop of the lubricant, moving down Yoochun’s body and working the edge of the pouting rosette hidden between his clenched rear muscles. Biting at Micky’s throat, Junsu spent long minutes coaxing his lover to open for him, asking Yoochun for his trust in bringing him pleasure. Yoochun pushed hard against Junsu’s hand, circling around the other’s sex with his moist tongue, slicking back the hood of skin pulling back from Junsu’s cock.

Yoochun easily swallowed the softness of Junsu’s head, relaxing his body as Junsu’s fingers pressed in deeper, looking for the spot that tingled inside of him. Biting at the underside of Junsu’s sex, Yoochun growled as the other man shifted on the bed, trying to give his lover room to reach down. Micky hissed at the coldness of the gel, the lubricant’s citrus scent as much of an arousal as Junsu’s salty sweetness on the back of his throat.

“God… damn it.” Junsu’s free hand clutched at Yoochun’s hair, guiding the pace of his lover’s mouth on his body.

Digging deeper, Junsu scissored his fingers apart, pushing and pulling at Micky’s tender centre, trying to prepare the other for his entrance. The blood rushed through Junsu’s body, pooling at his sex cradled in Yoochun’s clenched hand and soft mouth. Micky hummed around his conquest, licking at the hard ridge pressed tight on the ridge of his teeth.

“Junsu, I don’t want to wait for this anymore.” The raspy husk of Yoochun’s voice tickled Junsu’s sex, sinking down into the hot liquid pool of desire Junsu felt in his gut. “What the hell do I have to say to you to get you inside of me?”

“How about … please?” Junsu laughed, a hearty dark chuckle reverberating from his chest.

“How about…fucking… now?” Yoochun snarled, sinking his teeth down into the soft skin under Junsu’s belly button.

The gel’s chill on Junsu’s shaft did little to subdue its hardness, the lubricant running slick as it heated quickly on Junsu’s skin. Yoochun spread the gel carefully, coating his lover until Junsu had to pull away or lose control over his body. A moment of fumbling made them laugh, Yoochun turning around and nearly striking Junsu in the chin with his elbow. Nearly breathless from a gasping giggle, Junsu guiding Micky’s hips up, pushing the other onto his knees and spreading his fingers over the small of Yoochun’s back. Junsu hoped it would be easier for his lover if they were kneeling, canting his hips up and moving forward so they would eventually be chest to back.

“I love you, Chunnie-ah. Let me love you.” Junsu bent forward, kissing his lover gently between the shoulders. Gripping his length, Junsu guided himself slowly into the other’s heat, taking care to push past the tight ring and then wait, his breath hissing hot between his clenched teeth.

“God…baby. Love you too.” Yoochun breathed, his mouth slack and open. Bending his head down, he bent his shoulders back, feeling Junsu’s gel-slick hands on his belly. They were too far away for Yoochun’s taste, the promised hard length of Junsu’s body nearly an impossible barrier for Micky’s mind to breech. “Let me…”

“Take your time, baby.” Junsu stroked at Yoochun’s cock, flaring up the tingle of want in his lover’s body. Coaxing the hesitation and fear from Yoochun, Junsu murmured nothings under his breath, reassuring his lover that they could wait forever if that’s what it took.

The burn of Junsu pushing into him gripped Yoochun’s guts…fear of possession warring with a crawling craving for the other to be inside of him. Taking a deep breath, Yoochun pressed backwards, pushing Junsu deeper into his tightness. Encased in the other’s heat, Junsu held himself as still as he could, letting his lover guide their lovemaking.

Pain disappeared as Yoochun relaxed, allowing Junsu to slide further in. Breaking through the fears he nursed deep in the recesses of his soul, Yoochun shed the tightness holding his body closed for his lover. Working in small circles, Micky slid his hips back, pulling Junsu inside of his warmth.

Junsu’s girth pushed against the walls of muscle around Yoochun’s rim, stretching his lover apart until Junsu rested tight against the snug of the baritone’s rear. Yoochun’s panting hisses urged Junsu to move…begging softly for the other man to do something …anything… to scratch the itch of want spreading through him.

Yoochun gripped Junsu’s hands, working their fingers together as Junsu rocked back and forth, catching a rhythm the baritone quickly fell into. The roll of their hips soon matched, muscles honed and trained to work together. Yoochun knew that from that moment on, any time they shared a stage they would be mimicking their love, nested against one another and gyrating, feeling the other’s ghostly body either inside or around their cocks.

In sync, they moved together, the pace quickening until Yoochun’s nails dug half moons into the back of Junsu’s hands. The tenor’s body clenched with his release, unable to stop his teeth from sinking into Yoochun’s shoulder, biting down hard when Micky tilted his head back. Shoving Junsu deeper inside of him, Yoochun wanted to feel the other as far into his body as he could, holding Junsu’s hardness against the tingling bundle of nerves the tenor stroked with each thrust.

Lethargy crept into their bodies nearly the moment Junsu spilled his release deep into Yoochun’s guts, his arms wrapped tight around his lover’s waist. With one hand cupped to catch Yoochun’s seed, Junsu brought the viscous cooling liquid up to his mouth, wanting the taste of Yoochun’s body in his throat as he jerked his hips a final time.

Falling forward, Junsu cradled tight against his lover’s back, nearly pulling out until Yoochun’s mumble of protest stopped him. The increasing softness of his sex nested between Yoochun’s cleft, just enough of an intrusion to remind the baritone of his presence. Their breathing slowed, bodies worn down to a loose spill of liquid bones from their lovemaking and the long weeks of being dragged about Asia.

“Thank you.” Junsu whispered, satisfied for the moment but still feeling the burning embers of desire wandering about his soul. “Love you, Chunnie-ah. I have… never been so happy in my life…not until I had you in it.”

“Love you too, Susu-ah.” Yoochun murmured, sliding his hands over his lover’s arms, gripping Junsu’s hands against his belly. “Next time…”

“Oh next time, Chunnie-ah…” Junsu promised with a saucy cant of his lips, unseen but definitely heard by Yoochun before he drifted into sleep. “Next time, I’m going to be the one in the front. Or on the bottom. Whichever way we end up, it’ll be together.”
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