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wedspawn: Lavender Bunny Section Twenty-Two (SMM Universe)

Title: Lavender Bunny (SMM Universe)
Section: Twenty-Two
Pairing: Yoosu (Jaeho)

Section Rating: NC-17 Some Lemon!
Overall Rating: NC-17
i still hold ranalore responsible for this mess.


Synopsis: A continuation of the relationship between Yoochun and Junsu from So Much Mine. Once again, hot pretty boys, music, dancing and sex. Not necessarily in that order.

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“Baby... baby... where did our love go?”

Junsu’s heart warmed at the sound of Yoochun’s whiskey-dark voice, the baritone laying back against the headboard of their bed, his eyes closed as he sang along to the music on his iPod. Yoochun’s hair was still unruly from the previous night’s sleep, fringes of silk poking up around his head in a bristled coxcomb.

Closing the door behind him, Junsu carried in sacks of food, the heat from bowls of noodles steaming the containers’ clear plastic lids. Yoochun’s eyes opened, bursts of liquid chocolate spiced with a sensual cinnamon, and they exchanged smiles, visual kisses tinted with a dash of laughter. Sliding the earbuds off, Yoochun made room on the bed for his lover, sniffing at the bags Junsu handed him.

“Ah, these smell so good.” Micky pulled one of the lap trays from its place under the end table, opening its legs and carefully organizing the feast between them. “Did you have to go far?”

“No.” Junsu picked out a pinch of salted bean sprouts, crunching on the blanched vegetables. “One of the hotel guys told me about a place down the street. I almost missed it because the door was so small and the noren was the only way I even knew it was a restaurant. Very hard to find but it smelled so good once I got inside.”

“Are Jae and Min doing better?” Yoochun had the sense to look guilty. “I should have checked on them while you were gone.”

“Minnie-ah is half-awake.. and fully grumpy.” The tenor replied, digging out a pair of chopsticks from the bag. Splitting the bamboo spears, he rubbed them together in his palms, working off the small splinters before handing the utensils to Yoochun. “Jaejoong is fully awake but half grumpy. Yunho came with me to get him some food.”

“Good luck trying to get him to eat some of it.” Yoochun frowned, picking through a selection of deep-fried foods. “Is this... carrot?”

“I think it’s sweet potatoe.” Junsu nibbled at the slice, biting into the orange tuber. “Yep. Sweet potatoe.”

“Tempura.” Yoochun tried the word out, the R catching on the tip of his tongue. Junsu repeated it, stressing the wrong syllable, making Micky laugh at their pronunciation. “I sometimes think that I’m never going to master Japanese.”

“I’ll be happy if I can just catch it and wrestle it to the ground.” Junsu muttered, finding a packet of shoyu and tearing it open with his teeth. “Joongie-ah picks it up then slaughters it. I think he does it on purpose so we don’t look bad because we’re slow learners.”

“Pftttt.” The baritone snorted. “He’s only learned the swear words well. That’s all he learns first. And then, he goes to the staff and says things that are outrageous, telling them that it’s something innocent that we’ve taught him. We then look bad and they all coo over him.”

“You’d think he was the youngest in the group, the way he manipulates.” Junsu thought on what he said. “Wait, he is the youngest... in his family. He knows how to be the baby. No wonder he’s good at it. Yunho is doomed.”

“I think it’s a fate that Yunnie-ah is more than willing to be destined to live.”

The sounds of their eating filled the quiet between them, Junsu chewing at a mouthful of noodles. Staring at Yoochun, the tenor swallowed, setting his food down and asking. “Do you think we’re destined? How does someone know that? What does Fate feel like?”
“I crossed halfway around the world for you, Susu-ah.” Yoochun smiled, picking a piece of kamaboku off of Junsu’s noodles, sliding it into his ready mouth. “If that isn’t Fate, then what is?”

“Matsuro?” Junsu consulted their battered dictionary, blinking away the tears that misted in his eyes. He knew that if they fell, wet hearts would form on the yellowing pages, smearing the notes they’d made in the margins. Swallowing the warm feeling Yoochun gave him, he repeated the word. “Is that right?”

“I don’t know.” Yoochun held his hand out for the book. “Let me see.”

Junsu readily gave his lover the thick tome, willing to shed any responsibility on lingual research in order to return to his food. Micky read as he ate, flipping through the pages and thinking. Finding another reference, he mulled over their options.

“I think matsuro is more like... the end... the last of the days?” Micky chewed on the word nearly as much as he chewed on his food. “Shukumei... fate, destiny or predestination... maybe that’s better? There’s also gouhou but I think that’s more... karma, like karmic retribution.”

“Shukumei.” Junsu nodded, raising his bottled water in salute to his lover. “I suppose then it’s also fate that both Jaejoong and Changmin are sick. We’re being given a few days off until they get better. The manager caught the cold as well as a few of the others so...”

“Ah, is it bad to feel joy at others’ pain?” Yoochun grinned widely, his mind racing with the possibilities. “Where do we begin.”

“Are we even going to leave this room?” Junsu’s smirk matched the one forming on Yoochun’s face as the tenor’s hand roamed up his lover’s thigh. “Put down the noodles, Chunnie-ah. I think we need to start our vacation.”

Changmin’s grumbling turned dark when Yunho came to collect him, the long muscles of his legs and shoulders aching with the vestiges of his illness. Slightly green from lack of sleep and food, the youngest singer stumbled, nearly falling over until Yunho caught at his waist, the leader offering Min his strength.

“Come on, dongsaeng.” Yunho matched Changmin, mutter for mutter, the older man already exasperated at his attempts to get food into Jaejoong. Wrestling the youngest onto the bed next to his dozing lover, Yunho pulled off Changmin’s slippers, tossing them aside for the time being.

Jae woke, disoriented by the jostling, waking and wondering if they were still on a plane and blinking at the streams of sunlight flooding over the enormous bed. Working free of the sheets, Jaejoong stumbled to the bathroom, hating the clammy feeling of his clothes against his sweat-beaded skin. Leaving Changmin to fall back to sleep, Yunho followed his lover, stopping only to grab a pair of cotton drawstring pants for Jae to change into.

“I hate you.” Jaejoong mewled, his eyes narrowed into slits, the puffiness beneath them painful for Yunho to see. “You should be as sick as I am. I hate you.”

“You love me.” Yunho reminded him. Turning his back on his recalcitrant boyfriend, Yunho walked over to the whirlpool bath, twisting the knobs until the water turned lukewarm, slightly more chilly than body temperature. “And I’m not sick because I eat. You forget to eat. Hell, most of the time, you forget to drink water. I’m surprised you even are able to walk sometimes.”

“Hate you.” Jae mumbled again, shuffling towards his lover, his head down as if the weight were too much for him to bear up.

The stuffiness in Jaejoong’s face pulled at him, a sharp pressure stabbing against his temples. Even his teeth ached, a sip of cold water bracingly painful against the roof of his mouth. Jae missed breakfast, falling asleep in mid-chew before Yunho could get more than a few tablespoons of rice porridge into his mouth.

Yunho panicked, sticking his fingers into his lover’s mouth, making sure that none of the soupy gruel remained to choke Jaejoong in his sleep. The sudden appearance of fingers against his tongue frightened Jae, his mind immediately seizing on old memories, nightmares revisiting with a firm reality on the fears he keep nurtured inside of him.

The leader’s fingers still smarted from the hard bite of Jae’s teeth, shreds of skin peeled back then sloughing off as Yunho rubbed at his hand, running the bitten area under cold water. Jaejoong succumbed back into sleep, his mouth adequately defended, feeling no remorse at Yunho’s agonized protests.

Revenge on Jaejoong would be sweeter if Yunho knew it wouldn’t circle back at him, the leader half-wishing he could shove the singer into an icy cold shower. One look at Jae’s face, the young man’s beauty a gleaming pale under a coat of misery, changed Yunho’s mind.

“Boo, come here.” Yunho grabbed at Jaejoong’s hands, the singer attempting to retie his pants. “Take these off. You need a shower. You’ll feel better after it.”

“Stay with me?” Plaintive, Jae’s voice cracked, a husky rasp made raw from coughing.

The hoarseness broke Yunho’s heart, his hands cupping his lover’s face in a gentle caress. He leaned in, inhaling the mint paste Jae used on his teeth, taking a tiny kiss from Jae’s succulent mouth. Nodding mutely, Yunho didn’t trust himself to say anything, lost in the delicious taste Jaejoong left on his tongue.

Slowly undressing the singer became an agonizing task for the leader, an unimaginable feast destined to be left uneaten, laid out by a starving soul. The past few days of Jae’s sickness worried Yunho more than he imagined, his hands trembling with need as he slid the pants from Jaejoong’s limbs. Stopping only long enough to kiss the diamond piercing in Jae’s navel, Yunho stripped the remainder of his lover’s clothes, taking one long look at the man’s slender beauty before helping him into the bathtub.

Turning the massaging jets on to low, Yunho climbed in with him, the enormous tub nearly swallowing them both. Leaning back against the sloped side, the leader held his arms out for Jaejoong, the singer sliding into his lover’s embrace. Tucking Jae under his chin, Yunho sighed heavily, letting the water wash the tension free from both of their bodies.

“Why did you move Changmin into our bed?” Jaejoong asked, his voice soft against Yunho’s chest. With Jae’s head down, Yunho couldn’t see the expression on his lover’s face but he heard nothing more in the singer’s tone other than curiosity.

“Because it was getting tiring going back and forth between the bedrooms.” Yunho chuckled at Jaejoong’s murmur of sympathy. “I also thought that you would be safe from me if Minnie-ah was… well, there. At least for the day. I’ll put him back in his room tonight.”

“Hah, you did it so you’d be safe from me!” Jaejoong leaned his head back. Stroking at his lover’s shaft, the singer quickly pulled Yunho into hardness, the lukewarm water sluicing from his small motions.

“Jaejoong…” Yunho gritted his teeth, his fingers running under Jaejoong’s hair at the older man’s nape. “You’re going to drive me insane. It’s been too long.”

“You don’t think it’s been too long for me too?” Jae slid through the water, straddling Yunho’s lap, facing him.

The brush of the singer’s hips on his crotch made Yunho hiss, his teeth gritted tight, his jaw set too firm for comfort. “Boo…”

“Way too long.” Jaejoong murmured.

Jae coaxed Yunho’s firmness towards the centre of his body, groaning when Yunho’s hands roamed over his waist then finding the dip of his hips. Guiding the singer, Yunho gasped at the first press of tightness around his throbbing head, holding his breath in while Jaejoong took his time.

“Careful, baby.” Yunho whispered, his desire begging to thrust hard and deep into his lover. He held himself back, letting Jaejoong take control of the pace. “We should have used gel…”

“Baby, I’m not going to wait for gel… for Changmin to leave our bed…” Jaejoong slid down another inch, reveling in the tightly released hiss of Yunho’s hot breath, a sirocco catching Jae’s want and tossing it to the sky. “It’s been… too long, Yunnie-ah.”

Yunho prepared himself for an eternity of pleasurable torture, Jae’s angelic face setting the leader’s heart on fire, washing a heat through Yunho’s tense body. The silken feel of Jae’s warmth gloved over Yunho’s shaft, moving a tight velvet down his sex until Jae’s rear nested tight against Yunho’s groin.

Unwilling to move and break the bond, Jaejoong slowly began rocking his hips, tiny revolutions that rippled sensations through his core, spreading into Yunho’s body. Digging his fingers into his lover’s waist, Yunho thrust upward, a leisurely drag of Jae’s tightness over the trembling sensitive shaft.

“God, Boo.”

Yunho knew he wouldn’t last. It had been too long since he’d been buried inside of his lover, having to be satisfied with whispered phone calls erotically bringing him to release in the wee hours of the morning. Unable to hold any longer, he reached between them to stroke at Jaejoong’s turgid sex, Yunho’s fingers finding the long vein running under to Jae’s sac, letting his nails scrape lightly over the burled skin. He found Jae nearly at his own spill, the sac smooth and tucked up into the hollow between his lover’s thighs.

They shared the moment, shaking loose of the tension from their bodies as the lovers broke through the wall of restraint. Their movements increased, frothing water coursing around their joined hips, Jae’s head thrown back and offering his throat for Yunho’s kisses. The pale column enticed the leader, his teeth cutting a path from Jae’s collarbone up to the tender, soft skin under his lover’s jaw.

“Baby…Yunnie-ah…” Jae gasped, convulsing into Yunho’s hand. His rosette clenched hard around Yunho, his twitching muscles tensing and releasing his lover’s sex, shattering Yunho’s control.

Yunho panted, feeling his seed spill first in a torrent then into small kisses of affection into Jae’s core. Spanning his hands across Jae’s shoulders, he held his lover to him, rocking Jaejoong slowly as they let a languor sink into them.

“I am so in love with you.” Jaejoong whispered. “When I’m with you, it’s like I can see the stars in the daytime.”

“Oh baby, you’re the stars…” Yunho breathed into Jaejoong’s mouth, leaving an air kiss on his lover’s tongue. “Keep that for me, yes?”

“Yes.” Jae’s seductive smile bled the cold from the singer’s face. “Always will. Every single breath I have will be a kiss for you.”

The door rattled under a heavy knock, Changmin’s voice plaintively breaking their mood. With a rattle on the knob, Min hurried in, hustling past them and into the bathroom alcove, closing the door behind him. A slush of water soon followed, the youngest coming out of the toilet and rubbing at his eyes, slumber still clinging to the edges of his consciousness.

Standing at the edge of the tub, Min stared down at the tangled bodies of his band members, their faces frozen with expressions of shock, a red flush working over Yunho’s cheeks. The water churned about them, hiding anything Changmin might have seen but the embarrassment took over Yunho’s mouth, stilling any explanation he might have come up with.

“I only have one question.” The sleepy member mumbled, his eyes slightly crossed from fatigue. “What the hell are the two of you doing in my bathtub?”
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