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wedspawn: Lavender Bunny Twenty-Four(SMM Universe) LEMON

Title: Lavender Bunny (SMM Universe)
Section: Twenty-Four
Pairing: Yoosu (Jaeho)

Section Rating: LEMON! NC-17
Overall Rating: NC-17
i still hold ranalore responsible for this mess.

NOTE! There will only be one more section then Lavender Bunny will be over. Thank you all very much for reading this fic. I'm so grateful for all of you. Thank you! Thank you very much!

Synopsis: A continuation of the relationship between Yoochun and Junsu from So Much Mine. Once again, hot pretty boys, music, dancing and sex. Not necessarily in that order.

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Dinner shared among the five members often dissolved into a silliness that warmed Yoochun’s insides, his heart filling with the sense of family he gained when sitting among others. Even better was a dinner eaten in the privacy of a hotel room suite, casual and without prying eyes. They’d ordered from the noodle shop Junsu found, large bowls of ramen carried up in sealed containers, Yoochun hefting the bags as if he were a kim chee vendor walking the Seoul market.

Satisfied with a full belly, he’d sat back to listen to the others talk, Junsu chattering away about the baseball game and gesturing wildly when he started to describe the crowd. Changmin yawned first, more fatigue than boredom, his eyes nearly closed with the need for sleep. Jae caught the viral motion, cracking his jaw in a wide catlike yawn, teeth bared under his full lips. Laughing, Yunho shooed them out, ordering the youngest off to bed while guiding his lover to the bedroom, Jae’s muted protests lost behind a closed door.

Yoochun hooked his arm around his lover’s waist, walking with Junsu back to their room. Junsu talked most of the way, jumping from one subject to the next, mostly centering on the food they’d had that evening and the worn out expressions of the other members.

“Changmin looks a little bit better but Jaejoong still looks pale.” Yoochun replied, agreeing with Junsu’s assessment of the others. “If he’s not careful, Yunho’s going to be sick too.”

“Hah!” Junsu snorted. “Germs will be afraid to attach themselves to Yunho. He’s too bossy. They’d never get any rest.”

“True.” Yoochun smiled

He groaned when Yunho called earlier that day, a wake up call demanding their presence in the hotel’s ballroom, the vast expanse serving as an ad hoc studio to practice in. Even Jaejoong and Changmin had been dragged down there, mostly to go through the steps, albeit at a slower pace so as not to abuse their illness. Yoochun’s back still ached a bit from the stretching of his muscles, the last remaining effects of numerous plane rides working free from his spine.

“It was only for an hour.” Junsu sighed with relief. “And we don’t have to do it tomorrow.”

“No, that’s a good thing.” Yoochun agreed. “I want to sleep in.”

“Really?” Junsu slid the electronic key through the lock. The door scanner ran green then they heard the subtle click of the door opening. Turning the knob, the tenor stepped in, glancing over his shoulder at his lover. “I was kind of hoping that we’d get very little sleep tonight and maybe just spend tomorrow in bed.”

Junsu disappeared down the hallway towards the bathroom, leaving a speechless Yoochun standing in the outer corridor, a wicked smile forming on the baritone’s lips. Flipping the do not disturb sign around, informing the maids that the room would need no service in the morning, he followed, closing the door behind him.

Oil ran slick over Yoochun’s fingers, Junsu exhorting him to leave his palm open for just a little while longer, the tenor’s hand spreading the gel thickly over his lover’s digits. The chill made Yoochun wince. Junsu laughed at Micky’s expression, kissing the end of his nose with a dart of his tongue.

“You sure about this, baby?” Yoochun rubbed his fingers together, letting the slickness pull the warmth from his body. The gel heated quickly, a warm slither that he brought down to the length of Junsu’s shaft. The hiss from the tenor’s mouth made Yoochun’s cock jump, an innate wanton response to the promise of Junsu’s body around it.

Playing at the tenor’s sex, Yoochun traveled downwards, his mouth finding Junsu’s to trail kisses across the other man’s lips. Sucking at the fullness of Junsu’s upper lip, Yoochun tongued at the dip of flesh under the tenor’s nose, threatening to stick the tip of his tongue up Junsu’s nostrils.

“Don’t!” Junsu waved the young man away, a trill of giggles accompanying the batting of his hands at Yoochun’s body. “My mother’s dog does that. Aish!”

“Heh.” Yoochun chuckled, his fingers dipping down to curve over Junsu’s sac, rolling the fleshy globes in his palm. Junsu arched his back, moaning with pleasure as Yoochun manipulated his body, stroking the need up from his body to run hot over his skin. Pressing his mouth against Junsu’s throat, Yoochun let out a small yip before biting hard on the pulse beating below Junsu’s skin.

“Chunnie.” Junsu gasped, his hips moving against Yoochun’s fingers. He’d wanted Yoochun inside of him for too long, the months stretching out behind him, a long trail of nights he fell asleep with a need he couldn’t explain. “I am going to…”

“Going to what, Susu-ah?” Yoochun pressed his fingertips against the circle of muscle under Junsu’s sac, roiling his touch until it gaped, expecting the intrusion.

Bending over, Yoochun settled onto his knees, his shoulders pressed up against the spread of Junsu’s thighs. With his hands exploring the beauty of his lover’s taut body, Yoochun pursed his mouth and blew lightly on the rosette, watching it flex and pour under the hot rush of air. Stroking with gelled fingers at the base of Junsu’s sex, Yoochun leaned in, dabbing the tip of his tongue along the crinkled rim, feeling Junsu jerk in response.

“Yoochun!” Junsu gasped, his hands digging into his lover’s hair. Micky grinned to himself, whispering against Junsu’s thigh that he wanted the tenor to hold onto the sheets and let him explore, wanting to taste every part of the young man who captured his heart.

“I want to do this, Junsu-ah.” Micky murmured. “I’m going to have all of you on my tongue.”

The first lick was musky, flavoured with the orange soap of their bathroom. A heavy powdery scent of sex clung to Junsu’s body, sparse hairs rippling under Micky’s panting breath. Yoochun delved further, feeling the tightness against his tongue give way. His fingers made short work of Junsu’s shaft, milking a spurt of seed easily from the turgid length, Junsu’s body writhing with convulsive spasms, his gasps loud in Yoochun’s sensitive ears.

Yoochun continued, ignoring the pleas from Junsu’s tortured throat as the tenor rasped with his desires. Circling Junsu’s shaft with his hand, Micky slid down to the root, squeezing harder before roughly pulling back up its length, thumbing at the milked pout of the head.

“You’re trying to kill me.” Junsu complained, wrapping his hands into the loose sheets, the seafoam cotton vivid against his golden skin. “What the hell did I do to you to… God, Chun!”

Yoochun slid his tongue deeper in, laving the entrance to ease his way in. Junsu’s tightness thrilled him, an erotic furrow he longed to enter. He moved one of his fingers around to dip down into Junsu’s heat, slackening the strain of Junsu’s centre.

“Chunnie… I swear.” Junsu stifled a scream, pulling one of the pillows over his face and biting down on its plump form.

A high-pitched moan echoed from his throat, the sound broken by the pants of his mewling mouth. The entrance of Yoochun’s finger stole the breath from his lungs, a fire burning from his stomach. He’d played at passion before but Yoochun’s love ran pleasure down into parts of his body he’d not realized could feel. The curl of Yoochun’s finger broke Junsu’s moaning, a spark of pearled flames unfurling from his inner being. Junsu’s hips flinched, working down onto the digit, wanting more.

Yoochun complied, sliding another gelled finger into his lover, amazed at the heat encasing him. The other man worked around the sheets, trying to remain still but unable to under the onslaught of his lover’s ministrations. Junsu heard himself begging, rasping for Yoochun’s sex inside of him.

“I’m going to kill you.” Junsu grabbed at Yoochun’s shoulders, digging his fingers into the other’s flesh. “Or you’re going to kill me. One of those. I think. Maybe both.”

Pressing further in, Yoochun slid his fingers in then pulled slowly out, repeating the action as he kissed at Junsu’s hips. Finding the bone rising under Junsu’s waist, Yoochun nibbled around the crease, finding the valley of muscle with his lips. Traveling over his lover’s body, Yoochun left a trail of kisses, a long wet mark ending with a tiny purple bruise he’d left with his teeth.

“We’re not going to die doing this.” Yoochun stopped, thinking on what he said. “Okay, maybe we will. But is that really a bad thing?”

“I need you… baby, please.” Junsu fell into his begging, floating on the sensations rocking through his body. The feel of Yoochun’s fingers inside of him stretched his core apart, Micky discovered the burr nested inside of Junsu’s body, stroking at it until Yoochun heard the thrum move through Junsu’s frame, shattering the tenor apart under the surge of pleasures.

“I need you too.” Yoochun shifted, Junsu feeling his lover’s hands on his trim waist. A twist of their bodies brought Junsu onto his stomach, Yoochun sliding a pillow under his lover to cant Junsu’s hips, making entrance easier for their love making.

Another splash of gel, this time dribbled down between the tenor’s cleft, Yoochun’s fingers stroking down over the rosette. Yoochun eased the head of his sex at the other’s entrance, running the excess down over his shaft. Remembering the tightness of Junsu around his fingers, Yoochun wanted Junsu’s first push of his sex to be pleasurable. He’d felt the twist of Junsu’s body beneath him, the young man’s teeth gritting as he fought not to swear at Yoochun’s teasing.

Junsu was cotton candy spun from stars around Yoochun’s cock. That was the only thing he could think of as he pushed in, working his hips into a small circle and hoping the hissing moan from his lover’s throat meant Junsu’s impatience would hold just for a little while longer.

Yoochun slid in, slowly letting the heat of Junsu’s body encase him. There was nothing that could come close to describing the feeling of Junsu, no cheering or applause could come close to the intimacy of his lover’s body. Bending forward, Yoochun kissed between Junsu’s shoulders. The tenor’s hands reached back, his shoulders pressed hard against the mattress and his spine bent to take Yoochun in as deep as he could.

Rocking back and forth, Yoochun crested against the ridge of Junsu’s rim, sliding back in until his body lay tight on the rise of Junsu’s cheeks. Junsu’s hands clenched, loosening then holding again, urging Yoochun in. His pleading became a mewling cry, a rumbling mantra telling Yoochun of his love, of his heart and of simple things they shared. There was nothing in his thoughts other than their bond, nothing on his tongue but Yoochun’s name.

Yoochun easily lost himself in the motion of loving the other man, hooking his cock upward until he felt the rush pleasure invade in Junsu’s body. Finding the spot again, Yoochun repeated the action, moving hard until all Junsu could think about was the spin of his nerves unfolding under each thrust.

They held hands when Junsu spilled, the pillow case catching the milky fluid. Yoochun murmured a protest into Junsu’s ears, asking the other to let go so he could stroke at the other’s shaft. Junsu refused, wanting to feel the whole of his lover against his back, needing for the man to be stretched out and the weight of Yoochun’s body holding him against the bed.

Crying out, Yoochun pushed in deep, holding himself against the spasm of Junsu’s muscled ring. The ripples of Junsu’s body along his sex poured outward, encasing his whole body in the pleasure of Junsu’s love. Gasping, Yoochun hitched forward, feeling Junsu’s feet wrap tight on his ankles. Letting his nails bite down into Junsu’s palms, Yoochun let go, splashing hot liquid into Junsu’s insides, letting himself fall.

“Chunnie…” Junsu tried to catch his breath, his lungs bled dry and aching. He groaned with displeasure at Yoochun’s body sliding free of his warmth, the feeling of emptiness only subdued by the kisses against the back of Junsu’s neck. “I want to do this… over and over.”

“I do too.” Yoochun whispered, turning the other onto his side, cradling his lover against his stomach. Laying there against one another, they let their heartbeats settle, a steady rhythm brought into sync as they breathed. Running his fingers along Junsu’s stomach, Yoochun lay sated, his touch a balm on Junsu’s soul.

“Okay,” The tenor finally spoke, his voice raspy from talking. He’d hoped that no one heard him then decided he didn’t care if anyone did. He wouldn’t make allowances for his loving Yoochun, damning the world to nothingness if he could spend another moment with his lover.

“Okay what?” Yoochun kissed at Junsu’s shoulder, licking at the spot and resting his chin there. The other’s sweat tasted sweet, nearly as much so as the seed he spilled, laved clean from Junsu’s belly before it dried.

“I now understand why we don’t see a lot of Jaejoong and Yunho when they have privacy.” Junsu laughed at Yoochun’s groaning chuckle. “I mean, I used to wonder… how much sex can those two have? And now, I think we’re going to have to at least match it. Maybe beat it.”

“You’re very competitive.” Yoochun shook his head. “Besides, we’re… not them. We’re ChunSu. Equals, remember? Neither of us takes without the other one giving. Unless of course you’re stealing my things, then I just ask for them back.”

Junsu’s eyes found the bobble-eyed lavender bunny sitting on the end table, its ears flopped over its head. The carnival seemed so long ago, the prize of Yoochun’s love won before any game was ever played. He realized that now, in the glow of their lovemaking, Junsu saw the forever captured in the plastic eyed buttons of a plush rabbit.

“When I grabbed that bunny…” Junsu said softly, bringing Yoochun’s hand up to his mouth, kissing at the other’s palms. “I wanted to take something that wasn’t.. perfect… something like you.. home. And then now, I realize that I love it…and you… not because you aren’t perfect but because you are. Perfect in being what I need to love. I’m sorry I didn’t see that before, Chunnie. I was so damned blind.”

“It’s okay, Susu-ah.” Yoochun held his lover tight, letting their souls meld together under lights from the city outside. “I never needed to be perfect. I just wanted to be perfect for you. When I first started loving you, I knew that. That I wanted you. I never wanted anyone but you. In my heart. In my life. Always.”

“Okay, now, we sound like a bad drama.” Junsu laughed, turning around and tangling his legs into Yoochun’s. “But yeah, forever baby. Nothing but forever for us. Love you, Yoochun.”

“I love you too, Junsu.” Yoochun kissed the end of his lover’s nose. “And you’d better cherish that damned bunny because we’re not having any more kids but him.”
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