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A River of Kisses (SMM Universe)

Title: A River of Kisses
Pairing: Jaeho/Yunjae

Rating: Overall NC-17. This part: PG

I'm probably going to make this a two shot. I need to break my brain loose. I'll post the rest of it in a few days. Nothing special. Just meandering. I wanted to try something casual.

A touch of a tongue along the f of his tattoo woke Jaejoong up, the slither of a familiar mouth on his heated skin. Sleep hovered, a warm blanket over his soul, reluctant to release the young man into the dawning morning. Silken sheets poured from his hips, tugged free by an insistent hand. Another kiss, longer and lingering, pressed into the nape of Jaejoong’s neck, trailing around to touch at the singer’s jaw.

“Afternoon, Boo.” Yunho whispered, biting lightly on his lover’s earlobe.

“Why are you waking me up?” Jaejoong grumbled, the tilt of his hips rubbing loosely over Yunho’s waist. The tease of his body ran hot over Yunho’s nerves, a firestorm worked free from Yunho’s guts, spilling out between them. “We have time off and you’re waking me up.”

“You woke me up this morning. I think it’s fair I wake you up in the afternoon.” Yunho tucked his body against his lover’s, fitting into the curves of Jae’s hips. “Or don’t you remember chewing me awake?”

“I didn’t chew. Okay, maybe a little nip once in a while… but no chewing.” Jae murmured, biting down into the pillow he’d tucked under his chin. Yunho’s teeth were sharp, his knowledge of Jae’s body intimate and sensual. Blood rushed into Jae’s sex, thickening at Yunho’s touch. A lean finger traced over Jae’s spine, dragging over each bump of bone, listening for Jae’s hissing pleas to begin.

“Stop that.” Jaejoong rolled away, hooking his fingers into Yunho’s hair. “I’m sleepy. Go bother the others.”

“Somehow I think if I went in and bothered the others the way I want to bother you…” Yunho grabbed at Jae’s hip, holding the singer against the sheets. “Do you really want me to cuddle up against Yoochun the way I cuddle against you?”

“I’d kill you.” Jaejoong muttered, dark and promising. “I’d kill you slowly. Maybe not even kill you. Maybe just torture you forever until you whimper and cry like a baby.”

“Ah, you’re mean when you don’t get enough sleep.” Yunho slapped Jaejoong’s naked ass.

“If someone sees…” Jae whispered, sleep washing from his mind. Their manager tried to ignore the shared room, the looks over the dining room table and even the overt touches when the two young men shared the couch but Jaejoong was cautious not to let others see them. The group’s success… so vital for the others… was threatened whenever their affection became too obvious. And with each passing day, they both struggled to hide behind placid faces and bland smiles.

Hidden behind doors, their love smoldered, turned hot with furtive glances and the brushing of hands against each others’ hips. Any touch would do. Anything at all would quench Jae’s thirst for Yunho, the sidelong glances tucked under the lights glaring down upon them. The whispers rose when it appeared their love faded, harsh curved knives that jabbed down into Jae’s belly, slicing him open with each false smile.

Yunho told him time and time again to ignore the whispers, reaching often behind the others’ bodies to touch Jae, still hidden behind the mask of respectability. The leader of their group stiffened his resolve and saved his warmth for the tangled mess of love and chaos he loved, a hard ride that brought him to the highest of heavens and the harshest of hells.

“Our manager is gone.” Yunho breathed into Jae’s open lips, tucking a kiss against the roof of the other’s mouth. “He knows, Jaejoong. He knows that we’re lovers and he doesn’t really care.”

“Besides, I think he’s half in love with you himself. Just like Changmin’s mom.” The leader whispered against Jae’s forehead. The singer’s eyes closed at the touch, wanting to cup his lover’s face and drink from Yunho’s mouth until they both drowned. “Go get dressed. We’re going out. There’s some place I want to take you.”

“Are the others going with us?” Jae pulled the sheets up around his hips, turning over onto his back, feeling the wetness from Yunho’s mouth catch at the linens.

“No.” The leader tossed a pair of jeans at his lover. “Get dressed, baby. I’ve got places to take you.”

The air nipped at their faces, a chilling bite blooming a rose blush across Jaejoong’s bare face. Fisting his hands into his jacket, the young man ducked his head down, his sidelong glance on the lookout for the clusters of fans that seemed to follow the group no matter where they went.

Adulation was wearing at times, smiles forced across their faces until Jaejoong nearly wept with the pain from the ache in his cheeks. It was a blessed hell they’d asked for and his heart often swelled at the beatific faces that greeted him when Jae met with fans but in the darkness of the night, a gloomy veil settled over the singer, as morose and grey as his soul.

Their schedules wore him down to his bones, Jaejoong’s fleeting energy stolen with each breath he shared with the world. Yunho saw the weariness in the plump ridges under his lover’s eyes, the burnt cinnamon of Jae’s faded gaze hidden behind a wash of plastic green.

Yunho’s hand found Jae’s, their fingers tangling amid the shadows in the alley. Tokyo streamed around them, their identities left behind in the apartment they shared with the others. Lights played chase across tall buildings, catching onto the ponds of billboards before flowing off again, rippling streams over cars coursing along tight streets below. A woman called to them, cajoling for a game of pachinko in the parlour beyond. Yunho heard the jingling happy sounds of silver balls striking the stoppers. The echoing burble reminded him of Jaejoong’s laughter, a pleasure he’d not heard in too long.

“Laugh for me, Boo.” Yunho whispered into his lover’s ear, nipping at the ring piercing Jae’s daith.

The smallest drop of silver fell from Jaejoong’s throat, a splash of cool white on the heat of the lights. Yunho captured that sound, holding it to his heart until he spotted where he wanted to go. It was a beacon amid the clamor, drawing the pair there.

“Where are we going, Yunnie-ah?” Jaejoong lapsed into Korean, his words a lilt of the country dialect Yunho had come to love.

“We’re just going… to go be…who we are, Boo.” Yunho hailed a taxi, lifting his arm up to draw the cab to the curb. Sliding in besides his lover, Yunho leaned forward to give the driver directions, an address unknown to the singer. The cab jostled Jaejoong across the seat, nearly tumbling him into Yunho’s lap.

“I like this driver.” Yunho chuckled, pressing a kiss onto Jaejoong’s forehead, the singer righting himself with an angry mutter. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” Jaejoong grumbled, rubbing his elbow where it struck the seat belt clasp. “Roll the window down a bit. I’m going to get carsick.”

The window came down, low enough to let the wind from the city streets pour into the back of the cab. Jaejoong leaned against Yunho’s shoulder, watching the buildings pass them in a blur of steel and glass. They caught snippets of conversations in the wind, words muddled through a language they struggled to understand. Red lights stopped their progress for little moments, pulling faces from the crowds, laughter tangling with solemn stares before the cab started its journey again.

“We’ve come so far, haven’t we?” Jaejoong rested his head against Yunho’s shoulder, feeling the strength of the other man’s soul.

They’d fought to gain trust between them, Jae’s past curdling any faith he might have in someone else while Yunho’s aggressive nature demanded nearly everything from the mercurial singer. Yunho’s possessiveness often won out over the need to keep their love hidden, the leader unwilling to leave Jaejoong unsheltered in a world bent on scraping the singer raw and open.

“We have, Boo.” Yunho hooked his arm around his lover’s shoulders, long fingers playing in Jae’s hair.

The driver kept his eyes on the road, casting furtive glances at the rear view mirror to watch the affection between the two young men sitting behind him. Yunho caught the man’s gaze, staring at the reflected attention until the driver turned aside, shamed into looking away from the intimacy between Yunho and Jaejoong.

“I hate not being able to touch you in public.” Jaejoong’s whisper came hot with a tint of anger. Yunho smiled at Jaejoong’s admission. Between them, Yunho’s hands sought the singer in front of prying eyes, Jaejoong easily falling into his lover’s embrace before realizing the crowds around them, pulling away reluctantly …or more dangerously, staying within the reach of his lover’s touch, daring anyone to point out their affectionate closeness.

“Chunnie is a good friend to you.” Yunho teased, poking at the tender friendship his lover had with Yoochun. “You touch him a lot.”

“Ah!” Jae’s fist lightly punched Yunho’s stomach, a brief burst of surprise in the leader’s woof of air. “Chunnie-ah is…”

“A friend. Your best friend… your closest friend.” Yunho filled in, his smile knowing and tender. “I have no jealousy of Yoochun…well, okay… a little bit but that’s normal.”

“You’re my best friend.” Jaejoong whispered as Yunho’s fingers brushed over his shoulder blades, touching on the tattoo beneath his shirt. “You’re my soul. You’re what I found in Dong Bang Shin Ki just as Yoochun found his mate. Chunnie-ah is my brother but you’re… my everything.”

Yunho’s kiss began softly, just at the edges of Jaejoong’s mouth. It spread deeper when Yunho’s thumbs pressed at the juncture of his lover’s jaw, urging the other man to open wider for him. The top of Jae’s palate became Yunho’s need, then the softness of Jae’s lips, Yunho’s tongue touching and probing at the tenderness of his lover’s moistness.

“Sir, we’re here.” The cabbie cleared his throat again, hoping to draw off Yunho’s attention.

Staring down into Jae’s upraised face, Yunho reluctantly pulled away, digging money from his pocket and handing it through the glass window partition. Opening the door, he stepped clear of the cab, holding his hand out for Jaejoong.

The glass buildings grew tall around them, a forest of mirrored surfaces shining with reflected light. A scent, familiar and blue, hovered in the air, a promise of renewal and dreams. Jaejoong walked carefully behind his lover, their hands often grazing and shoulders nearly always touching as Yunho led them into a hotel lobby, people moving about hurriedly, ignoring the two young men approaching the registration desk. A murmured word with the receptionist provided Yunho with a plastic keycard and directions to a bank of elevators.

“What are we doing here?” Jaejoong frowned, his eyes turned upwards as he watched the floor indicators fly by on the lift screen.

“I thought it would be nice if we had some… privacy.” Yunho replied as the elevator dinged, reaching the top floor. Opening up into a wide foyer, the hallway boasted two doors, set at opposite ends of the corridor. The leader stepped free of the lift car, wrapping his fingers around Jae’s wrist. “Come on.”

The scent of water did not prepare Jaejoong for the sight of the river flowing outside of the hotel suite, a long stretch of liquid dappled with the reflected lights of Tokyo’s skyline. Rounded arcs of a bridge dazzled Jae’s eyes, sweeping gentle half-circles spotted with blues and greens. The stars were absent in the night sky, drawn away by the glare of Tokyo’s evening light show but the sparkles along the buildings and streets more than made up for the lack, draping entire constellations over skyscrapers and winding over long avenues, pearled gemstones laced over slender ridges.

“That’s the Sumida river.” Yunho came up behind Jaejoong, wrapping his arms about the singer’s slender waist. “I can’t give you the Han…not here in Japan but I can at least give you the Sumida and for a few days, this will be our home.”

“You planned this?” Jae tilted his head back, finding his lover’s eyes on him. “You…”

“I had some of our clothes sent here.” Yunho kissed the corner of Jae’s eye, licking at the lashes within reach. “Providing that we’re even going to be wearing clothes while we’re here. My guess is, we’re not. But just in case, there is some.”

“Can I see the river from the bed?” Jaejoong loosely broke from Yunho’s grasp, hooking his fingers into his lover’s waistband.

“Yes.” Yunho grinned, falling into step behind the singer’s long stride.

“Good.” Jae’s tongue found the corner of his own mouth, a delicious entreaty for Yunho’s kiss. “I’m going to start vacationing there. I want you… where I can see the river… and taste you at the same time.”
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