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A River of Kisses: Section Two (SMM Universe)

Title: A River of Kisses (SMM Universe)
Section: Two

Pairing: TVXQ
Rating: Overall NC-17. This section... R

Okay, so it's a bit bigger than two.

Sections: One

Jaejoong listened to the rain strike the glass panes of their suite, the river below lost behind the mists. A forlorn ship bell rang through the late morning air, a lowing moan warning off small vessels coming around the bend in the waterway. His shoulder blade ached where Yunho’s teeth bit hard into his flesh, pulling and nipping as they rocked into one another, Jae’s hands curved around the soft pillow, his face buried into the silken cotton case in the hopes that it would somehow muffle the screaming that rasped from his mouth.

Running the back of his hand over his lips, Jaejoong felt a brief sting from the puffiness, ravaged from Yunho’s endless caresses, their faces parting then joining again, each thrust of their bodies bringing them close enough to kiss. Naked, the singer let the breeze from the open window flow over his torso and down between his legs, his arms splayed out on either side of his body.

Jae knew they would have to return to their crazy world soon but for now, he could laze about and let the sky roll past him through the window. A few days of peace with Yunho gifted him with more calm in his heart than any river he’d ever seen, the closeness of their bodies and souls as pacific as a calm lake.

Tilting his head back, Jaejoong watched Yunho come into the bedroom, his long-legged swagger hinting of a seductive arrogance that drew Jae’s eyes downward. The younger man quirked a cocky smile at his lover, setting down a couple of bags, their contents as smelling as tantalizing Yunho’s body coming out of the warm rain. Bending down, Yunho stopped at the edge of the bed, drinking in the sight of his lover’s naked body.

“God, you’re nice to come home to.” Yunho inhaled Jae’s exhaled breath, catching the heat of his lover’s soul against the roof of his mouth. Their lips were a tangled heat, nearly brushing, held apart by a whisper of space throbbing with need.

“Are you planning on kissing me or are you just going to stand there?” Jaejoong blinked, his lashes touching light burrs on Yunho’s cheeks. Yunho debated staying just outside of Jae’s reach, letting the heat of their bodies rise until lightning broke between them but the erotic slant of the singer’s mouth proved too arousing to resist.

They touched, lightly at first, just enough of a skimming stroke to feel the heat of their mouths against their lips. Jae yearned for more, pressing in at the dip of Yunho’s mouth, finding the ridge of his lover’s chin with tiny butterfly kisses then touching at the sienna dot above Yunho’s upper lip.

The leader allowed his hand to glide above the downy column of Jae’s neck, the tips of his fingers unerringly finding the faint birthmark under Jae’s chin, Yunho’s palm easily curving to fit around Jaejoong’s jaw. Yunho felt his lover swallow, holding Jae’s delicate bone in the cup of his hand until it passed, Jae’s desire fighting with the swell of emotion in the singer’s throat.

“You taste good.” Jaejoong sighed, his body warmed to a blushing red under Yunho’s stroking hands. “Like you stood outside in the rain and held your mouth open, swallowing the sky.”

“I missed you.” Yunho admitted, sliding around his lover’s prone form and pulling Jaejoong into his lap. Cradling the other man, Yunho explored the familiar, exotic terrain, fascinated by the taut muscles running lean in Jae’s thighs and stomach. “I knew if I tasted the rain, it would hold you in it. It was like kissing a mirror of you… a twin that’s been faded by time. But it held me long enough until I could come back… and find you here, waiting for me.”

“So I should be jealous of a storm?” Jae teased, his arms lazy around Yunho’s waist.

“No,” Yunho replied, resting his forehead against his lover’s temple. “It brought me home to you.”

Shifting, the singer nested against the crux of Yunho’s lap, his rear fitting into the ridge of his lover’s hip bone. They’d sat this way in the dark, too many times to count… sometimes on the rooftop of their home in Seoul where the stars could be seen on a pitch black night… sometimes in the tight corner of their shared bedroom in Japan, the nighttime sounds echoing against the tall buildings rising up around them. Regardless of their surroundings, they still fit into one another, a jigsaw of souls and bodies, sliced apart from a single heart.

“I could stay like this forever.” Yunho nibbled on Jae’s shoulder, bringing up a small red welt. Kissing the mark with a sigh of satisfaction, he wondered how long it would stay and who would see it before it disappeared beyond the snowy porcelain of Jaejoong’s skin.

“We have to go be Hero and U-Know in a few days.” Jaejoong reminded him, tugging at the collar of Yunho’s shirt. “And why am I naked and you’re still dressed?”

“Because I got dressed and you’ve not worn clothes for nearly twelve hours.” The leader reminded him, pouring Jaejoong back onto the mattress. Standing, the young man kicked off his shoes then reached for the sacks he’d left on the table. “Here, open these up. I brought us lunch.”

The noodles were familiar as was the fermented soy beans that Jaejoong had a particular love for. Jae’s hands stilled as he watched Yunho strip free of his damp clothing, the dancer’s strong body rippling with grace as he stepped out of his jeans. The pink band of his underwear was ripe for Jaejoong’s fingers, the elastic easily plucked with a fast pinch.

“Aren’t you supposed to be unpacking our food?” Yunho growled, hooking his thumbs into the band of his briefs, his head cocked to one side as he stared at his lover.

“I started.” Jae shrugged, holding up portions of steaming food for Yunho to see. “You just became more interesting.”

Yunho’s shirt fell on the floor, the flat of his stomach well within reach of Jae’s questing fingers. Licking his index finger, Jaejoong tipped the wet digit into Yunho’s navel, making the leader flinch at the touch. Lunging forward, Yunho was about to tackle Jae onto the mattress but the singer warned him off, hastily holding up the containers of liquid and noodles steaming through vented lids.

“I’ll be getting you back for that later.” Yunho promised darkly, his lips finding Jaejoong’s earlobes, a sharp nip tweaking around the singer’s earring. “Just remember that when you can’t stop screaming my name.”

“Like I ever stop screaming your name.” Jae muttered. “You scream mine just as loud, don’t forget.”

“Every time I swallow, I have your name in my breath.” The young man kissed Jae on the cheek, tucking his legs underneath him as he sat down. Taking off the cover of one of the containers, he stirred at the natto inside, working the strands loose. Yunho poked at the delicacy with a wooden spork, holding up a bit for his lover to taste. A dollop of karashi added flavour to the treat, the strings of fermented beans a sticky trail from the paper container to Jae’s waiting mouth. Chewing, the singer nodded at the mild flavour of the soybeans, reveling in the spiced mustard accent.

“That’s good.” Jaejoong licked at a thread on his lower lip, his tongue dabbing at the string. Laughing at the other’s efforts, Yunho reached forward, moistening his thumb and rubbed at the natto strand, sucking off the remnants of Jae’s mouth from his fingers with a noisy slurp.

“It is good.” Yunho winked. “But I’m not sure if I’m tasting the natto or you. Let me try again.”

Yunho stole another kiss, sucking the breath from Jaejoong’s mouth. Cradling the back of Jae’s head, Yunho pulled his lover closer, wanting to consume as much of the singer as he could. The lunch lay forgotten, one of the container nearly toppled as Jae’s foot struck its side. Tumbling into the sheets, Jae pulled Yunho down with him, licking at the strength of his lover’s neck and shoulder.

“Need you.” Jaejoong whispered, laving at the ticklish spot under Yunho’s chin. Laughing, Yunho jerked back, trying to break loose of his lover’s searching tongue. “Stop moving.”

“Stop tickling.” Yunho rolled over, trapping Jae underneath him. “Need you too, Boo. Need you very badly.”

Breathless, Yoochun rolled free of Junsu’s body, his chest heaving with hard pants. Hair damp over his forehead, the baritone drew as much air as he could into his lungs, his hands tightly fisted into the sheets on the bed he shared with the other man. Junsu fought feebly against Yoochun’s legs, pushing weakly at the other’s body until he dissolved into laughter.

“You’re too heavy.” Junsu gasped, wondering if he could reach the other’s shoulder with his teeth. Craning his neck, he brushed Yoochun’s skin but not enough to get a good grip on the other’s flesh. “Move up a bit.”

“So you can bite me?” Yoochun guffawed, keeping the lavender plush bunny out of Junsu’s reach. The tenor reached out again, his arm a bit too short to reach the rabbit. “Oh no. I’m not letting you up until you promise not to bite me.”

“I’m not promising anything.” Junsu twisted, nearly loose from Yoochun’s torso. “You are….too…heavy.”

The afternoon air clung moisture to the outside of their bedroom window, beads of dew running clotted streams down the glass pane. Sparsely leafed trees swayed in the waning sun, nearly ready to bud, heralding the end of a long winter season. They’d already seen signs of life in the pecking of a bird along the branches, its beak weaving soft twigs into the beginnings of a nest, preparing for the task of raising fledglings. The breeze coming through the open window was sweetly cool, just a hint of a chill in its bite.

Oblivious to the pastoral view outside of their window, Junsu found he was able to reach Yoochun’s shoulder, his teeth a white flash on his lover’s body. The skimming sharpness poked Yoochun’s attention then the grip of his skin between Junsu’s clenched teeth made him gasp, a brush of purpling already beginning under Junsu’s ravening bite.

“Let go.” Yoochun let his fingers wander, his free hand stroking at the inside of Junsu’s legs. The tenor’s gasping reply was all he needed, the other’s mouth releasing Yoochun’s shoulder. “Ah, thank you.”

“Give me back our son.” Junsu dove to the side, grabbing at the bunny. “You’re a bad father.”

“What?” Yoochun released the plush rabbit, its fur matted with the baritone’s spit. “I’m a good father… well as good as …it’s a rabbit!”

“It’s our rabbit.” Junsu tucked the toy under his arm, laying back under the weight of Yoochun’s body. “You shouldn’t have… bit into it when you…”

“I thought it was the pillow!” Yoochun protested. “How was I supposed to know that you shoved him under sheets? What kind of father shoves their kid under the sheets? And doesn’t warn the other before he pounces on him? It’s your fault his ass is wet.”

“Always be aware of the bunny!” Junsu bopped Yoochun on the nose with the plush toy. “You’re still too heavy.”

“Sorry…” Yoochun kissed Junsu on the neck before rolling aside. His long legs were still wrapped around Junsu’s, unwilling to break the bond between them. “Well, I’m not really sorry. Lying on top of you is as much fun as lying underneath you.”

“Aish, our son’s ears!” Junsu grinned, leaning his head back against his lover’s shoulders. Sighing, he stretched, feeling his muscles protest with a soft ache, a reminder of the hours spent wrapped around Yoochun. “I thought Yunho and Jaejoong would never leave.”

“You act like they lingered outside of our door for a week.” Yoochun played with the edges of the sheet, comforted by their combined scents. Junsu’s mint toothpaste lingered in his mouth, a dash of freshness on his tongue. “I dragged you in here as soon as Yunho left. We forget to eat for the few couple of hours.”

“Letch.” Junsu complained lightly. Despite the small ache in his back and the stickiness along his body, Junsu smiled. “Of course I didn’t mind. It was a nice couple of hours.”

“Nice?” The baritone exclaimed, mock disgust colouring his words. Indignant, Yoochun snorted, tilting his chin up. “I have to work harder next time if all I got is nice.”

“Better than nice.” Junsu corrected. “Fantastic. Left me breathless that is, before you bit our son.”

“And as soon as you caught your breath, you thought of Yunho and Jaejoong. See what I have to compete with? YunJae. And a lavender bunny.” Yoochun stared up at the ceiling, smiling. “They were getting too…frazzled. I was beginning to worry about them. When that dancer touched Jaejoong’s crotch the other day, I thought Yunho was going to rip him apart.”

“Frazzled. Good word. It even sounds like them.” The tenor agreed. “They need time to… be alone. I don’t understand it but they do. You and I… we can be who we are no matter who is around us. They need… to be just wrapped up in themselves. I wonder if that’s a good thing sometimes. Is it healthy to be like that?”

“It’s good for them.” Yoochun said. “It’s easier for us to be alone when we’re surrounded by people. Neither one of us are… on display like they are. I wouldn’t want to be either Yunho or Jaejoong. Everyone staring and poking at everything we do. I much rather like being behind them.”

“I’d rather be behind you.” Junsu sat up, licking at the tattoo along Yoochun’s back. “Mate. Forever friend and lover. Mine.”

“Now you sound like Yunnie-ah.” Yoochun laughed, turning to grab at the bunny and placing it on the night stand by their bed. “Mine, mine and mine. No one else. No one look… mine!”

“Yunho taught me a few things about jealousy and possessiveness.” Junsu nodded, his arm reaching around Yoochun’s waist. “He told me about how my body would burn and how hard it would be to ignore Jaejoong draping over your body. And he was right. My stomach twitches every time I see the two of you together, wrapped tight and whispering but I know that you’re just sharing secrets… and that you’ll always come back to me.. because you’re mine.”

“And you’re mine as well.” Yoochun bent forward, capturing Junsu’s lower lip with his teeth, a gentle nip before sucking the plumpness into his moist mouth. “There’s no where else I would rather be. No one else I’d rather be with.”

“Think Min would mind if he didn’t see us this evening?” Junsu asked, cupping Yoochun’s face in his hands. Staring at the other man’s features, he found loyalty and love in the goofy smile he adored. His thumb pads traced over Yoochun’s strong chin, trailing along his lover’s cheek until he rounded the beauty spot under Yoochun’s right cheekbone.

“Min’s off with his… new friend.” Yoochun licked under Junsu’s chin, finding the sweet saltiness of his lover spreading over his tongue. “I doubt he even remembers where he lives right now.”

“Are we ever going to meet this new friend?” Junsu rubbed his lover’s nose with his index finger, a sly smile forming when Yoochun wrinkled his brow. “I think Minnie-ah is afraid we’ll tear him apart. Joongie-ah has already said that no one is good enough for our Changmin. I think that frightened him.”

“I’d be more afraid of Yunho than Jaejoong.” Micky replied, sucking on Junsu’s fingertip. Reciting the credo Yunho used to threaten the last person who came sniffing around their youngest, Yoochun said, “Break Min’s heart, we break your legs. Five as one.”

“Five as one.” Junsu agreed, fitting against Yoochun’s body. “So, how long until we get the hyungs back?”

“A day or so.” Yoochun reached for the bunny, turning it firmly around to face the wall. Turning onto his side, Micky bent to kiss Junsu’s shoulder, the baritone’s hand wandering down the other’s side. “Come closer. That rabbit shouldn’t be the only thing in this room with wet teeth marks on its ass.”

Changmin stood at the door of the coffee shop, unsure if he should go inside and wait or linger outside, making it appear as if he were more detached than he felt. Nerves ran hot along his back and thighs, a tingling sensation he couldn’t shake. Nervously, the singer adjusted the lapel of his jacket, wondering for the umpteenth time if he’d made a mistake in dressing in jeans and a leather coat. Changmin looked down at the shirt he wore, borrowed out of Jaejoong’s dresser, a brash declaration of allegiance to a revolutionary idea that Changmin wondered if the singer even understood.

“Hello, babe.” His voice invoked comfort and eroticism, a dark velvet purr that made Min’s spine shiver in response. He stood close, a musky cologne lightly touching Min’s senses, its rich scent redolent and promising.

“Hi.” Changmin could have kicked himself, hearing his stale sounding greeting in his own ears. He wished for Jaejoong’s skill with language or Yunho’s ease with speaking to other people. In his stuttering Japanese, Changmin felt doubly foolish when he spoke, his tongue numb with want and the ache of this man.

“Your Japanese is improving.” His laugh brought a blush to Min’s face, the young man ducking down to hide his embarrassment.

“You can tell that from my saying hello?” Min cocked his head, a sloe eyed beauty silhouetted against the water-washed sun falling across the horizon behind him.

“I watched you on television yesterday morning.”

“You watched me?” Changmin winced, biting down on the inside of his lip.

“Of course I watched you, babe.” He looked away, nearly breaking Changmin’s heart. “We should go someplace quieter. Where we can talk.”

“Just talk?” Min’s bravado, also borrowed from Jaejoong, surfaced.. a thread of steel in the quiet weald of his soul. He’d seen his hyung maneuver Yunho into admitting his affection, a carefully placed word laid like a bear trap for an unsuspecting foot.

“We can do more than talk…” With the lightest of grazes, his fingers found Min’s mouth, tracing the young man’s sensual pout. “You can practice your Japanese…I can practice other things.”

“I think you do well enough with those other things.” Changmin replied, his eyes casting about into the crowd. No one knew him here, people wandering about on their own errands. Min’s attention drifted back to the face of the man who drew him in every time they spoke, tender and handsome… ruthless at times… always evocative.

Changmin stepped away from the doors, knowing the other would follow a step behind. A hand, strong and callused, lightly touched Min’s back, tracing at the soft down under the t-shirt. Changmin swallowed hard, remembering the last time they’d met, nearly losing themselves in the consumption of a single kiss, tongues moist and hungry for one another’s flesh.

“We’ll get around to talking.” Another touch, promising to reach down into Changmin’s soul and open up every corner of his heart. The barest of kisses floated over the young man’s temple, hot and spiced with a pledge to help Changmin soar. “We do talk…sometimes.”

“Sometimes.” Changmin agreed softly. “Mostly. That’s what I like best about you… that we can… talk.”

“That’s what you like the best?” He turned, capturing Changmin against a hard wall, a shadowy niche providing them with a discreet shelter.

He lingered, taking his time exploring the sweetness of the young man he pressed into. A dulcet moan reached up from Min’s belly, blooming with each stroke of the other’s tongue against his lips, urging the young man to give into the intensity of their caresses. Closing his eyes tight, Changmin fell into the seduction, wanting to trust the man who held him fast… needing to find a foothold in the soul that enraptured his own.

“I was wrong.” Changmin whispered when he could finally speak, breathless and wanting more. “That… is what I like best.”

“That’s only the beginning of it, babe.” His laugh was a splash of whiskey on sunlight, erotically addictive and warm in Changmin’s belly. “I’ve got a lot of things I want to show you… want to do to you…want to do with you. That is…if you want me to.”

“I want.” Min raised his eyes, finding the other’s gaze with a steadiness he barely felt. “I very much want you to.”
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