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A River of Kisses: Section 3 (SMM Universe)

Title: A River of Kisses (SMM Universe)
Length: Sectioned/Chaptered
Section: Three (last section)
Author: wedspawn
Pairing: TVXQ
Rating: R
Genre: I have no idea.
One; Two

Yunho grazed his tongue over Jae’s back, tasting and licking every inch of his lover’s skin. The singer lay quiet, biting at the corner of a pillow, trying to fight back the mewls climbing out of his throat. His stomach clenched in response to Yunho’s touch, feathering erotic sensations Jae allowed to flow over his body. Pleasure lay in every gasping twitch of his nerves, curling a semi-sweet ribbon over his thighs and into the stem of his brain. Tendrils exploded into bursts of sparks behind Jae’s closed eyes, the scent of Yunho’s body filling his mind.

“You smell like… spring and… lemon grass.” Jae purred, unable to stay silent when Yunho kissed his way up Jaejoong’s back, leaving a trail of wet smudges along the dip of the singer’s spine. Sighing, Jae twisted his shoulders around, keeping his hips flat on the bed. Looking up into his lover’s warm eyes, Jae craned to suckle at Yunho’s lower lip, wanting to swallow some taste of the other man into his soul.

“You slice me apart sometimes.” Yunho admitted, rolling Jaejoong over the rest of the way, flattening the singer underneath him. Covering Jae with his body, Yunho stretched his arms up, capturing Jae’s wrists in his long fingers and guiding the singer’s arms up over the pillow.

“What do you mean?” Jae released the tension in his shoulders, allowing himself to be held down against the bed.

Yunho’s need for control manifested in small ways, often intimate possessive motions that were easy to give into, falling away when Jae needed to lead, their desires a pair of hummingbirds flying an aerial ballet through their souls. After pressing a gentle kiss along Jae’s exposed throat, Yunho rested his chin on his lover’s chest, meeting Jae’s inquisitive gaze. Thinking for a moment, Yunho tried to find the words to express himself, searching deep inside of his mind until he formed a picture he could draw in his lover’s thoughts.

“I’m different when I’m around you….when I’m inside of you, things change.. get brighter… deeper.” Yunho whispered. “Through everything that we’ve struggled through, even when we fight, I turn around and all I can do is search for your face amid the crowd or feel my attention wander until I hear your voice. You once told me that loving someone means handing them your heart and now, I understand exactly what you mean.”

“When you’re angry at me…” Yunho started.

“You’re angry at me much more than I’m angry at you.” Jaejoong reminded him, pursing his lips in a growl.

“Shut up for a moment.” Yunho sucked on his lover’s mouth, silencing Jae with a sloppy kiss. “Let me talk this out.”

“When you’re angry at me,” Yunho ignored Jae’s knowing smile, continuing on. “I want to do anything to make you… happy or just to make you start talking to me again. And even though I know you can’t hold a grudge for long, that hour or so is agony. It’s like I made a knife out of my own pain, sharpened it and handed it to you to stab into my heart. Nothing hurts as much as your anger. Nothing can make me cry as hard as when you’re in pain. I didn’t understand that when we first…began this. Now, I understand it fully.”

“Why are you telling me this now?” Jae shifted, lowering his arms down over his lover’s shoulders as Yunho released his wrists. “Did I hurt you? I’m sorry…”

“No, you didn’t hurt me, Boo.” Yunho shook his head, fending off Jae’s worry. “I needed to tell you this now because I wanted to share how I felt. In the years that we’ve been together, I always felt like you ... knew… how to love and I was following around behind you, picking up scraps and bits without really understanding what was going on. I knew I loved you… and I could feel how much you made me feel but I couldn’t understand it.”

“Coming here to Japan, it felt like I was just taking a piece of my home with me.” The leader said softly. “I wasn’t worried about anything because you were coming with me. It made me realize that you and I are… knitted together. It’s not just sex or even a romance… it’s my life and you’re woven into every bit of my world.”

“Things might be different once we’re not living in each other’s pockets.” Jaejoong warned. “You and I… we can’t get away from one another. It might be different if we ever become soloists.”

“Can you see me doing anything without you nearby?” Yunho laughed, a taint of bitter in his sweet voice. “I can’t even go visit my parents without calling you every few hours to see how you are. I can’t live without knowing that you breathe. You cough and my lungs ache. I know you feel the same way.”

“I do.” Jaejoong admitted, ducking his head down, shy under the other’s intense scrutiny. “I just didn’t want you to feel as if I… clung too much or too hard.”

“No, Boo.” The leader replied. “You’re fine. If anything, I wish sometimes you’d touch me more in public but I know you’re.. frightened of how it would affect the others. And I’m okay with that. But one day, we’re not going to hide this anymore. I guess I need to know if you’re okay with that. Can you be with me one day… out in the open?”

“Yes.” The singer responded, the whisper of agreement flaming the embers in his eyes. “I can do that. For you, Yunnie-ah, I can do that.”

“Love you, Boo.” Yunho reached under his lover’s hips, sliding one of the pillows under the small of Jaejoong’s back. “And I want to love you. Never want to stop loving you. Ever.”

Bending over, he kissed at the soft spot under Jae’s chin, working his way over to one of the singer’s collarbones, leaving a red trail of tiny bites behind him. Reaching under with his fingers, Yunho stroked at Jae’s heat, feeling the slickness there and pressing in a single fingertip, watching with great satisfaction as the other man arched his back, a slow hiss escaping his open mouth.

“Yunnie…” Jaejoong gasped, the tight heat of his body closing in over Yunho’s intrusion. “Slow… please.. slow.”

“I want to take my time, baby.” Yunho grappled for the tube he’d abandoned on the sheets, squeezing out a dollop of warming gel. Another hiss and then a sweet moaning plea slithered from Jae’s open mouth. “I want you to feel all of me… feel how much I want you and how much I love you.”

He moved slowly into his lover, letting Jae’s body adjust around him, a lingering seductive journey into a velvet heat Yunho loved to fall into. Yunho’s hand reached up to grip Jae’s heel, the dancer’s sensitive fingers stroking at the long tendons of his lover’s ankle, ringing around the bump of bone he found there. Careful of Jae’s healed knee, Yunho cradled the singer’s legs in his hands, working the man’s calves up until they firmly rested on his shoulders.

Rocking his hips, Jae met Yunho’s easing flesh, rolling with the undulating curve of his lover’s body. Yunho’s muscles clenched tight, his rear flexing and holding as he plunged deeper into Jaejoong, drawing out Jae’s moans into long keening mewls. Jae reached for his lover’s shoulders, wanting to push the other man deeper, until Yunho met the column of bones in his back, his need for Yunho breaking Jae open with the need for his lover’s body.

“Never stop, Yunnie.” Jae thrust, running his hands through Yunho’s dark hair. He ached inside, wanting only Yunho. With Yunho, he was never alone.

There’d been many times when the rain hit the windows of Scarlet’s apartment, the tap-tap-tap of a torrent dancing over the tin roof while he lay on the couch, his heart crying silently in its loneliness. Jaejoong wept in the dark until his eyes were swollen shut, salt crusted over his long lashes, every tear gilded silver with a wish for someone to look at him with love, to hold him in their hearts despite his flaws. He’d searched faces, looking for the soul with his name inscribed upon it. Then when a dark-eyed, masculine dancer walked into his life, Jaejoong found the other half of his essence embodied in Yunho’s strength.

“Never stop loving me… please.” Jae whispered, hot in Yunho’s ear. Thunder called out to him, a rolling boom across the sky. Dragons lay in the clouds, screaming as they mated, echoing Yunho’s growls against Jaejoong’s neck.

“I won’t, Boo.” Yunho slowed, drawing himself out then easing into Jae, fitting his hips against the curve in Jae’s body. “I can’t. Any more than I could stop breathing. My heart is yours even when it stops beating…only yours, baby.”

Yoochun stretched his legs out, hooking his feet around Junsu’s ankle, the couch in their apartment chosen for its width and vibrant red hue. The spill of water-drenched sunlight from a picture window lent a buttery warmth to the room, touching on the soft bamboo wall paint. Junsu’s attention was fixed on the large screen television dominating the room, his eyes following the curving vista of a video game, the digital roar of car engines interspersed with the singer’s shouts as he careened his race car to the side.

They lay in opposite directions of the couch, one of Junsu’s legs propped up on a couch cushion, his torso twisting as he urged his car forward, his arms gesticulating wildly as he shouted at the screen. Yoochun’s boneless sprawl pulled at Junsu’s interest, his eyes wavering for a moment on the stretch of Yoochun’s stomach peeking out from under his shirt hem.

Lightly tanned from a few days spent basking in the sun, Yoochun’s skin glowed, a beacon enticing Junsu from his game. A game siren screamed for the tenor’s attention, Junsu’s race car dangerously close to kissing the side of a building as his fingers allowed the vehicle to drift across the screen. The sun hit Yoochun’s face, casting fringed shadows onto his cheeks, the singer’s long lashes a straight line of soot over his dark sienna eyes. When Yoochun blinked, Junsu felt the world grew darker, the brilliance of Chunnie’s soul hidden from view for a split second.

Working his arms up over his head, Yoochun worked a cramp from his back, his sweats sliding down his slender hips, catching on a jut of bone. A dusting of silky smooth hair crept down from around Yoochun’s belly button, traversing down into a line over his underbelly and down past the drawn waistband of his pants. Familiar with the terrain, Junsu instinctively sought out the three minute beauty spots on the stretch of skin over Yoochun’s right hip.

Junsu knew the taste of those three dots, a constellation on his lover’s skin that held nearly all of the sweetness of Yoochun’s soul. His tongue grew dry, thirsty for that sugared musk and Junsu swallowed hard, shoving the lingering need from his thoughts.

Yoochun continued to stare out the window, watching the world go by, oblivious of Junsu’s surreptitious perusal. Junsu fought to keep his mind on the game, his gaze floating back to those damned three spots, the brown specks too dry for his liking. After Junsu slammed his car into a wall for the third time, he tossed the controller to the side and jumped across Yoochun’s body, gnawing at the other’s neck with a fierce giggle.

“Hey! Hey!” Yoochun nearly toppled from the couch, startled by Junsu’s attack. “What the hell?”

“You were driving me insane.” Junsu complained. “You know how hard it is to play a video game while you’re posing on the couch?”

“I wasn’t posing!” Yoochun shoved at Junsu’s shoulders, trying to pin the other to the couch. Junsu’s wiry body slithered across the fabric, his toned body nearly impossible to contain. Junsu hooked one leg over Yoochun’s hip, twisting and scissoring until he trapped the other man in a tight grip.

“Hah!” Junsu exulted, slamming his hands down on the arm of the couch and bent over Yoochun’s torso, lowering his face until he nearly touched Yoochun’s mouth with a firm pout. “I win. Kiss me.”

Yoochun squinted at his lover, grimacing while turning his head away, playfully refusing to capitulate Junsu’s demands. “No, I won’t be held hostage by…”

“Hostage?!” Junsu interrupted, biting at Yoochun’s throat. “You’re mine. You’re like… a war trophy! Hah! Spoils! Kiss me! Your warlord demands it.”

“Warlord?” Yoochun turned and laughed at Junsu’s silly grimace, the young man trying to mimic a samurai mask they’d seen at a museum. “You’re too short to be a warlord! Here… take your kiss. Your legs are cutting off the circulation in my butt.”

Yoochun let his hands roam up from Junsu’s waist, sliding his fingers over the other man’s chest, stroking at the hardening points on Junsu’s pectorals. Slanting his head, Yoochun delved into his lover’s taste, drawing on Junsu’s lips until the other man gasped into Yoochun’s mouth. Their tongues tangled, warred then surrendered under the onslaught, turning tender as they laved at the sweetness they found in one another.

Junsu mourned the shortness of his lover’s hair, unable to do anything more than scrape at the soft locks that were growing out. Running through the shorn silk, Junsu laughed into Yoochun’s mouth, hearing the echo of his joy against the other’s soft palate.

“You make me happy, Chunnie.” Junsu whispered, licking at the edges of Yoochun’s mouth, taking his time to explore the other’s lips with his own. “I love that you make me laugh.”

“Junnie-ah, you laugh at everything.” Yoochun kissed Junsu’s chest, feeling the throb of life under the other’s skin. “You’re easy to make laugh, even at the smallest things.”

“You make me laugh harder then.” The tenor insisted, touching Yoochun’s mouth with his fingertips. “Any time there is anger in the world, I think about you and it goes away. You’re my rain. You wash everything clean.”

“That’s me, Chunnie-soap.” Stretching, the young man braced his hands on Junsu’s hips, holding the singer firm against him. “I’m glad you’re with me, Susu-ah. I’m glad you love me.”

“I’m glad you love me too.” Tender, Junsu’s voice washed through Yoochun’s soul, gentle and healing the burrs in his soul. “We’re good together, Chunnie-ah. I like how we fit into each other… our bodies and our hearts.”

“We do fit together.” Yoochun agreed, rubbing his cheek against Junsu’s face. Knitted together, their bodies grew warmer, heating the sparse air between them. “I like how we fit.”

“You want to go fit together in our bedroom?” Junsu waggled his eyebrows, a playful seducer with a glint in his eye. Eliciting a giggle out of Yoochun, the tenor growled lightheartedly. “You think that’s funny?”

“I do.” Yoochun nodded, his cheeks plump and pink. “I was thinking we could just fit together right here. The others are out and how often do we get to…”

“Ah, I made a promise to our leader.” Junsu lifted his body free of Yoochun, swinging his legs down off the sofa and holding his hands out to his lover. “I promised that we would never ever make love on the living room furniture. He promised that he and Jae would do the same.”

“Considerate.” Yoochun debated the issue in his mind, taking Junsu’s hand and letting the tenor lift him up. “I suppose I love Jaejoong but not enough to…”

“Aish, don’t say it.” Junsu wiped at his ears, trying to keep the thought of Yunho and Jaejoong from lodging in his mind. “I don’t want that in my brain. I don’t want to see Yunnie-ah and BooJae doing that. Only you and me. We’re going to have to make love on this couch just to get that out of my brain!”

“Come on, Susu-ah.” Yoochun tugged at his lover, sliding an arm around Junsu’s waist. “I won’t let that stick. I’ve got ways to make sure that everything but me is going to slither right out.”

“Well, I hope it stays in there for a little bit. Maybe even a long while.” Junsu teased, his voice husky and dark with desire. “Otherwise, it wouldn’t be much fun.”

“Have you told the others about me?”

Changmin froze in mid-pour, nearly overflowing his glass with water. Sitting back on the couch, the young man mulled the question, wondering what he should tell the man who muddled his thought. His mind had long been his strength but the man sitting next to him, legs splayed apart in wait for Changmin’s lean body to settle into its V, drove nearly all of Min’s common sense from his brain. A misty veil hung over their hushed whispers, as if they spoke too loud, not wanting the world to overhear them as they talked about how they felt and what they saw.

Now faced with the reality of the outside world, Changmin wanted nothing more than to bury himself into his friend’s body and keep himself safe from any prying eyes or probing questions. Min felt selfish, not wanting to share the man with the others. Shame embedded in his heart, Min’s guilt over hiding his burgeoning affair from the other members but everything was too…new and thrilling, a delicate sweet experience that Changmin feared would burst like a soap bubble if pressed too hard.

“Babe, did you hear me?” He reached for Min’s shoulder, a warm hand closing over the young man’s slighter frame.

“I heard you. And I…” Min set his glass down, sliding cautiously over the buttery brown leather sofa and settling between his friend’s spread legs. Facing the other man, Changmin placed his palms on the other’s thighs, crossing his legs. “I guess I don’t know what to say to them. How do I tell them that… we’re…”

“That I’m spending long hours seducing you?” That brought a burning blush to Changmin’s serious features, his eyes crinkling as he ducked his head, trying to maintain some sense of composure in the face of the brazen overture.

The man’s thumb, broad and rough, ran over the flat of Min’s chin, curving up around the younger man’s jaw until he reached the soft downy skin under Min’s ear. Resting the young man’s face in his wide palm, the man searched for doubt in Min’s eyes, seeing the youthful exuberance and enormous intelligence that drew him to Shim Changmin but none of the shadowy hedging he’d once seen in Kim Jaejoong’s eyes when he looked at them.

“Do you think they would object to me… seducing you?” He laughed at the rising pink in Min’s cheeks. “Ah, you think they will.”

“No.” Changmin shook his head. The word seduction touched at some part of him that wanted the danger of being lured into a relationship, falling into love with someone wholly inappropriate although by all things considered, the other man had done nothing untoward. “Maybe. I don’t know. You’ve been… nice to me. Safe.

“Then I must be doing something wrong if you think that I’m safe.” He muttered, hooking his hands on either side of Min’s hips, dragging the younger man into him. Changmin landed hard, barely eliciting a response when he struck the other man’s chest.

It was different kissing someone as inexperienced as Changmin but he found the young man to be a delightful refreshing change in his life. The world, so faded and worn from years of being seen through hardened eyes, suddenly became newer and brighter, a serious Min patiently unveiling the mysteries of the universe through thoughtful observations.

He’d been first pulled in by the quiet thinker of the group, a playful adult hidden behind a youthful mask. The weeks he’d spent coaxing Changmin to trust him, always apart from the other members lest they edge him away as they’d done others who’d been interested in their youngest. Now, he’d followed them to Japan, circling around the young man, hoping that Changmin would see their relationship as something more than a passing affection.

His mouth found Changmin’s, easing the younger man even closer until Min rested against him, the singer’s leanness comfortable between his legs. Floating a kiss across Min’s lips, he stroked the young man’s back, reveling in the silky dust of hair he found there. Another lick of his tongue opened a part in Min’s lips, allowing him to slide past and touch at the sweetness within. The man heard a dark, hoarse moan, realizing the guttural sound came from his own chest but the need for the young singer laying against him grew, threatening to steal all reason from him.

“You make it… hard for me to think.” Changmin protested, pulling slightly away in an effort to clear his head. His heart pounded at his chest, threatening to break free from his ribcage and leap into the other’s hands, begging to be taken. There were parts of his body that he didn’t even realize were sensitive until the other touched him. Places he couldn’t even imagine, like the back of his neck or under his chin.

“I can make it harder to think.” He licked at the young man’s temple, touching a shiver through Changmin’s body. The singer’s smile lifted the flat ridge of his upper lip, creasing his cheeks with a faint dimple. “Let me see how much harder it can be.”

The innuendo was fierce, a direct shot of electricity to Changmin’s centre, a promise of hot mouths and hotter kisses, long minutes spent exploring toned bodies and fingers touching places that no one has ever been. The other man suckled at Changmin’s lower lip, hands roaming freely over the length of the singer’s body until each inch of his skin sang under the other man’s touch.

Gasping, Changmin clenched his hands into the other man’s shirt, wrinkling the fabric between his closed fingers. His eyes fluttered, shutting against the immense pleasure flooding Min’s senses. He wanted to fall into this delectable passion, letting it consume him whole. Kissing the man under him was like swimming in warm ocean water, the coral reefs below titillating and beautiful but holding more than a hint of danger. Long fingers under his shirt made him gasp as they stroked at his sides, finding the ridges of Min’s rib cage with a practiced ease.

“So, babe…” He licked at Changmin’s throat, working down the column until he got to Min’s collar, pulling at the fabric until he found a swath of skin left untouched. His teeth marked a small welt into the virgin flesh, leaving a purple oval blemish that promised to stretch into a darker starburst. “We still are dancing around my original question or rather, the reason you haven’t told them about me. Are you ashamed of what they would say?”

“No. Not that.” Min leaned his head back, wondering how he’d gotten in so deep… and discovering he didn’t care if he fell even deeper under the other man’s thrall. “I guess… I’m afraid that they would want me… to give you up. And I don’t… I’m not ready to do that.”

“Do you think I would let you?” His eyes flashed dangerously, fierce longing fueled by an intense need for the younger man splayed over him. “Do you think I would just let you walk away from me without a word?”

“No.” Changmin shook his head, shaken down to his bones at the passion in the other man’s handsome face. Pushing at the other’s dark hair, he licked his own mouth, finding his parched lips stuck together and bruised from the other’s kisses. “I think that’s what I’m more afraid of. I don’t want the others to… get between us… especially since I don’t think you’re going to just let me go.”

“You’re right, baby.” He nodded, wrapping his arms around the younger man’s waist. “I’m not going to be satisfied until I have you screaming my name in the middle of the night because you miss me that much. Even then, I think I’ll want more. The other members of Dong Bang Shin Ki are going to have to deal with that. Because I’m not letting anyone tell me that I can’t seduce or love you. Not even the other four men in your life.”
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