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Tarnished Angels (SMM Universe) Section Five

Title: Tarnished Angels
Pairing: Min/Other
(some jaeho and yoosu along the way)

Section Rating: PG-13
Overall Rating: NC-17
Blame: ranalore

Summary: Hot Korean boys. A seduction. An alluring. A temptation. And Min's self-discovery.

Sections: One, Two, Three, Four

Related Fics: So Much Mine and Lavender Bunny. Links go to PDFs. Other related fics can be found at my LJ: wedspawn

Tokyo always covered Changmin with sounds and smells. From the cooking of take-out noodle kiosks to the burning tar odor of its many streets, the city had a certain perfume overlaid with a hint of something he had taken to identify as pure Japan. There was a spring greenness in the air. No matter how deep into the city he got, that mint found its way to him, a reminder that he was somewhere far from home.

As if he needed any more reminder than the chatter of perplexing language around him.

The rest of the day was his to spend as he liked. After a long grueling week spent shuttled from event to interview to shoot, Changmin didn’t think he could stand another moment cloistered in the walls of the apartment. Too much of his life was spent trapped indoors for one thing or another and he longed for the simple peace of sitting at a café and watching people walk by. The spring rains had other things on its mind.

After a leisurely stroll through one of his favourite bookstores, Min settled in at a corner tea shop, its wide balconies overlooking the foot traffic half a level below. Glass walls kept his view clear, and he relaxed into the broad soft chair farthest from the patio entrance, setting his packages down.

Ordering a pot of Gong Yi Cha and a selection of biscuits, Min turned to stare at the people, resting his chin on his hand after he pulled his legs up.

When he was little, Min spent a lot of time daydreaming about people and their lives, often seated on benches while his mother and aunt shopped for hours. They always marveled at how quiet he’d been, so well-behaved and patient. Changmin was fine with that perception. He was more entranced with imagining where people were going or why they were with the person next to them.

Over time, his daydreams became more fanciful. The young woman in a yellow dress was meeting her lover, her hands fluttering and checking her hair, pulling at the strands until the glossy black locks rested perfectly against her cheek. Quick glances at her watch meant he was late. The lack of frown between her eyes meant he was always late. She was used to waiting for him but their love was still young enough that she wasn’t upset about it.

Min felt quite satisfied when a tall young man with a scattered look bumbled towards the pretty girl, bowing his apologies. Her smile lit up the plaza, or at least it did to Min’s eyes. Love was a grand, wondrous thing.

It was a pity that he wasn’t ready for it.

Changmin still felt foolish when he thought of his past infatuation with Junsu. He clearly could see now that he’d been an idiot to think the tenor harbored feelings for him. Even more of a fool for hurting Jaejoong in the process of declaring his undying love that fizzled out before it ever started.

“Never say things you are going to regret later, Shim.” Changmin told himself, murmuring against the rise of his clenched fist. “Or at least say them to someone like hyung who’ll forgive your stupidity without having his lover beat the shit out of you. Yunho should have beat me senseless for what I said.”

The rattle of the teapot being set on the table made Min turn and he smiled at the waitress, bowing his head in thanks. Waiting until she left, he dropped the tea blossom into the tall glass mug and poured hot water over it, watching the leaves begin to absorb the steaming liquid and unfurl the flower. The tea’s fragrant perfume mingled with the spring rain, a light jasmine complimenting the freshness in the air.

He returned to his staring at passer-bys, enraptured by the possibilities of the people around him. It seemed strange to Changmin that Japan was so close to his home but so far away in culture at times.

There were hardly any children. Not compared to home. And the ones he did see were scurried about or intent on walking quickly to get someplace else, no time taken to reflect on the surroundings or stare at the waterfall at the far end of the court. He would miss that if he were a child here. The need to sit apart and think was so much a part of who he was. Changmin couldn’t imagine how frenetic his thoughts would be if he’d not been given the chance to let them rest.

Blindly reaching for the teacup behind him, Min frowned when his fingers closed over empty space. Curious if he’d moved the cup out of reach, he turned and stared up at the tall man leaning over the table, dark laughing eyes teasing at the sight of Min’s scowl. The glass mug rested at the far end of the table, between Se7en’s hands, his fingers spread as his palms supported most of his weight.

“Good afternoon, Minku.” Drawing nearer to the younger man’s pretty face, Se7en’s breath brushed over Min’s lips, the whisper of a kiss moving between the air. “I would give you a kiss for real but I think it might be too soon for that with you. How about if I just say, hello and join you for tea?”

“Yunnie-ah?” Jaejoong padded out of the bedroom he shared with the leader. “Have you seen my Must Listen CD?”

The living room was empty, the glass door to the rear balcony left open enough to let a soft wind lift up the sheer curtains. Pulling back the panel, he poked his head out, grinning at the sight of his lover standing against the railing, the gentle rain soaking into Yunho’s thin t-shirt.

“Come here.” Yunho held his hand out, the drops striking his open palm. “Come stand by me.”

“If someone sees…” Jaejoong murmured, dropping his eyes.

He couldn’t believe he still felt shy around the man who knew him the best, the one who made him smile down into his soul. Under Yunho’s fingers and mouth, he saw the heavens and knew he’d grown with the touch of Yunho’s love.

The shyness was still something Jaejoong couldn’t quite shake.

Yunho liked it. He would miss the delicate blush on his lover’s face once the last of Jaejoong’s hidden scars healed over. Yunho also knew that nothing would match the joy in his heart on the day that Jae turned to him and knew that he was loved, without question and without reserve.

That day couldn’t come soon enough for Yunho, despite his fondness of the blush in his Boo’s cheeks.

Jaejoong took Yunho’s hand, weaving his fingers with his lover’s. The rain’s icy bite made him gasp, his stomach muscles involuntarily twisting inwards. “Yunnie-ah, it’s cold.”

“Give it time. It’ll warm up.” Yunho pulled Jaejoong over, cradling the other man in front of him, wrapping his arms around his lover’s waist. “Or better yet, let me warm you up.”

They stood against one another, hidden from the outside world behind a veil of rain and a curtain of faceless buildings. No one knew where they lived and the placement of the balcony gave them enough privacy to watch the city lights around them. Yunho treasured the balcony. Jaejoong was fond of the amorous feelings it seemed to dredge up when Yunho stood on it.

“What were you saying?” Yunho murmured against Jaejoong’s neck, licking at the small birthmark along Jae’s jaw.

“I can’t find one of my CDs.”

“Are you sure it’s your CD?” The other man teased. Jaejoong seemed to have a loose grip on ownership where things were concerned. He and the others had adjusted to Jae’s innocent avarice. They just knew that if they couldn’t find something, chances were good that it was in Jae’s possession.

“Yes.” Jae’s pout begged for a kiss and Yunho complied, sucking on the other’s lower lip, leaving behind a dimple of bite marks. “It’s one of Se7en’s. He signed it for me.”

“Ah, that son of a bitch.” Yunho’s tone was flat, lacking any real heat but the sentiment was still there.


“What?” The other man shrugged, nonchalant in his disregard. “He’s a bastard.”

“He’s not that bad.” Jae shook his head. “He’s fun. You just don’t like him…”

“I don’t like him because his hands wander where they shouldn’t.” Yunho replied, tightening his arms around his lover’s waist. “I don’t have to like him. He’s got nothing to do with us. Hell, he’s not even in our stable.”

“He’s a friend.” Jaejoong leaned his head back, resting against Yunho’s shoulder. He stroked at his lover’s wrists, running his hands over Yunho’s sinewy forearms.

“I think Min might have it.” Yunho cocked his head, watching a seabird arc through the steel grey sky, circling about as it looked for food or a safe place to land. “I saw him with a stack of CDs earlier.”

“I’m worried about our Minnie-ah.” Jae sighed. “He’s been quiet lately.”

“How can you tell?” Yunho made a face at Jae’s mocking snarl. “He’s fine. I think he’s worried about falling behind in Japanese.”

“How can he fall behind?” The singer scoffed. “He’s farther ahead of any of us. He’s stupid sometimes.”

“He is a lot like you, actually.” Yunho was ready for Jae’s skeptical look. “He is.”


“Changmin lacks self-confidence, even though he is very good at whatever he wants to do.” Yunho replied. “He works hard. And while you two have different personalities, you only open up when you’re around someone you trust not to hurt you.”

“You think things out too much.” Jaejoong complained, frowning slightly. “Minnie-ah is… smart. So smart.”

“You are too.” The leader whispered into Jae’s ear. “Just in different ways. Both of you are stubborn and won’t give up if you have your teeth into something. He just, thank God, not as tumbled around as you.”

“No,” Jae agreed with a nod. Whispering under his breath, just loud enough for Yunho and the wind to hear. “I’m glad about that. He’s not…”

“As bruised.” Yunho finished, leaning around to kiss Jaejoong’s succulent mouth. “But you’re healing and well, our Minnie-ah is probably getting to the point when he’s looking to be bruised.”

“The phone calls.” Jae’s eyes narrowed. “You don’t think those are from his mother, do you?”

“Not unless his mother calls at two in the morning and makes Min’s voice drop low.” Yunho admitted. “I heard him when I went for some li hing mui for my throat. He was in the living room. I guess he didn’t want any of us to overhear.”

“What was he saying?” Jae turned in Yunho’s arms, curious. “Did you hear anything?”

“Jaejoong!” Yunho shook his head. “Privacy. He gives it to us. We should give it to him.”

“Aish.” Jae twisted until he rested once more against the railing, mildly disgusted at his lover. “You are worthless. I’ll have to get Junsu to listen in.”

“He should have his secrets if he wants them.” Yunho knew he already lost this argument. Jae’s innate curiosity was only rivaled by Junsu’s inquisitive mischievousness. Yoochun would just follow along with the other two. He had little to no sway in that department. Yoochun’s loyalties clearly lay with Jaejoong and Junsu in most things.

“Minnie-ah can have his secrets.” Jaejoong said. “I just want to know them too.”

“Leave him be, Jaejoong.” Yunho sighed, cradling his lover closer. “Let’s go inside and get you out of these wet clothes. You’re too cold. I want to warm you up more.”

“Where are we going?” Changmin winced as Se7en maneuvered his car around a lorry.

Dong-wook kept the low slung Supra in Japan, tucked into one of the city’s many full service garage. It sat there, waiting for its master to return, a quiet purring midnight blue piece of steel begging to wrap around curves and slide through Tokyo’s thick traffic.

Downshifting, Se7en glanced at his passenger, noticing with a grin the white-knuckled grip Changmin had on the armrest handle. He dropped the Supra’s speed down, letting the car coast through the off ramp’s incline. The thoroughfare led to another junction, a lean ribbon of concrete leading to the outer edge of the city district.

“Have you been to the docks yet?” Se7en asked.

“Yes.” Changmin nodded. “We did a photo shoot there.”

“You ever been there and just was a person instead of something being paraded around like a puppy?” Se7en liked the flash of fire in Min’s eyes when he said that. It gave him hope that there was still a stubborn young man lurking under Changmin’s placid, quiet mask.

“You can tell me to fuck off, you know.” Se7en said softly, listening to the shallow intake of Min’s breath. He’d left the stereo off, wanting to listen to the other man’s body and movements. Min fascinated him, a puzzle he would enjoy putting together and then taking apart again.

“I was taught not to disrespect my elders.” Changmin cocked his head, the dip of his eyebrow as sardonic as his remark. “My mother also told me it was easier on the stomach not to argue with senile old men. I have a lot of ancient uncles.”

“Ouch.” Se7en winced, cracking a broad smile. ‘Remind me not to piss off your mother.”

“You’d do better if you remember not to piss off her son.”

The Sumida appeared suddenly in front of them, a ribbon of water reflecting the sky and buildings. Pulling into a side parking lot, Se7en slid the car into park and shut the engine off, watching the younger man’s face open up with wonder.

He knew how Changmin felt. Se7en forgot how to breathe the first time he saw the streams of lights dance across the softly flowing river. Entire walls of colour rippled and formed on the water, sheets of reds, blues and greens bouncing down the low hanging cloud cover as it caught the sparkle of the city in its vapour.

Sliding back, Se7en hooked his arm around the back of Changmin’s seat, leaning in to whisper into the younger man’s ear. “I’m told the river looks like the aurora borealis. Can’t you imagine the sky looking like a river of rainbows?”

Changmin remained silent, in awe of the skyscape stretched out around them. The other man’s body warmed him, an unfurling heat catching his stomach on fire. Turning his head, Min stared into the other man’s dark eyes, their depths hidden in the muted light of the car’s interior.

“It’s gorgeous.” Changmin agreed softly. “I never understood why Jaejoong loved the river before. Do you think it’s because this is what he sees?”

“I don’t know your Jaejoong well enough to speak about what he likes and dislikes.” Se7en laughed, a husky dark rumbling purr. “And I don’t care either. I only want to know about what you like…or dislike.”

“Tell me, Minku.” Se7en slid closer, his mouth nearly on Min’s cheek, brushing at the downy soft skin. “Tell me what you’ve done…and what you liked.”

“Done?” Min swallowed the squeak in his voice before it betrayed him. The other man was too close, too consuming of a presence in his mind. Still, Changmin refused to pull away, not wanting to give Se7en the satisfaction of seeing him bothered by the other man’s nearness. “What do you mean, done?”

“I know you’ve let Yunho kiss you.” A finger trailed along Min’s jaw, a steady spark to the gunpowder emotions Min kept damped down.

“I didn’t let Yunho kiss me.” Changmin’s chin rose, defiant despite his trembling. “I kissed him.”

“Ah,” Se7en responded with a nod and allowed his fingertip to drift, tracing out the younger man’s lower lip. “And how was it?”

“It was okay.” Changmin shrugged. If he let his mouth drop open, the tip of Se7en’s finger would be drawn onto the moistness of his tongue. It was tempting. And unwise. So unwise.

Min parted his lips.

And let Se7en’s finger slid in.

It was the smallest of tastes. Just a hint of masculinity caught on a tiny bit of skin but the heady explosion in Min’s throat and belly was more potent than any champagne or soju he’d ever sipped. The world’s darkness was held in the flavour of Se7en’s skin, sensual and salty, the promise of heat and sweat pouring over their bodies. Rounded, the shape of it fit into the cup of Min’s tongue and not for the first time, he wondered if other parts of Se7en’s body would be snug against the roof of his mouth and how different everything else would taste.

The feeling was too brief, abruptly ending as Se7en pulled his finger free, sucking at the moisture Changmin’s mouth left on his flesh. Bending forward, the older man cupped Min’s chin, pulling Changmin’s face up until they stared at one another. Min held Se7en’s gaze, refusing to let his eyes give way under the speculative stare.

“Are you sure you want to go down this road, Minku?” Se7en held his breath, wanting to delve deep into the succulent treasure offered in Min’s pout. “Because I can’t promise you that once we start, that I will want to stop until I’ve tasted everything you have to give. Maybe even discover things inside of you that you didn’t even know you had to offer. I want it all, Shim Changmin.”

“I know.” Min nodded, unsure if he could hold his voice steady long enough to answer. “And yes, I know what I’m doing. I know what I want. I’m not asking for love, Choi Dong-wook.”

“I won’t give you love. But there’s no reason I can’t love you. Or show you how to love.” Se7en admitted. Bending closer, Se7en allowed himself the smallest suckle on Min’s ear, finding the curved point along the side caught his attention the first time he saw the young man on the balcony.

Gasping, Min went taut under the caress, his eyes fluttering closed as his fingers flexed, trying to find a grip on something solid, anything to stop the world from spinning around him. He found Se7en’s shirt, tugging and working the cotton fabric around his hands as Changmin held on for dear life, sure he would pass out from the rolling sensations he was unable to absorb before another wave struck him under.

Pulling away before he went any further, Se7en’s breath hitched hard in his chest and he blew lightly on the wet spot along Min’s ear, drying the moistness with a nerve-shivering wind. Steeling himself, Se7en sat back and started up the car, drawing in a lungful of air.

“Let’s get you home, Minku.” Se7en whispered, hot desire pouring into his chest. “Before I have you right here.”

“Agreed.” Changmin licked at his mouth, unsure if he would even be able to stand. “Before I let you.”
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