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Tarnished Angels (SMM Universe) Section Eight

Title: Tarnished Angels
Pairing: Min/Other
(some jaeho and yoosu along the way)

Section Rating: R
Overall Rating: NC-17
Blame: ranalore

Summary: Hot Korean boys. A seduction. An alluring. A temptation. And Min's self-discovery.

Sections: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Se7en

Related Fics: So Much Mine and Lavender Bunny. Links go to PDFs. Other related fics can be found at my LJ: wedspawn

“Are you fucking insane?”

Well, that wasn’t the response Changmin was expecting. Not that much of a visceral reaction at least.

“You are absolutely fucking crazy.” Junsu gaped at the youngest member of the group, amazed at what Changmin asked him to do. “Oh, wait until I tell the others.”

“You can’t.” Min cocked his head, a small smile on his pretty face. “You promised to stay silent, remember? Not even Yoochun.”

“Fuck.” The tenor swore, gnashing his teeth. Jaejoong asked him if he would help sniff around to find out who Min was secretly talking to on the phone and now, he was bound by his promise to Changmin to keep quiet. That would teach him to agree to secrecy before finding out what he was agreeing to. “Fuck damn it.”

“Hey.” Min winced. “You’re supposed to be the pure one. Stop swearing.”

Junsu pressed his lips together, biting on the inside of his cheek. He’d wondered at Min’s careful wording of the promise they would agree too and now, with the spectre of Se7en looming on the horizon, Junsu fully understood the verbal trap the young man laid for him.

He definitely was trapped and would have to keep mute on the subject of Min’s potential lover.

“Shit.” Junsu put an extra twist of spit on the word, saying it aloud and strong just to make himself feel better. Still unsatisfied, he grumbled, slouching back against the futon couch in the music room. Exhaling hard between gritted teeth, he looked up under narrowed eyes, ashamed he allowed Min to maneuver him into so tight of a corner. “Why Se7en? Why not someone at least half-way decent? Like Shiwon or hell, even Heechul? I’d have even preferred Hyukjae!”

“It’s not your preference that’s being taken into account,” Min reminded his elder. “If you want to experiment with any of those people, go ahead. But don’t expect me to just because you like them better.”

“No!” The other man exclaimed, shocked Changmin would even suggest such a thing. “I’d never do that to Chunnie-ah. He’d be so hurt.”

“I’m just saying, you have your preferences,” The younger man crossed his legs under him, tucking his feet against the futon’s puffy cushions. “I have mine. And they don’t include Heechul.”

“But they’d include Hyukjae?” Junsu slanted an assessing look at Min. “We can get him over here. I’m sure he’ll be glad to…”

“Junsu-ah!” Changmin growled, snarling at the older man sitting across of him. “Are you going to help me or not?”

“God, why Se7en?” Junsu rubbed at his face. “It could have been worse, I suppose. It could be Junho.”

“Your brother?” Min grimaced. “No. Please. No. He’s too stern-faced. I think you got all of the laughter when you separated in the womb.”

“Can we please not bring my mother’s womb into this?” Junsu asked. “It’s bad enough I have to deal with thinking about Se7en’s and my brother’s privates, I don’t want to think about my mom.”

“Apologies.” Min bowed his head, shivering at the thought of sharing a bed with Junsu’s twin. “Will you help me?”

“And if this doesn’t work out between you?”

“There’s nothing to work out, Junnie-ah,” Changmin replied. “We’re not going to be anything other than lovers and friends. We’re not wanting a partnership.”

“That’s a mistake, Min-min.” Junsu replied, using Jae’s nickname for their youngest. “Of the four of us, you’re the one who should be looking for love. You’re so serious and steady.”

“Junsu, I’m tired of being steady and serious.” Min sighed, wishing he could make the other understand how he felt. “I feel like I’m watching the world go by behind a glass tile wall. I want to be able to say that I lived my life. Not studied it. Love will be there when I need it. Not now. It’s not the right time for love. And why do I have to keep saying that?”

The tenor sighed hard. There would be no working around the promise he’d made Changmin and the younger man would go ahead with his plan to be a part of Se7en’s seduction with or without Junsu’s involvement. Chewing on his lip, Junsu gave up and nodded.

“Okay, I’ll help you.” Junsu agreed. “I don’t want any blame in this. I’m too pretty to die young. You might have a chance if Jaejoong protects you. You better make sure he’s in the room when Yunho finds out about Se7en.”

“Yunnie-ah isn’t going to kill me.” Changmin replied with confidence. “And thank you for helping me. I didn’t want to resort to blackmail.”

“What blackmail?” The tenor’s head snapped up.

“If I told you now that you’ve agreed to help me, it wouldn’t be blackmail any more.” Changmin shrugged. “Now, let’s get to work. I need to know what I should do on a first date.”

“Little cousin Choi!” Se7en said as a voice answered his call. He waved off the stylist coming to fix his hair. He’d been given a fifteen minute break by the director and was going to use the time wisely. “How are you doing?”

“Dong-Wook!” The other man greeted his friend with a fierce jubilance. “How is my older cousin?”

“I’m doing okay, Seung Hyun.” Se7en spent a few seconds updating the other singer on his Japanese activities, delighted to hear the other Choi laugh. They’d bonded first over having the same last name, taking to calling each other cousin to tease and then in spirit as their relationship deepened.

“Now I know you didn’t just call me because you wanted to hear about how it’s pouring rain here in Seoul.” Tempo laughed. “I know you too well, Se7en. What’s going on?”

“I need you to keep quiet about something.” Se7en sat down in a stairwell, well away from the rest of the crew. Seung Hyun heard the seriousness in his friend’s voice and sobered. “Can you do that for me, Seungie-ah?”

“Yeah, anything. You’ve got me a little worried here, Se7en.”

“No, nothing too bad.” Dong-Wook reassured him. “I just need some help finding a few things out and you’re someone I trust. You’ve also got a lot of connections I don’t have.”

“Sure, Dong-Wook, anything.” He promised. “What do you need?”

“I need you to keep quiet about it.” Se7en warned. “Seriously, it’s got to do with Shim Changmin. I don’t want it getting back to him that I’m asking around.”

“DongBang’s little boy?”

“Changmin’s not a little boy anymore, cousin.” The older man replied. “Trust me on that one. Far from it.”

“Okay.” Seung Hyun’s interest peaked. “Someone’s talking shit about him? Man, you don’t have to step into it. Just wait for one of his hyungs to get into it. It’s like SM created their own gang with those five.”

“No, it’s not like that.” Se7en rubbed at his face, wondering if he was doing the right thing. “A couple of years ago, someone we know decided he was going to brag about tagging Shim’s ass. I want to know who that someone is.”

“Any idea?”

“No clue.” Se7en admitted. “I’m guessing someone either high up in the industry or someone popular. Min won’t tell me and I’ve got a feeling this guy needs his face bashed in.”

“Min?” Seung Hyun asked. “So it’s Min?”

“Yeah, it’s Min.” Blowing air into his cheeks, Se7en exhaled, leaning back against the upper stairs. He didn’t care if the back of his shirt got dirt on it, more concerned with whatever ground the glass into Changmin’s voice. “Can you do this for me, little cousin?”

“Yeah, I can.” Seung answered. “Have you thought about what you’re going to do if we find out who this is?”

“Yeah, I have.” Se7en responded, a glacial anger moving into his voice. “I’m going to make sure that bastard learns how to apologize and then keep his mouth shut. Or I’ll close it for him. Permanently.”

“How the hell are you supposed to keep breathing while you kiss like this? They look like they’re eating each other’s faces!” Min shifted positions on the futon, thumbing through one of the magazines Junsu brought in from the room he shared with Yoochun. He’d passed by the table of contents and some of the ads, flipping onto a page that depicted two men tangled around each other. “Gods, what the hell? How are you supposed to breathe doing this?”

Junsu sighed. Teaching their youngest what sex and seduction was going to be a very long task. “I didn’t bring these in so you could look at the pictures. That would scare you off.”

“I can take it, Susu-ah.” Changmin muttered, turning the page to get a better look at what the men were doing. “How is this even possible without dislocating your hip?”

“I don’t know.” Junsu admitted. “I’ve never done that. Never mind the pictures. There’s an article in there about how to… prepare yourself for things.”

“For things?” Min’s eyebrows shot into the fringe on his forehead. “Things like sex? I don’t want to know about sex, Junnie-ah. I want to know about what to say and how to say it. Sex is going to be what Se7en teaches me.”

“Okay, rule one of this,” Junsu snatched the magazine from Min’s hands. “We are never going to say his name. It gives me the shivers. I still think this is possibly the worst idea you’ve ever had.”

“No, the worst idea I had was ever thinking you were smooth enough to help me with Se7en.” Changmin retorted. “I would have been better off with Joongie-ah.”

“I’d be insulted if I didn’t know that Jaejoong couldn’t help you cross the street without getting distracted by the traffic lights.” The tenor made a face back at Changmin. “I’m your best bet and you know it.”

“I know. Sadly.” Min muttered, putting the stack of magazines to the side. “Really, I don’t want to know about the mechanics of this stuff yet.”

“It’ll be on you before you know it.” Junsu cautioned. “Well, he’ll be on you before you know it.”


“Sorry.” The tenor shrugged. “What do you think you need, really?”

“Really?” Min thought on it.

You need to know how to keep your tongue and your brain connected, his inner gremlin whispered. You keep thinking one thing and then your tongue goes and spoils everything. Maybe you should just cut it out and use notecards.

Great, now even the evil parts of my mind are working against me, Min frowned. Pushing aside the gremlin’s inane suggestions, he thought hard about what he wanted.

“I get shy whenever Se7en says something that makes me…” Changmin wasn’t sure how to explain the range of emotions the other man brought out in him. “He says things that make me feel like I’m on fire or my skin gets too tight.”

“Yeah?” Junsu sat up straighter. “Like what?”

“He calls me Minku.” Crimson was not a good look for him, Changmin decided, even though it appeared to be the only colour his face seemed to be recently.

“Minku?” Junsu tried out the word. “What does it mean?”

“Mink.” Another wave of red filled Min’s cheeks and he sighed, resigning himself to his embarrassment. “He told me that when he says it, it leaves his mouth like a kiss.”

“He has a pet name for you?”

“Can we keep focused on what I need and not on what Se7en has?”

“I think what Se7en has is what you should be focused on.” Junsu gave the younger man a sly look. “You’ll have to be focused on it soon enough.”

“I hate you.” Min grumbled.

“Okay, I’m sorry.” Junsu held back his laughter at the vexed look on Min’s face. “It’s just very… sweet. I wouldn’t have thought Se7en would be sweet. And you get shy. That makes it even better.”

“I am going to walk out of this room and post naked pictures of you and Chunnie onto the forums if you don’t help me.” Changmin threatened. “I have some you know. From Bora Bora. When the two of you went skinny dipping at the far end of the beach.”

“You do not!” Junsu punched Min on the arm, earning him a slap back. “Shit. Do you? Shit.”

“Still swearing. You do that too much, Junnie-ah.”

“Crazy people make me swear.” Junsu replied. “Okay, focus.”

“Do you pay attention to what he does?” The older man asked, scratching at the back of his head. He’d never had to actively think about how to act around someone he found attractive and the younger singer seemed genuinely perplexed. “Or do you just sit there and blush?”

“I can’t help but pay attention to what he does.” Changmin replied. “Most of the time, he’s touching me. Either with just his fingers on my arm or face or sometimes on my back while we walk. I can’t even think.”

“You need to get on the offensive.” Junsu plotted, his quick mind working the angles of Min’s personality. While studious, Changmin had little to no real experience with normal social situations, having spent most of his life around too serious adults and too mature situations. “Did you ever play tag?”

“What? Like the chasing game?”

“Yes, that tag.” Junsu rolled his eyes. “What other kind of tag is there? Never mind, don’t answer that. Yes or no? Did you ever play tag? Or hide and seek?”

“A couple of times.” Min shrugged. “I wasn’t very good at tag. I could never keep straight who was It. Until it was me. And it was me a lot.”

“Seduction is like playing tag,” Junsu explained. “You have to tap the other person and then dash away before they tag you back. Unless of course you want to be tagged back right away and then you just stay there. Seduction is a small dash and then letting the other person tag you.”

“You’re not making any sense.” Changmin complained.

“Okay, he calls you Minku. What do you call him?”

“Hyung. Although I did call him Shichi last night.”

“Shichi is good.” Junsu creased his brows. “Don’t call him hyung. You don’t hear Yunho calling Jaejoong hyung do you?”

Min thought on it and shook his head. “No.”

“You’re supposed to be equals in this.” The tenor leaned forward. “Every time he touches you, you should touch him back. Small touches like he does to you. Don’t count them out. I know you. You’ll keep a running total in your head to make sure you’re even.”

“I wouldn’t!” Changmin responded hotly.

Yes, you would; the gremlin snorted. You would carry around a notebook and make little hash marks or count them off on an abacus. Willing his inner voice to shut up, Min continued.

“Okay I would.” He admitted in a soft voice. “So just, be spontaneous.”

“Well, you can try to be spontaneous.” Junsu said. “You can do it. You just have to relax around Se7en. Like you relax around us. Do you feel nervous near the members?”

“No, but,” Changmin replied. “That took me a long time. Everyone was so intimidating. Being around Se7en is worse. It’s like trying to drink soju someone’s pouring into my open mouth and I can’t swallow.”

“Ah, then we’ll have to teach you how to swallow, Minnie-ah.” Junsu smiled. “And I’ll explain later why my saying that is very naughty.”

Se7en checked his wrist watch. He’d texted Changmin with the address to an exclusive restaurant at the Mandarin Oriental. A request made through his manager arranged for a private dining area to be set up for him, their table overlooking a view of the city. Restless, Se7en played with the napkin at his elbow, wondering if he shouldn’t have arranged for a car for the young man.

“Sir,” The waiter bowed at the area’s entrance. “Your guest has arrived. He’ll be here shortly.”

Se7en stood, putting the napkin down, the fine linen twisted into a knot from his fingers. Turning, he was about to greet Changmin when the words on his tongue died an early death.

Dong-Wook was surprised the waiter had the presence of mind to find the private dining room after seeing Changmin. Se7en was fairly certain his own short journey back to the table would be tremendously difficult all things considered.

The younger man’s somber prettiness had been transformed to a sensual, erotic beauty. Long legs encased in a pair of black trousers, Min’s lean body seemed to flow into the air, his eyes wide and hungry for the view. The tan of his skin shone gold next to his pale dove grey shirt, the top three buttons undone and the collar pulled slightly away from the strong column of his throat. Min’s nervous habit of chewing while in thought left a trace of bite marks the boy’s lower lip and Se7en waited until the waiter left the area before moving forward to do something about the disappearing soft dimples.

And Se7en wanted those long legs wrapped up around his shoulders so badly he could barely stand the craving in his sex.

In Dong-Wook’s mind, nothing he ate that night would come near to the tempting delicacy standing trembling in his arms. Tilting his head, Se7en claimed Min’s mouth for his own, lightly brushing his tongue along the dimpled flesh until Changmin sighed and leaned into the embrace, his hands rising to skim Dong-Wook’s ribs.

The sigh opened Min’s mouth for Se7en’s tongue to slide in, slow and sensual along the ridge of Changmin’s upper lip. After catching at the dip on the younger man’s teeth, Se7en pressed further in, deepening the kiss while he cradled the back of Min’s head with one hand. His fingers spanned the young man’s lower back, stroking at the lines of strong muscle running up Changmin’s spine.

Not wanting to draw away, Se7en groaned loudly when Min stepped back, the younger man’s eyes dropped coyly from Dong-Wook’s face. Staying inside of Se7en’s loose grasp, Changmin allowed himself a single glance up at the older man’s eyes, pleased at the darkened swell he saw in the depths of Se7en’s eyes. Tilting his head back in a defiant, obvious challenge, Changmin straightened his shoulders and stood square against Se7en’s hard body.

“You look,” Se7en searched for the word he wanted to use, falling back on a simple whistle. “Amazing works but I was thinking… God, I don’t even know what I was thinking.”

“Why don’t we eat first, mitsu?” Changmin felt a small dart of victory dance over his heart at Se7en’s sharp intake of breath when he heard the endearment. “Then we can spend the rest of the night talking about what you were thinking. Or maybe just thinking about talking.”

mitsu: nectar, honey
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