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Tarnished Angels (SMM Universe) Section Nine

Title: Tarnished Angels
Pairing: Min/Other
(some jaeho and yoosu along the way)

Section Rating: Rish
Overall Rating: NC-17
Blame: ranalore

Summary: Hot Korean boys. A seduction. An alluring. A temptation. And Min's self-discovery.

Sections: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Se7en, Eight

Related Fics: So Much Mine and Lavender Bunny. Links go to PDFs. Other related fics can be found at my LJ: wedspawn

Se7en let out a small purring moan. He couldn’t help himself. He doubted anyone would have blamed him for letting the sound out of his belly. Although he was fairly certain that the restaurant would frown on him punching out the waiter standing at the side of their table, the man’s eyes fixed on Changmin’s luscious mouth.

The younger man held a pinch of crab meat between his fingers, eyes half closed as he raised it to his open lips. Dripping with butter, the succulent treat poised just at the brink of being consumed. Se7en watched with fascination when Min’s tongue tip slid out to catch a drop of the sweet liquid before it fell onto the pale blue linen table cloth.

“You can go now.” Se7en whispered to the waiter, pointedly glancing to the open doorway. “And don’t come back. We can handle it until the next course.”

Se7en turned slowly, nearly missing Min opening his mouth and tucking the morsel into the cup of his tongue. Chewing slowly, Changmin sucked lightly at his fingers, licking at the butter until it was gone. Se7en reached for his wine glass, taking a long draught in the hopes to numb the growing thickness in his crotch.

“Do you like the crab?” Dong-Wook asked over the rim of his glass, wishing he’d brought that look of satiation to Changmin’s face.

“It’s nice.” Changmin pulled back a slender membrane of the crab’s shell, digging out a chunk of garlic seasoned meat with a small fork. Dipping the crab into a shallow bowl of butter, he sighed with frustration as the meat slid off of the tines and into the warm liquid. “How do you eat it with this fork?”

“It’s just the two of us here, Minku.” Se7en purred. “I don’t mind if you use your fingers.”

Min dug into the butter, hunting out the wayward crab meat. Gathering it together, he leaned forward, maneuvering the mouthful in, suckling off the butter in the process. He met Se7en’s bemused eyes, the older man bending closer and rubbing off a trickle of butter from Min’s chin, bringing the moistness up to his own mouth.

“I think I got all of it.” Se7en gripped Min’s chin, turning the younger man to the side and making a thorough inspection. “Pity.”

No problem, Changmin schooled himself. Respond with something back, he said, shushing the snort that rose in the recesses of his mind. Min bent his head and pressed the tip of his tongue against Se7en’s thumb pad, licking at the roughness he found there.

He nearly made it, drawing his tongue back into his mouth and enjoying the taste of Se7en’s body mingling with butter. Min was certain he would have been fine if he hadn’t taken a peek at the other man’s face and saw Se7en swallow hard, his throat convulsing as Changmin drew back.

Min was really beginning to hate the colour red.

“You’re very cute when you blush.” Se7en leaned one elbow on the table, canting his head as Min buried his face into a linen napkin. “Actually, sometimes I wonder if that gorgeous rose colour extends to other parts of your body, not just your cheeks.”

“Stop it.” Min gasped, reaching for his water and frowned at the lonely rattle of ice on the bottom. “You’re making me jittery.”

“I like making you jittery.” Se7en grinned, moving the glass closer to Min’s grasp. “Here, baby. Drink mine. Yours is empty.”

“What happened to the waiter?” Looking around, Changmin realized he and Se7en were all alone in the secluded room.

“I chased him off.” Se7en stood, taking a pitcher of water from the sideboard and refilled Changmin’s glass. Leaning down, he ghosted a whisper into the younger man’s ear, letting his tongue have the tiniest sip of Min’s lobe. “He was staring at you. It was pissing me off.”

Changmin choked, trying to catch his breath around the sip of water in his lungs. Coughing lightly, he tapped at his own chest, stilling when Se7en’s hand rubbed a circle of fire between his shoulder blades. Min wanted to tilt his head back and beg for a kiss, feeling Se7en’s breath against his cheek. He knew he shouldn’t. Not so early in the evening. And certainly not right after he spit into his own mouth to clear his airway.

“Kiss me.”

The words were out of his parted lips before Min could even wipe the thought from his mind. When he got home, he was going to have a serious talk with the little lizard brain taking over his life.

How would someone standing over the edge of a table kiss someone sitting down, the overly logical part of his mind asked? Wouldn’t it be difficult? And wouldn’t Se7en’s back end up hurting? Was it too much of an imposition for the other man to lean?

Will you just shut up and open your mouth, his gremlin sighed, poking Changmin senseless.

Tokyo blurred behind him, steel structures dotted with lit constellations and hidden behind banks of rainy mist. Everything in Min’s world telescoped down to the mouth moving over his. Creamy smooth, Se7en’s tongue raked over the inside of Min’s lower lip, teasing out a pout until the older man heard a sigh of surrender pour from Min’s throat.

Se7en laid his hands on Min’s waist, maneuvering the younger man up until Changmin sat on the edge of the table, his long legs straddling Se7en’s hips. Pressing further in, the older man coaxed Min’s body with long even finger strokes along the younger man’s back, subtly arching the trembling singer into the cradle of his arms. Moving until his thighs touched the table’s hard edge, Se7en bent down, fully capturing Min’s moist lips with a savage kiss.

Se7en’s tongue tickled along the ridges of his mouth’s roof and Changmin heard a giggle bubble up from his belly. Smiling despite the unsteadiness of his mind, Min rocked against Se7en’s broad shoulders, laying his shaking hands on the other man’s solid form. Strength resonated under the spread of Min’s fingers, Se7en’s taut muscles rippling with a graceful fluidity that left Changmin breathless.

Min could only imagine how the power of Se7en’s body would feel over him, holding him down against the softness of a bed or the strength of Se7en’s hands wrapped around his wrists while the older man bit his way down Min’s body. Losing his mind with the rush of sensations his thoughts left behind, Min gulped at the sweet honey of Se7en’s mouth, needing to quench the hot thirst riding his throat.

Kissing Se7en didn’t seem to be doing anything to slake off the need working through his body, Min realized. If anything, it was like pouring kerosene on a wild fire. He was going to burn up under the older man’s touch. God, Min thought to himself, I’m going to die doing this and I don’t even care. I want this. I want him. Very badly.

“You taste like unripe sin, Minku.” Se7en breathed, resting his forehead against Min’s, stopping just long enough to catch his breath. Nipping at the butterfly kiss along Min’s upper lip, the older man moved along the length of Min’s tender moue, licking at the dimpled in edges of Min’s moaning shy smile. “And if I don’t step back from you, I’m going to end up breaking every promise I made to you. Maybe even a few that I made to myself.”

“Don’t step back,” Min whispered softly. His tongue drove a wet trail around Se7en’s lower lip, feeling at the swell of the other man’s flesh. “Not yet. Please, Mitsu. Not yet.”

Jaejoong hooked his legs over Yunho’s thighs, his attention raptly fixed on the video game the leader and Yoochun were playing. He’d already gotten a bruise on his arm from Yoochun’s fist when the baritone lost control over his own body and barreled into Jae, driving his digitized race car into a wall. Yunho took advantage of the catastrophe and surged ahead, running his car hot to the finish line. A few blocks from the end, Yunho’s car blew, taking a penalty and earning him a warning look from Jaejoong when the leader leaned forward to punch at the coffee table in frustration. Junsu’s high pitched laughter echoed in the long space, bouncing off of the walls until it drilled down into Jae’s ear drums.

“It’s just a game.” Jae reminded them, finding the frame he’d left off in his Gravitation manga. “Stop hitting me or I’ll smack you both.”

“Sorry, Joongie-ah.” Yunho whispered, biting at Jaejoong’s exposed neck.

Jae frowned, trying to trace back to the page he’d been on. A slight buzz from his cell phone made him frown deeper, a frown that turned to a scowl when he saw the number on the screen. Excusing himself, Jae took himself away from the screaming rampage of testosterone in the living room and into the relative quiet of his bedroom.

“Hello.” The singer sat down on their broad bed set under a set of high windows, nestling down into the soft pillows he’d propped up against the headboard. “What do you want?”

“Hello to you too, Kim.” Rain rasped a sullen greeting. “Nice to hear your voice again, bitch.”

“What do you want, Bi?” Jae repeated, crossing his legs at his ankles. He kept one eye on the door, watching the hall in case Yunho decided to join him. The last thing Jaejoong wanted was for his lover to hear him talking to Jung Ji-Hoon.

“I thought we had this settled.” The other man said, his voice gruff.

“We do.” Jae worried at one of his nails. He would have to find a clipper to cut off the rough edge before it cut Yunho’s skin. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“I want to know why someone is asking around about me and…” Rain cut off, keeping his voice low. “Why is that night coming up now? You sent your boys to kick my ass back then. You're sending more now?”

“I still don’t know what you’re talking about.” Jae sat up, moving back until he was comfortable. “I don’t have any boys.”

“The guys who broke my nose and fingers two years ago, those weren’t your boys?” The other singer asked sarcastically. “Funny, they sure as hell knew your name when they were beating the shit out of me and telling me to stay away from that baby boy in your group.”

“They weren’t mine.” Jae shrugged. His fondness for Rain faded to dust after seeing Changmin’s teary face and overhearing the other singer’s boasting laughter as he spoke to his sycophants. “I don’t even know who they were. They must have been fans of Changmin’s. They were probably around when I was talking to my auntie about how angry I was when Minnie-ah was hurt because you were an asshole.”

“You have every asshole you meet beat up?”

“No, I just have friends who get pissed off when people I love are hurt.” Jae responded. “It’s nice to have friends. I like my friends a lot. Maybe you pissed off someone else?”

“I heard this guy is asking specifically if I like to seduce virgins.” Rain muttered. “Didn’t mention Changmin by name but I figured, he might know exactly what he was asking about.”

“Did one of your boys say anything?” The singer bit on his lip, hearing someone leave the bathroom down the hall. “I didn’t. You promised you would leave Changmin alone and I promised I wouldn’t mention how much of a fucking asshole you are to anyone else.”

“I told you, no one said anything. Not a word.” Cursing, the other man continued. “My boys think that I was drunk that night and didn’t know what the hell I was saying. What the hell else do you want from me? I said I was sorry.”

“I don’t know, Rain,” Jaejoong admitted. “I really don’t know.”

It was curious that the situation with Rain would rear its ugly head up now that they were in Japan. As far as he knew, he’d only ranted into Scarlet’s ear about how he felt about Rain and what he wished he could do. He didn’t ask Scarlet to whisper suggestions into anyone’s ears and he’d not even known about the men who caught the other singer at the back of a club and reminded him of his manners. At least not until Rain called him to apologize and told Jae he considered Min off limits as of that moment.

Scarlet of course, loving Jaejoong, was more than happy to send someone to kick in Rain's face. The man Jaejoong thought of as his auntie knew people. And those people would do anything for Scarlet who in turn, would do anything for her Joongie-ah. No, Rain's face getting broken had been something too easily arranged in Jae's mind.

While thankful for Scarlet’s intervention, Jae was mildly horrified at the thought of Rain’s face being smashed in. Only mildly, Jae reminded himself. It was much less horrifying than the look of pain and anguish on Min’s face after the younger man fled a party that should have been a happy moment in their lives. Actually, Jaejoong thought on it, he really wasn’t all that bothered about Rain’s nose being broken.

He just didn’t want Rain’s stupid mind games of the past to come back and haunt Min. Especially now that their youngest member appeared to be finally allowing himself some down time and enjoying his life.

“Look, I’m doing a lot of different things right now, Kim.” Rain said. “I’m going to pretend like none of this happened. If you find out who’s asking around, see if you can’t shut that guy up too. Just go complain to one of your friends, I’m sure he’d take care of it.”

“Pretty sure none of us are going to cry if it gets out that you’re a dick, Rain.” Jae responded. “I just don’t want Changmin to get hurt again. If someone’s asking around, it’s because you did something else.”

“Maybe you should stop trying to, what was it that you said?” Jae recounted the conversation. “Going to get a sweet piece of ass that no one ever touched before? I’ve got nothing to do with this, Rain.”

“Night, Rain.” Jae said, hearing the other man seething with anger on the other end of the line. “If you have to start looking over your shoulder because of something you did, it won’t be TVXQ who’ll be looking back at you. We’re done with you. And don’t lose my number, please. Or I’ll let Yunho answer the phone and you can explain to him why you’re calling me.”

“Do you want dessert, Minku?” Se7en asked, dipping his finger into a dollop of whipped cream dotting a slice of cheesecake. Holding the sweet up, he smiled when Changmin bent down and sucked the cream off.

“That’s good.” Changmin remained nested against the V of Se7en’s legs, cupped into the curve of the other man’s body.

He’d eaten the rest of dinner sitting there, Dong-Wook feeding Min with carefully chosen bites of food, licking the fork clean after it left Min’s mouth. Se7en had eaten a few bites of his own, alternating between small nibbles along Changmin’s neck and mouthfuls of tender beef taken directly from Min’s clenched teeth when the younger man felt like sharing.

Holding up a strawberry, Changmin ate off the tip, turning Se7en kissed away the pink dewdrops left on Min’s chin from biting the fruit. His shyness turned into a frolic of laughter when Se7en chewed noisily on his jaw, murmuring into the older man’s ear that he was full and couldn’t eat another mouthful.

“Do you want to go for a ride?” Se7en whispered, putting the bitten strawberry on a plate. He envied the split-ended fruit, its juiciness suckled dry from Min’s mouth. “I have a driver who can take us around. Long limo, tinted glass so no one can see inside. I can take you to a club. I know just the one. Hard to get into but they’ll let us in.”


“Baby, I always want the truth from you, even if it’s going to hurt.”

“Do you think we could go play pachinko? Maybe go to one of the fairs?” Min asked, his lashes casting long shadows over his cheeks. “Maybe even walk around one of the malls? It’ll be nice to go out and just be…normal. Do you mind?”

“No, Minku.” Se7en’s grin was wide, delighted that the young man wanted to share a simple pleasure with him. “I can’t think of anything better I’d like to do with you than something normal. And then maybe, later, we can do more normal things in the back of the car, if you want.”

How did he tell Se7en that he could barely walk with the heaviness in his groin and the turmoil in his stomach? That everything he ate that night tasted of star anise, even the water and he didn’t think he could even tell anyone what colour the chairs were because everything just became a grey mess except for the golden-skinned, laughing older man who teased him with gentle, probing hot kisses.

“I do.” Changmin replied, “Want that is. You. I sound stupid.”

“Not to me, baby.” The other man laughed, sliding Min off of the table and leaving his hand on the younger man’s hip. “Anything that has you saying you want me, sounds just fine to me.”
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