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Title: Tarnished Angels
Section: 11 <(LEMON!) (LEMON!)

Pairing: Min/Other (some jaeho and yoosu along the way)

Section Rating: NC-17
Overall Rating: NC-17
Blame: ranalore

Summary: Hot Korean boys. A seduction. An alluring. A temptation. And Min's self-discovery.

Sections: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Se7en, Eight, Nine, Ten

Related Fics: So Much Mine and Lavender Bunny. Links go to PDFs. Other related fics can be found at my LJ: wedspawn

He would draw out his kisses, Se7en thought, prolong them until the young man sitting sideways on his lap shivered and mewled. That was his plan. It was a good one, he surmised. He hadn’t planned on his own body trembling with anticipation before he even brushed his fingertip along Changmin’s lips.

There was still a dusting of sugared ice on the younger man’s mouth, a fleck or two that sparkled under the town car’s open moon roof. Se7en’s tongue made a slow journey over the pale translucent shimmer, his throat opening under the low murmur of his moan.

Changmin answered, a gasping rush of eroticized whisper begging Se7en for more. The younger man’s fingers worked at the buttons of Se7en’s shirt, undoing the top few so he could touch the heated skin beneath. Emboldened, Min bent slightly, and licked at the golden stretch peeking out from behind Se7en’s collar. The young man was rewarded by a tremor rocking Se7en’s body and the older man’s hands convulsing over Min’s hips.

“God, the things your mouth does to me.” Se7en whispered.

Resting his head back against the black leather seat, he willed himself to stay still as Min explored the small patch of skin with tentative licks of his tongue. He nearly lost all control when Changmin’s teeth nipped a tiny pinch of skin and the young man rolled it lightly before releasing it again, covering the tender area with a gentle kiss.

“I’m not going to keep my promises to you.” Se7en’s eyes were black, swallowed whole with need. “You keep doing that and I’m not going to be able to stop, I swear to you. I won’t be able to.”

“You promised.” Min murmured. He liked the power he had over Se7en, a writhing length of hard muscle and hot pressing flesh against his own body. There was a delicate balance of trust and surrender between them now. Se7en ached and moaned under his touch, held by a thin thread of words and self-control. Min wondered how far he could push Se7en until the other man broke down and took what he wanted.

Changmin wondered if he would even care if Se7en took what he wanted.

Another button fell to the wayside under Min’s shaking fingers and Se7en’s chest was bare under Changmin’s hands. Pushing the shirt away, Changmin stared down at the other man’s bare torso, entranced by the differences from his own leanness.

“Do you want me to take it off the rest of the way?” Raw with need, Se7en’s voice asked Min.

Swallowing hard, Min nodded then whispered softly. “Yes.”

Dong-Wook stripped the garment from his body, letting the shirt slither to the floor. Nude to the waist, the singer leaned back to let Min explore him. Unwilling to trust himself, Se7en hooked his fingers into Min’s leather belt, wrapping his fingers into the other man’s pants loops.

“You’re so pretty.” Min murmured, tracing over Se7en’s collarbone. Leaning slightly to the side, he examined Se7en’s tattoo, following the lines of the cleft with his finger tip. “There’s a seven in the wing. I never knew that.”

“Does it taste different than the rest of your body?” Min asked softly.

“Why don’t you try and find out?” Se7en’s voice ran deep, a solemn thrum under his words.

Changmin’s face reddened as he ducked his head down, his body supported by Se7en’s arms. The inked area tasted of spice and a tang of citrus, leaving a sweetness on Min’s tongue. Following the line of Se7en’s shoulders with a path of butterfly kisses, Min worked over the other man’s chest, exploring the various tastes he found there.

He was doing wonderfully, he thought, until his tongue flicked over the darkened plum of Se7en’s taut nipple.

Things went to Hell and Heaven at that point. Changmin wasn’t sure which.
Se7en’s hands left their prison, winding their way up Min’s shirt and around his slender waist. Capturing Changmin’s mouth, Se7en slid the young man back onto the wide seat, tucking him against the leather and trapping Min with his heavier body.

“You’re making me crazy, iro.” Se7en bit down hard into the soft column of Min’s neck, driving his teeth together until he heard Changmin mewl, the younger man’s body twitching with desire under the length of Se7en’s legs.

“Touch me.” Min stroked at Se7en’s arm, fondling the man’s skin.

“Let me touch you then, Minku.” Se7en whispered into Changmin’s mouth, licking at the back of the younger man’s teeth. “Let me hear you cry my name.”

Changmin’s shirt fell from his body, worked loose from his chest and pulled free from his waistband. Se7en spent a good long minute staring down at the lean young man framed against the fine black leather, the moon pouring in from the open roof. Light picked up the faint brown freckles on Min’s shoulders,

“Junsu’s right. I’m fucking insane.” Changmin let himself fall into Se7en’s mouth and the roughness of Se7en’s wide hands. Calluses burned fire along Min’s chest, pulling at the turgid peaks on his pectorals. Se7en pinched at the nubs, following behind his fingers with a moist tongue and sharp teeth.

There didn’t seem anywhere that Min could grab and hold onto, the other man’s shoulders and hair proving to be poor purchase for his desperate hands. The leather was too slick and he slid down under Se7en’s embrace, being led down until he was nearly prone, his knees bent slightly between Se7en’s legs.

“Will you let me touch you where I want to, Minku?” Dong-Wook’s purr was back, hooking into Min’s soul. Changmin couldn’t do anything but nod, his eyes wide and a willing tremble on his lips. “Good. Lean back, baby. Let me show you pleasure.”

No one ever touched Min like that before. He’d had stylists and fashion coordinators handle his body and for some strange reason, he thought the feel of another’s hands would have the same detached coldness of the people who manipulated how he looked.

As a torrential burn worked under his skin, Min wondered how the hell he ever thought Se7en touching him would be a cold, unemotional thing. The older man’s fingers were finding spots on his body that he hadn’t even been aware of, stroking out each nerve ending until it tingled. And then Se7en’s hands found the hitch of his belt buckle and Min’s body shook with apprehension and fear.

“Relax, Minku.” Se7en moved over Changmin’s body, raising up onto his hands and brushing Min’s mouth with his own. Giving the younger man a leisurely kiss, Se7en calmed Min’s taut nerves, taking some time to stroke away the trembling waves of goosebumps over Changmin’s skin.

“Do you trust me, Minku?”

Yes, Min sighed in his head. No, his gremlin corrected. But we should. Just shut up and let him do what he wants. What the hell are we waiting for?

“Yes.” Changmin said into Se7en’s kiss, his lips briefly enveloping the tip of the older man’s tongue.

The sound of his zipper being undone froze Min’s brain. Se7en’s hands working under his waistband melted him, the older man’s murmur urging Changmin to lift up his hips. He wasn’t ready for this, his mind screamed, it’s too fast. Too much. Too quick. Too scary.

“I don’t know,” Min whispered. The fear in his voice was a tangible sheet, stopping Se7en’s hands.

“Baby, I’m not going to do anything but bring you pleasure.” Dong-Wook promised, placing a gentle kiss on Min’s exposed hip bone. “This is going to be just for you. Let me show you how good this is going to feel. Trust me.”

“Don’t hurt me.” Changmin wasn’t sure if he was talking about his body or his heart. Everything had become so clouded in his mind. He could no longer work out his feelings under the rush of sensual pleasure Se7en gave him.

Don’t let me fall in love with him, Min begged himself. Please don’t let me think that just because he likes me and wants me that I get fooled into thinking that he’ll be here forever. We have different lives, different wants. Let me just love him for who he is and not dream up a fantasy that will melt in the rain.

God, don’t let him stop touching me, was Min’s final thought before Se7en’s mouth descended on his smooth hips.

Se7en tongued down the dark hair on Min’s underbelly, laving at the strands until they lay wet on his skin. Inhaling the younger man’s musky scent, Se7en could nearly taste the sweet promise of Min’s flesh, a soft silken length hardening under his fingertips.

Changmin’s shaft dewed under Se7en’s thumb, the older man spreading the moisture around the satin head, running around the ridge and down the thick vein stretching around Min’s width. The glistening pearl drop called to Se7en, a more delectable treat than the sugar frosting Min’s lips or the creamy pull of whipped froth of the cheesecake they shared.

Min wasn’t sure what to do with his hands. He found out they knew exactly what they wanted to do when his fingers gripped the back of Se7en’s head, working down into the other man’s long, black hair.

He’d nearly wept when Se7en licked at the head of his sex.

He more than cried out when the older man’s mouth suckled at the tip and then slid Min down into his throat, closing over the sensitive tip and working at the head with the rough back of his tongue. Electricity cracked along Min’s brain, his thoughts forming and then shorting out.

Changmin knew he wouldn’t survive Se7en’s touch. He wasn’t going to get out of this as he went in. There was something dark and sensual unfolding in his body and taking over every inch of his blood. Min felt it searing and bubbling under the surface and he half-feared it would consume him before he could fully discover the pleasures Se7en promised to give him.

No, he was going to cry, Changmin told himself, tears streaming down his face. Might as well accept that he was purely liquid in Se7en’s hands and mouth. Pure, molten hot glass poured into a softening gelatin form. Min was surprised he didn’t burst from Dong-Wook’s ministrations. He sure to sear the other man’s mouth just with the heat pouring up from his crotch.

Then Se7en drew back and blew on the wet head before licking around its rim. Min was given the briefest of moments to regain his sanity, then lost it under the earth-shattering sensation of Se7en’s mouth closing down around him again, the tip of the older man’s tongue flicking across the tender sensitive skin at the base of his shaft, fingers exploring the tight sac rolling in Se7en’s palm.

The madness continued for far too short a time in Min’s mind. And far too long of a time for the hyper-sensitive flush of skin around his sex. Each dip of Se7en’s head brought a rush of delight, needles drawn over his skin at the merest brush of Se7en’s teeth.

“Se7en…” Min gasped, gripping at the older man’s shoulders. “I can’t…”

“Let go, baby.” Dong-Wook whispered into the crease of Changmin’s groin. “Just let go. I want to watch you.”

If Changmin ever had a chance to sip at a star, he knew it wouldn’t ever come close to the tidal wave of pleasure hitting his body. It unfurled from the centre of Se7en’s mouth, working outwards in a spiral pattern, overlapping the previous circle until he couldn’t tell which way his body was turning to respond to the vibrations caused by the other man’s tongue and hands. Min lost count of how many times his hips jerked, his sex releasing hot seed into the curve of Se7en’s throat, the older man’s eyes on Min’s tightly clenched lips that finally broke open under the mewling cries for Se7en’s pleasure.

Gasping, he drew back, slightly horrified and more than a little bit secretly pleased when Se7en licked away the milky fluid his body spilled, Min’s hips held firm between Se7en’s strong hands. The older man wouldn’t let Changmin go, suckling out each pearl from Min’s sex until the head ran red from Se7en’s licking.

“There you go, baby.” Se7en purred, tracing along the vein of Min’s softening shaft, licking the young man clean. “God, you are gorgeous. I don’t know why you ever thought you weren’t pretty. You are so damned deliciously beautiful.”

He thoroughly enjoyed the sweetness of Min’s seed, mingled with the musky sweat pooled along the younger man’s long thighs. Nothing sounded better to his ears than Changmin panting his name, begging him to continue then begging him to stop before Min spilled into his mouth.

No, Se7en loved taking Min into his throat and tasting the young man down into his belly. It would flavour his memories for the rest of time.

“God,” Changmin tried to catch his breath, his lungs strained and worked hard under Se7en’s ministrations. “You didn’t… Se7en, you didn’t…”

“Baby, I get pleasure from watching you. I’m not going to be able to wear these pants again without thinking of how you made me lose it just from watching your face.” Se7en traced up Min’s body, sucking at the young man’s mouth. “Believe me, Minku. I’m going to have to throw out the underwear I’m wearing. I’m going to get hard every time I even look at it in my dresser drawers.”

“We’re both in your mouth.” Min said, surprised. The salty-sugar taste of his own seed lay under the spicy anise flavour of Se7en’s mouth, shocking him.

“I’m not even going to start imagining how good you’re going to taste with me in your mouth.” Se7en sighed, reluctantly working Min’s clothes back on. “It’s past midnight, Minku. I have to take you home.”

“I wish I didn’t have to go.” Changmin whispered. “And that sounds like I’m a clinging brat.”

“Oh no,” Se7en refuted, resolutely sitting up and drawing Min along. “It sounds like a lot of fun and a promise of breakfast served on your naked body. You’re driving me crazy just by being next to me. If I don’t return you soon, I’m not going to let you go until I can’t walk anymore. And I think I’d still chase you down, crawling after you on my hands and knees.”

“That would be bad. I’d miss watching you dance.” Min said, his hands working hard to button Se7en’s shirt closed. “I can’t do this. I’m still shaking.”

“I like making you shake, Minku.” Se7en stole a kiss from Changmin’s pout. “And do you know what’s going to be even better?”

“What?” Min whispered, anticipating Se7en’s words with a shiver.

“I can’t wait to feel you trembling while I’m deep inside of you,” Se7en bit the small purpling spot he’d left on Changmin’s throat. “And god, I just can’t wait to feel you shake when I have you. If doing this made you look that angelic, making love to you is going to be like seeing God.”

“You are going to be the closest I ever get to Heaven, Minku.” Se7en whispered. “And I’ll gladly go to Hell for touching you, baby. Shit, I don’t care if I damn everyone around me just for the taste of you. Just so long as I get you around me before I die.”



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AM I FIRST OR WHAT?!? *looks around*
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Damn just missed it because I'v ebeen distracted 8wails* oh well it's okay to be 2nd
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:::makes room on couch::: ♥♥♥
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oh wow...you do smut like no other...I had to stop reading at certain parts to fan myself.
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aw, that's sweet. i think. :::grins::: ♥♥♥♥ i hope you liked it. it was fun to write. :^_^

snookies! ♥♥♥
Jun. 10th, 2007 10:36 pm (UTC)
Oh wow. *Fans self* That was...just guhwowawesome.

I love Min's dialog with himself. Such a boo.

Please tell me we are going to see the others witnessing post-sexing!Min. I have this mental picture of him being all smiles and Uke!stars.;)
Jun. 11th, 2007 02:24 am (UTC)
♥♥♥♥ ah, thank you.

i have no idea what's going to be in section 12. i'm going to finish answering emails, make some saimin and then maybe contemplate starting 12 ♥

min is going to have to be careful about the hickey. but we'll see. my brain says he'll get away with the sneaking in. too soon to be caught ♥

but yes, he is all smiles. ♥
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well, well, well...
se7en and changmin are faster at getting the action than yoochun and junsu were..
i think..
if my sense of time isn't screwed up from reading this section...

changmin and his gremlins..make for some very good reading...heheheeh....
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Hullo, dearie. Shall I take this spot then, yeah?
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Oh god...I uh...I uuuh uh...hmmm. Wooboy! This Lemony lemon surprise was sweet to my heart, dollface. Aiyah! I'm burning up over here! I wasn't sure you would post another chappie. Didn't you say you'd take a break? Eeeeeyyyy?
Omo~. Unni! Chapter the Eleventh took me to heaven and back. The closest I'll get to heaven is reading your smexy chappies, baby. Seriously! Where do you come up with this stuff? I wish I were as brave as you to put what I dream up in my head onto paper. Woo! *fans self*

Changmin's and Se7en's emotions--there pleasure, they're...EVERYTHING is written so gorgeously. I feel naughty reading it because it's so realistic and powerful. I feel like I'm...errr...peeking in through a window into something I shouldn't be seeing but oh how I want to especically if it's Min-Min and Se7en doing delicious things. Oof! *pats heated cheeks* Oh my...What am I saying? I mean I know what I'm saying but should I be saying it? I'm a perv. Please let unni and my fellow pervs who are here forgive me for letting my mouth act before my brain intervenes...Okay...I'm done now, I suppose.
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Jun. 10th, 2007 11:22 pm (UTC)
FINALLY...some action!

Changmin is just...OMG SO BLOODY PRECIOUS!He was alittle bit frightened in the beginning. Now he has no reason to ever be...Se7en takes good care of him.

Jun. 11th, 2007 02:40 am (UTC)
ah, thank you! ♥♥♥ min is very sweet. and i am trying to take care of how he feels. and well, i am going to explore (hopefully) min's reactions as he learns about his body and his desires. ♥

and se7en... he's been good to our min. ♥

Jun. 10th, 2007 11:28 pm (UTC)
my min... *sniff* that thing about not falling for se7en is just so T__T but i got distracted by the uber hotness of the next paragraphs. love min7en <333

gash, if min thinks he's not ready for se7en, i am seriously doubting if he's all that smart. *peace changmin fans* ^_^
Jun. 11th, 2007 02:41 am (UTC)
♥♥♥ min is well, contemplative. he is so overwhelmed right now ♥ and that's a good thing.

i'm glad you liked it. thank you! snookies ♥ thank you for reading! ♥♥♥
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another late-ness T_____T


gosh sorry for the lack of words, i just can't be coherent right now >____<

i love it! humg, i love it!

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Jun. 11th, 2007 12:22 am (UTC)
Thx GOD it's 6am so there is no one around me <333
Honey...You make me horny in 6am !!! your smut is different...its seems so realistic and beautifull...*officiallydies*

“I can’t wait to feel you trembling while I’m deep inside of you,” Se7en bit the small purpling spot he’d left on Changmin’s throat. “And god, I just can’t wait to feel you shake when I have you. If doing this made you look that angelic, making love to you is going to be like seeing God.”
Really like this part <333
Min !!! Just do IT already !!! *smackmin'shead*

Update soon honey !!! Luv you <333

Jun. 11th, 2007 02:57 am (UTC)
♥♥♥♥ :::Grins::: i'm glad that you liked this section. i do want to make it ... realistic. or at least seem like it could happen. ♥

ah, poor min. he needs some time!

smooches and snooks. ♥♥♥
Jun. 11th, 2007 12:31 am (UTC)

*dashes off to read*
Jun. 11th, 2007 02:58 am (UTC)
love.you.too ♥♥♥
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Jun. 11th, 2007 01:22 am (UTC)
i. you. [dead]

he. min. mouth. ooh yeah. this is too much...TOO MUCH.

[flops around]

what makes it better is that its min's first time and all that. its just exiciting. and htas a great thing. and and and...yeah. se7en totally wins at everything now. [nods]

nnggg i love you for this. soo much. and because you win.
[super big huggles]
Jun. 11th, 2007 03:29 am (UTC)
♥♥♥ ah, thank you. :::hugs and offers cookies::::

yeah, min and well their mouths. ♥ always fun and good.

se7en wants to take his time with min.

hugs. i am glad that you liked it! so so many hugs. thank you! ♥♥♥
Jun. 11th, 2007 01:29 am (UTC)
-blink blink-


That was absolutely wonderful!!! I think Minnie is falling for Se7en, but then again, who wouldn't? Hehe.. The hotness of the scene was wonderful!!

Jun. 11th, 2007 03:32 am (UTC)
oh. thank you. ♥♥♥ smooches and snookies. ♥

i am happy that you liked it. and i am glad you found it hot ::::grins::: ♥♥♥ many many hugs.

ah, i can't say if min is falling or what will happen with them but they are becoming close. and that's good :

hugs. ♥ and thank you!
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Jun. 11th, 2007 03:39 am (UTC)

Jun. 11th, 2007 03:45 am (UTC)
I was in so much shock that I forgot to COMMENT

oh dearie XDDD look at the things you make me do

I'm serious!!

First, Jaeho exchanges wedding vows (ok well not quite, but they are as far as I'm concerned) on RADIO XDD
and then I toddle over to HERE and see THIS? lol

WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO MY POOR HEART? (dies from the utter hotness)
Seriously, I have never hated self-restraint more than I do right now D=<
(kicks Min and Se7en into a closet and locks it) >.>

moooooo X3
oh yeah, thanks for explaining that thing about the stage X3
I've gotta find that interview, it sounds hilarious.
Jaechun silliness is always good =DDDD

(gives Min back his kitsune plushie)
(givs you strawberries dipped in chocolate X333)
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