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FoaF Contribution

This was done for the yoosu_yongwonhi comm. The rules post can be found here.

Title: Shodoshima Island
Pairing: Yoosu
Rating: PG-13

“Susu-ah.” Yoochun called out from the bathroom, searching for a towel to dry off on. Hearing no reply, the baritone sighed heavily, wondering if he should pull his clothes over his wet body.

“I can’t believe I’m camping.” He muttered under his breath, finally finding a small hand towel in his duffel bag. “He was supposed to wait for me.”

The shower stall was barely large enough to turn around in and the bathroom that wasn’t much bigger. Shyness on Yoochun’s part derailed any of Junsu’s more sensual suggestions for the long counter running along one wall.

Shyness and the flimsy door latch, Yoochun nervously glanced at the knob.

He’d already been walked in on once. Micky wasn’t sure who hit a higher note, the old lady who opened the door or his scream when he saw the woman staring at his naked, wet body.

Dressed, Yoochun headed outside, searching for Junsu amid the thickets of trees. Renting a tent and equipment from the campgrounds had been Junsu’s idea. Actually, Yoochun realized, the whole trip had been Junsu’s idea. Yoochun had to admit the moon was gorgeous floating above the lush green mountainside. Luckily, that moon gave him enough light to see by. As well as absconding with the towels, Junsu also took the flashlight.

A bobbing beam of light greeted him when he came around a curve of the path. Junsu returning with the towels, Yoochun grinned when he spotted his lover’s goofy grin.

“I was coming right back.” Junsu called out, pointing the light down by Yoochun’s feet.

“You just like leaving me there so another auntie can get a cheap thrill, Susu-ah.” Yoochun accused him playfully. He was certain something bit him on his butt and he scratched at the welt, hoping Junsu packed bug lotion.

When an infrequent span of free time came along, Junsu suggested a trip to Shodoshima island, spinning a fantastic tale of camping out in the open under the stars. Yoochun balked until Junsu whispered that they would be alone with no one for miles. The miles part was exaggerating. Out in the open was too damp but the tent was warm and had screens that they could see the outdoors through. Not to mention, the thick sleeping bags made it nice to cuddle.

And Yoochun fully intended to cuddle.

Micky tackled Junsu as soon as they got into the tent, pulling his lover down and chewing down Junsu’s neck. Giggling, the tenor yelped and fell. Their clothes were quickly shed, tossed about the tent as they had at one another, Yoochun’s hands moving over Junsu’s body.

“Love you.” Junsu sighed, laying into his lover’s arms.

“Love you too.” Yoochun murmured, sucking a kiss from Junsu’s mouth. His muscles no longer ached. The only discomfort Yoochun was cognizant of was the heaviness of his lust nudging up his belly. “Turn over.”

“Excuse me.”

The men froze, shocked at the sound of a strange voice interrupting their lovemaking. Resting his forehead on Junsu’s temple, Yoochun sighed, wondering who’d come to their tent.

“Chunnie-ah,” Junsu tapped Yoochun’s shoulder. “Um, you should look at this.”

“If it’s another auntie, tell her we’re going to start charging.” Micky turned his head and gaped.

There was a badger at their tent flap. Or a tea kettle. Yoochun wasn’t sure which exactly. And it talked.

“Um, hello.” Junsu, ever the polite one, bowed a welcome, scrambling for his clothes. “Can we help you?”

“It’s a talking badger!” Yoochun hissed at his lover. “Or a kettle. But it’s talking!”

“I didn’t mean to bother you.” The badger-kettle continued, his eyes nervously darting towards the baritone. “I heard someone saying suzz suzz, and I thought perhaps, it was another badger.”

“No…um,” Junsu slapped at Yoochun’s hand when the baritone reached to pull him back. “No badgers. Or tea kettles.”

“Ah, I was looking for company.” The copper badger nodded, bowing an apology. Giving Yoochun another baleful glance, the badger cocked his head, winking at Junsu. “A badger can get lonely sometimes. If you get bored with the nervous one. Come see me. I’m at the temple down the hill.”

With that, the kettle trundled off, leaving a trail of small triangular footprints in the moist soil.

“Did that badger just hit on you?” Yoochun gasped, unable to comprehend what just happened.

“Yes,” Junsu turned to his lover, frowning. “And it’s your fault. You’re the one that started calling me Susu.”

“How was I supposed to know your nickname would turn a badger on?” Yoochun protested. “That’s it. Come here, now I’ve got to prove I’m a better lover than a badger.”

“Good luck.” Junsu grinned, laughing under Yoochun’s charge. “That badger had a very long nose. And if I hurry, I can probably catch up to him.”

the badger teakettle is a japanese folk tale. one telling can be found here.

badger tale
Tags: shodoshima island, yoosu
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