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Tarnished Angels (SMM Universe) Section Eighteen

Title: Tarnished Angels
Section: 18
Pairing: Min/Other (some jaeho and yoosu along the way)

Section Rating: R
Overall Rating: NC-17
Blame: ranalore

Summary: Hot Korean boys. A seduction. An alluring. A temptation. And Min's self-discovery.

Sections: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Se7en, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven (Lemon), Twelve; Thirteen; Fourteen; Fifteen, Sixteen; Se7enteen

Related Fics: So Much Mine and Lavender Bunny. Links go to PDFs. Other related fics can be found at my LJ: wedspawn

The trill of his phone woke Jaejoong, startling him from a deep, useless sleep. With the curtains drawn tight against the sun, he couldn’t tell what time it was. Nor did he care. Jae answered the phone, trying to clear his voice then repeated his greeting, worried that he might have missed one of the member’s calls.

“Hello?” Jae repeated, clearer as he woke.


The singer sat up, shocked at finding Se7en at the other end of his phone. Glancing quickly down at Yunho sleeping sprawled across the left side of the bed, Jaejoong cupped his hand over the phone, keeping his voice down.

“What do you want? Haven’t you done enough tonight?” Jae blearily blinked at the clock. He’d not had enough sleep to counteract the stress of the day, first the delayed flight and then Changmin’s troubles. “What time is it?”

“What is with you Dong Bang boys? So concerned about the time.” Se7en slurred the end of his words. “I don’t know what time it is. I don’t care. I already told them I couldn’t make it today.”

“I’m hanging up now.”

“No, no…” Se7en murmured. “I wanted to make sure Minnie-ah got home safe.”

“He’s probably asleep. If he came home.” Jaejoong sighed, still trying to rub the sleep from his face and then wondered why he was even bothering. He planned on crawling back on top of Yunho once he hung up.

“I tried calling him. He’s not picking up.” The other man definitely sounded drunk. Possibly even insane to Jae’s ears. “Go check on him for me. See if he’s in his room.”

“Hyung, you need to go to sleep. Or maybe take a shower.”

“I’ve been calling him for hours.” Se7en bit back a curse word. “I fucking hate this, Joongie-baby. I hate that I’m feeling like this. I want my head back to where it was. I don’t need this kind of shit and here I am, calling after him like some lovesick fangirl that hangs on his every goddamned word.”

“Sleep, hyung.” Jae insisted. “I’ll have him call you later.”

“I’m going to keep calling you until you check on him. And if you don’t answer, I’ll head over there and start pounding on the door.” Jaejoong heard Se7en hiss as if in pain. “And right now, the way I feel, I’m going to puke on the door too.”

“Fine.” Jae slipped from the bed, shivering as his feet touched the cold floor. Digging around for his slippers, he debated asking Yunho to check on their youngest but after finally getting his lover down from the glowering rage he’d worked into, Jaejoong didn’t want to deal with any more trauma. “Hold on.”

Leaving the phone behind, Jae snuck down the hall, peeking into Changmin’s room and finding the young man’s bed pristine and made. A search of the house also held no sign of Min and Jae sighed, knowing he would have to head back and deal with Se7en. Coming back into the bedroom. Jae picked up the phone, listening to Se7en’s mumbling on the other end.

“Didn’t want to hurt him.” Dong-Wook’s seductive voice rolled over the phone. “Fucker. Son of a bitch.”

“Se7en, he’s not home yet. He called me earlier. He sounded fine and told me not to worry.” Jaejoong sat down on the edge of the bed, jostling Yunho. The other man lifted his head, startled awake by his lover’s motion.

“Who’s that? Minnie-ah?” Yunho asked sleepily.

“No,” Jae covered the phone then wondered why he bothered. “It’s Choi Dong-Wook.”

“Hang up.” Yunho mumbled into his pillow, turning over. “Are you still mad at me?”

“A couple of more hours, maybe. Right now, I’m too tired to be mad so you’re in luck.” Jae shrugged, turning back to Se7en. “Hyung, you need to sleep this off.”

“He left me. Son of a bitch decided that he was just going to take a walk.” Dong-Wook said. “Then my face started hurting, and then my hand started hurting. So I thought I’d just say screw it and drink it off. Now, I’m sitting here sick to my fucking stomach because the little son of a bitch won’t answer his phone and tell me he’s okay.”

“Why does your hand hurt?” Jaejoong asked, listening to Se7en continue to ramble. Turning around, he shook Yunho awake. “I thought you said he didn’t hit you?”

“What? Yunho sighed, turning over onto his back. “You can’t be serious! Either you’re mad at me and not talking to me or you’re not mad at me and we’re going to get some sleep.”

“Answer me, Yunnie-ah,” Jae poked at him, wedging the phone between his chin and his shoulder. “Why does Se7en’s hand hurt? Did he hit you? Are you okay?”

“I’m fine. He didn’t lay a hand on me.” The leader frowned, then looked up with a glimmer of rage in his eyes. “Bastard better not have hit Changmin.”

“Choi!” Jae barked into the phone. “Did you hit Changmin?”

“What? No! Why the fuck would I hit Minku? Sorry, Minnie-ah.”

“What does Minku mean?” Jae whispered at Yunho.

The other man shrugged. “You’re asking me? Your Japanese is better than mine. Ask Changmin. He’d know.”

“He says he didn’t hit Changmin.” Jae reassured his lover before asking Se7en another question. “Why does your hand hurt?”

“He probably rubbed it raw jerking himself off.” Yunho muttered, rolling aside to avoid Jae’s punch. “What? He’s the one who woke us up. Why are you hitting me?”

“How hard did you punch him?” Jae ignored Se7en’s rambling, the other man a verbal blur over the phone. “He sounds like he’s brain damaged.”

“Maybe he’s drunk. His virgin got away.”

“He is drunk. But he’s not calling for that.” Jaejoong poked at Yunho’s chest. “He’s worried about Changmin. And Minnie-ah isn’t home.”

“Joongie, love, hang up.” Yunho moaned, rolling over and grabbing a pillow to put over his head.

“Se7en,” Jaejoong tried to cut into the man’s angry rant about young teases. “Choi Dong-Wook, listen to me!”

“I’m going to try calling his cell phone again.” Se7en murmured. “And maybe get some thing else to drink.”

“I think that’s the last thing you should do right now.” The singer replied, rubbing at his forehead. “God, Yunnie and I didn’t have this kind of drama and we’re the worst ones of the group.”

“Changmin is always competitive.” Yunho murmured from under his safe feather nest. “Probably felt like he had to one-up you in this too.”

“Yunnie-ah, do you still have Se7en’s address?” Jae leaned over, landing on his lover’s chest. Yunho grunted, unprepared for the other man’s weight.

“Why?” Lifting the pillow, the leader glared at Jae. “What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to go over there and put him to bed.” Jaejoong cut off Yunho’s protests with a slide of his fingers across his lover’s mouth. “Don’t argue. You’ll lose. And then you’ll be grumpy not only from lack of sleep but also a bruised ego. I’ve not had enough rest to deal with that too. Can we just agree that you’ve lost?”

“I don’t like having these non-arguments with you.” Yunho muttered in a low grumble. “I always lose them and I’ve not even said one word yet. Why do I always have to lose?”

“Because your life’s easier that way.” Jae kissed the end of Yunho’s chin. Speaking into the phone, the singer attempted to get Se7en’s attention. “Choi, I’m going to come over.”

“Oh no,” Dong-Wook stopped his ramble, alarmed at the news. “The son of a bitch Yunho popped me twice because Minku was here. Do you have any fucking idea what he’ll do to me if you come over? What do you want to do to me? Get me killed?”

“He knows I’m coming over. Try not to drink yourself into a stupor. I’ll need you to open the door when I get there.” Hanging up his cell, Jae stood up from the bed, stopped short when Yunho’s fingers grabbed at his waistband. “What, Yunnie-ah?”

“I’ll drive you.” The leader tossed the comforter off of his body, bracing himself for the cold air and even colder floor. “Let me get dressed.”

“No, baby.” With a shake of his head, Jaejoong put his hand on Yunho’s chest. “I need you to stay here. Wait for Changmin to make sure he’s okay and if he calls, someone should be here to answer the phone. He might call the house phone.”

“I don’t want you over there with Se7en, especially alone.” Yunho glowered as well as he could while lying down and stretched out over a soft mattress.

It was hard to look threatening when he was talking to someone who could bring him to his knees with a hooded glance and a moist pout but Yunho tried just the same. Throwing the pillow back onto his face, he mumbled curses into the linens, knowing he’d lost another argument he hadn’t even had a chance to start.

“Pfah,” Jaejoong scoffed, heading to the master bathroom. “He’s not going to do anything. My boyfriend will come and kick his ass.”

Jaejoong would never get used to the cabs in Japan. It was always a gamble as to what kind of driver he would get. Either he was stuck with one that would poke along the streets and drive up the fare or end up in the back seat of a madman, holding onto the grip and hoping he wasn’t ejected from the car if they got into an accident.

He got a madman this time. Lately, he always seemed to get the madmen.

Yunho offered him the car but the sleep in his eyes warned Jae not to drive. It would be better all around if he didn’t create yet another crisis to topple over the day. At the rate of the turns and careening around traffic, Jaejoong would have gladly paid the extra fare to arrive in one piece. Or at least to have his stomach intact instead of crawling up his throat in an attempt to escape.

Thanking whichever angel looked after wayward singers either too drunk or too sleepy to make good decisions, Jaejoong entered Se7en’s building, stopping at the guard desk for directions. His guardian angel was still at work. Choi Dong-Wook had called down to tell the staff to let him into the apartment.

No mention was made of Se7en’s level of inebriation. Jaejoong was thankful for that. Although the sly glances from one of the female guards made him a bit uncomfortable.

“She must think Se7en’s got a stable of men he’s entertaining up here.” Jae realized, suddenly understanding the slow wink he’d gotten when he made eye contact. “God, first Min then Yunho and now me.”

The first thing Jaejoong noticed when he stepped into Se7en’s apartment was the space. A glorious expanse of artfully arranged modern furniture and electronic equipment spread over polished honey wood floors. And a kitchen that made him ache.

Then, the pool of blood drying down the sides of the granite and oak island separating the kitchen from the living area.

A lot of blood.

“Choi!?” Jaejoong closed the door behind him, alarmed at the darkening brown blotches. Hearing no response, Jae called out again. “Se7en?”

“Sleeping.” A murmur came from an L-shaped alcove around the edge of the kitchen. Se7en’s bare foot was visible over the edge of the arm of the couch, a thick silver ring snug on his index toe. Jae approached carefully, spotting the broken glass on the floor. “Okay, I’m not sleeping because I can talk.”

“Are you okay? Is that blood?” Jaejoong gasped at the sight of Se7en’s hand. The older man lay on his back, holding his hand palm-side up, leaving the deep gashes open to the air. “What happened? Is Min okay? Wait, I spoke to him. He didn’t say he was bleeding.”

“You guys are…” Se7en blinked, wondering why sobriety came all too quickly. Probably the pain, he reasoned. Although he wasn’t’ sure if he meant the pain in his heart or the throbbing of his sore body. “When Changmin left here, he was fine. Me, not so much. Not that you care.”

“So long as Min’s okay.” Jae nodded, distracted as he looked around. “Do you have any bandages? Let me clean that up.”

“Ah, so you’re going to play mommy now?” The singer looked up at the fey young man standing next to the couch. “You sure you can do that? I’m not one of your boys.”

“You keep treating me like shit and you’re going to be a girl.” Jae smiled sweetly, reaching nearly the end of his patience. “I’m tired, Dong-Wook. In the past twenty-four hours, my life’s been turned upside down because of you and Changmin. And I’m offering to pick out the glass that’s in your hand. If you were smart, you’d shut up and tell me where your bandages are.”

Se7en opened his mouth to snap back but stopped his tongue at the unforgiving glint in Jaejoong’s eye. Any hint of the dreamer Dong-Wook thought lived inside of Jaejoong’s body had fled and a feral, street urchin had taken his place.

“I don’t know.” Se7en replied. “I’ve never had to use one. I think I saw some things in the guest bathroom.”

“Wait here.” Jae shook his head, stalking off. “Try not to get your head stuck too far up your ass while I’m gone. I don’t want to pull that out too”

Se7en was sitting up when Jaejoong returned, his feet planted firmly on the floor and his dark eyes clouded with pain. Sliding onto the cushions next to the older man, Jae set down the first aid kit he found in the spare bathroom. Flipping open the large metal box, he blew out his breath in silent surprise at the array of medicines and wraps he found inside.

“Wow, whoever stocked your apartment must have thought you’re accident prone.” Jaejoong glanced at the dried film of blood on the floor and reassessed his thoughts. “Actually, I suppose they’re right.”

“This wasn’t an accident.” Se7en hissed when Jaejoong grabbed his wrist, moving sideways as the younger man pulled him around. “I was holding the glass and broke it. I was angry. And I didn’t want to throw it.”

“Ah, so you’re stupid too.” Jae nodded. He nearly remarked that it was good Min left Se7en if he was that stupid but the raw pain in the other man’s face stopped him. Leaning back to take a good look at Dong-Wook, Jae sighed. “Oh shit, you really do love him. You just let Yunho beat on you?”

“Did you and Yunho think I was joking?” Se7en tried to pull his hand away but Jaejoong held fast. “I’ll do it myself. You didn’t need to come over here.”

“Someone had to. Who else do you have?”

That was the bare truth of things, Se7en realized. He sat in his apartment amid the ruins of his life and discovered that there was no one to call. The one person he could have shared how he felt had walked out, leaving an echoing emptiness behind. He wanted to tell Jaejoong to fuck off. It was right on the tip of his tongue. The words never came. Only a single silver tear then another, his breath deepening to offset the agony crawling through his soul.

“Aish, Se7en,” Jae reached out, wiping at the other mans’ face, careful not to press too hard. Yunho’s fists left a pair of ripe swellings on Se7en’s face, subsiding as they purpled to bruises. “I’m sorry. Hell, you’re probably feeling just as shitty as the rest of us are. I’m sorry.”

“Changmin always said you were the one who patched up everything.” Se7en laughed hard at the irony of having Jaejoong at his side, the purported mother of the group, wiping away his sorrows and cleaning his wounds. “Think you can crawl inside of me and kiss the stab wounds Minku left behind?”

“Because that’s really what you can do for me, Kim.” The last of the drunk faded under his reluctant tears, disappearing fully when Se7en used his free hand to wipe off his face. “Think you can make it all better?”

“Tell Changmin he’s an idiot. Hell, tell me I’m an idiot and to walk away from the bastard. I don’t even know if I’m in love with him and he didn’t even have it in him to stick around when I needed him. What kind of friend is that?”

“I’m sure Yunho didn’t help things.” Jaejoong murmured, splaying Se7en’s hand taut. Delicately working splinters of glass from where they were lodged deep in the other man’s palm.

“Oh no, Yunho helped a lot. He showed me I couldn’t depend on Changmin.” Se7en snorted sarcastically then yelped when the tweezers dug into his tender flesh.

“Try to remember that is my lover and my dongsaeng that you are talking about.” Jae looked through his lashes, his brown eyes hard around the edges.

“I’ll try to remember as long as you’re digging around inside of me.” He replied, wincing as another piece of glass was pulled, a fresh stream of blood dripping over his thumb mound and onto the towel Jae placed under his hand.

Se7en remained silent for a few minutes, holding still for Jae. While the younger man was concentrating on removing a difficult shard, he leaned forward and murmured, “I’m sorry I made you uncomfortable during the show that time. I didn’t mean too.”

“Oh, and they say I can’t keep a secret.” Jae shook his head, amazed at how many of his secrets were spilled out as if from a cut rice bag. “Who do I kill? Yunho or Changmin.”

“I’d say Minnie-ah since I want him dead right now but the truth is, Yunho had the pleasure of throwing that in my face.”

“It’s okay, Se7en.” A shrug dismissed the tremors Jaejoong had that day, a shivering visitation of men’s hands pawing over him. “I think it was just an off day for me and I had to behave for the cameras. Sometimes I just want to close the door and tell the world to go away but I can’t.”

“I want that too, sometimes.” Se7en nodded.

“Do you really love Changmin?” Jae asked, tenderly washing the cuts with saline to clear off the blood.

“You do use that pretty face to just worm your way into things, don’t you?” He had to smile despite the fatigue and pain, seeing the humour in Jae’s soft, shy smile. Se7en thought on the question before answering, wanting to be honest with the young man that Changmin adored.

“Do I love him?” Se7en asked himself. He thought of the young man he’d woken up next to just a few hours ago, the same one he’d fallen asleep on, talking about things that he might never achieve but wanted to reach. Min held so many of his secrets, little wishes he’d not shared with anyone; even discovering some he’d not known he had.

Changmin was one of those starry-eyed wishes he’d found in his dreams. And now it lay extinguished before it had even flared to life.

“Yeah, I love him.” Se7en nodded, his face serious with thought. “I wanted to be in love with him because I thought; here’s my friend. This guy can make me laugh and show me things that I’ve already seen thousands of times before and until he pointed them out to me, it meant nothing. Shit, Jaejoong, he’s got me watching people and imagining where they’re going and who they’re waiting for.”

“I don’t daydream like that.” Dong-Wook told the other man. Jaejoong sat silent, listening to Se7en’s soul break open. “I wanted to daydream like that a little while longer before I had to figure out if …”

“Figure out if you were in love with him?”

“Yeah, that.” He said, his voice tired and flat. Se7en stared down at the damage he’d done to himself, thinking that he probably broke the glass just to have control over something. He wasn’t sure when he’d lost control but it was definitely some time immediately after he met Changmin.

“What are you going to do, Dong-Wook?” Jae inspected his handiwork. If he met Se7en’s eyes, he knew he’d throw himself into maneuvering Changmin back to the older man. Jaejoong was very much aware of his romantic streak. He avoided it as much as possible. The group had enough meddlers without his joining into the fracas.

“I guess I’m just going to have to wait.” The singer shrugged.

“Do you have it in you to wait?” Jae now looked up, already embracing the knowledge he was doomed. He might as well face Se7en’s anguish squarely and open-heartedly.

“No,” Dong-Wook replied. “I don’t. And right now, I just want to make sure that he’s home and safe. That’s all I really want. I just need to know he’s safe.”

Jae dabbed the last cut with antiseptic, contemplating what to say next. Grabbing a sterile bandage, Jaejoong unraveled the end, hoping to wrap up Se7en’s hand until he could see to it. “I think it won’t be long before you hear from Changmin. Once he loves, he never gives it up. He’s like Yunho that way.”

“Well, he is your son.” Se7en teased a smile from Jaejoong, laughing at the shy duck of Jae’s head.

“You’re that way too. Yunho and you are a lot alike in some ways.” Jaejoong murmured. “And you know what they say about children, they always fall in love with men who remind them of their fathers.”
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