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Tarnished Angels (SMM Universe) Section 22

Title: Tarnished Angels
Section: 22
Pairing: Min/Other (some jaeho and yoosu along the way)

Section Rating: R
Overall Rating: NC-17
Blame: ranalore

Summary: Hot Korean boys. A seduction. An alluring. A temptation. And Min's self-discovery.

Sections: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Se7en, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven (Lemon), Twelve; Thirteen; Fourteen; Fifteen, Sixteen; Se7enteen; Eighteen; Minteen; Twenty; Twenty-One (Lime)

Related Fics: So Much Mine and Lavender Bunny. Links go to PDFs. Other related fics can be found at my LJ: wedspawn

Changmin did the only thing he could think of wanting to do in the middle of the rainy afternoon. He crawled into bed next to Jaejoong.

The others were all scattered on their own, Yunho off to practice a dance routine he felt he needed more work on. Junsu and Yoochun headed to a movie, which Min knew they wouldn’t watch. No one went to more movies and couldn’t explain what they saw like the middle members of their group. He used to wonder what they did.

Now, he knew.

Jaejoong was curled up around one pillow, a nest of three others tucked behind his back. He glanced up from the manga he was reading, silently holding up the sheet for Min to crawl under, moving the pillow and pulling the youngest up against him.

Cuddled against the singer, Min let Jaejoong’s presence comfort him, sliding his bare feet between Jae’s and tucking one knee between Jae’s legs. They’d nestled this way before. Usually when Changmin needed reassurance or sometimes just for the feel of someone who loved him around his body.

The room smelled like the two older men, a blend of masculinity and gentle softness. Nearly picture perfect clean, the only sign of a mess were stacks of CDs on a long table, haphazard towers of music left for them to dig through. Changmin secretly loved this room more than any other in the house. It gave him a sense of strength and family every time he walked through the door. He especially loved the enormous bed set in the middle of the floor. It could hold all five of them and had, sometimes they just lay tangled into one another talking and laughing or sometimes even listening to a few of them harmonizing through a song.

This is where they were family. This room was where they all felt safe and hidden from the world.

Now, the two men lay quiet against one another, just the occasional flip of a page as Jaejoong worked through his reading, one arm around Min’s waist. Changmin listened to the steady beat of Jae’s heart, letting the sound lull him into a half-sleep. To Min, where Se7en smelled of anise, Jae was scented with vanilla and cloves, a hint of green tea from Yunho’s cologne transferred when the leader hugged his lover goodbye.

“Joongie-ah,” The singer had gone through one book and was halfway through another manga when Min finally spoke. “When you fell in love with Yunho, did you know immediately?

“No. I hated him first. Because he made me feel like I was insane. I wanted him to touch me and that hurt.” Jae admitted slowly, putting the book down. “Then I loved him and he didn’t see me. Well, you know how that went.”

“I hated how that went.” Min grimaced. “It was horrible.”

“Sorry.” Jae matched Min’s sour face. “I didn’t mean to hurt you guys. I really didn’t. I just wanted to hurt Yunho. Badly.”

Changmin laughed, blurting out a horse chuckle into Jae’s chest. The loud guffaw made Jaejoong snort in return, falling into a wave of giggles that brought tears to their eyes. Sighing, Min sent a silent thank you to Scarlet for taking care of the young man they both loved so much.

“I talked to Se7en last night and he made me,” How did he tell Jaejoong about the intimate dare the other man drove him to? And how to say it in such a way that it didn’t seem dirty? “He told me to touch myself and to let him hear me.”

“So the two of you have patched things up?” Jae pressed a kiss to Min’s forehead, unsure if the young man needed to be reassured or to hear Se7en condemned.

“No,” Min grinned despite his confusion. “We’ve agreed to be mad at each other.”

“Ah, Yunho and I do that all the time.” Jae nodded knowingly. “Did you feel like it left you unclean? Do you need to know that it’s okay?”

“Yes and no.” He responded with a sigh. “I should feel like it was wrong. But I don’t. I want to be brave and daring. Se7en makes me feel like I can be those things.”

“Why do you call him Se7en?” The usage was curious to Jae. Thinking about it, he realized he called the other man Se7en as well. “I do that too. Huh.”

“You get distracted easy.” Changmin grinned. “You’re supposed to be telling me that what I did with Se7en on the phone wasn’t dirty.”

“I think you know it wasn’t.” Jae shrugged, kissing his friend on the nose. He cuddled closer, wrapping the sheets tight around them. As the rain fell outside, they were cocooned against the cold, safe and warm around one another. “You said you wanted to be daring. Maybe you just want to try out being seduced. Se7en sounds like he wants to seduce you. I don’t see why you guys are arguing about it.”

“You hate him, remember?”

“No, Yunho hates him.” Jae corrected Min. “And I don’t even know if Yunho hates him as much as he wants to keep you safe. Se7en isn’t safe. I think that scares Yunnie-ah.”

“Yunnie-ah needs to get out of my business. “ Min growled. “I’m not in his.”

“I think you were more in his when he wasn’t sure he loved me.” Jaejoong thought back. “You meddled a lot. Remember the bedroom shifting?”

“That wasn’t meddling.” He grumbled under his breath, caught out by his past actions. “That was necessary for the group. You were driving us all crazy.”

“With Se7en, Yunho thought he was doing what was necessary. I don’t agree with him but I know he meant well.” They’d spoken after Yunho come home and Jae could barely contain his anger at his lover but it softened when he saw the tears in Yunnie’s eyes when he spoke of his fear for Min’s heart.

“He loves you so much. When he left home, he had to leave his younger sister behind and you are here. I know he thinks of you like he does his sister.” Jae explained, rubbing at Min’s lower back. “He’d be as protective of her as he is you.”

“I’m not his younger sister.” Another grumble and Min could hear the childishness in his voice. “I hate being the youngest. I miss being the oldest.”

“I miss being the youngest and I hate being the oldest.” Jae stuck his tongue out.

“Meh, you’re not the oldest. You gave that to Yunho. He likes being the oldest.”

“Yeah, you’re right. I’m not the oldest. Thank God for that.” Leading the discussion back around the reason Min came in to cuddle against him. “Se7en.”

“Se7en.” Min nodded, lightly placing a clenched fist on Jae’s chest for emphasis. “Min-seven hwaiting!”

“What are you going to do? Do you know?”

“I want to be with him. I do.”

It sounded final to Jae’s ears, a firm resolution to work towards some relationship with the older man. This both scared and thrilled him. He knew that one day he would have to let their youngest go and fall on his own. He didn’t like it. He didn’t have to like it.

Well, he did like it. If Jae really looked at, he liked Se7en. Deep inside, he knew the older man loved and cherished Min in his own way. Not something he expected at all.

“Did you tell him that?” The pillows gave slightly under Jae’s weight as he shifted to get a better view of Min’s face.

“I took off my pants for him.” The red was back. It started at the back of his jaws and worked up until it flooded Min’s cheeks. “And I told him I loved him.”

“Ah.” Jae wasn’t sure what to say. He could help Yoochun when Junsu was being stubborn about their relationship. “He wants you. You want him. What’s the problem again?”

“The problem is, we don’t know where it’s going to.”

“Does that matter?” Jae laughed when Min raised his head and looked at his friend with an unblinking stare. “What? I’m confused about what you’re worrying about.”

“I don’t think I’m willing to…” Changmin stopped himself. “Jaejoong, I don’t know what the hell I’m worrying about. I think he scares me.”

“Has he hurt you?” There was a small thread of alarm in Jae’s mind, dismissed by the emphatic shake of Min’s head.

“Not like that. No.” Min said calmly. “I’ve never just fallen into something before. I mean, this is frightening because he’s told me that I decide how fast or how slow we move and then I feel like it’s a lot of pressure.”

“You’re pressured because you have control?” Jae pursed his mouth, thinking about what Min said.

“Yes.” Changmin sighed, his breath hot with stress.

“So maybe that’s what you have to do.” The older man shrugged, resting his forehead against Min’s. “Maybe you should just tell Se7en that he should be the one to lead both of you.”

“So give it totally over to him?” Min whistled under his breath. “Are you nuts? You know me. Have you ever known me to give up control?”

“That’s probably what you need to do.” Jaejoong suggested. “Do you trust him?”

“He asked me that.” Remembering the phone call, he shivered at the ghosts of emotions running down his legs. “I told him yes.”

“Did you mean it?”

“Yeah, I do.” Min nodded. “I trust Se7en. Even now when we’re pissed off at each other, I know he’s there for me. He is my closest friend. You all are family, you know that. But Se7en is someone that fits right inside of me. It’s like there’s are pieces of me that’s missing and he’s got them.”

“Shouldn’t I know what I want from him? What about if we are lovers or soul mates or what?” Rolling over onto his back, Min shifted closer to Jae to stay in other man’s loose embrace.

“Why?” Jaejoong asked. “Why put a name on what you have? As long as you have it, does it need a label as long as both of you are happy?”

“Minnie-ah, it doesn’t matter who you love,” The older man said before kissing Min on the cheek, stroking at the singer’s soft hair. “It also doesn’t matter how you love. So long as you do.”

“Here. Maybe you’ll get drunk and fall off the balcony.” Se7en handed Yunho a cold bottle of beer. “Although this really is only your second. But then you’re probably that much of a pussy you can’t handle two beers.”

“Thanks. Why don’t you get drunk so I can push you off first?” Yunho gave the other man a tight smile, undoing the cap and laying it on the coffee table. “And I’ll be fine. I’m taking a cab home.”

“Kim won’t be pissed that you’ve been gone for a couple of hours?”

“I told him I was going to practice, which I did.” Yunho pointed out. “I just didn’t tell him I was going to cut it short and then come over here. I’ll tell him when I get home.”

He sat at one corner of the couch in Se7en’s sitting area, his back to the wide expanse of windows showcasing the apartment’s view. Yunho felt a small twinge of guilt at the small grey lie he told his lover but he didn’t know what Jaejoong’s reaction would have been if he found out Se7en invited Yunho to talk.

Of course, talk didn’t seem to be something that either one of them had any skill at. Not when poking at each other’s ego was much more fun.

“Nice place. Bigger than what we’ve got.” Yunho glanced behind him, looking over his shoulder at the wall of electronics. If he planned things right, they could really toss Se7en off the balcony and move in.

“Don’t get too comfortable.” The other man warned him as if reading the singer’s thoughts. “There’s only two bedrooms. The office isn’t big enough for someone to sleep in.”

“That’s because you didn’t see the room Min took over in our park apartment.” Yunho sipped at his beer, savouring the yeasty flavour on his tongue. He rarely drank in public, abstaining for the most part except for a few private parties and at home. “He likes living in a closet.”

“If Min ever lives here, I’m not sticking him in a closet.” Se7en stretched his legs out, resting his heels on the coffee table. “Just because you’re comfortable there, doesn’t mean Minku should live there too.”

“That’s Jae’s decision. Not mine.” The leader moved his legs up, his bare feet resting on the couch cushions. “And did you want me to punch you again? Because you didn’t have to bribe me with a beer for that. I’d do it for free. Hell, I’ve got a few yen. I’ll pay you.”

“Didn’t you come over to apologize?”

“No, Choi,” Yunho shook his head. “That was yesterday. Today you invited me.”

“Damn,” The other sighed and leaned his head onto the couch back. “It would be rude then for me to throw you out.”

“Pretty much.” He shrugged at Se7en then smiled. “Of course you’re an asshole so no one would expect you to have manners.”

“And you kiss your boyfriend with a mouth that dirty?”

“My boyfriend likes my mouth this dirty.” Yunho met Se7en’s small grin with a saluting lift of his bottle. “Why did you invite me over?”

“Because the two of us are important to Changmin. Neither one of us is going to go anywhere.” The singer swallowed the sip he took. Yunho’s presence in the apartment wasn’t disturbing as much as it seemed illicit. He would have to tell Changmin that he’d invited the leader over. Se7en didn’t want secrets between them. “So, here you are. Why did you come over?”

“Same reason.” Putting the bottle down on the coffee table, he leaned forward over his crossed legs, intent on Se7en’s face. “Joongie said I should try to understand where your heart is. He thinks you love Min a lot. I listen to Jae’s advice. He’s a scatter-brain but you’d be surprised at how much he knows.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised at all.” Se7en grinned. “Your Jaejoong is wise beyond his years. And bites back if you stick your finger into his face. I made that mistake when he came over here to fix my hand.”

“He told me you were well-behaved.” Yunho’s eyes narrowed. “Do I have to take back my promise to him about not punching you in the face again.”

“I didn’t do anything to him. I was drunk and pissed off. He told me to fuck off and to shut up.” He replied, laughing at Yunho’s protectiveness. “You really do take this whole father-leader thing very seriously.”

“Yeah, I do.” The answer was soft, laden with weights attached by love for the others. “A lot of times all we have are the five of us. Some of the others have had hard times of it. I’m not going to let the world hurt them again if I can help it. And neither am I going to let the ones who’ve had easier lives find out how much they can hurt.”

“Changmin said you were bossy. But he also said you depend on him.”

“I do.” Yunho grinned. “He keeps me from molesting Jaejoong in public. Always a good thing.”

“I just think that we need to think about how we’re affecting him. I don’t want him hurt because we can’t get along.” Se7en pointed out. “And I don’t think it’s impossible for us to get along.”

“For Minnie-ah’s sake, I think we can do that.” Yunho nodded in agreement. “But you do know that I have to promise to kick your ass if you hurt him.”

“Understood.” Se7en agreed. “So long as you understand that I’m not like Rain.”

“Ah, so you know about that ass. How did you find out?”

“Some things Min told me. Some I overheard and then I had someone asking around.”

“Now that makes sense. Bi called Jaejoong to why someone was poking around a dead scandal.” Yunho grabbed his beer and took another sip. He hated warm beer and the brown glass didn’t seem to do well outside of the ice box. “He was worried.”

“I found out that you had him beaten up.”

“Oh no, that wasn’t me. I only hit him a couple of times. Someone else beat him up. Probably someone he pissed off.” Yunho stepped away from the subject, not wanting to tie Scarlet into the creation of Rain’s injuries. “You know him. Do you think Dong Bang were the only ones he got mad?”

“Probably not.” Se7en agreed. “But I’m not like him. I’m not in this to manipulate and use Min. If you don’t get that, then we’re going to have problems.”

“No, I understand.” Yunho replied. “It is…”

They both turned at the sound of the door being opened. Se7en stood to look over the kitchen counters and canted his head in surprise at Changmin’s entrance. The younger man had a nervous smile on his face, shifting the strap of his backpack from one shoulder to the other.

“Hi.” Min set the pack down, putting the key to the apartment into a side pocket. “Yunho!”

“I’m just leaving.” Yunho took a final sip and then jostled past Se7en. “Don’t fuck this up.”

“Nice.” Min narrowed his gaze at his leader. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m leaving.” The older man pushed at Changmin’s shoulder. “He and I had something to work out.”

“Our relationship isn’t any of your business.” Min started to heat, a steam rising from his core.

“And you know what, my relationship with Se7en isn’t any of yours.” Yunho smiled sweetly. “I’ll see you later, Dong-Wook.”

“Tell the wife I said hello.” Se7en called out after Yunho.

“Heh, I’ll tell him you called him that.” The leader replied before closing the door behind him.

Changmin stared at the closed door for a long second, unsure if he should go chase down Yunho to punch him. A hand on his shoulder stopped those thoughts and replaced them with more sultry options.

“Turn around, Minku.”

Those hands would be Min’s undoing. Their touch was velvet as fingers skimmed over his cheeks. Se7en gently turned him until they stood nearly against one another, the older man’s dark eyes drinking in Min’s face.

“God, it’s been too long since I’ve done this.” Se7en cupped the back of Min’s head, cradling the rounded crest of his skull and lowered his mouth. Their lips met, just a brief whisper of a touch that crackled through Min’s face, setting his breath on fire and he was forced to open his mouth in order to breathe in more of Se7en’s taste.

The other man took the invitation and pressed harder, nearly bruising Min’s lower lip with the nip of his teeth then gentling his caress into small suckling butterfly touches, taking his time to roam over the younger man’s mouth. Se7en wanted to taste every inch of the young man’s seductive sensuality, still so innocent and untouched. There was a purity in Min’s mouth that Se7en would never tire of.

This was beyond sex, Se7en thought. This was like God poured a spring rain into his lover’s mouth for him to quench his thirst on. Taking a moment to stare at Min’s beauty, Se7en realized he was really quite thirsty.

Changmin’s hands were on Se7en’s waist, drifting there without him having to think about where to touch the other man. It just seemed natural to touch Se7en, to hold him close and urge the other man to take whatever he could from Min’s mouth.

They shared another kiss, harder and more frantic than the next, needing to swallow the time they’d spent away from one another. Min’s mouth throbbed nearly as much as the heat between his legs and the tingle of want along his spine. His body was telling him what he needed, what he wanted but Min had no way of knowing what would extinguish the burning fire in his nerves.

He wasn’t so certain that even after Se7en was done with him that the flames would be gone. That was fine with him. He could accept having Se7en to douse the hunger in his body for as long as the other wanted to.

Gasping, Min pulled away first, his eyes nearly black with desire. No longer able to think clearly, he knew he needed to talk to Se7en. Regardless of where his heart and body were heading, his mind had to reassert its hold on the situation. At least for a few minutes.

“I thought I told you not to use that key until I told you it was okay.” Se7en’s smile was sardonic and teasing.

“You told me to take control. So I did.” Min replied.

“True.” Se7en agreed slowly. “I guess you’re right on that.”

“And I needed to talk to you.” Min took a breath. “I want two things.”

“Okay, shoot.” His arms still around Min’s waist, Se7en rocked the other man gently. They’d not agreed to set aside their anger and now, cuddled against one another, the underlying burn gave their passion spice.

“One, I want you to take some of this control. I need you to guide us more.” Changmin nodded at Se7en’s raised eyebrows. “I can’t decide where we’re going because I really don’t know where it should go. I need to depend on you for that.”

“If you don’t like where I take you then you tell me to stop, yes?” He asked. Then murmured when Min nodded in agreement. “Okay, I can deal with that. And the second?”

“The second is,” Min took a deep breath. “I need you to make love to me. Maybe not tonight but at some point, I need you to show me how much you love me. And I can show you how much I love you.”

“Someone told me that I am wasting too much of my time and energy on deciding what to call you in my life. That it doesn’t matter what we are. And what I do know is that I want you. And I need you.” Releasing a huff of air, Changmin continued. “I want you to be my lover, Se7en. My lover and friend. Can you be that for me?”
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