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Tarnished Angels (SMM Universe) Twenty-Six

Title: Tarnished Angels
Section: 26
Pairing: Min/Other (some jaeho and yoosu along the way)

Section Rating: R
Overall Rating: NC-17
Blame: ranalore

Summary: Hot Korean boys. A seduction. An alluring. A temptation. And Min's self-discovery.

Sections: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Se7en, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven (Lemon), Twelve; Thirteen; Fourteen; Fifteen, Sixteen; Se7enteen; Eighteen; Minteen; Twenty; Twenty-One (Lime); Twenty-Two; Twenty-Three; Twenty-Four (Lemon); Twenty-Five

Related Fics: So Much Mine and Lavender Bunny. Links go to PDFs. Other related fics can be found at my LJ: wedspawn

Se7en adjusted the collar of his jacket, listening to the feed coming in live from the main studio. He had about fifteen minutes to get finished, pulling the paper towels the makeup artist tucked around his neck to avoid getting any powder on his clothes. He looked up and found Changmin standing in the doorway, reflected back at him in one of the mirrors lining the wall. Meeting Min’s eyes, he smiled, a warm feeling in his belly.

“Hey, baby.” Sliding into Korean, Se7en turned around, stepping forward automatically and then stopping, remembering he couldn’t kiss the young man in front of him. People were walking by, hurriedly caught up in their lives and work. Still he couldn’t risk it. As much as he wanted to.

“Hi,” Min glanced down, his wealth of hair falling forward into his face. Se7en’s fingers itched to brush it free from his lover’s cheeks. His tongue ached to see how deep the sweetness of Min’s mouth went. “We’re down the hall for the night time show.”

“Ah, Minku.” Se7en leaned against the wall next to Min, not trusting himself to pull the younger man into the room. If he could sit against something, he knew he would pull Min into the crux of his legs and kiss him senseless. “I thought we agreed that we wouldn’t come to each other at the studio. If I’d known I could break that promise, I would have cornered you in a broom closet a long time ago.”

“I had to see you.” Changmin came closer, just brushing Se7en’s shoulder. “It’s been days.”

Their schedules had quickly filled up, bumping any free time off of the books. Late evenings became their salvation, an hour or sometimes less spent on the phone talking about their days and what they wanted to do once they had time.

They just never seemed to have time.

“I’m glad you came.” Se7en’s eyes followed the progress of an older woman nearly running down the hall, her arms stacked with tapes. He reached up and ran the back of his hand against Min’s bare forearm, feeling the soft skin of his lover and wanting more. Leaning forward, he whispered below his breath. “God I want you. My tongue misses the taste of you. Every time I sip something sweet, my heart spins and says; No, this is not Minku. Where is our Minku?”

“You’re going to make it hard for me to go back and have an interview.” Changmin’s mouth ghosted a breathy kiss across the air onto Se7en’s lips. “If they make me sit up front this time, I’m going to kill you. Talk about safe things.”

“Safe things?” Se7en mused aloud. “What the hell can we talk about that’s safe. You make drinking tea erotic. The sound of it over the phone last night nearly made me…”

“No, no talking about that.” Min stopped him, holding up one hand. “Safe. Something safe. The weather. That’s safe.”

“Is it still raining outside?” He asked softly. “I’ve been inside for a few hours.”

“Yep.” The younger man replied. Tokyo’s rainy season seemed to last forever but the city needed it. He rather liked it. It softened the hard lines of the buildings and turned the lights into stained glass rainbows against the night sky.

“Good, maybe I’ll be able to see you standing in it sometime. Your shirt plastered against your body and my tongue chasing after the rivers of water flowing down your back. Hell, I’ll even follow the water down that delicious ass of yours…”

Se7en’s mouth was immediately covered by Min’s quick hand, his words trapped in the young man’s palm.

“Stop. None of that.” Changmin sighed, feeling the thickness of his sex responding to Se7en’s murmurs. “You are so bad.”

“Can I get a picture of you two together?” A woman emerged at Min’s elbow, startling them both. Bowing deeply, she displayed her camera, a high-powered lens attached to an expensive looking device. “Studio shots are nice to have. It makes good public relations.”

“Ah, um…” Changmin stumbled, wondering what to say. They’d discussed keeping their relationship a secret and he was sure the look on his face when Se7en was near him would blow everything out in the open. He had no faith in his ability to keep himself looking immune to the older man’s touch.

“Oh, pardon me. While we are good friends,” Se7en bowed deeply, his Japanese a formal apology. Moving close to Min, his unseen finger tips brushed at the young man’s belly, traveling downwards until he briefly touched at the bulge under Changmin’s zipper. “We are from different companies. It would be awkward for us to be seen in a promotional photo together. I hope you understand.”

“Oh no, I understand.” She returned the man’s bow, smiling broadly and backing up. “Thank you so much. I shall take pictures of you later then.”

“This is going to kill me.” Min whispered hotly. “Why are we talking in public? We can’t talk in public.”

“Baby, we need to make some time for each other. What are you doing tonight?” Se7en stepped back from Min, trying to give himself a little room to breathe. “Even if we just go for coffee. I need to see you. To at least touch you a bit.”

“I’m done at five today. I thought you had a thing with YG tonight.” Min cocked his head. The activity in the hall increased behind him, a few curiously casual glances at the pair of Koreans talking in the open door.

“We’re supposed to go to a club to be seen.” Se7en nodded at a stylist who’d worked with him earlier, not making prolonged eye contact in case the woman stopped to talk. “I’m going to skip it. I’d rather see you. Do you want to do something?”

How did he talk and make it sound so casual? Min wondered. His own stomach was twisting into knots at the thought of spending a few hours with Se7en. Another brush of the man’s fingers on his wrist made him shudder, remembering those fingers caressing him and then dipping down inside of him. His breath quickened, and Min struggled to control himself, his lungs beginning to burn from lack of consistent air.

“I don’t have anything until ten tomorrow.” Changmin mentioned, hoping he sounded as calm as he thought he did. Se7en’s eyes darkened, drawn by the erotic huskiness in his lover’s voice.

“How about if you grab a few things to wear and we can, maybe, try to spend that night together again?” Whispered, it sounded illicit. It became more dangerous when the tip of Se7en’s tongue touched the shell of Min’s outer ear. “Just the night. Same rules as before, Minku. May God help me survive that.”

“No touching.” Min hissed at the touch of the other’s tongue but he made no move to step away, panting a bit when Se7en blew on the spot to chill the wetness he left behind. “Do you want me to cook?”

“I think we can do that together. How about if I pick you up at about six-thirty? We can stop and shop for stuff for dinner on the way home.” He pursed his lips, struggling not to kiss Min. “I liked spending time with you in the kitchen. If I can’t spend my time inside of you, I should at least make some kind of heat you can stand.”

“Again, stopping that.” Min’s face immediately set on fire, his hands raised to press on his cheeks. “That would be fine.”

“You better get going before someone comes looking for you.” Se7en suggested slowly. “Or before I drag you in here and just ruin all of the pretty work someone did on your face. That eyeliner is making me hot.”

“Oh, one thing.” Min said as he turned away. “Do you want me to meet you down at the street or at your apartment?”

“Minku, I’ll come knock on your door.” Se7en nodded, grinning at Min’s shocked look. “It’s about time your hyungs really see me in your life. It might as well be tonight. Just tell Yunho he can’t punch me. I’ve given a few free shots. He’s not getting any more.”

The knock on the door jerked Junsu’s attention around. Frowning, he stood, edging past Yoochun who nearly bowled over him to get to the door. Yunho came out of the bedroom, glancing at Jaejoong standing in the kitchen then knocked on Min’s door, shouting for the younger man to come out.

“I’ve got the door!” Junsu vaulted down the hall, shoving past the foot closets and reached for the door knob. Yoochun came to a quick stop behind him, almost slamming his lover against the wall when his socks hit the wooden floor and he nearly skidded into a freefall. “Hey, it’s mine! Get back, Chunnie!”

“You two are going to die if Min catches you being assholes.” Jaejoong called out, shaking his head.

“How old are they again?” Yunho shook his head, stealing a slice of carrot from the chopping board. Jae threatened him with a look, cutting a piece of daikon in half.

“They’re probably just happy to be home.” He began to julienne the white root, moving the bits aside and out of Yunho’s reach. “And don’t eat all the vegetables. They’re for dinner.”

“If they didn’t keep sneaking off to Korea for soccer matches, they would be home more often.” The leader shrugged, helping himself to another piece of carrot, dancing out of Jae’s long reach with a quick back step.

Opening the door, Junsu stared at Se7en, looking up and down the singer’s body. Yoochun’s head popped over Junsu’s shoulder, a curious and sweetly mischievous smile on his mouth. The older man nodded a hello and waited, pursing his mouth and rocking back on his heels as the two singers stood there staring at him.

“You going to let me in or maybe tell Min I’m here?” Se7en cocked one eyebrow, sliding his fingers into the pockets of his jeans. “Or do you make all of your guests stand in the outside hallway?”

“You’re not a guest.” Yunho stood at the end of the entrance hall, shooing the younger members in then heading back inside himself. “You’re a parasite that we’re letting Min date.”

“You’re not letting me do anything, remember?” Changmin entered the living room, pulling his t-shirt down and carrying a familiar leather jacket. “Hey, Shichi.”

“Hey, baby.” Se7en knew it was risking a lot in kissing Min in front of the others. He liked taking risks. He also wasn’t known for his common sense.

He let the promise of smoldering heat sear down into the kiss he gave Min, a slow meandering seduction of his tongue along the younger man’s natural pout. Oblivious to the stares of the other members, Changmin allowed himself to be pulled into Se7en’s arms, molding himself against the other’s body and resting his hands on his lover’s hips. Taking one last small lick of Min’s mouth, Se7en rubbed noses with the younger man, giving him a ghost of a smile then whispered into the hot air between them.

“God, you taste good, Minku.”

He knew the younger man would blush. Se7en could count on it. He wasn’t prepared for the deep crimson tipping Min’s ears when Junsu crowed with laughter and Yunho cleared his throat warningly, the leader leaning against the kitchen counter with his arms crossed over his chest.

“Not our business.” Jaejoong didn’t glance up from his preparations, elbowing his lover in the ribs. “Remember?”

“Do I have to remember?” Yunho scowled, flatting his lips in disapproval. “It makes my fists itch.”

Whistling a long wolf sound, Yoochun edged around Jaejoong, his quick fingers grabbing a mushroom before heading to the refrigerator for a bottle of cold water. Jae huffed a breath of annoyance, wondering aloud if he should even bother cooking or just lay the vegetables out onto the table and the others could just pick and eat them raw.

“I don’t like raw vegetables.” Junsu frowned. “Don’t punish me because of them.”

“You’re right.” Se7en whispered into Min’s ear, looping one arm around his lover’s shoulder. “It’s like a family. You all sound like one.”

“We are one.” Junsu shrugged, sauntering up to Se7en and grinning at the man. “So, where are you guys going? And what time are you getting home, Minnie-ah? And isn’t he a bit too young for you? What are you? Almost thirty?”

“I, even though it’s none of your business, am not coming home until morning.” Changmin lifted a bulging backpack aloft to show the tenor. “And we’re just going to make dinner at Se7en’s place. And no, Susu-ah, he’s not thirty.”

“Maybe watch a movie.” The older man replied, tightening his grip on Min’s waist. He saw the flicker of protectiveness flare in Yunho’s watchful eyes and the challenging tilt of the young man’s chin when he heard Min talk of their plans.

“Well if they watch movies like we do, I hope no one asks them about the plot.” Yoochun hoisted himself up onto the counter on the other side of the sink, dangling his feet against the cabinets.

“We actually watch the movie.” Min flushed again, remembering how he’d spent an afternoon with Se7en at an outdoor classical concert and couldn’t remember any of the movements that had been played. “Most of the time.”

“You ready, Minku?” Se7en couldn’t help but toss Yunho a satisfied smirk, bowing his head in mock respect as if daring the other man to growl at him. “I’m sure you’re hungry. We’ll need to get you fed soon.”

“Yep.” Changmin let Se7en pick up his pack, reaching for his laptop bag. “I’ll be home before the car comes around for us. Shichi said he’d drop me off at eight. It’s coming around at ten, yes? You’ll call me if there’s any change?”

“Are you going to answer the phone?” Yunho cocked his eyebrow, ignoring Jae’s exasperated sigh behind him. “Or should we just leave a voice message?”

“A message is okay if you don’t get me.” Min nodded, pleasant and sweet. “But I should answer. If not, I’ll call right back. Have a good night. I’ll see you all later.”

“Minnie-ah,” Yunho called out to their youngest before he could leave. “Be careful. This is all just new to us.”

“Not all of you.” The young man smiled sweetly, a wicked tint to his grin. “Junsu knew for a long time. He should be used to Shichi and I by now.”

“You are very evil.” Se7en kissed the back of Min’s neck as he held out a slice of pizza for the younger man to bite into. Leaning on his lover’s chest, his hands on Se7en’s back, Min took a delicate bite off the end, chewing thoughtfully.

They faced the windows, cuddled stomach to back with Min resting against a sprawled Se7en. It was becoming Changmin’s favourite way to sit with his lover. Being fed just made it that much more pleasant.

He’d been skeptical when the older man first suggested making pizza for dinner then reluctantly agreed after a few kisses coaxed him into it. Now, chewing on strands of savoury cheese and tender bread, Min wondered why he’d ever balked at the idea. Swallowing the bite, he lolled his head back onto Se7en’s shoulder and looked up at the other man, licking the tomatoe sauce from his upper lip.

“Why am I evil?” Changmin pouted when the next bite went to Se7en, murmuring in appreciation when the slice was hovered in front of him. He took a bigger bite this time, getting a mouthful of salami and roasted garlic as well as cheese.

“Because you threw Junsu to the wolves back there.” The older man kissed off a dollop of sauce from the corner of Min’s mouth, licking at the spot as the young singer chewed and swallowed. “That was very evil.”

“He deserved it. He was being a brat.” Min nodded. “Never exact revenge when you can have someone else do it for you.”

“You are just a font of knowledge and wisdom, Minku.” Se7en shook his head in amazement. “Remind me to never piss you off.”

“It’s different between us. You’d never try to get me into trouble with the other members.” He thought on that for a moment then grumbled. “Wait, you did get me into trouble with the other members. Hm, I’ll have to deal with that later.”

“I’ve already had Yunho at my throat.” He reminded him. “I’d rather not have Jaejoong there too. Did you see how thin he sliced those vegetables? I was afraid to come near him.”

“Joongie isn’t violent. Well, not like that.” Min shrugged, grabbing Se7en’s wrist and leading the half-eaten slice back to his own mouth. “If he’s going to hurt you, he’d do it with his fists. I’d rather have Yunnie-ah mad at me than Joongie. He’s vicious when he’s pissed off.”

“Point noted.” He held the pizza steady for Min to chew on, watching the slice disappear quickly. “Did you eat at all today?”

“We had some rice for breakfast but we were all running late.” Changmin mumbled around his food, covering his mouth with one hand. “Sometimes eating is all the break we have and that doesn’t last for long. It’s getting better now. It used to be we’d eat instant noodles in the van while driving someplace else. Or stopping just long enough for a protein bar during dance rehearsals.”

“That’s not good for you.” Se7en frowned. “It’s like SM is wringing every last bit of you out while they can.”

“It’s what we signed up for.” Min shrugged. “And we’re successful. It’s not a bad trade-off. Once our contracts are over, we’ll all figure out what we want to do.”

“Do you guys think you’ll remain a group?”

“I can’t imagine my life without them.” Changmin murmured, his heart aching at the thought of losing the others around him. “In the beginning, it seemed like a stepping stone and now, I don’t want to think about what I would do if I didn’t have the four of them around. I think they feel the same way.”

“No one else lives as intensely as the five of you do.” He commented casually. “It’s kind of scary. You don’t have lives.”

“We live okay.” Another shrug, the young man resigned to his lifestyle. “And we do have breaks from one another. Besides, it works for the five of us. I don’t think I’d have it any other way now. Except maybe Junsu’s running through the house. He’s like an elephant.”

“Are you full?” Se7en glanced over at the table, looking at the scant leftovers cooling on a plate. “I know I can’t eat one more bite…of pizza, any way.”

“I’m full.” He suppressed a belch, covering his mouth. “I think I ate too much. It was so good.”

“Ah, I can think of some ways for you to burn that off.” Purring, the older man tilted Min’s head to one side, nibbling up the younger man’s long neck. “Remind me to thank the designer for giving me such a wide couch. It makes doing this so much easier.”

“How about if we do this on the very wide bed the designer gave you?” Min swallowed, hoping the downcast lids over his eyes were more seductive than shy. He’d spent a few hours practicing in the mirror, trying to emulate Jaejoong’s smolder but he wasn’t quite sure if he’d mastered what he was trying to achieve.

The resulting moan on Se7en’s mouth on his shoulder and the hardness pressing up against the small of his back told Min that he’d been more than successful.

Or that Se7en was very easily aroused.

He was happy with either at the moment.

“I can do that.” Se7en slid from the couch, hooking his arms under Min’s knees and around his back, lifting the young man off of the cushions.

Grabbing wildly at his lover’s shoulders, Min yelped in surprise then burst into laughter as the older man headed towards the bedroom, Se7en moving the door open with a slight kick of his foot.

“What about the pizza?” Min motioned behind him, hoping he wouldn’t throw Se7en off balance and end up tumbled onto the hard floor.

“The pizza can wait.” The singer gently laid Changmin down on the sheets, kissing his belly lightly and looking up through his bangs at his lover’s sweet face. “Right now, I’ve got my mind on dessert.”
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