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Tarnished Angels (SMM Universe) Twenty-Se7en/Lemon

Title: Tarnished Angels
Section: 27
Pairing: Min/Other (some jaeho and yoosu along the way)

Section Rating: NC-17 (LEMON WARNING)
Overall Rating: NC-17
Blame: ranalore

Summary: Hot Korean boys. A seduction. An alluring. A temptation. And Min's self-discovery.

Sections: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Se7en, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven (Lemon), Twelve; Thirteen; Fourteen; Fifteen, Sixteen; Se7enteen; Eighteen; Minteen; Twenty; Twenty-One (Lime); Twenty-Two; Twenty-Three; Twenty-Four (Lemon); Twenty-Five; Twenty-Six

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Changmin was unsure of why he was so shy. But the feeling of bashfulness took him over as Se7en rested on his knees and hands, staring down at Min as he straddled the young man’s body. Fisting his hands into the sheets, Min steadied his nerves while Se7en looked down at him, the older man’s face nearly unreadable except for the welling blackness of his pupils, desire eating at his brown irises.

“God, you look so good.” Se7en drank in the sight of his lover, wondering what he’d done in his life to deserve Changmin.

As innocent as an angel, Min’s serious prettiness made Se7en’s heart skip, the other man’s long legs erotically sensual as they moved between Se7en’s spread knees. The young singer let go of the sheets, lifting one hand to wipe at his cheek, slowly rubbing a finger tip across his lower lip. Bending over, Se7en dug his teeth into the hem of Min’s shirt and pulled it up until his belly lay bare.

“Should I take this off?” Changmin asked softly, the barest whisper hardly audible over the heavy sound of his breathing.

“No, baby.” He shook his head, leaning back to support his weight on his knees before running his hands under Min’s shirt, feeling the strength of his lover’s lean body. Working the shirt off, Se7en tossed it aside, returning to his contemplation of Min’s long body. “I want to undress you. Slowly. I want to kiss every inch of skin that I reveal. Just let me do this right now. I want to unwrap you and watch your gorgeous face while I suck you red.”

“I don’t think I look good in red.” Min’s voice trailed off into a slow moan when Se7en’s tongue licked at the rim of his navel. Writhing and wanting more, he whimpered under the nip of teeth traveling up his belly and finding his right nipple, exposed and helpless under his lover’s ravenous hunger.

Se7en’s thick hair was smooth between his fingers, a soft flowing black Min adored having against his pale skin. Another nip, harder and more urgent tugged electricity up from Min’s groin, arcing from his chest into his lover’s mouth. The delicious light pain gave him aches along the inside of his thighs and the tiny spot of pleasure he now knew he had inside of him throbbed, begging for Se7en’s touch.

The sound of his lover’s seductive chuckle on his skin drove him crazy.

Se7en’s teeth were a guarantee that he’d stay insane.

“Baby, lift yourself up for me.” The older man kissed under Min’s belly button, undoing Min’s jeans and tugging them free. “Just a little bit.”

Changmin’s long legs stretched out forever, Se7en thought to himself. He left a trail of kisses along Min’s thighs, licking at his pressed together knees before nudging his shins aside. Parted for Se7en’s inspection, Min covered his face with one arm, turning aside so his lover couldn’t see the shyness in his eyes. Under the bedroom’s soft lights, Min felt more exposed than he’d ever been in his entire life.

That is until Se7en’s tongue began to work on the line of muscles along his legs.

Rasping each curve of Min’s left leg, Se7en nipped at the delicate skin just on the inside of his thigh, right above his knee. Gasping, Min jerked slightly at the erotic journey Se7en’s mouth was taking, a circular route that led the other man to lift up Min’s right leg and place his shin on the older man’s shoulder.

“I need to taste you, Minku.” Se7en’s voice was a husky reassurance, nearly a command to still Min’s squirming. “I’ve been waiting days to do this.”

With his head lowered, all Min could see of Se7en was his profile, a strong masculine man savouring the delights of an untouched lover, taking his time to sip at every inch of skin he could. His strong teeth dragged over sensitive satiny flesh, biting at the round globe rising from the back of Min’s thigh then moving to lick gently at the young man’s weeping head.

Changmin swallowed hard, choking on his own breath. Gasping to keep himself steady, he reached down to stroke at Se7en’s hair and neck, rubbing at the soft hair at the nape of the older man’s head. His leg was lowered and the other was lifted, a wetness spreading under the crease of his knee then another bite, sinking into the bulge of muscle along his upper thigh. Se7en barely let the ache subside before he bit again, then laved at the hollow tucked between Min’s legs, leaving the soft sac untouched except for the barest brush of fingers along the seam running down his shaft.

“Shichi.” He gulped, the cool air of Se7en’s breath ghosting over the moisture from his tongue.

His lover’s sinful mouth pursed over the trail left by his tongue, a silvered glisten on his tanned leg. Each breath was becoming hard to take, his chest unable to move in enough air to fill his lungs. He wanted to do this to Se7en. He wanted to be able to give the other man the sensations crawling in and around his body. Begging didn’t seem to work. Reaching for the older man did.

Min reached down, his fingers following the silky trail of hair from Se7en’s navel down to the rougher patch below. Running his tips down over the man’s hip bone, he then sought out the tightened shaft pressing against his own leg, Se7en’s crouched form curled over his pelvis while his mouth left little bites along Min’s upper thigh.

“Keep touching there and I’m going to keep going myself.” Se7en warned, muttering against the rise of bone on Min’s hip.

Daringly, Min continued exploring, moving from the velvet softness of Se7en’s thigh to the sleek taut skin along his sex. He wanted to see more but Se7en’s body was blocking him. Shifting onto his side, Changmin ignored the man’s soft grumbling moan, kissing Se7en’s shoulder.

“I want to taste you.”

It was the simplest thing he could say. How could he explain to Se7en that he wanted to see what the man felt on his tongue or against the roof of his mouth. Suddenly in that instant of arousal, Min knew he couldn’t be satisfied with just being touched. He need to touch back, to explore and to taste.

Moving, Se7en lay on his side, his cheek against Min’s hip. Carefully positioning his legs so as not to hit the younger man, he ran his hands under Min’s rear, moving him into a better position. The world changed and shifted around Changmin, leaving him open to explore his lover’s body and revel in the differences he found there.

He closed his eyes and sniffed first, deeply inhaling the soft powdery scent of Se7en’s skin. There was a depth to the scent, a powerful pleasing fragrance that stirred his own sex. Underneath the masculine overtone, a hint of cloves, anise and coffee, Se7en’s favourite soap and one Changmin had instantly fallen in love with.

Se7en’s tongue returned to its own explorations, traversing over the tip of his shaft and around the bulb’s rim. There was the slightest hint of teeth then the sensation disappeared, leaving a soft raspy feeling behind. Changmin sighed and rested his forehead against Se7en’s leg when the older man took Min’s moistened head into the warmth of his mouth, delicately sucking the helm into the curve of his palate.

His eyelids fluttering open, Min breathed a hot rush of breath onto Se7en’s sex, watching intently as the final edge of skin tightened and held the shaft aloft. Tentative, he licked, an inquisitive taste along the slope of Se7en’s head. Rewarded with a pleasant hissing moan, Min repeated the gesture then concentrated on the small dew drop of milky fluid pearling along the tip.

“It’s sweeter than I thought it would be.” Changmin looked up at his lover, astonished at the drop spreading over his tongue. “Jaejoong said it might be salty, depending on what you eat.”

“Could we maybe leave Jaejoong out of this bed for a bit, baby? I’d rather just concentrate on you if you don’t mind.” Se7en couldn’t hold back his laughter at his lover’s embarrassed face. Landing a wet kiss on Min’s thigh, he nuzzled the younger man’s belly, laving down the sparse hair he found there and chuckling softly. “You’re adorable, Minku.”

“Sorry.” Min ducked his head. “I suck at this.”

“Honey, if you sucked more, I wouldn’t be able to talk.” Se7en gasped as Min’s teeth sank into the softness of his sex’s head. “Ouch, watch the teeth. Go easy.”

“Oh,” His mouth rounded in apology, sincere and earnest. “I didn’t think…”

“It’s okay, honey.” Se7en rolled over onto his back, digging around the top of his night stand. Coming back with a bottle of gel, he kissed the tip of Min’s shaft, rolling the head into his mouth with a light suckling motion. Licking for a few moments, he brought Min back to a rigid hardness, sighing when his young lover returned his attentions to Se7en’s own turgid sex.

“What is that?” Changmin cocked his head when he heard the click of the gel bottle open. “I’m sorry. I keep asking questions.”

“I don’t mind questions.” Se7en propped himself up onto an elbow, showing the younger man the clear liquid lubricant he squeezed from the tube. “It’s a gel. Here, rub it between your fingers.”

“It’s nice.” Min sniffed, then tasted the gel. “Kind of sweet-tarty.”

“You’re not supposed to eat it.” He laughed. “It won’t get you sick but this isn’t an edible gel. There are those kinds. We can get some later if you want.”

“What do you do with this?” Min took the bottle, spreading more gel onto his fingers, testing out the slickness.

“Here, lay back down on your side.” Se7en gave Min’s sex a light kiss, licking along the shaft as he rubbed the gel over his fingers. Reaching down between his lover’s legs, he suckled hard along Min’s head, drawing the other’s sex deep down into his throat until the young man could barely hold his hips still.

“Shichi.” Changmin gulped, losing what little thought he had left in his mind.

Driven to distraction by Se7en’s mouth, he focused on the other’s sex, hoping to mimic what the man was doing to him. Se7en’s dry fingers gripped his root, pulling slightly up in time with his sucking. The sensation of his lover’s mouth and hand were nearly too much for Min to stand and he nearly choked when he returned to licking down Se7en’s head, pushing the tip too far down his throat.

“Take it easy, baby.” Se7en said in between licks. “No rushing. Let your mouth get accustomed to it. And be careful to breathe through your nose. You won’t gag that way.”

Inhaling sharply through his nostrils, Min tried again, getting the taste of Se7en’s body into his throat. The fullness there felt so right in his mind, a musky sugar he knew was uniquely Se7en. No matter who he loved after this time, he would always remember the man who first touched him and showed him how to love. Patiently, Se7en guided Min with a gentle twist of his hips, rocking against Min’s mouth with small shallow movements.

With the wave of sensations running over his body, Min wasn’t prepared for the slight intrusion of Se7en’s gel-covered finger moving into his body but the sudden fullness shattered his mind, leaving him weak. As his gasps around his lover’s trapped head fluttered his tongue along Se7en’s sex, Changmin could feel the older man slowly working into him, taking great care to slide out before the insertion overwhelmed him.

Se7en’s rigid finger inside of him suddenly became too much.

And then, not enough.

With the palm of Se7en’s hand resting firm against his rear, the gelled finger as far in as it could go, Min flexed down on it, rubbing the length of bone and flesh against the nerve bundle hidden inside of him.

He thought he was going to break apart right there under Se7en’s hand.

Changmin was sure of it when Se7en returned to suckling his hard length, rotating and flexing his finger until Min thought he was going to weep from the invoked pleasure rocking his body.

Needing more and wanting to give, Min felt at the gel on his fingers and kissed the tip of Se7en’s sex. Carefully, he returned to laving along the shaft and swallowing as much as he could get down into his throat and mouth. Then, when he felt Se7en twitching under his mouth, he reached down to the crenulated rim of Se7en’s opening and slid the tip of his finger in.

Changmin was greeted with a clench of Se7en’s strong backside muscles and a surprised hissing groan. Startled, he nearly pulled free, stopped by his lover’s hand on the back of his palm, trapping him against Se7en’s warmth.

“Don’t.” Se7en murmured, the colour of his eyes bled black with desire. “I like it. I just wasn’t ready for it. I didn’t expect you to do that.”

“Should I stop?”

“Only if you want to see me cry, baby.” Whispering, Se7en moved his fingers, sliding just the tip of his middle finger into the tightness of Min’s hole. Shocked and aroused, Min canted his hips forward, moving the other finger in deeper next to the one Se7en already had buried in him. “That’s it, honey. Is that what you want?”

Nodding, not trusting himself to speak, Min lay his head back, trying to catch his breath around the fullness in his throat and the taste of his lover on his tongue. Almost overwhelmed, he tried to focus on pleasuring Se7en further but could only capture the other man’s tip against the roof of his mouth, reduced to a primal suckling motion when Se7en began to move his fingers.

He heard himself moan, a guttural sound then a wave of light rode over his body, the pressure at the base of his sex building to crest out of him. Min’s fingers clenched, sliding around inside of Se7en’s warmth and then he brushed against a small nodule, feeling his lover’s hips rock from the touch. Breathing in deep, Changmin sucked harder on Se7en’s tip while his finger lightly stroked around the edges of the circular area.

Se7en’s ministrations increased, cued to the heaviness of Min’s panting breaths. Lost in power of what Se7en was pouring into him, Changmin lost control of the tightness balled up in his stomach, releasing his seed into his lover’s waiting mouth.

The electricity started at his groin spread over his limbs and up onto his belly, centering on his nipples. Changmin couldn’t stop his eyes from tearing up, the strength of his orgasm ripping loose any semblance of control he had left over himself. He could see Se7en’s dark eyes watching him, licking him clean and coaxing the few final drops of sensation from his trembling limbs and rear. Shuddering, Min realized his mouth was filled with his lover’s sweet saltiness and he swallowed, wanting to hold the taste in his belly.

Trying to kiss Se7en’s leg, Changmin’s movements freed another wave of release from his nerves, rendering him mute and mewling. Shaking, he didn’t resist when Se7en pulled free from his hands and merely murmured incoherently when his lover gathered him up in his arms, stroking at the softness of his hair and whispering into his ear.

“I’m here, baby.” The erotic whisper of Se7en’s voice was never more pleasing than right now, a coaxing plea for him to fall under Se7en’s touch. Shaking with the tremors of his release, Min laid into Se7en’s chest and surrendered to the sensations riding him, letting himself go into the darkness swallowing him.

“That’s my baby.” Min heard Se7en whispering, then a brushing lick along his neck before returning to suckle a kiss from Min’s mouth. “Go ahead, let it take you. Ride it and let me see you give in to it.”

Shuddering as his body found it in itself to come again, just from the touch of his lover’s hands on his torso and hips, Min cried out, weeping from the tremors’ strength and the pleasure nearly too painful to take in. Gasping as the last vestiges echoed along the ends of his nerves, Changmin panted uncontrollably against Se7en’s hard shoulder, unsure if he could stand on his own two legs.

Cupping one hand along Min’s jaw, the older man stared into his young lover’s face then kissed away the tears silvering his cheeks. Pursing his lips, Se7en gently pressed his mouth on Changmin’s, rubbing a gentle caress into the other’s swollen pout.

“I have never seen you look more beautiful than you do right now.” Se7en murmured, holding his young lover close as an aftershock of tremors coursed though his limbs. “I am so glad you are here for me to love.”
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