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Tarnished Angels (SMM Universe) Section Thirty-One (Lemon)

Title: Tarnished Angels
Section: 31
Pairing: Min/Other (some jaeho and yoosu along the way)

This is being posted early because I have a full day and won't get time later. Please forgive any typos. It's nearly 2:30 in the morning. :::hugs:::

Section Rating: NC-17 *LEMON WARNING*
Overall Rating: NC-17
Blame: ranalore

Summary: Hot Korean boys. A seduction. An alluring. A temptation. And Min's self-discovery.

Sections: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Se7en, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven (Lemon), Twelve; Thirteen; Fourteen; Fifteen, Sixteen; Se7enteen; Eighteen; Minteen; Twenty; Twenty-One (Lime); Twenty-Two; Twenty-Three; Twenty-Four (Lemon); Twenty-Five; Twenty-Six; Twenty-Se7en (Lemon); Twenty-Eight; Twenty-Nine; Thirty (Lemon)

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“Yes,” Changmin breathed out, his voice heavy and thick. “I’m ready for you. I want you. Please, Shichi.”

Se7en’s face softened, his affection for Min blooming under the light of the other man’s smile. Nuzzling Min’s neck, he bit lightly, marking him as his own. Sliding his fingers free of Min’s body, Se7en reached for his lover’s hand, pulling him from the chaise.

“Come with me, Minku.” He said. “The first time I have you, I want you on a bed. You deserve that. Not some hurried sex on a couch.”

“I was happy with some hurried sex on a couch.” Min muttered, reaching to grab the lube container before they went too far.

“Silly boy.” Se7en held Min’s hand, guiding him into the bedroom. “Beds have nice linen sheets. Chaises are upholstered with rough tapestry that will leave very nasty burns on that delicate skin of yours. I’m going to be in enough trouble with you. I don’t want to have to explain to the Dong Bang hit squad about the marks on your body.”

Min stalled, dragging his feet so Se7en was forced to look at him. As the older man turned, he smiled coyly. “I thought you said we were going to leave them out of your bedroom?”

“Baby, when you’re in it, it’s our bedroom.” Se7en grabbed at his lover’s waist, pulling him into the bed and onto the mattress.

The city’s lights bleached the sky to a pearl grey, faint specks of stars visible on the far horizon. Far off across the wide canal, the surrounding buildings shone square panes of yellow and white, providing enough light for the couple to see one another.

In Min’s eyes, the bed stretched out around him, lengths of mattress he couldn’t touch the edges of, even if he spread his arms out as far as he could. Se7en’s scent clung to the sheets, familiar and erotic, a blend of soap and man that made him harder with every breath he took in.

He would never be able to smell star anise without thinking of his first lover, Min realized. And neither would he ever forget the care his lover gave him.

“Lift your face up, baby.” Se7en crawled up the bed, stopping only long enough to run his hand under Min’s shin and kiss the curve of his knee. His mouth drove Changmin wild as it journeyed up over his flesh, circling once around the head of his sex then taking in the length, a warm wetness cradling his heat.

Sucking Min deep, Se7en stroked at his lover’s belly, working his fingers under Min’s hips and slowly around the already moistened entrance. Changmin’s body knew what was needed, lifting to allow the older man access and spreading his knees apart. His mind was too busy embroiled in the waves of lust cresting and breaking around him.

Se7en raised his eyes, watching Changmin’s face as he swallowed Min’s shaft, closing his throat down over the silken head. Working back up the hard length, he moaned around Changmin, letting the rhythm of his voice reverberate through the shaft’s width.

Min reached for his lover, clenching his fingers deep into the broad span of Se7en’s shoulders. He shifted, intending to turn and lick at Se7en’s sex but the other man pressed down on his hips, silently ordering him to stay on his back. Another suckle nearly drove Min over the edge, his hips writhing wildly under Se7en’s mouth.

When his lover tested the rim of his entrance, Min fought not to scream.

When Se7en’s tongue found the crenulated pout and moistened it with a long kiss, Min lost the fight and tilted his head back, his voice a guttural nonsensical moan of Se7en’s name and desire.

“Do you like that, baby?” Se7en licked again, driving his tongue in deeper. Somewhere in Min’s pleas were an acquiescence to Se7en’s loving him. He debated using his fingers, but the pulsating rocking of Min’s body told him the younger man wouldn’t last much longer if he did. Changmin was at the brink of falling over the edge of his arousal and spilling into Se7en’s mouth.

While delicious, Se7en had other ideas in how to bring his lover to pleasure.

It felt wonderful to have Min quivering at the tip of his tongue. It blew Se7en’s mind to think how hot and velvety the young man would feel around his sex.

“Can you turn over for me, Minku?” The word was special, spoken in a whisper between them. It said so many things; baby, lover, and friend. Min never knew the power of a word until it was spoken by Se7en’s sensual mouth.

Changmin shook as he tried to move, his legs unwilling or unable to support him turning. Pulling down one of the soft pillows for Min to rest his stomach on, he stroked at his lover’s side, coaxing him into relaxing. Carefully, Se7en gripped Min’s hips, shifting his body with gentle motions, kissing the younger man’s hip bones and laving down the cleft of his rear. Min’s voice grew hoarse, his words no longer clear except for a string of nonsensical murmurings, begging Se7en not to stop.

Se7en had no intention of stopping. Unless he heard the word no or sensed pain in Min’s voice.

He would kill himself before he forced pain into his young lover’s body. And he would come up with something more dreadful if that pain made its way into Min’s soul.

“Shichi,” Min’s hips moved, rubbing his stiffened shaft against the bed sheets. “I…need...”

Se7en kissed the small of his lover’s back, a promise of more to come.

He tore open the condom wrapper, working the latex down over his cock until the thick white ring lay snug against the root. Feeling at the slickness of the condom, Se7en frowned, worrying that the oil on its surface wouldn’t be enough to ease the way into his lover’s hole.

Grabbing the lubricant, he undid the lid and poured a liberal amount of the gel over his shaft, rubbing it around until he was satisfied of its coating. Looking down at his lover’s prone body, Se7en couldn’t believe that what he saw made him even harder, the skin on his sex nearly wanting to burst under the rush of blood pouring into him.

“You know what baby?” Se7en murmured into Min’s ear.

“No stopping.” Changmin ordered, a rough promise of violence if the man was offering to withdraw his affections. “More. Now.”

“I’ll give you more.” There was a wicked dark laugh, erotic pleasures caught in Se7en’s chuckle. “I just wanted to say that I’ve changed my mind. I want to see your face when I enter you. I want to watch you when I fill you.”

Changmin shifted his body, nearly weeping with ache as his sex brushed along Se7en’s stomach. He no longer cared how he was taken, as long as Se7en’s hardness touched at the burning throb inside of him. His mouth was in touch with his brain, his thoughts scattered like so many fallen leaves on the wind. If he survived this night, it would mean having to stitch himself back together after breaking apart under the pounding thrusts of his lover’s hips.

And Min wanted that more than anything else.

Min felt his legs being lifted, his shins resting against Se7en’s shoulders. With his back pressed against the soft mattress, he felt both trapped and open, his hole gaping in preparation for his lover’s entrance. His own sex was caught against his stomach, a pearled drop of pre-cum spilling from the slit and onto his stomach. Bending over, Se7en lapped it up, taking one last taste of his lover’s seed before shifting his hips and gripping his shaft.

“Relax, honey.” Se7en whispered, staring down into Min’s hooded eyes. “And if it’s too much…”

“I want this.” Changmin raised one hand, touching his lover’s chest, running his palm over Se7en’s nipple. He let his fingers wander over the hard nub, scraping lightly underneath it with his nails. He loved watching Se7en’s face turn sensual for him. Not the fake seduction for a camera but a true erotic display of want and need starting with the darkening of his whiskey-tinted eyes to the part of his mouth. Min wanted Se7en to show him everything.

“Yours, Dong-Wook. Make me yours.” Whispering, not trusting himself to speak out loud, Min said, “I want to be yours.”

Se7en didn’t need anything more than the look on Min’s face. There was so much trust there, the younger man falling back into his desire and leaving himself open for Se7en’s pleasure. It would be only right for the older man to give some of it back.

He started slow, working the tip of himself into Min’s entrance. Gasping, the young man writhed, grabbing at the sheets and wrapping them around his hands. Looking down at his lover’s reactions, Se7en nearly pulled free, stopping when Min shook his head from side to side.

“No, need you.” Changmin pleaded, his voice cracking under the strain of his ache. “So much of you. Just need you.”

“I’m going to go slow, Minku.” Se7en promised, holding himself steady and pushing forward, urging the younger man to force down to open up. It took a while until Changmin relaxed enough for Se7en to continue, the young singer’s inner ring tightening involuntarily around the intruding tip.

Min hissed, breathing in through his clenched teeth as Se7en pushed into him. The older man’s fingers were moving slowly over the tip of Min’s sex, stroking him with long tender caresses and pulling the feelings of want up from his guts. His body stretched, the rings opening up under the incessant pressure.

There was pain, a minor sharp spike of his body’s muscles rejecting Se7en’s patient thrust. Schooling himself, Min forced his entrance to relax, bearing down and panting, his long legs tight as his muscles strained to lift his hips up for Se7en.

“Don’t worry, honey. I’ve got you.” Se7en’s hand moved, rubbing Min’s shaft against the young man’s stomach. Carefully, he pushed in again, feeling the head of his sex slide past the tight inner ring and into the hot moist warmth of his lover’s body.

Se7en knew he could die a happy man in the next moment and have no regrets about his life.

“Touch yourself for me, Minku.” He murmured, drawing Min’s hand around the young man’s hard sex. “I want to see how sweet you look.”

“Shichi.” Min strained against Se7en’s hips, trying to work more of the man into his body. “I want this. I want you.”

Gripping under Min’s thighs, Se7en canted his body into his lover, working slowly into the young man. Another inch buried past the tight entrance, his shaft nearly hurting from holding back. Changmin’s moans were louder, rising and falling as he pulled on his own sex, rubbing his thumb over the tip. His moving hips twisted a hot sleeve of moistness around Se7en’s partially embedded cock, nearly making the older man weep with pleasure.

It took too long for Min’s liking but each inch pushed into him meant another half being drawn back out until he became used to Se7en’s thrusting sex. Groaning, he arched his back when Se7en’s crotch finally hit the back of his rear, the older man stilling his movements to let Min get used to the feel of being penetrated.

Every desire he’d ever had for Se7en broke apart and expanded into Min’s awareness. He was conscious of every small thing he loved about the older man; from his cockiness to the gentle teasing seduction he plied on Changmin’s existence. The press of Se7en against the walls of his body felt good. As Se7en’s shaft reached up into his guts, Min felt the emptiness he’d been carrying around inside of him filled to the brim. His lover’s shaft pushed him open and apart, the weight of Se7en’s hips against his was a comfort, a connection between their bodies that Changmin enjoyed.

Then Se7en moved and the thoughts he had in his mind exploded into a sea of stars.

Changmin felt the rush of sensations when Se7en’s fingers explored his depths. Now fully engorged, Se7en’s shaft struck the core of Min’s sexuality, moving across the tiny button with each long stroke.

Min knew he was going to die before it was over.

He also half-wondered if he would even care.

The pace picked up and Min heard himself moaning, his fingers gripping around his own sex then Se7en’s hand covering his, slowly pulling alongside of his own strokes. As Se7en’s sex buried in deep, Min’s hips lifted up from the bed, rising to meet his lover’s thrusts.

It was a second of forever and then the building sensation started in the roll of his sac, Min’s balls tightening up against the hollow of his thighs. His breathing grew more erratic, harsh panting shuddering his slender frame as Se7en continued to pound into him, stretching him farther apart with each push.

Changmin gave in to the wave, falling into the sensations crawling over his nerves and skin. The world turned red under his closed lids, the rush of his body’s release tightening his clenched rear around his lover’s cock. Se7en groaned, losing his concentration under the press of the young man’s body.

Nearly breathless, Se7en leaned forward to kiss Min, trapping the young man’s spurting sex between their stomachs and pushing up a few final before he felt his seed building up inside of him.

“Need to come in you, baby.” Se7en whispered, his mouth hot against Min’s neck. “Hold onto me.”

Changmin wrapped his arms around Se7en’s shoulders, rocking into the nearly violent thrusts of Se7en’s release. He felt the rush of hot seed fill the end of the condom, a welcome burn that he ached to have spread into his body. Min bit down into the tender skin of Se7en’s shoulder, his body rocking once more into a spill of cum between their seed-slickened bodies.

With Min gasping for breath, Se7en slid his lover’s thighs down, drawing himself out of Min’s warmth. Quickly disposing of the condom, he returned to the bed and reaching for the young man’s waist, turning Changmin over to lie on his side to face him. His hands rested on the younger man’s hips, stroking away the tremors of Min’s shuddering body. Cradling Changmin in his arms, Se7en kissed at his lover’s mouth, taking great care to nibble on the edges and lave at the young man’s strong jaw.

“Love you, Minku.” Se7en whispered, breathing his affection into Min’s open mouth.

Changmin raised his hand to Se7en’s face, brushing trembling fingers along the older man’s mouth. Sighing, he rested his head into the hollow of the man’s throat, breathing in the scent of their mingled bodies. Laying there, he heard Se7en’s heart, a strong beat he’d set into deep motion. The echoing refrain beat for him, Min realized. That sound in Se7en’s chest was his as were the murmured words of love he heard in Se7en’s rumbling, sexy voice.

“I love you too, Shichi.” Changmin replied, rubbing his cheek against his lover’s chest. “Thank you for being my lover.”

“Ah, Minku, that’s my pleasure.” Se7en kissed the top of Min’s head.

“No, Dong-Wook.” Min disagreed with a lazy shake of his head. Sleep was taking him over, fatigue dragging down his eyelids. “You’re my pleasure and my love. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.”
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