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Tarnished Angels (SMM Universe) Section Thirty-Five / Lemon

Fic Note: There will only be two more sections of Tarnished Angels. Thank you all for reading. I appreciate all of you so very much. So many hugs!

Title: Tarnished Angels
Section: 35
Pairing: Min/Other (some jaeho and yoosu along the way)

Section Rating: NC-17 LEMON
Overall Rating: NC-17
Blame: ranalore

Summary: Hot Korean boys. A seduction. An alluring. A temptation. And Min's self-discovery.

Sections: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Se7en, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven (Lemon), Twelve; Thirteen; Fourteen; Fifteen, Sixteen; Se7enteen; Eighteen; Minteen; Twenty; Twenty-One (Lime); Twenty-Two; Twenty-Three; Twenty-Four (Lemon); Twenty-Five; Twenty-Six; Twenty-Se7en (Lemon); Twenty-Eight; Twenty-Nine; Thirty (Lemon) Thirty-One (Lemon); Thirty-Two; Thirty-Three; Thirty-Four

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They started in the shower, initially on the premise to wash off the day and their dinner from their bodies. It quickly moved to other very interesting things that resulted in Changmin being pushed against the shower wall, his cheek and stomach flat against the tiles.

Se7en’s fingers should be outlawed, he murmured against the wall. His tongue too.

The smoothness of the slate aventurine rubbed against Min’s sex, the sensitive tip lightly stroked with each thrust of his hips. With his knees spread and his hips canted up, Changmin rested most of his weight on his shoulders, leaving himself open for Se7en’s laving.

Water coursed over their naked bodies, filling crevices and overflowing onto their long limbs. Reaching for a soft cloth, Se7en dipped up into the cleft between Min’s rear, washing him clean. Chasing down the shadow of his lover’s ass with his tongue, Se7en tossed the cloth onto the built-in sitting shelf against the far wall.

“I’m going to get to do this too, yes?” Changmin gasped when Se7en’s tongue eased against the hidden pucker of his entrance. “God…”

Min’s panting grew harsh, his chest heaving as Se7en dipped in deeper. With his fingers covered in an oil-based lotion, the older man eased a fingertip in alongside his tongue, plunging the first digit on his finger in and out. Holding his hand against Min’s back to keep him steady, Se7en crouched behind his lover, his teeth gently working on the soft skin between Min’s muscular glutes.

Flattening his tongue, Se7en licked up Min’s crevice, using his palm to separate Min’s cheeks. Circling his finger into the young man’s tightness, he spent a few minutes licking and tasting the muskiness of Min’s body. Falling into a steady rhythm, he shifted his shoulders, drawing Min’s hip down so the young man could brace himself on Se7en’s body. With his leg canted to the side, Changmin’s core opened up for Se7en’s explorations, his hands pressing against the tiled walls. With his mouth open, Min gulped at the drops of water splashing onto his tongue, screwing his eyes tightly shut while he willed himself to relax for Se7en’s exploring fingers and tongue.

With one finger pressed into his lover, Se7en eased another in, stretching Changmin open. He listened carefully to Min’s vocalizations, the young man’s pleas for more turning guttural the longer he took licking at Min’s entrance.

“Let’s move this into the bedroom, baby.” Se7en murmured, his mouth pressed on the small of Min’s back. “We’ll be more comfortable.”

They kissed while scrambling back to the corner bedroom, the filmy drapes lining the ceiling high windows softening the hard lines of the room. A broad low platform bed dominated the long wall, the covers rumpled from Se7en’s late night tossing and turning. The unmade sheets tore at Min’s heart, the twisted linens a clear sign of his lover’s frequent insomnia.

Cupping Se7en’s face, Min found his lover’s mouth, fully embracing the kiss deep down into his soul. He wanted to take away the glimmer of sadness he sometimes found behind the cocky exterior of Se7en’s dominant personality. Putting his hands under Min’s hips, Se7en lifted him clear of the floor and laid the young man on the mattress, sliding his body over his lover’s. Stretching over Min, Se7en ran his hands down the young man’s legs, feeling the strength in the man’s thigh.

“You are gorgeous.” Se7en stroked across Min’s hip, tracing a circular trail around the rise of bone he found there then up along Min’s torso, eliciting a small giggle when the light touch tickled. Min’s stomach flexed, trapped under Se7en’s chest.

“Shichi…mitsu…” Changmin laughed hard, squirming around his lover’s mouth. Se7en continued to nip and bite, gnawing lightly. “Hey!”

“What, baby?” Lifting his head, the older man smiled up at his lover.

“Turn over.” Changmin whispered, not believing his daring mind. His lust wanted slaking and his tongue wanted to see how his lover tasted. “Please.”

Se7en slid over, resting on one elbow and looked at his often too-serious lover’s face. Quirking his mouth, the older man nodded slowly, moving over to lay down on the mattress. He grabbed at one of the pillows resting against the headboard, pushing it under his hips to raise himself up at an angle.

Changmin nervously kissed his lover’s muscular shoulder, wondering where to start. The feel of Se7en’s fingers along the inside of his thigh, a soft reassurance that the young man could explore at his leisure.

He’d not taken a lot of time examining Se7en’s back, something he wanted to rectify. Starting at the man’s wide shoulders, he outlined each line of hard muscle with his tongue, leaving a moistness behind. Remembering something that drove him insane, the young singer mimicked what Se7en often did to him.

Min blew lightly on the wet skin, watching with great delight at the sprinkle of goose bumps that cropped up over his lover’s spine and the lingering moan from Se7en’s sensually parted mouth.

“Minku. Yeah, that’s nice.” Se7en murmured, turning his face to rest his cheek against the pillow. He could see Min’s hands on his arm, bending slightly to kiss his lover’s fingers.

“Nope. Stay there. Don’t move.” Changmin pushed at Se7en’s shoulder, kissing him hard on the mouth. “You try to lie there and stay still when my mouth’s on you. See how hard it is.”

“Okay, baby.” Se7en smiled. He’d tasted the bashfulness on Min’s fingers. He knew the flush of innocence that was in his lover’s blood. It left a sweetness along the softness of Changmin’s skin. Even when Min wasn’t aware of it. Se7en was. He also knew what was going to come next.

“I’m…not sure what I’m doing.” Changmin whispered, suddenly overwhelmed by the enormity of what he wanted to do. It seemed so easy when Se7en turned his attentions onto Min. Why couldn’t he do the same? “How do you know what I like? How do I know what you’d like?”

“Baby, you’re thinking too much.” The older man responded, keeping his shoulders flat against the mattress. “What do you want to do?”

“Lick you. Like you did to me.” Min sighed, his fingers following the dots of water pearling over Se7en’s back. “I want to lick these off.”

“Then start there, baby.” Se7en sighed, contented when the hot feel of Min’s tongue dipped and curved over his back, laving the water from his skin.

“The water tastes different with you under it.” Min murmured. “Like li hing mui, sweet and a bit of something underneath it. Not a lot, just a little bit. Do you taste like this everywhere?”

Se7en remained silent except for the rough murmur of pleasure in his throat, forcing himself to stay still under Min’s roaming tongue. It had been years since someone took care with his pleasure, his sex life for the most part a flurry of frenzied couplings then falling off to a few chance encounters with people he liked. He’d nearly forgotten how much more erotic love was when it was taken slowly, his lover’s lips pressing butterflies of affection on the dip of his spine.

“You’re driving me insane, baby.” Se7en’s low moaning words set off bursts of excitement in Min’s belly. The older man shifted, not quite squirming, as Changmin explored the valleys of his lover’s back.

“Good. Now you know how I always feel.” Min jerked away from Se7en’s hip, shocked at what came out of his mouth. “That wasn’t supposed to be out loud.”

“You are so cute, Minku.” The pillow was an agonizing pleasure against Se7en’s body, its silky cotton case smooth on his groin. “Baby…”

Changmin got as far as the crest of Se7en’s rear before he was grabbed about the waist and pushed down into the mattress. He had barely enough time to take a breath to replace the one he lost when he hit the bed before his lover’s mouth was on his. The pout of his bottom lip was sucked into Se7en’s mouth and bitten hard enough that he moaned at the pleasurable pain streaking down his throat and into his chest.

“Hey!” Min protested, then lost himself in the feel of Se7en’s hand around his sex, the older man stroking him harder.

The pleasure nearly hurt, an aching sensation pressing against the walls of his shaft. Kisses rained down over his chest and Min arched his back, his hips moving in tandem to Se7en’s touch. He knew then he’d driven his lover to this, an overwhelming need to be surrounded by Min’s velvet heat.

Se7en’s fingers weren’t going to be enough for him that night. Min understood that. So did Se7en who whispered hot promises into the curve of his young lover’s neck.

“I’m going to have you, baby.” Se7en licked at the bite he’d left on Min’s neck, the bruised spot ripening to a purple butterfly splotch under Min’s right ear. “Then when you’re ready, I want you inside of me. I want that so much.”

The lube was cool at first, just a splash of a chill before warming up. A tingle stretched across Min’s entrance as the gel activated under their combined heat, the friction of Se7en’s fingers pushing up into him setting Min on fire. Writhing, he struggled to get more of his lover’s hand inside of him, gripping Se7en’s shoulders with nearly rigid fingers, unable to do anything but grunt with his need.

“Get up on your knees, baby.” Se7en guided Min up, turning him around until his chest rested against the wood of low headboard.

He was lifted up, his hips tilted up and back, balancing on his spread knees and wide open for the older man’s pleasure. Min heard the snap of latex as Se7en adjusted a condom around himself. His breath hitched at the familiar scent of the oil and condom mingling in his lover’s hand as Se7en poured oil on himself, his fingers working up his own shaft in preparation for his entrance.

Changmin gasped when Se7en bit down hard between his shoulder blades, not letting go of the younger man as he dug his fingers into Min’s heavily oiled entrance. Scissoring his fingers apart, Se7en sucked hard on the bite of skin he held tight, holding Min still with a steady pressure of his teeth.

It would be rough, Changmin’s mind whispered in the distance. I want this, he replied to himself. God, I’ve missed this. I’ve missed him.

There was little time to prepare for the onslaught of sensations that began to rock through his body. Se7en found the tiny burl in his core and stoked the embers of Min’s passions with an ease that turned Changmin’s thoughts to slush. Nothing remained of the cool, collected scholar. With his head tossed back and his teeth bared to the sky, Min found himself reduced to a barely sentient creature, his body moving in time to Se7en’s rhythmic thrusts.

This was it was to be human, he realized. To fall into the pleasure of his lover’s touch. This was the beginning of where we all came from, an intense burst of pleasure that was brought on by someone else. Was it any wonder that his body craved the other man’s touch. Down inside of him, the primordial lust for this pleasure raged, lurking under the veneer of his personality. Se7en knew exactly how to bring it out.

Min would have to thank him for that later.

Once he recovered.

The headboard was low enough that he was bent over the top lip, his hands clenched tight around its rounded edge. It gave Min enough support to lean against. Even better, it made sure that he had no where to go for when Se7en began pounding into him.

He felt his lover’s hand on his hip then the burn of something hard being pushed into him, the head of Se7en’s sex sliding past the finger the older man left at the entrance of his body. Hissing, he strained to accept the intrusion, wanting the man deep inside of him. Se7en’s free hand reached up to his belly, pulling him slightly up and backwards, easing the way for the hard shaft being worked into him.

“There you go, baby. Easy. Remember to breathe.” Se7en murmured, releasing the bite he’d held. Kissing at the dimpled skin he left behind, he moved his hips forward, sliding an inch of himself in before easing back out, slowly allowing Min to accept his breadth. The young man was tight around him, nearly too tight for comfort but Se7en couldn’t wait and from the harsh rumblings of need from his lover’s throat, neither could Min.

“Now. Need.” Min growled, pushing back against Se7en’s sex.

Even as he was losing his mind, Min laughed at the idea that the man on the receiving end of sex was considered submissive. He had more power over Se7en’s body than he could imagine. Every twitch of his hips drove him down along his lover’s sex, and the pulling forward made Se7en whimper and mewl, needing Min around him again.

Min was heady with the control he had. And lost in the pleasure of his lover as a growling Se7en thrust into him, burying himself into the young man until his stomach rested against the rise of Min’s rear.

The bed rocked under the violence of their coupling, Min’s knuckles nearly white around the headboard’s edge. Se7en’s hands rose, curling around the wood as he fought to gain leverage, his hips working him deep into Changmin. Reaching over, the young man covered his lover’s fingers with his own, tangling them together and holding onto, his head bent down and his shoulders pressed out, his hips rising to meet Se7en’s hard thrusts.

Losing himself in the pleasure of their joined bodies, Changmin panted, barely feeling the sweat pooling along his back. A single drop grew heavy, swelling large enough to tumble down the curve of Min’s spine, trickling down to sparkle alongside the moisture of Se7en’s sweat-beaded navel.

Hooking his hips upward, Se7en drove in deeper, hitting the nerves in Min’s pleasure with each stroke, plunging up with each stroke. His lover screamed for more and Se7en ached to give Changmin every bit of his body, his hands held tight under Min’s grip. Each stroke grew longer, his weight now resting on one knee as he fought to gain a better angle, driven on by Min’s panting urges.

The splatter of seed from Min’s initial release ran hot along Se7en’s leg. He knew Min was close to losing himself in the rush of joy arcing over his body and Se7en wanted to cup his fingers along his lover’s length to milk him into release. Trying to remove his hands from Min’s grip provided futile. The younger man wouldn’t let him go.

“Baby, let me.” Se7en protested softly, his hips keeping to its task. He was near the edge himself, almost fallen into the black spiral of his own release.

“No.” Min shook his head, his panting breath harsh and guttural. There were tears on his face, a joyous and ecstatic weeping drawn up from his soul. “Don’t want to let you go. Going to do this to you when you’re done. Want you like this.”

Se7en’s mind and body exploded at the words spilling from his lover’s sensual mouth. The thought of having Min buried up inside of him, touching the darkness inside of him sent him over, Se7en’s seed bursting into the condom’s reservoir. The younger man moaned, his body at the brink of being overwhelmed. Another thrust of Se7en’s hips worked the last of Min’s control from around his body and he spilled out, christening the headboard with a splash of heated fluid.

Gasping, Se7en fell forward, sliding his hands down to wrap around Min’s waist, pulling them both down on the bed. Easing free of his lover’s rear, the singer kissed along Min’s shoulder blades, laving at the deep mark he’d left behind. Trying to catch his breath, Changmin struggled to pull enough oxygen into his lungs, each draw a struggle as his body shook with the tremors of their love making.

“Love you.” Se7en whispered, turning Min’s face so he could kiss at his lover’s mouth.

“Love you too.” Changmin licked at Se7en’s bottom lip, running his tongue over the older man’s jaw. “Want to do that to you. Make you lose your mind like you make me lose mine.”

“Give it a few minutes, baby.” He grinned, stroking at the flat of Min’s belly. The press of hardness on his palm surprised Se7en, his eyes deepening with the black of his pupils. “Better yet, let me see if I can’t make that a bit harder and we can give it a go now. Can’t wait to have you inside of me, Minku.”

Min heard the moan in his voice. It was a loud sensual noise, driven mostly by the unending need for Se7en to be either in him or around him. He’d not had this much desire for anything before. Nor anyone. Kissing his lover would have to wait as Se7en kissed his way down Min’s chest and over his belly, heading for the thickening sex resting against the brush of curls under his navel.

“Can’t wait to be there, Shichi.” He purred as Se7en enveloped him. “Just can’t wait to love you.”
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