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Tarnished Angels (SMM Universe) Section Thirty-Six / Lemon

Fic Note: I am posting this early so I can spend some time on 37. 37, the final section, will be posted on Saturday California time. Thank you all for reading. And many many smooches.

Title: Tarnished Angels
Section: 36
Pairing: Min/Other (some jaeho and yoosu along the way)

Section Rating: NC-17 LEMON
Overall Rating: NC-17
Blame: ranalore

Summary: Hot Korean boys. A seduction. An alluring. A temptation. And Min's self-discovery.

Sections: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Se7en, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven (Lemon), Twelve; Thirteen; Fourteen; Fifteen, Sixteen; Se7enteen; Eighteen; Minteen; Twenty; Twenty-One (Lime); Twenty-Two; Twenty-Three; Twenty-Four (Lemon); Twenty-Five; Twenty-Six; Twenty-Se7en (Lemon); Twenty-Eight; Twenty-Nine; Thirty (Lemon) Thirty-One (Lemon); Thirty-Two; Thirty-Three; Thirty-Four; Thirty-Five (Lemon)

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They began laughing nearly as soon as the foil wrapper was open. It turned into guffaws when Changmin tried to remove the condom from the torn sleeve and it flew from his fingertips as if possessed, striking Se7en in the face. The wily latex glove slithered down the older man’s chest, unraveling as it went. Pinching it between his fingers, Changmin held the limp white latex up under Se7en’s nose, slapping at his chuckling lover’s arm.

“Come on, be serious.” Min suppressed his own laugh, nearly choking on his own spit. “I don’t know how to use these. I need help.”

“We need a new one.” Se7en wiped at his eyes with the back of his hand, his legs stretched out in front of him. “You can’t really use it once it’s been undone. It’s easier to start at the tip and roll it down.”

“Why don’t they say that on this?” Turning the box over, Min looked for instructions, muttering darkly at the manufacturer’s incompetence. “There isn’t any diagrams or anything. How are you supposed to know these things?”

“Well,” Se7en kissed his lover’s mouth, licking at the corner before digging out another packet. “I think they expect men to just know these things.”

“That’s why people don’t use them.” Min shook the offending box in the air. “There aren’t clear directions. And what’s with the one-size-fits-all? How do they know that? Suppose you’re too small and it slides right off? Or if you’re too big and the ring at the bottom cuts off your circulation? How do you explain that to the hospital when you go in for help?”

“Baby, you are very silly.” The older man cupped the back of his lover’s head, guiding Min into a deep kiss. “Come here, I’ll help you.”

“I still don’t think it makes much sense.” Changmin muttered, skipping his hips over the linens until his legs were wrapped over Se7en’s, their bodies touching casually. His fingers wandered, stroking absently at the older man’s sex.

It seemed so natural now, a motion he wouldn’t have dared a few months ago. The ease in which he settled into his relationship with the older man felt so right in his mind and heart both. The perpetual smile that lingered on Se7en’s amiable mouth seemed to have touched his own, the world suddenly a wider, more interesting place with the sound of a teasing lover providing background music for his thoughts.

Se7en grasped at Min, running his fingertips over the young man’s silken head. Dipping his thumb pad across the pearled wetness he found there, he lifted it to his mouth, sucking the taste of his lover from his finger. The motion was erotic, a small intimacy that hardened Min’s cock as he watched Se7en’s thumb dip into the moist heat of his mouth.

“Share.” Changmin opened his own mouth. Se7en grinned at his greedy lover’s demands, placing the ball of his thumb on the cup of Min’s tongue. Sucking the digit dry, Min closed his eyes, savouring the taste of their mingled bodies.

“You look incredible doing that.” Se7en stole a kiss from Min’s pout, licking at the curve of the young man’s upper lip. His other hand still stroked at the hard length of Min’s sex, its proud stiffness firm against the singer’s belly. “God, I am so lucky for having you.”

“I’m going to be having you in a bit.” Min growled, leaning forward, daring himself to voice his innermost thoughts.

“That is something I’ve wanted for a while now, Minku.” He let Min guide the kiss, opening his mouth in surrender to his young lover’s tongue. When they were done, they both were left gasping, their minds rattled by the other’s incessant heat. “Let me help you with that. Hold onto yourself. I’ll show you how to do this.”

“Pull up the end, and make sure the ring is rolled under and up.” Se7en held the condom up for his lover to see. “You just want to make sure that the reservoir at the end is free.”

“This is very technical.” Min looked up from his study of the latex sleeve, his fingers stroking along Se7en’s wrist. “I’m probably going to have to do it several times before I get it right. I might still need some help.”

“Ah, I’ll be so very glad to help you, baby.” Se7en grinned, amused at Min’s teasing.

He held his lover’s shaft, slowly placing the latex on the tip of Min’s sex. Easing the ring up, he slowly unfurled it over the hard flesh, stroking at the sac curled up tight between Changmin’s legs. Gilding Min’s shaft was a pleasure, kissing him afterwards was a mind-blowing experience Se7en would hold onto for the rest of his life.

“Thank you.” The young man whispered, placing his hand on Se7en’s shoulder and gently pushing him back against the pillows. “My turn now.”

The gel was cold on Min’s fingers, a tingling sensation working from the tips down to the webbing of his palm. He was tempted to taste it, stopped by his realization that Se7en was leaning back against the headboard and waiting for him. Glancing over at his lover, Min’s heart stopped, gazing on the long, lean muscular body that was waiting for him.

His eyes were drawn to the smooth lines of his lover’s chest, powerful and sleek beneath golden satin skin. Se7en’s long legs were pulled up, his hands resting on his thighs, waiting for Min to move forward. The strength of Se7en’s jaw was a lure for Min’s mouth, begging for the touch of a hot kiss. Reaching forward with his dry fingers, Changmin traced out the wings of Se7en’s tattoo, lifting up his torso until he rested his weight on his knees. He kissed the inked cleft, treasuring the visible bond of their careers.

“If I forget to tell you, I love you.” Changmin whispered against Se7en’s arm, licking at the man’s skin.

“I love you too, baby.” Se7en kissed his lover’s forehead, his head bent forward and hidden in the shadows.

Changmin’s fingers were shaking as he reached down between his lover’s legs, tentatively feeling at the juncture of Se7en’s body. Easing forward with his shoulders against Se7en’s chest, Min whispered a soft apology into the other man’s ear, asking for patience as he stumbled through their lovemaking.

“Baby, take your time.” Se7en murmured, kissing his lover’s mouth. “Ease into it. Ease into me.”

The heat of Se7en’s body was nearly too much for Min to handle. Just sliding the first tip of his finger into the moistness made his knees weak and his arms trembled with the power he had. Se7en leaned his head back against the headboard, his mouth open and drawing in staggered breaths.

He’d missed the fullness of having a lover inside of him, the aching width of another man piercing up into his core. Se7en forced his hips to be still, lifting his rear up onto a pillow and splaying his legs apart. Changmin moved in closer, entranced by the man’s promised warmth.

A single push and Min’s finger slid partly in, earning him a tortured hiss from Se7en’s beautiful mouth. With his strong chin tilted back, Se7en’s throat was a beacon for Min’s lips. The young man’s teeth nipped along the tanned column, the slight agonies pulling tiny moans up from the older man’s belly.

Min reached for the lube, opening the bottle with a flick and pouring it over the fingers he had brushing against Se7en’s entrance. Hitting their heated skin, the gel tingled, running slick over Min’s palm. Bending forward, the young man licked along the cut line of Se7en’s abdomen, dragging his teeth along each tight muscle clenched across the other’s belly.

The feeling of Se7en around his finger made Min tear up, his eyes misting with the extent of trust extended to him by his lover. The tightness around the entrance was nothing compared to the heavier pressure of the inner ring buried a little further in, Se7en’s body pushing slightly outwards to accept Min’s entrance.

“Where do I go?” Changmin whispered, reaching up into Se7en’s body, twisting his finger in. Seeing the pleasure flooding his lover’s face, he tentatively slide another finger into the hot channel, pushing in deeper. “How do I make you squirm like you make me, Shichi? How do I show you the stars I see?”

“Push your fingers up towards my stomach.” Se7en grunted, his hands reaching for Min’s slender shoulders. His fingers gripped the other man tightly, his mouth open and panting as Min explored his depths. “Reach up and forward. God, baby, there… that’s it. God.”

It felt like a small rise of flesh under Min’s fingertips, each stroke against the bulging kernel making Se7en’s body twitch and jump. He was smug when he realized Se7en’s heft was hard and stiff above his hand, the tip leaking a milky drop and threatening to release more.

Bending his head down, Changmin licked tentatively at first, then more boldly, suckling at the head of his lover’s sex. Se7en arched his hips up, driving deep into Min’s mouth and up against the rise of his lover’s throat, unable to hold back his need to have Min around him.

“Baby...” Groaning as he writhed, Se7en’ let his hands fist into Min’s hair, drawing the young man’s head up his shaft. Min shivered at the tiny splash of spiced sweetness on his tongue, swallowing a taste of his lover.

“Need me yet?” Changmin pulled free of Se7en’s shaft, leaving a trail of wetness over the taut head. “Want me now?”

“Baby, I’ve wanted you for so long.” The older man panted, capturing Min’s mouth with his own. “Want you. Badly. Now.”

Changmin kissed his lover’s shoulder as Se7en turned over, a pillow lifting the older man’s hips up, pushing his shoulders down into the bed’s tangled linens. The sheets smelled of Min’s seed and sweat, a heady aroma that filled Se7en’s senses. It had been a long time since he’d been entered, the last time nearly so long ago he couldn’t remember who he let into him.

It seemed right to have Changmin be someone he let in.

He’d already allowed the young man into more than just his body up until now. This would complete their bond, sealing the love they shared. More importantly, Min drove him insane enough to want the press of the man’s sex deep inside of his guts, stroking at the core of his pleasure until they both came hard against and in one another.

Changmin parted Se7en’s thighs, guiding his fingers back down to the hidden pout between Se7en’s cheeks. Grasping his shaft, he placed the tip of his cock against his lover’s hot entrance, bending forward to kiss the span of skin between Se7en’s shoulder blades. The oil at the hole’s pout slid around his sex’s head, Min nearly sliding up into the curled up heft of Se7en’s sac.

“Take your time, Minku.” Se7en murmured. “Don’t rush yourself.”

“I want to.” Changmin murmured, his hips rocking forward as he slid the tip of his head past the initial ring of Se7en’s entrance. The breach proved pleasurable, evident from Se7en’s ratcheting moan and thrusting tilt of his rear, his body trying to plunge Min in deeper. “Let me do this for you, Shichi. Let me make you feel like you make me feel.”

It was so easy to fall into the heat of his lover’s body, Min realized in the back of his mind. Se7en fit around him tightly, the rub of volcanic flesh around his cock making him insane with desire. Even knowing the erotic pleasures of Se7en’s skilled mouth didn’t prepare Min for the sensuality of having Se7en clasping his entire shaft, the man’s muscular body flexing and tightening over him.

He nearly lost control before he started. The sensations working over his shaft were almost too much to bear. Gritting his teeth, Min willed himself to hold off, gritting his teeth with the struggle.

Se7en’s hips rocking up to start the rhythm of their thrusts undermined his efforts and Changmin spiraled into the dark pleasure of pushing himself hard into his lover’s gripping body. Reaching forward, Min fought to find some purchase on his lover’s moving body.

Min’s hands roamed over Se7en’s shoulders and neck, wrapping fingers into the black silk of the other man’s hair, pulling his head back and exposing the long line of his lover’s throat. Min’s teeth made short work of Se7en’s soft skin, biting large nips into his mouth and sucking hard as his shaft buried into the other man’s body.

He leaned his head back, thrusting harder as Se7en’s body tightened. Gasping, Changmin moaned, his mind shrinking down into a single point, all focused on reaching something inside of Se7en that he couldn’t explain how he knew was there. A promise of something dusky and golden, nearly outside of Min’s reach but a tantalizing treasure if he worked hard enough.

He planned on working more than hard enough to spill open Se7en’s pleasure.

The bed creaked, abused springs complaining as they moved, rocking the mattress nearly off the platform as Min struggled to find a pace that suited them both. A shift in Se7en’s body proved advantageous, the older man releasing a high pitched keen when Changmin’s shaft slid up against his tight bundle of nerves hidden deep inside of him.

Se7en raised his back end up, pressing down further into the linens. He couldn’t catch his breath, struggling to absorb the emotions overwhelming his mind. His soul was near bursting, the feel of Min inside of him drawing out every scramble of sound he could come up with, leaving him with only the tiny guttural mewls nesting at the back of his throat.

The sky crackled outside, a storm at the horizon. Se7en heard the roll of thunder hit the city, unsure if it was real or something in his body that had leaked out and touched the stars. All he could feel was Min’s body and the air hot between their pressed forms. Then the sharp tang of his lover’s teeth against his tattoo when Changmin bit down into the inked flesh.

Se7en felt the power of the storm in Min’s mouth, and he surrendered to it, allowing his body to be swept up under the younger man’s thrusts. Changmin pounded against him, torrents of emotions slamming into them with each rocking motion of their coupling.

Refusing to let go of his lover’s body, Changmin rubbed his cheek along Se7en’s sweaty shoulder, trying to soak up every memory he made with the older man, drenching his mind with Se7en’s scent and feel. He wanted to carry this moment forever, holding its heat in his heart for the cold days when he sat alone in the dark, hoping for the purr of the other man’s voice to lift his spirits.

If he could only hold onto something of Se7en’s soul, Min knew he would never feel loneliness again.

Lightning struck between them, scattering their thoughts under the heat of their joining. Gasping, Min felt the build up in his body, working up from the root of his shaft and spreading into the fire along his stomach. Reaching down, he needed to have Se7en in his hand, finding the other man’s hardness with his fingers. Running along the veined flesh, Min worked his palm down the length, stroking upwards with each thrust he gave Se7en’s core.

The moist gush of Se7en’s release struck Min’s hand, splashing through his fingers and over the mound of his grip. He couldn’t hold back any longer, the scent of his lover’s sweetness filling the air. Tumbling down onto Se7en’s over-warm body, Min’s shaft worked into a spasm, jerking deep against the curve of Se7en’s tightness, prolonging each stroke with a trembling hardness.

In the moment of his release, the world turned black for Changmin, all light falling down around him in a shower of sparks that he could imagine touching if only he had the strength to lift his hand away from his lover. He had neither the strength nor the desire to ever let Se7en go. Not for the promise of all the stars he could hold in his hand. Min knew he possessed the only light that could illuminate his soul.

A steady moonlight-scented glow fueled by the love the older man had for him, a love Changmin no longer doubted or feared.

The darkness ended, filling back up with the world, small slivers falling back into place around him, the feel of Se7en’s body heaving with deep breaths under his stomach. Kissing the older man’s shoulder blades, Min carefully eased himself free, knowing he should work the condom off of his softening shaft but the languor that struck him was nearly paralyzing, and the scent of Se7en’s flesh on his too intoxicating to comprehend.

Se7en reached for Min, helping him get tidy before wrapping his arms around the young man’s waist, drawing him close. They lay against one another, belly to belly, their legs a loose weave over the abused bedding. Smiling, the young man kissed his lover’s nose, moving onto Se7en’s swollen-kissed mouth.

“Baby…damn.” Se7en shook his head, caressing Min’s face with trembling fingers. “You just make me feel so much. Thank you.”

“Love you, Shichi.” Changmin felt the tug of sleep on his eyes, lulled from the warmth of their bodies and his lover’s kisses. “I do you know. Love you. So very much.”

“I love you too, baby.” Se7en replied. “How could I not? You’re my angel.”
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