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Drawn Passions (Not SMM Universe) Part Three: LEMON WARNING

Drawn Passions (Not SMM Universe)
Pairing: Jaeho
Part Three: Jaejoong is curious about yaoi. Yunho has a few answers.

Last part Part One. Part Two

Plunny gifted by: thuggedoutchick. Honey, please forgive me for taking liberties. I fear I've subverted your plunny. It's a bit of a crack!fic. But made with love :D

If Jaejoong said anything else beyond what whispered past those entrancing lips, Yunho didn’t hear him. The world tightened down into a small space, just enough for their bodies and the air to keep them alive. Everything else fell away, a swirling darkness that held nothing of interest for the young Korean.

Blood rushed through his face, a thrush of heat spilling down his shoulders and past his ribs. Yunho felt himself aching, his sex pressing hard against his jeans. There were things to be said, he was sure of it. More importantly, there were fears to be brushed away, small bites of apprehension that surfaced in Jaejoong’s luminous eyes.

“I’ll take care, Boo,” He kissed down the other man’s throat, forcing himself to slow his progress.

There were passions to be incited in Jae’s body, drawn out bit by bit until the singer would forget about his fear. What little Yunho knew about sex between men, the one thing he was very much aware of was pain. He would have to be very careful about how quickly he took his pleasure, and how much Jaejoong stand.

The singer’s skin was slick with a sheen, his temper and the heat of their pressed together bodies salting his flesh. Yunho licked at the other man’s chest, circling around one nipple then nipping at the rise of muscle. He got a moan for his efforts, Jae’s eyes closing and his shoulders pressing down into the mattress. Licking at the pearled nub, Yunho teased it until it plumped hard. It tightened in his mouth, rubbing against the rough of his tongue.

“Yunho,” Jae sighed, his hands clenching the sheets at his sides. The torture of Yunho’s mouth was prolonged, needles shooting along the nerves of his chest. The other man seemed to know just how long to suckle, and when to dig the edge of his teeth into the sensitive tip. Stars burst behind Jae’s closed eyes when Yunho rolled his prize under his front teeth, working the nipple back and forth with flicks of his tongue.

“Touch me, Joongie,” Yunho commanded, his voice husky and fierce. He wanted to feel Jae on him, a willing participant to the madness he’d brought down upon them. “I need your hands. I need your mouth.”

Jaejoong’s breath left him, a seemingly common state he found himself around Yunho. The ridge of Yunho’s jaw drew his attention, the first thing he saw when he opened his eyes. Daringly, he bent his head and kissed a spot just to the right of Yunho’s mouth. Another kiss found the strength of the other’s high cheekbone, the flicker of Yunho’s eyelashes against his face making his body tingle along his spine.

“Lift up your hips, Boo,”

Another whispered demand, one that held consequences. There would be no going back from this, Jaejoong realized. Once he crossed that line, he would be offering up more than just his body to the man lying over him. Taking a deep breath, the singer canted his body and held his breath as Yunho’s fingers found the snap of his jeans.

The button giving way echoed between them, a final step towards something unknown and in Jae’s mind, terrifying. Unable to speak, he rested most of his weight on his shoulders, lifting nearly his entire body onto the balls of his feet. Yunho’s fingers grasped the denim waistband, capturing the elastic of Jae’s briefs as well.

He tugged the restricting fabric off of his intended lover’s body, slowly revealing the long stretch of pale skin he knew lay beneath. Tossing the jeans and underwear to the side, Yunho rested back on his haunches and stared down at Jae’s nude body, breathless at the sight of the other man sprawled over his bed.

“I shouldn’t have run away,” Yunho whispered. He allowed himself a single touch, trailing his fingers along Jae’s thigh. The shiver it gave the other man made him smile. There was so much power to be had in stoking the other’s passions. Jaejoong’s trembling body promised him so much. He intended to slake every single one of his desires in the other man. And hopefully, incite a few of his own in Jaejoong.

There were minute keloids along Jaejoong’s knees, remnants of surgeries intended to heal the singer’s injuries. They did nothing to detract from Jae’s beauty. If anything, the shiny pink dips bore out evidence of the young man’s determination and strength. That turned Yunho on more than the mewling sounds of Jae’s desire.

Well, almost, Yunho thought to himself.

That supposition was broken as soon as Yunho leaned over and kissed the softness of Jae’s thigh and the other man purred under the other’s mouth. Digging his fingers into Jae’s thighs, Yunho parted them slightly, coaxing the singer into submitting to the vulnerable position.

Jae reached for the other’s shoulders, gripping tightly when Yunho’s mouth descended. His hardened sex pressed tight against his stomach, and it wept, pearling his want along its slit. Reaching down, he was stopped by Yunho’s hand on his wrist.

“Mine, Boo,” Yunho looked up from the spot on Jae’s thigh he’d drawn into his mouth, a red love bite swelling along the pale flesh. “I want to taste all of you. If you’re going to be my first, then I want all of you.”

He moved up along Jae’s body, straddling the man’s legs into the curve of his thighs. Yunho wondered how Jae would taste there. Leaning over, he took a tentative lick, startled at the flavours bursting along the ridge of his tongue.

It was clear, like a translucent honey. The beaded dew tasted of heaven and spice, a tint of salt and more. It held Jae’s most private scents, a lingering offer of everything that was the singer. He took another lick, bolder this time and was rewarded with a hand fisting his hair, Jae’s fingers gripping the back of his neck and the other man’s hips rising to meet his open mouth.

The head was shaped different than his own, a slender bulb flaring out slightly. His own heft was thicker and the ridge was more pronounced. Still, the slick hard feel of the other’s man shaft was nearly familiar, the loose skin around the root sliding under Yunho’s fingers. Gripping the base of Jae’s sex, Yunho lowered his mouth over Jae’s head, tucking it against the curve in his palate, sucking lightly on the underside.

“Yunho, I need to taste you,” The plea was heartbreaking, a need to give as much as he was receiving. Yunho heard the desire and smiled against Jae’s sex.

“Let me try this first, Boo,” He murmured, the thrum of his voice sending vibrations down Jae’s shaft. “I’ll be up there to take care of that mouth in a bit.”

Yunho laved and suckled, drawing out each moan he could from the writhing singer. He was sure Jae’s fingers would leave bruises along his shoulders and the ache in his jaw was threatening to linger if he didn’t stop soon. Wanting to swallow his new lover deep into his throat, Yunho waited until he felt a spurt of seed hit the roof of his mouth before pulling away, just the beginning weep of Jae’s passions slipping from the heat of his body.

With the scent of Jae in his mouth, Yunho kissed up his lover’s body, taking a long sip at the diamond piercing before reaching the other’s lips. Capturing the enticing upper bow in his teeth, Yunho moaned in pleasure when Jaejoong reached for the waistband of his jeans. The singer made quick work of undoing the buttons along his fly, tugging the denim down Yunho’s slender hips.

He’d rushed getting dressed when he realized he was left alone with Jaejoong, leaving off his underwear when he’d pulled his clothes on. The bareness of his body made Jae smile, a knowing smirk quirking the other man’s sensual mouth.

“You were that sure of yourself?” Jae cocked his head, one eyebrow raised in speculation.

Looking down at his turgid shaft, its tip nudging at the pressed juncture of Jae’s thighs, Yunho grinned back at his lover. “No, I just was in a rush to catch you in the kitchen. I figured it would be the one place that I could corner you and make you see reason.”

“You make me lose reason,” Jae murmured, gasping in shock as Yunho’s teeth closed down over the birthmark on his throat. “Yunnie-ah!”

“Yes, baby?” He laughed at Jae’s irritated hiss. Placing one hand on Jae’s hip, he nudged the other softly. “You can either turn over or lay on your back, honey. Your choice.”

Fear clenched Jae’s stomach and filled his face. Yunho’s expression softened at the sight of the terror and he leaned forward to kiss Jae’s trembling lower lip. Bending his head up, Jae took the kiss, savouring it before nodding slowly.

“Trust me, Boo,” Yunho placed his lips on his lover’s shoulder, tracing down to the jut of Jae’s collarbone.

“I do,” Jae’s voice cracked, and he swallowed hard, wishing his fear away. Staring into Yunho’s honey-brown eyes, he bite at his upper lip, worrying it to a bright pink.

His curiosity led him to this. Jae knew that. The burn in his limbs was merely a symptom for the desire he’d held for Yunho. There was a trust the other was asking for, something he’d never given to another before. The look in his leader’s face was familiar, a comforting firmness that often led him along.

This was the man who held him up when he was hurt. The same man who caressed his back when it ached or laid a kiss along his temple when the world flung pain in his direction. Yunho took the brunt of the trouble his loose mouth often got the group into and never once blinked under the glare of the camera, often bending over to place a hand on Jae’s thigh.

“Make love to me, baby,” Jae kissed his lover’s mouth, drawing Yunho’s tongue into a lingering caress. Breathing a kiss into the other’s open lips, he said softly. “I want to see you when you come inside of me. I want to see what I do to you.”

“Boo, you can’t even imagine the things that you do to me,” Yunho’s eyes narrowed and he pressed his hands up against the underside of Jae’s thighs.

They fumbled together at first, laughing when Yunho nearly fell off of the bed, his arms windmilling about before he found his balance. Unprepared, the leader darted into the bathroom for a brief moment, unwilling to let his lover’s body cool down too much. Digging into the cabinets, he found a small tube of petroleum jelly one of the other men bought to use for lip balm. Tucking the tube into his fist, he returned to the bedroom, closing the door behind him and locking it.

Jaejoong was where he’d been left, legs splayed open and arms up over his head. The singer turned his head at his lover’s entrance, eyes dark with desire. Yunho stood still, gazing at the pale man stretched over his bed. He’d known since the moment he’d kissed Jaejoong that they would come to this moment. He’d just been startled at the tremendous weight of his desire when he’d pulled away that day.

Yunho had more than a few days to reconcile himself to being lost inside of Jaejoong’s body and heart. He’d give Jaejoong the same amount of time to adjust to the realization that he’d never shake Yunho loose. Maybe less, the leader told himself when he approached the bed and Jae sighed, his mouth surrendering a kiss to Yunho’s hungry mouth. Much less, Yunho decided as he pulled away.

The gel was slick and oily between his fingers and Yunho wondered how much he would need to slicken Jae’s passage. Kneeling onto the bed, he slid his hand down between his lover’s legs, stroking at the sac dangling against the sheets. Laying a single finger against the cleft between Jae’s orbs, he pulled up along the plum-hued skin, searching for the tight swell he knew lay behind the heft.

A shocked gasp from Jae’s open mouth gave Yunho some idea that he’d found what he was looking for. Pressing against the tight ring, he slid the tip of his finger past the muscle, letting Jae resist for a moment before bending over to kiss at the other man’s nipple. He took his time, alternating between sucking and biting at Jae’s chest, drawing one nipple in then moving over to the other, keeping the other man twisting under his mouth as he tentatively pushed in.

Jae couldn’t stop moaning. He heard himself, a distant purring constant in his own ears. Yunho’s mouth seemed to be everywhere, and never where he ached the most. The leader’s fingers crested across the head of his sex then left, caressing down over his hip bone until Jae raised his hips, nearly demanding Yunho’s fingers be inside of him.

Neither were prepared for the shock of heat when Jae’s body surrendered under Yunho’s initial thrusting finger and they gasped into each other’s mouths, a mingled breath too hot to swallow.

“I need more,” Jaejoong cried, feeling a warm tear trail down his face. His emotions were too strong to be contained. The other man was searching up inside of him, looking for some release they could share. “Yunnie-baby, please.”

Jae nearly screamed when Yunho complied, working the tip of a second finger into his heat. His hips bucked up, then back down as his body tried to work Yunho in deeper. Jaejoong felt like he’d lost all control over his body, its movements seemingly driven by some underlying instinct neither of them was willing to fight.

“Do you want me inside of you, Boo?” Yunho reached for the open tube, squeezing out a thick line of jelly onto his sex. Wrapping his free hand around his head, he spread it down his shaft, leaving a liberal coat behind. The last thing he wanted was to hurt Jaejoong.

There was something about Jaejoong that made him want to wrap the other man in tinsel paper and set on a shelf. The delicate face and erotic mouth begged to be taken care of. Of course, Yunho grinned wickedly as he stared down at Jae’s sensual form, there was something about Jaejoong that made him want to bury himself deep and never let go.

Lifting Jae’s legs, he carefully placed the young man’s shins on his shoulders and slid one of his pillows under Jae’s hips. Canted forward, Jaejoong panted when he felt the tip of Yunho’s sex push up against the entrance to his body.

Yunho bit down on Jae’s shoulder, letting his teeth gouge out a semi-circle into the tender flesh. The aching discomfort brought Jaejoong’s hips up, moving his chest closer to Yunho’s searching mouth. One of Yunho’s hands pinched at Jae’s nipple, twisting it slightly between warm fingers while the other gripped at the base of his own sex, intent on guiding it deeper into the hot opening.

Jae started to push against the head, wanting more than just the tip pressuring him. Yunho’s fingers coasted over his entrance, then a burning breech of something at the edge of his entrance. He wanted more but his body refused, tightening up against the intrusion.

“Relax baby,” Yunho whispered into Jae’s ear. “Let your body relax. Let me in.”

The first push felt as if a fist was entering him and Jae gasped, his breathing turning into short grunts. Working to push and relax, Jae inhaled sharply, letting his legs rest against Yunho’s shoulders. The ring of muscle suddenly gave way and released its hold on Yunho’s tip, swallowing the whole of the head into his heat.

“Ah, baby,” Yunho moaned. He couldn’t believe the sensations along his body. Jae’s hands were around his neck, and the singer’s mouth found his, searing them together in a long kiss. Moving slowly, he edged into Jae’s body, letting the other man adjust around him.

Wanting a kiss, Yunho suckled on the man’s tongue, letting the his lover’s tiny moans reverberate in his mouth. Jae’s murmuring pants were turning sensual, his voice deepening as his ass stretched to accept Yunho’s breadth. Unable to stop himself, Jae’s hips moved in slow circles, tightening around Yunho whenever he lifted himself up.

“You ready for me, Boo?” Yunho bent carefully. He was cautious of Jae’s injured knee. It ached during rainy days and from long days of dancing. Resting his thumb on the kneecap, he pushed lightly along the edge of the bone, testing the area for swelling.

“Need,” Jae’s hands slithered down from Yunho’s shoulders, resting on his own chest. His fingers found his nipples, left abandoned by Yunho’s mouth. The sight of his lover’s hands working the pinked tips into a peak left Yunho breathless and he placed his hands on either side of Jaejoong’s ribcage, resting his weight on his palms.

“Hold onto me, baby,” He ordered, meeting Jaejoong’s eyes with a searing glance. Yunho would have his lover wrapped around him, as much as the other could be. Buried deep into the soft velvet of Jaejoong’s body, Yunho knew he would never let the other go, no matter how far he ran or how often he raged in a fit of temper. Jaejoong was his, to have and cherish.

He thrust deeper in, hitting the curve of Jae’s muscled rear. The singer gasped in surprise, his toes curled down then his hips followed, rising to meet Yunho’s movements. His hands roamed over Yunho’s ribs, trying to pull the other man as deep as he could be. Arcing, he strained against Yunho’s slower thrusts, mewling in need when the other man nearly stopped moving then picked the pace up again after dripping a length of gel on the space between them.

The rubbing friction of their bodies turned the lube to honey, a hot slither of jelly making Jae’s passage slick for Yunho’s thrusts. Spreading Jae’s thighs, Yunho opened the cleft between the other man’s ass cheeks, working his own hips up and around until he felt Jae jerk in an alarmed shock.

“Yunnie,” The singer panted, unable to think.

He wondered if he’d somehow licked an electrical current, lightning coursing through his body then subsiding into a dulled throb. The sensation hit again when Yunho thrust in again, rubbing on a spot deep in his passage. Twisting, Jae struggled to match Yunho’s thrusts, fighting the other man when the leader placed his hands on Jae’s hips.

“Say you’re mine, baby,” Yunho bent over his lover’s face, holding Jae’s gaze. He gripped Jae’s body until the other man lay nearly still despite his straining needs. Diving deep with each rocking of his hips, Yunho bit down on Jae’s lower lip, pulling it out then sucking on its plumpness. He released it after hearing Jae’s small cry of pain, smiling at the dimpled ridge he’d left behind.

“I want to hear you say it, Joongie-ah,” Yunho nipped at Jae’s nose, running the tip of his tongue along the small down-turned edge. “Mine. I want to hear you say that you’re mine.”

“Mine,” Jae bit Yunho’s earlobe, carried over the edge of his passion with each hard push into his guts. “You’re mine.”

Yunho couldn’t help laughing as he found his release in his lover’s heat, his desires rising up from his belly and poured out into Jae’s curved body. Jaejoong’s seed spilled onto their stomachs, splashing hot and wet when Yunho’s fingers rubbed against his sex. Gasping, Yunho pushed in one final time, burying down as deep as he could before his shaft tingled then spilled, filling Jaejoong’s tightness with his slickness.

He reluctantly slid free from Jae’s body, not wanting to leave their coupling behind. Grabbing at his shirt, he wiped at their spill, moving Jae’s lethargic limbs aside until he could spoon behind the singer. Wrapping his arms around the other’s chest, Yunho kissed at the mark he made on the other’s shoulder, the heat of the bite rising on his tongue.

“I love you, you know,” He whispered into the curve of Jae’s neck, licking at the dark beauty spot on his jaw. “I’ve loved you for a long time, Boo. I just didn’t know what to do with it.”

“You made me so mad when you walked away from me,” Jaejoong admitted, his eyes downcast. Unable to meet Yunho’s gaze, he opened his heart to the other man, holding it out with a trembling fear. “It hurt so much. I’ve never hurt as much as when you walked off, leaving me behind. I felt like I was breaking apart.”

“I’ll never do that to you again, baby,” Yunho leaned over Jae’s shoulder, holding his lover’s naked body against his own. “I promise, Boo, I’ll never walk away from you again. Just say that you love me, and I’ll be here forever.”

Jaejoong bent his head, kissing the other man’s knuckles where they rested against his collar bone. Sated and vulnerable, he nodded, breathing a sigh of relief when his heart was taken up and cradled in the other man’s affections.

“I do love you, Yunnie-ah,” Jaejoong whispered. “Even when I’m running away, I love you.”

“Good,” Yunho murmured. “Then, baby, I promise you one more thing.”

“What’s that?” Sleep tugged at Jae’s eyes, drowsy and happy in the warmth of Yunho’s arms.

“No matter where you run or how far,” The leader hugged his lover close, unwilling to have even a breath separate them. “I’ll chase you. I’ll follow you forever and a day because I’m never letting you go.”
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