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Drawn Passions: Min7en Section

Drawn Passions: Min7en Section
Pairing: Min7en

Part One: Min reads a manga to expand his vocabulary. Se7en has other ideas.
Rating: R - Lime-ish WARNING

Jaeho Section: Part One. Part Two. Part Three

There will be a Yoosu Section. Plunny gifted by: thuggedoutchick. Honey, please forgive me for taking liberties. Now I've REALLY subverted your plunny.

Fog hid most of Tokyo, a dense curtain that kept the world at bay. Flickers of lights broke through the mists, sporadic mechanical lightning bugs dancing out in the far off night. Momentarily enamoured by the sparkles outside of his window, Se7en stretched out his legs across the couch, fighting a yawn. Curling his foot, he worked his toes into the opening of Min’s pants leg.

“Reading,” Changmin murmured, not looking up from his book. He scrawled a line of Japanese in his notebook, carefully translating the words into Korean below. Unhappy with one of his choices, he consulted his translation dictionary, he erased a character and scribbled in two different options, unsure of which worked better.

“What are you reading?” Se7en inched forward, leaning over and placing his hands on either side of Min’s feet. Pulling his legs underneath him, he rested on his knees, staring over the edge of book.

“A manga,” Changmin frowned, pursing his lips in concentration. He glanced at his dictionary again, going back to the troublesome word. Chewing on the end of his pencil, he contemplated his third choice, wondering if the word he liked was what the author had in mind.

“Those look like two men,” The older man took a good look at the book’s cover, cocking his head at the art deco images. “They are guys.”

“It’s a yaoi,” Nodding, Min grunted in pleasure. The last selection was definitely better than his first choice. “A dōjinshi, to be exact.”

“Dōjinshi,” He repeated the word, grinning at the purring sound it made on his tongue. “What’s it called?”

“Gravitation Megamix Capybara,” The younger man returned to chewing on the end of his mechanical pencil, the rattle of the lead a distraction. “Your fingers are on my ankle.”

“My fingers like your ankle,” Se7en moved closer to his lover, stroking at the strong tendon line at the base of Min’s leg. His palm covered the jutting bone at Changmin’s joint, rubbing down over his foot before tugging up the denim blocking his access to the man’s leg. “Actually, my fingers like a lot of your body.”

“Still reading,” Min wagged the book in his hands. “I’m trying to figure out these words.”

“By reading porn?”

“It’s common usage,” He explained, smirking over the pages when Se7en rolled up the offending jeans leg. “I need to learn words that everyone uses in every day life.”

“There are a couple of common words I could teach you,” Se7en promised.

“I could learn those from a bathroom wall,” Min replied calmly, trying not to let the other man see how much the slow stroking of his skin was arousing him.

The other man’s mouth moved across the ridge of muscle on Min’s calf, licking at the shadowed line he found there. Changmin shifted his leg forward, sliding it firmly into the palm of Se7en’s hand. Fighting not to moan in pleasure at the caress, the young singer hooded his eyes, drawn off of the page and onto the other man’s broad shoulders.

Alone with Changmin in the high-rise apartment, Se7en wore only a white tank top and loose cotton pants, the ribbed shirt hugging his torso and leaving his arms bare. Min recalled swallowing hard when the other man greeted him at the door, sensual and sleek-bodied, relaxed in his self-confidence. His swaggering arrogance had drawn Min in. His gentle loving kept Changmin entranced.

The young singer had to admit, Se7en’s shoulders were more than enough to keep him in love.

“What are you doing?” Min asked casually, feeling the nip of teeth along his leg.

“I’m helping you learn Japanese,” His lover bit again, harder and deeper. “This is a bite.”

“I know that word,” He reminded Se7en. Repeating the sound, he mimicked his lover. “Bite.”

“Good,” The older man nodded. “Let’s try this one.”

“It better be one that I don’t already know.”

“Lick,” Se7en ran his tongue up the length of Min’s inseam. “Hm, that doesn’t work as well as the bite did. I don’t think you can get the full use of the word through fabric.”

“What do you recommend?” Changmin cocked his head, pouting playfully. He’d played this game with Se7en before, usually with food. Once it was about body parts but their patience ran out before their vocabulary did.

“I think maybe these jeans need to come off,” Se7en examined the pants carefully, assessing them with a practiced eye. “The fabric is too thick to feel anything through. Can you feel this?”

He bent his head down and ran his tongue along the middle of Min’s thigh, turning to the side and keeping his eyes on the young man’s mouth. The book slithered from his lover’s hand, hitting the floor with a solid thump. After a second, the dictionary joined the yaoi manga on the area rug, landing flat and heavy.

“No, not…enough,” Changmin admitted, leaning his head back against the arm of the couch. He slid down, his hips sliding down Se7en’s stomach, guided by his lover’s hands. “Just a little bit. Like if Yunho is brushing something off of my leg.”

“I don’t want Yunho touching you there,” Se7en growled, biting into the thick fabric at Min’s hip. “Actually I want your hyung to keep his hands to Jaejoong. Where they belong.”

“Jealous?” The younger man slithered under his lover’s hands, gasping when Se7en’s fingers moved to undo the button closure on his fly. “That tickles. I’m ticklish there.”

“I know,” He said, smiling before leaving a soft kiss on Min’s natural pout. “It’s one of my favourite places to lick.”

Se7en freed the button and slowly tugged down the tongue of Min’s zipper, parting the fly with the flat of his hand. Frowning, he glanced up at his lover’s smug grin and cocked his head. “What’s this?”


“Underwear should be,” Se7en debated which word he wanted to use before finally settling on one. “Normal. These are not normal.”

“They cover what they’re supposed to cover,” Changmin pointed out.

“They have…small black hearts on them. And they’re red. Underwear should not be red with little hearts on them.” The singer gripped Min’s waistband, tugging slightly. “Lift.”

“I don’t know,” Min stalled. “You don’t like my underwear.”

“Those are coming off soon,” He promised. “I won’t have to dislike them for very long. Lift, Minku.”

Changmin was naked before he took more than five more breaths, the other man stripping him quickly. Se7en sat back on his haunches, staring down at his young lover. In the months since they’d begun their relationship, Min had changed, his body tightening from the hard regime of dancing and running about.

“I love your arms,” Se7en murmured, bending down to lock his mouth of Min’s. “I love your legs too. And that stomach. Watching you get older has to be one of the most erotic things that has ever happened to me. I loved you before but now….God, baby, if you get any hotter, you’re going to kill me.”

“You’re just saying that to get me to do what you want,” Min scoffed.

“I like getting you to do what I want,” His lover reminded him with a chuckle. “I think you like doing what I want. Or at least those little miaowing noises of yours tell me you do.”

Changmin flushed pink, bare and vulnerable under his lover. Although they’d spent entire nights clutched in passionate and intimate embraces, he felt exposed and open under the glare of the living room lights. Embarrassed by Se7en’s frank perusal of his body, he instinctively covered himself, cupping his hands around his crotch.

“Don’t do that, Minku,” Se7en shook his head, wrapping his fingers around Min’s wrist. Pulling the other’s hand gently away, he bent down to lick at a chilled nipple, luxuriating in the sweet, musky taste of his young lover’s body. “Don’t ever feel like you have to hide from me.”

“I feel… open,” Min whispered, soft and gentle against Se7en’s hair. He inhaled deeply, loving the scent of anise on the other man. “I feel like you can see right down into my soul.”

“Right now, baby,” He responded with a little nip of teeth against Min’s chest. “I’m not looking at your soul. I’m man enough to say that I’m going to be a selfish asshole and just take my time licking over every inch of your body. Or at least long enough to make you scream my name and want me inside of you.”

“That usually doesn’t take long,” The younger man stifled a loud shriek when Se7en bent forward and dug sharp teeth into the tender skin on his neck. “Aish!”

“Aish yourself,” Se7en teased, roughly rolling the bite of skin between his teeth. “Stop thinking, baby. Just lay back and let me do what I want to you.”

“Close. Your. Eyes. And. Stop. Thinking,” Punctuating each word with a tightening of his bite on Min’s neck, Se7en scolded his lover sternly. “No. More. Thinking. Minku.”

Changmin nodded, swallowing the protests he had lingering on his tongue. Se7en pouted playfully at him, mocking the serious look he knew he had on his face. Giving the other man a smile, Min closed his eyes and took a deep breath, forcing his body to relax.

It was difficult to will his muscles to loosen their tightness. Too many days had been spent honing the dances their choreographer created for their concerts and the ache in his shoulders reminded the young man that he’d spent a bit too long working out in the gym. Lifting his arms, he crossed his wrists over and lay them against the couch’s side, holding himself still for his lover’s kisses.

“You are so beautiful,” Se7en whispered into Min’s ear.

The young man’s long hair hid a variety of sins, including the love bite he’d just left under Changmin’s jaw. He’d have no regrets for that although he’d catch hell from the young man once it was seen. Sometimes, Se7en needed to leave behind a mark, something to tell the world that Min was his. Especially when their lives separated them for days at a time.

“Do you have any idea how hard it is to leave you?” He traced the dip along Min’s bridge, laughing when the other man giggled. “Don’t laugh. I’m serious.”

“You make me laugh,” Min dared a peek at Se7en’s face, laughing harder at the other man when he crossed his eyes at his lover.

“Close your eyes, pretty baby,” Se7en ordered. “I’ve got some places I want to kiss and you distract me.”

“Yes, sir,” Changmin gasped when Se7en bit at his chin. “Ow, what was that for?”

“For calling me sir,” The older man said. “But then, I think we can play that game later. There’s something about the idea of your hands bound by a leather strap that just makes me hard.”

Se7en licked at the young man’s mouth, tracing the dip above his upper lip. He enjoyed the deep gully between his lover’s lips and the slight ridge of his bottom pout drove Se7en insane. Sucking on the plump pink flesh, he pulled it slightly between his teeth, just hard enough to feel it spring back against his own mouth. Slanting his head, he leaned into Min’s kiss, laving at the surface until he felt his desire boil up from his groin. His shirt felt too warm and he pulled it off, balling the fabric up and tossing it aside. It landed on the coffee table then slithered to the floor.

“I’m not going to let you do that,” Changmin gasped again, feeling Se7en’s fingers along the part of his sac. The older man stroked and teased, pulling at the wrinkled skin. “Okay, maybe. God, don’t do that. I’m going to explode.”

“No, we can’t have that,” The older singer said, rubbing his mouth over the purpling bruise on Min’s neck. He was satisfied with the heat he could feel under his tongue. The welt was rising beautifully. “I don’t want you to lose control without me.”

“I want to watch you, Shichi,” Min lowered his hands, resting his forearms on his lover’s shoulders. Opening his eyes, he shook his head at Se7en’s warning murmur. “I want to watch you kiss me.”

“Okay, but no complaining that I’m taking too long,” He warned the younger man. “I am not going to rush things.”

Daringly, Changmin reached down, finding one of the dark nubs of Se7en’s nipples. The older man hissed, nearly jerking back away from Min’s pinch. Meeting his lover’s gaze, Changmin continued the caress, rubbing the nipple against the pad of his index finger, pressing his thumb hard on its turgid peak.

The nudge of Se7en’s sex on Min’s thigh, hard through the thin fabric of his cotton pants, gave the young man pause. He’d often wondered how the other man held back as much as he did. Whenever Se7en touched him, he nearly wept his release in a matter of moments.

“Take off the rest of your clothes, Shichi,” Changmin pleaded, capturing Se7en’s mouth in a fierce kiss. “Please.”

The older man untied the drawstrings of his pants, pulling them down over his butt. Kicking his legs free, he used his hands to support his weight, leaning forward as Min guided his mouth over the nipple he’d pulled into hardness.

Changmin trailed his tongue over the tip, reaching down with his hands to cup the length of his lover’s heft. There was moisture at its tip, a sticky clear drop welling under Min’s thumb. He spread it over the soft head, then returned his attention to the nipple he’d left abandoned.

A chirruping noise echoed through the apartment, the treble of Min’s recorded voice rising in volume before fading away. Sighing, Se7en rested his head against his lover’s shoulder, gritting his teeth when Min’s teeth sank hard into his chest.

“You answer that,” Min warned, his mouth moving down over his lover’s nipple then fitting it against the jut of his front teeth. “And I will bite this off.”

“It could be one of your members,” Se7en gulped then laughed when Min’s teeth nearly pierced his peaked tip. “Okay, I won’t answer it.”

“Good,” He continued his suckling, moving down with small nibbles.

Se7en’s stomach twitched when Min reached his belly button, the young man licking around the dip. The couch fabric on his back rubbed the crest of his ass when he moved down, bending his knees up between Se7en’s legs so he could reach the hardness bobbing below the other’s belly.

The sound of a key in the lock froze both men in place, Min’s mouth hovering just above the moist tip of his lover’s sex. His tongue darted out of his mouth, his desires needed a taste of the other’s seed, despite the fear that crawled over his nerves.

“What the fuck?” Se7en swore, grinding his teeth together. A familiar voice called out to him in Korean, a too-familiar and at the moment, very much hated. “Shit.”

“Dong-Wook! Where the hell are you?” Se7en’s best friend strolled into the apartment, slinging his packed duffel back onto the kitchen counter. Reaching for the lights, he turned on the overhead floods, filling the main living room with a wash of white.

“Hey, wow,” Taebin whistled at the sight of his friend standing stock still against the couch back. Grinning with a lopsided smirk, he stared at Se7en’s naked chest and the heart-dappled boxers straining under the thrust of his arousal. He could see the pretty faced young man nearly hidden behind Se7en’s body, a pair of cotton sweats covering his hips. “Nice underwear there. Nice boyfriend too. Got anything to eat?”
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