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Drawn Passions: Min7en Section Part Two (Lemonish)

Drawn Passions: Min7en Section
Pairing: Min7en
Part Two: Min reads a manga to expand his vocabulary. Se7en has other ideas.

Rating: NC-17 - Lemon-ish WARNING

Min7en Section: Part One

Jaeho Section: Part One. Part Two. Part Three

There will be a Yoosu Section. Plunny gifted by: thuggedoutchick. Honey, please forgive me for taking liberties. Now I've REALLY subverted your plunny.

“You have nothing to eat in this place,” Taebin moaned, complaining into the empty refrigerator. “What do you do in your spare time? You can’t even go to the store?”

“Are you crazy? Get out,” Se7en hissed, leaning his hands on the counter. He glanced behind him, taking a peek at the bedroom door Min closed behind him. “What are you doing here? You knew that I was only going to have a couple of weeks with him in Japan. And you came to visit now?”

“Hey, instant noodles!” The Korean perked up, the pantry offering him a greater selection of food. “Oh and the good kind too. I can’t get this kind in Seoul. I like the one with the fishcake in it. And it’s the hot kind too. Even better.”

“Tae, he’s going to kill you,” Sighing, the singer scrubbed at his face with his palms. “And after he’s done killing you, he’s going to kill me. He’s going to chop up our bodies into little pieces and fling them off of the balcony one by one, hoping to hit the street where a car can run us over.”

“Wow, it sounds like you’ve talked about it before. Is that how it is with an old married couple? You sit around plotting how to kill each other?” Wrinkling his nose, Tae debated if he should boil water for the soup or microwave it hot. Spotting the tea spigot on the espresso machine, he beamed with joy. “Ah, that’ll do it.”

“I’m serious, Taebin,” Se7en insisted. “Minku’s got a bad temper. And I’m not too happy with you either. Why didn’t you call and tell me you were coming?”

“I did call,” He replied, folding back the paper lid of the noodle bowl. The dribble of hot water, while nearly boiling, was taking too long and he frowned, wondering if the water on the bottom would be cold by the time the top was filled. “You didn’t pick up.”

“Where did you call from? The hallway?” The other man sighed between clenched teeth.

“Well yeah,” Tae shrugged. “You didn’t pick up so I used my key. I didn’t think I’d walk in on a porno shoot. Gotta tell you, that boy’s really grown up. He’s got a hot little body. And that mouth. Very sexy.”

Se7en stood across the counter from his friend, wondering if he should kill himself before Min got a hold of Tae. It would be easier on the younger singer. He would have less to do, other than the chopping up part. If he did it in the kitchen, then Changmin wouldn’t have to drag him far. Then, Taebin’s words sunk in.

Controlling the flickering rage that rolled up in his chest, Se7en asked calmly, “Did you just scam a look at Min’s body?”

“Se7en, it’s hard not to,” Tae reminded him. “He was naked on the couch. By the way, I think you should put a sheet down or something if you plan on having other people sit there. Unless it’s a special couch and no one else is allowed on. My mom’s like that. There’s only certain couches the dog can get up onto.”

“Min’s off limits,” Se7en shook his head, partially disgusted by his friend’s leering smile. “I’m serious. Do not touch the Changmin.”

“I have no intention of poaching,” His friend held up his hands in surrender, letting the noodles steep. “I’m just appreciating the view you provided to me when I walked into the apartment. Tell me you can look at those legs and not think about how good they’d look wrapped around your hips.”

“I can’t,” He growled in response. “I just don’t want to hear you say it. God, he’s going to be pissed off. I’ve got to get you out of here.”

“Hey, I just got here. You can’t kick me out,” Tae protested. “Besides, you don’t even know that he’s pissed. He might be in there laughing his head off.”

“I know Minku,” Se7en shook his head. “He’s not laughing his head off. If anything, he’s sharpening the set of knives he bought just for this occasion. Min is very prepared. He would have planned on something like this.”

“I’m going to fucking kill him,” Changmin sat on the bed, mortified and angry. The smirk on Taebin’s face loomed in his mind, vividly embarrassing. “I’m going to kill them both. God, damn, shit.”

“What the hell was he thinking?” He asked the air, wrapping the sheet around his hips. “He knew we were going to spend some time together. Shichi told him that. Did he do that on purpose? Does he want Dong-Wook for himself and that’s why he’s ruined our night?”

“And why am I talking to myself?” Min clenched his fist, lightly battering his forehead. “God, I’m so stupid. I thought Tae was just Se7en’s friend. Suppose he’s his lover and I’m just in the way?”

“Okay, I thought maybe I’d talk you out of being angry, but I didn’t think I’d have to talk you out of being crazy too,” Se7en said, closing the bedroom door behind him. Approaching the glowering Min, he gave the younger man a sexy smile, hoping to lighten the mood. “I have never ever been in love with Taebin. He’s my friend. Like Junsu or Yoochun is your friend.”

“I lusted after Junsu before, remember?” The singer pointed out.

“But then you came to your senses,” Se7en replied, tugging at the linens’ hem. He could see the outline of Min’s legs under the sheets, the dark outline of space between them cast from the overhead lights. Bending down, he moved the sheet edge aside, licking at the top of Min’s foot.

“Don’t do that,” The young singer narrowed his eyes, poking at Se7en’s shoulder with a sharp jab. “I’m mad at you.”

“What are you mad at me for?” He continued to lick, pressing his lips against the blue vein running up from Min’s toes to his ankle. “You should be mad at Taebin. He’s the one who barged in here.”

“Is he gone?” A quirk of one eyebrow should have warned Se7en but with his head down, the older man didn’t see the brewing storm on Min’s face.

“No, he’s making instant noodles in the kitchen,” There was a small pink nibble mark on Min’s ankle and Se7en smiled against it. He was secretly pleased at leaving behind a memento of his kisses. Sucking on the spot, he pulled more skin between his teeth, running his tongue under the bite area.

“I should take a chopstick and shove it into your…” Min’s angry words were cut off by Se7en’s hard mouth, the older man slanting his lips across his lover’s.

Pressing the young man back onto the bed, Se7en refused to let Min go, working his fingers into the singer’s dark, long hair. Cupping his hands around Min’s skull, he guided the other man into a leisurely kiss, drawing out each breath the other took. Their tongues battled for an instant and for a second, Se7en wondered if the young man’s sharp teeth would nip at the tip he’d slid in past Min’s defenses.

He’d not been expecting Min’s hands on his hips nor the fingers that traced a hot trail over the rise of his buttocks, pushing at the tight elastic waistband. The young singer struggled to free his lover from the constraining fabric, fighting the boxers as they twisted about Se7en’s hips.

“God, I’m still so mad at you,” Changmin drove his teeth into Se7en’s lower lip, nipping and biting into the plump moist rise. “You piss me off so much. I could scream.”

“I like it when you scream, Minku,” Se7en mumbled around Min’s mouth. He lowered his hands, tangling his fingers around Min’s. “Here, let me help you. You’re going to tear them if you keep that up.”

“I thought you hated them,” He gasped, breaking off their kiss. Shuddering to get a breath, he looked down Se7en’s long, lean body, infuriated at the stubborn boxers. “Just take them off.”

“Hold on,” The other man held up a finger, tapping Min on the nose. “Give me some time.”

Se7en hooked his thumbs into the waistband, slithering the fabric down his lean hips. The elastic caught on his hard length, the knob of his sex leaving behind a wet stain along the front. The sight of a sheet-swaddled Changmin turned him on, a present to be unwrapped and suckled clean of its packing.

Lifting the sheet, Se7en stuck his head behind Min’s calf, licking at the other’s smooth skin. Changmin rustled the linens away from his hips, stopping when his lover bit him lightly and told him to leave the sheets where they were. The older man nearly winced at the heaviness in his groin, the length of his sex rubbing on the bedding as he moved under the covers. Twisting his hips, he avoided the bed, not wanting the friction to bring him over until he’d had his fill of his young lover.

Changmin hissed, startled at the feel of Se7en’s mouth on the inside of his thigh. The rough texture of his lover’s tongue made him purr, and he arched his hips up, straining to keep still under the moist onslaught. His knees threatened to lock around Se7en’s ears when the older man licked up his length, stopping only long enough at the head to run his tongue along its rim before moving back down his shaft.

“Oh, Shichi,” His breath came in short pants, little explosions of sound amid the harsh purr of his strangled cries. A shadow moved across the bottom seam of the door, cutting off the thin slice of light coming under the wood. Min almost sat straight up, held down by Se7en’s strong hands, his foot kicking at the older man’s ankle.

“Stay still, baby,” Se7en murmured, running the edge of his teeth along the vein pulsing over Min’s sex. “I’m trying to do something here.”

“Did you lock the door?” He tapped Se7en’s forehead, trying to get the other’s attention. “God, do you know what Taebin is? He’s karma! He’s karma for all of the times that I’ve walked in on Yunho and Jaejoong having sex. That what it is. I have to make atonement for all of the problems I caused for the hyungs.”

Sighing, the older singer rested his forehead on Min’s hip, taking in a deep breath before replying. “Minku, first thing; I locked the door.”

“Secondly,” Se7en continued, pulling off the sheet that covered his head and shoulders. “Why do you think so much when we’re doing this?”

“I can’t help it,” Min protested, keeping his voice down. “My brain doesn’t shut down like yours does. It still has blood left in it.”

“I can fix that,” He mumbled and began to suck at the moist tip of Min’s sex. Sliding his fingertips into Changmin’s mouth, Se7en cut off the young man’s arguments, effectively silencing him. “Suck on these, baby. I’m going to need them as wet as you can get them.”

Se7en worked his fingers around Min’s tongue, sliding his palm along the square of the young man’s jaw. Slurping at the sweetness of his lover’s body, he withdrew his hand, sliding the tip of one index finger into the hot twist of Min’s entrance. Gulping, Changmin fought to curl his hands around the sheets, trying to keep from digging his nails into Se7en’s skin.

“Go ahead, baby,” Se7en whispered. “Hold onto me. You can mark me. I don’t care who sees.”

Crying out, Changmin nearly choked on stifling his cries, letting a low whimper escape from his tortured throat. The press of Se7en’s finger into his heat made his guts twitch, his body anticipating the slow, gentle invasion that would soon follow the first delicate touch. Another finger tip joined the first, his spit moistening the way for his lover’s entrance. Scissoring his fingers apart, Se7en spread his lover’s tightly furled bud, slowly working back and forth to loosen the ring of muscles.

Returning to the hardened shaft pressing against his cheek, Se7en tucked his lips over the head, sucking harder as Min dug his heels down into the mattress, lifting his hips up and spreading his thighs apart for Se7en’s pleasure. Pulling back up, Se7en slowly worked down the length, using his free hand to massage Min’s root before stroking at the sac tightening up into the hollow between his lover’s legs.

He could vaguely hear the soft, moaning pleas coming from the young man’s throat, a whispering chant mingling his name and profanities. With each thrust of Min’s hips, Se7en pressed in a bit further, working in deep until his first two fingers were buried into the velvet flesh.

There were other sounds, a banging against the wall and then a shout at the door for them to keep it down. Min’s low growl suddenly cut through the soft, sensual moans, and his body tightened hard around Se7en’s fingers, nearly cutting off the older man’s blood supply.

“He’s so fucking dead,” Se7en promised, moving his mouth faster until Min’s senses were overwhelmed with the pressure of his lover’s lips closed in over his sex. “Baby, ignore him.”

“I’m going to kill him, Shichi,” Min groaned, trying to keep his thoughts from being tangled up into the sensual overload washing over him. “I’m going to slide a dull spoon under every inch of his skin and pump salt into the space, like he’s a duck that needs to be brined. Then…”

“You’re scaring me,” The older man murmured. “I think you and your hyungs are probably the most bloodthirsty pack of rats that I’ve ever known. I’m afraid of what they’re teaching you.”

“One more word from him, and Yunho is going to become your best friend,” Changmin frowned, then swallowed as Se7en pressed yet another finger at his entrance. “Gods, Shichi, I don’t know if…”

“Relax, Minku,” He replied, hushing his lover’s startled cries. “It’s not much more than taking me in. We’ve not done this in too long. I don’t want to hurt you. And, I have other friends besides Taebin.”

“I’m going to kill every one of them, leaving you only Yunnie-ah to talk to,” Min’s eyes were glittering, murderous at another far-off thump. “Maybe he just fell off the balcony? Or off of the kitchen counter? If he’s bashed his head in and is bleeding all over the floor, then no one can blame us for cooking him and feeding him to stray dogs.”

“Me, Minku,” Se7en shivered at the gleeful blood thirst flirting in his lover’s eyes. “Pay attention to me. Only me, Minku.”

It had been too long since they’d made love, Se7en could feel that now. Pressing up into his lover’s tight body, he maneuvered his shoulders until Min’s hips were pressed hard against the bed. Murmuring, the young man was nearly senseless as Se7en’s mouth closed tight over his sex. He could barely hear Se7en tell him to reach for the lubricant sitting on the nightstand, its cap mostly undone.

“Put some on my fingers, baby,” Se7en held out his hand, listening for the tell tale click of the top being opened. He didn’t have to look to know that Min’s fingers were trembling with the effort of keeping the tube steady. The young man nearly shook with passion, his body shaking with every swipe of the older man’s tongue along his sex. Another thrust of spit-moistened fingers raked a hard gasp from the young man’s chest, his hips jerking and lifting to meet the soft pressure.

Changmin could barely see straight, his eyes crossed from the sensations of his lover’s touch on his body. Filled with the thrusting hardness of Se7en’s fingers, he struggled to unclip the tube, nearly spilling the gel from squeezing it too hard. It splurted over his palm, the aromatic oil filling the air with the scent of almonds and mint. It tingled as it warmed up in the cup of his hand, a tiny dollop, barely enough to make a small dot on his fortune line.

Trying to keep his aim steady, he lightly squeezed the gel onto Se7en’s free hand, coating the man’s first two fingers. Laughing around Min’s sex, the older man rubbed his fingers together, motioning with a flick of his wrist for more. Breathing in heavily, Changmin applied more, wondering if there would be any gel left after they were done.

“Turn a bit to the side, Minku,” Se7en ordered, biting at the young man’s hip. “I want to be able to get my hand under you.”

Twisting, he complied, trying to keep his cries to a soft murmur. When the gel-hot touch of Se7en’s fingers touched him, he jumped, shocked nearly speechless when the older man worked a second index finger into him, stretching him apart. Panting, he strained to relax his tense body, nearly too full and needing still more.

Air rushed into his core, a cold kiss against the overheated entrance to his body. Without his feet flat on the bed, Min lacked a purchase on the mattress, something Se7en had planned. With no leverage under him, the young man was helpless to struggle, vulnerable to his lover’s ministrations.

“You’re so hot down here, baby,” Se7en murmured, rubbing his cheek on the curve of Min’s butt. Pursing his lips, he blew lightly on the parted rose curl of Min’s body. He resisted licking at the dark whorl of hair along the plumped up sac under his lover’s sex. The older man could sense his young lover was near the edge of his control and any more sensation along or near his shaft would make him spill his seed.

“Are you ready for me, Minku?” Se7en asked, working his fingers in until he could feel the press of Min’s body close in on him. There wasn’t much room for anything else, the older man reasoned. One day, he’d see how much they could stand, how full he could make his lover. For the moment, he just wanted to be plunged up deep into Min’s heat and feel the young man’s legs around his waist.

“Do you want me there, baby?” He leaned forward, purring as he kissed and nibbled Changmin’s earlobe.

“Yes,” Min panted. “But Taebin…”

“If I even hear Taebin breathe near us, I’ll kill him myself,” Se7en promised. “Then I’ll drag you over and fuck you on his cooling corpse. Nothing’s going to stop me from having you, baby. Nothing and no one.”
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