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Drawn Passions: Yoosu Section Part One (LIME)

Drawn Passions: Yoosu Section
Pairing: Yoochun and Junsu
Part One): Yoochun falls asleep and finds a manga-inspired Junsu waiting for him.

Rating: NC-17 - LIME WARNING

Min7en Section: Part One. Part Two Part Three

Jaeho Section: Part One. Part Two. Part Three

Plunny gifted by: thuggedoutchick. Honey, please forgive me for taking liberties. Now I've REALLY subverted your plunny.

The hotel room seemed like a gift from Heaven, its soft bed a beckoning oasis. Yoochun placed his duffel bag onto the dresser, rubbing at his tired face with his hands. If someone asked him at the moment where he was, he would have to shrug off the question. He could say with semi-certainty that they were in Japan but the baritone had reached the point of not caring.

“Aish,” He sighed, sitting down on the edge of the bed. Leaning over, he undid the zipper of his boots, sliding them from his feet. His socks were left stuffed in the crevices of his footwear, the mingled scent of sweat and leather not too unpleasant, he decided.

Either way, Yoochun shrugged, he was too lazy to gather up his things and do much more with them other than put his boots aside. Even the shower seemed like too long of a walk to make. He glanced longingly at the bathroom door, wondering if he had enough energy to make it over the tub lip.

“Shit,” He sighed, unbuttoning the buttons of his shirt. Yoochun knew he needed a bath, the stink of the day clung to his body. Traveling did nothing but leave layers of dust and grime behind, an oily feeling against his skin. Not wanting to sleep on soiled sheets, he went about shedding his clothes, working the shirt from his shoulders.

He’d just undid the button of his jeans when the door to the room opened. Startled, Yoochun grabbed his discarded shirt from the bed, thinking he’d ended up in someone else’s room. With the waistband of his jeans hanging down low on his hips, the baritone debated dropping the shirt and grabbing his pants to pull them back up.

“Hey, Chunnie-ah,” Junsu came in, smiling at the sight of his flustered lover. Closing the door behind him, he set the top lock, shutting the world out with a solid click of a metal bar into its chute. Slinging his bag down, he bent forward, leaving a brush of a kiss on the other’s mouth. “God, I’m dead tired.”

“What…?” Yoochun glanced down at the single king-sized bed that dominated the room. “Does the manager know you’re in here? I was supposed to share with Jaejoong tonight.”

“It was going to be either me or Changmin,” Junsu grinned up at his lover’s shocked face. “Yunho pretty much said that he was going to be sleeping with Jaejoong tonight. He’s in that kind of mood. There wasn’t going to be any argument.”

“So,” Micky whistled under his breath. “You…”

“Like I said. Me or Changmin,” The tenor cracked a wicked smile at Yoochun’s blush. “And Min would beat you senseless with his fists. You know what he’s like when he’s tired. He fights off monsters in his dreams. You’d be black and blue.”

“And,” Junsu stood, turning slightly so his lover couldn’t see his face. Sliding his shirt up over his head, he stretched his shoulders back, hearing them crack back into place. “If you’re going to have bruises all over your body, I’d rather they be from my mouth than Minnie-ah’s fists.”

Yoochun sat on the edge of the bed, trying to gather up enough energy to continue taking his clothes off. Sighing, he nearly toppled over when he yawned loud enough to pop his jaw. Wincing, he rubbed at his face, letting go a heavy breath.

“Let me help you, Chunnie,” Junsu shook his head. “Before you kill yourself trying to get undressed.”

“Why aren’t you as tired as I am?” Yoochun frowned, a crinkle forming between his eyes. “We’ve all traveled the same distance.”

“Because you let me sleep on your shoulder,” His lover reminded him, pulling his own pants from his ankles. Standing in front of Yoochun wearing nothing more than a pair of briefs, Junsu tapped the other’s hip. “Lift a bit. I’ll get these down for you.”

The denim snagged on Yoochun’s hip bone, the jut catching on the waistband. Micky’s body hardened as they moved about Asia, his lean form bulking along his arms from hours spent in hotel gyms. Junsu preferred to catch that extra hour of sleep, sacrificing his energy to dancing instead.

He smiled at his lover’s lean form, working his fingers along Micky’s belly and up onto the flat of his chest. In their years together, Yoochun had grown, his body trimming down and his face maturing to an amiable handsomeness. The young man’s legs were powerful, his thighs thick with muscle. Junsu lusted for the other’s hips and stomach, slender and sleek, an erotic landscape that begged for the touch of his tongue.

“You going to take a shower with me?” Yoochun asked, his rough voice a bare murmur above the purring hum of pleasure he let slip when Junsu’s hands worked over his shins. “God, that feels good.”

“I think if I take a shower with you,” Junsu placed his hands behind his lover’s knees, lifting them up to place the other’s feet on the mattress. He leaned over, kissing down Yoochun’s calf then biting his ankle with a teasing nip. “You won’t be able to stand up long enough for anything to happen and I’ll be left very frustrated. How about if you bathe and I’ll wait until you’re done.”

“Maybe I’ll just fall asleep and forget the shower,” The baritone moaned again. He loved Junsu’s hands, even more so when the other man’s fingers dug at the tender, sore muscles of his legs. Dancing always seemed to knot him together and his lover’s hands seemed to know all of the spots that released his tension.

“I know you, Chunnie,” Patting his lover’s stomach, he stepped back, leaving Yoochun enough room to slide off of the bed. “You hate sleeping on dirty sheets. Sex-stained sheets are okay but dirt, no.”

“You do know me,” Yoochun sighed, feeling the grit of airports and the road on his body. “What time do we leave tomorrow?”

“We don’t,” Junsu shook his head, gripping Yoochun’s wrists and pulling him off of the bed with a heave of his body. “Tokyo is rained in. We were supposed to connect into the city tonight but our flight was canceled. Weren’t you listening to the manager when he was talking?”

“No,” The American-raised man winced, quirking his mouth to one side. “I think I dozed off. I thought we were.. Hell, I don’t even know where we are.”

“Kobe,” Exasperated, the tenor pushed at Yoochun’s shoulder, heading him towards the bathroom. “We’re going to be here for a couple of days. No work. Nothing. Then we’ll head home to Tokyo if the airport is clear. If not, then they want to drive us in a bus.”

“Ah, a bus. Oh joy,” Yoochun grumbled under his breath. “Long twisting roads that will make me sick. I’ll have to get some of that medication that stops my stomach from wanting to be outside of my body. You’d think I was a starfish looking for something to eat.”

“Definitely not a starfish,” Junsu caressed the round of his lover’s ass. “For one thing, I don’t think they are as pretty as you are. Go bathe so you can pass out on me and I can lay awake playing with your helpless body.”

“Just make sure I have a good time,” Nodding, the baritone nearly stumbled into the bathroom, his legs leaden from lack of sleep.

The water felt good on Yoochun’s body, a hot pounding spray that loosened the tightness from his body. Leaning his forehead against the shower tile, he half-wished Junsu had joined him but the limpness in his limbs made him wonder if he’d even respond to something as beautifully erotic as his lover’s skilled mouth. Sighing, he reached for the towel hanging by the glass door, letting the lush pile soak the water from his chest and arms.

Stepping clear of the shower, the baritone knotted the towel around his waist, tucking the ends into the fold. He entered the bedroom, smiling at the sight of his lover bending over the mattress, pulling the comforter from the mattress. Junsu’s rear plumped the seat of his cotton pants, the cleft of his butt a dark shadow under the fabric and despite his fatigue, Yoochun’s mouth watered at the thought of his lover’s body clenching around his shaft. His sex grew heavy, twitching along his leg. Rubbing at the growling length under his damp towel, Yoochun sighed when the tired of his body overwhelmed his lust.

“You look good, Susu-ah,” Yoochun reached for the other man, cupping his hands around Junsu’s rear. He squeezed the mounds lightly, letting his palms fill with the tenor’s muscled flesh. He moved to bite one of the globes, stopped only by Junsu’s hands covering his ass.

“You look dead on your feet,” Junsu slid out of his lover’s grasp, pushing Yoochun down onto the bed. Tugging at the other man’s towel, he worked the wet cloth off, pulling it out from under the young man’s hips. “You need to sleep.”

“Sleep,” Mumbling, the baritone let his legs be tucked under the sheets, reaching for the young man’s wrist. “Come here.”

“Later,” He promised, leaving a kiss on Yoochun’s mouth. The dip above the man’s upper lip glistened with a drop of water, scented with soap and the unique taste of his masculinity. “You wouldn’t be able to do anything either to me or for me in this condition. I love you, Chunnie. Get some sleep.”

The dark swallowed Yoochun before he even could finish complaining, the softness of the pillow under his head luring him to sleep. Grinning, Junsu left a kiss between Yoochun’s shoulder blades. A faint snore escaped the young man’s slack mouth, another sign of his fatigue. He turned, intending to turn the light off and let his lover sleep but the dark splash of ink on Yoochun’s back made him pause.

“Ah, Park Yoochun,” The tattoo enticed him, mark of rebellion to many but Junsu knew different. The ink was a connection to family, to the group and to the young man Yoochun called his brother. His fingers reached for the area, nearly instinctively needing to touch the inked flesh. His hands often found that spot, sometimes even during a concert, his palm spanning the breadth of the tattoo.

He left the other man alone, brushing his mouth over the ink then turned the overhead light off. Curling up into the armchair set next to the window, Junsu reached for the manga set Changmin tucked into his duffel, the sensual images nearly as hot as his lovemaking with Yoochun.

Junsu was still reading when Yoochun woke up a few hours later, refreshed and horny at the sight of his lover’s bare chest against the vibrant purple armchair. Unaware of Yoochun’s gaze, the tenor turned the page he just finished and readjusted the ears of the lavender bunny plushie he’d taken out of his luggage.

“You’re reading our son porn?” Yoochun laughed at Junsu’s startled yelp. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“I didn’t know you were awake,” Junsu pulled his lip back into a fierce, playful snarl. Leaping forward, the tenor tackled the other man, savagely biting at his shoulder. “Rawr!”

“Ouch!” He caught Junsu before the other man toppled them both off of the bed. Naked, he tucked his legs together when the tenor’s knee came too close for comfort. “You’re going to make sure that you’re always going to be on the top if you’re not careful. And we both know how much you like to switch up.”

“Heh. Sorry, Chunnie,” He turned, sliding down to rest beside the man’s hips. Hooking one leg over his lover’s thighs, Junsu leaned in, kissing Yoochun with a teasing slide of his tongue. “I definitely don’t want that.”

“You brought the bunny?” Yoochun reached for the stuffed animal, picking it up off the floor. “Why didn’t you leave him at home? Suppose he gets lost?”

“I’d rather he be with me than at home,” Junsu made a face. “Remember the last time we went away and they packed up all of our things? It took me a month to find him in all of those boxes.”

“You drove me nuts with that,” He shifted on the bed, glancing towards the window. The night sky twinkled with the city’s lights, the tint softening the harsh glare of the streets below. “I didn’t sleep too long, did I?”

“No, just long enough for you to get rest, I think.” He shimmied closer, sliding over Yoochun’s waist. “You look better. No more puffy eyes.”

“I like having puffy eyes. It makes you feel sorry for me,” The baritone worked his arm under his lover’s hips, lifting Junsu’s lighter body up until he lay down over Yoochun’s stomach. “Kiss me, Susu-ah.”

He liked it when Yoochun was sleepy. The baritone’s gentle nature usually gave way under the brunt of his lust when he woke up and found Junsu nearby. The young man liked that in Micky. Even better, he loved the reaction Yoochun’s body had when he rubbed the lush of his rear against the other’s thighs.

“You’re definitely waking me up,” Yoochun growled, aroused to a near painful hardness by the other man’s movements. His sex ached and he knew without touching its length that he was already pearled at its tip. The sheets were damp where his hard-on bulged, rubbed hot from Junsu’s ass.

“I can see I’m waking you up,” Junsu replied, his eyes dark with lust. He pressed the heel of his hand on Yoochun’s shaft, rubbing back and forth, letting the sheets create a tingling friction along its length. He could feel the skin slipping under his hand, the pulse of Yoochun’s heart beating a thread of blood beneath his fingers.

“Why are you dressed and I’m naked?”

“Because I was waiting for you to wake up before I took off my pants,” He pressed his weight onto his knees, lifting himself up.

Hooking his thumbs into the waistband of his sweats, Junsu slowly worked the pants down his hips, inching them past the round of his ass. Leaning forward, he brushed his lips against Yoochun’s chin, moaning loudly when he found the tip of his lover’s tongue waiting just beyond the sweetness of his lips.

“I love your mouth, Chunnie-ah,” Junsu poured a kiss into Yoochun’s mouth, capturing the man’s lower lip.

“Yeah, I’m glad. I love yours too,” Yoochun broke the contact, peering around his lover’s shoulders. “I want to watch you take those off.”

Junsu moaned loudly, rubbing himself against Yoochun’s fingers. The other man’s hand reached for Junsu’s sex, finding the veined line at its underside. Pulling his pants clear of his legs, he kicked himself clear of the sweats, then slid back down onto Yoochun’s waist.

“That was too quick,” Yoochun frowned. “Put them back on and do it again.”

“I’ll think about doing that for you later,” Junsu bit at the curve of his lover’s chin, leaving his teeth prints behind. “I’m going back to your mouth. Just lie there and take it.”

“You think I’m just going to lie here and…” He nearly bucked Junsu from his waist. The young man’s teeth had moved from his chin and onto the soft skin of his throat, nipping down until he found the beauty spot near his collar bone. Gasping, Yoochun gripped Junsu’s hips, digging his fingers into the other man’s thighs.

“Okay, I’m going to just lie here,” Yoochun clutched at the sheets, wrapping them around his wrists. Junsu freed his legs from the linens, leaving them both bare to the cold of the room’s air.

“And take it,” Junsu repeated. “You’re going to take it.”

“Can I give as much as I take?” He gasped, Junsu’s mouth closing down over his nipple. The baritone pulled in a breath, writhing against his lover’s body. “God, you’re hot. You’ve got to be one of the sexiest guys I’ve ever seen.”

“Good, I don’t want you to be seeing any other guy as sexy,” He teased Micky’s nub between his teeth, flicking his tongue against the purpled peak. He breathed on the bitten swell, watching it bob and dance in reflex from his mouth. Laving at the line of muscle, he returned to his task, sucking Yoochun hard again. Mumbling against the other’s chest, he said, “I don’t want you seeing any women as sexy either.”

“I won’t,” Yoochun growled, trying to catch his breath as Junsu’s mouth worked down his belly. The other man’s tongue found the sparse hair around his navel, licking them until they lay flat on his abdomen. Blowing on the wet spot, Junsu laughed at the wave of goose bumps he made, chasing them with his teeth as they worked up Yoochun’s ribs.

“You and I are fun together,” Junsu stopped suddenly, resting his chin on his lover’s hip. Staring up into Yoochun’s open face, he stared into the other’s wide eyes. “I love having you in my life, Chunnie. You make me laugh so much. I don’t think I tell you that often enough.”

“Every time you smile, you tell me that,” He reached down, cupping Junsu’s face and running the ball of his thumb over the other’s plump mouth, “I look across the stage sometimes and you make me cry. All I can see under the lights is your face, your smile and sometimes, I just want to cry because you’re so gorgeous.”

“You’re crying now,” Junsu wiped at the tear that crept from Yoochun’s eye, the dip of his lashes capturing it in a trembling drop. Bringing the smear to his mouth, Junsu sucked it clean from his thumb, murmuring at the salty taste. “Don’t cry, Chunnie. You break me when you do.”

“Come here, Jun,” Yoochun brought his hands up, moving them until he could press against the small of his lover’s back. Bending the other forward, he led Junsu’s mouth down until he could kiss at the butterfly pout that drew him in.

His tongue found his lover’s mouth, licking and pushing past the other’s defenses. Rolling over, he pushed Junsu against the bed, pressing the young man down. Junsu’s feet rose, hooking against the back of Yoochun’s calves. They lay wrapped around one another, sucking the breath from their mouths, exchanging the heat of their hearts in the panting moans escaping their lips.

Yoochun rubbed his index finger along the pout of the other man’s mouth, running the tip over Junsu’s tongue. The velvet of the tenor’s mouth was hot, a burning sear on Yoochun’s fingers. Working further in, he dipped the flat of his digits against the burred length of flesh licking at him, leaving a heavy slather of spit behind.

“Leave me wet, Junnie,” He murmured, kissing around his fingers. “Make it easier for me to get inside of you.”

Junsu sucked at the fingers pressing into his mouth, making them wet and moist. The gel he’d gotten from Yunho was too far away for his liking, hidden in his backpack. The bed’s warmth smelled of Yoochun, an aroma that drove him insane. His body ached to be filled with his lover’s heft and in return, his own sex wept, hoping to be buried into the other’s muscled flesh.

Yoochun withdrew his fingers, dipping them down between Junsu’s spread thighs. Reaching under the curled up sac he found there, he pressed the tip of his index finger into the rounded pout, its hot centre gaping open for his intrusion. The other man’s spit made the entrance slick, the ring of muscle straining to suck him in as Junsu forced himself to relax.

They’d been apart too long, stolen moments in dressing rooms and closets, sometimes only long enough for their hands to wrap around one another’s sex, pulling hard and quick while kissing, hoping to spill their seed into one another’s palm. Yoochun sometimes growled at the lack of Junsu’s taste in his mouth, the days spent outside of one another’s reach rubbing him raw.

He would take his time with his lover, enjoying each stroke he was able to have inside of Junsu’s warmth. Providing he could part the tightness of the tenor’s body.

“Chunnie, I need you,” Junsu moaned, working himself back and onto his lover’s fingers. The feel of Yoochun’s hand hitting the rise of his ass made him want the young singer inside of him, his guts aching to be filled. “Let me turn over, Chunnie. Please.”

He slid off of Junsu’s stomach, helping the young man flip over. He kissed the small of Junsu’s back, licking at the spot where his own tattoo lay on his skin. Yoochun often left a blue-bitten mark there, wanting to leave something of himself behind on the singer. Junsu complained of the small ache but Yoochun suspected he was secretly pleased, happy that he bore a sign of their shared passion some place only they knew about.

Lining himself up with Junsu’s shadowed pout, Yoochun pressed in, gripping the base of his sex to steady his progress. The tenor growled, a warning against taking too long. Junsu lifted his shoulders, raising himself up until his weight rested on his hands, his head bowed down. Nestled between the singer’s spread legs, Yoochun bent forward, kissing the dots of bone under Junsu’s skin, licking along the other’s spine as he pushed further to the welcoming heat.

Stroking at the dangle of Junsu’s sex, Yoochun buried himself deep into the hot grasp of his lover’s body, gasping when the other man shuddered around him. Rocking his hips back, he withdrew, moaning in time with Junsu’s animalistic pleas.

“I’ve missed you, Susu-ah,” Yoochun murmured, keeping one hand wrapped tight around the base of Junsu’s length. “I’ve missed being here, inside of you.”

“Don’t stop, Chunnie,” Junsu growled, letting his head roll back. “I want to spend the whole night doing this. We might not even see outside of this hotel room until it’s time to leave.”
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