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Drawn Passions: Yoosu Section Part Two (LEMON)

Drawn Passions: Yoosu Section
Pairing: Yoochun and Junsu
Part Two: Yoochun falls asleep and finds a manga-inspired Junsu waiting for him.


Yoochun Section: Part One

Min7en Section: Part One. Part Two Part Three

Jaeho Section: Part One. Part Two. Part Three

Plunny gifted by: thuggedoutchick. Honey, please forgive me for taking liberties. Now I've REALLY subverted your plunny.

Junsu burned.

The push of Yoochun on the tight entrance to his body made him crawl back against the other man, his sex dripping in anticipation for the stretching of his flesh. There was a quaking in his guts, a trembling he knew could only be satisfied by the length of his lover on the centre of his nerves. Easing further in, Yoochun rolled his hips up, hitting the spot Junsu craved to be touched.

“There, Chunnie,” Junsu panted, gritting his teeth.

The pillow already bore the print of his teeth, its linens soaking up his spit. Needing to scream, Junsu bit down into its feather plumpness, feeling the crackle of down against his tongue. His breath came in short little bursts, his lover taking too long to fill him. Fire licked at his innards, scorching along his back and into his chest. His heart pounded, matching Yoochun’s panting breaths. If the other man didn’t start moving soon, Junsu wasn’t sure if he would be able to hold onto his sanity.

Tantalized by Junsu’s moans, Yoochun pulled back out, his fully engorged member dipping and bowing as he slid from Junsu’s pout. The other’s body was heaving with the effort to remain still enough for his lover to find his entrance again, the tenor’s fingers scrambling to clutch the pillows resting against the head board.

Yoochun looked down, watching the head of his sex slide past the tight ring hidden in Junsu’s rounded rear. Flexing his fingers into the meaty globes, he spread them apart, trying to get a better view of his entrance. He licked his mouth, his tongue run too dry and sticking to the roof of his mouth. The sight of his tip being swallowed up by Junsu’s heat was nearly too much to bear. It became doubly erotic as the other singer moaned in frustrated pleasure and bucked his hips back, pushing down on Yoochun in an attempt to plunge him in.

“Take your time, Susu-ah,” Yoochun cautioned, grinning at the round of invectives pouring from his normally sweet-mouthed boyfriend. “Ah, that mouth on you.”

“I need your mouth on me,” Junsu growled, dipping his rear down, pressing the tip of Yoochun’s sex up against the moist walls inside of him. “I need you. I need this.”

They often spent time laughing, poking at one another with stiff fingers and childish giggles. Standing close to one another day in and day out, neither tired of each other’s company, often drifting together until they were laying against the other’s body or draped limbs across hips and shoulders. It was in the private slice of their lives when their love could blossom, fully open with the scent of their mingled bodies.

Yoochun marveled at his lover’s supine body, the other’s long form twisting under him. His shadow fell across Junsu’s shoulders, distorted wings that mimicked the angel feathers Yoochun was sure were hidden under his lover’s skin. He slid back then pushed forward, feeling the tight whorl around him open up to accept him. The ridge of his weeping head rubbed and slid, then entered fully, the ridge easing past the ring.

The soft skin of Yoochun’s sex twitched when it struck the other’s moist heat. He paused, letting the feeling of satiation roll over him. Trembling, Yoochun fought for some control, his mind screaming at being held back from plunging down into the welcoming body.

“Now,” Junsu spat, his voice low and rough.

Yoochun knew better than to argue with the other man when he’d reached that point of frustration. The playful silly boy Junsu often pretended to be fell away, stripped away under the sheer brunt of their lust. Fingernails dug into Yoochun’s legs, the other reaching behind to clutch at his lover. Curls of skin peeled back under Junsu’s onslaught, small stinging reminders that Yoochun was too far away for the tenor’s liking, something Yoochun thought he’d better rectify before he was flayed apart by his lover’s mind-numbing desires.

He started with leisurely motions, a dip of his hips that plunged his shaft deep into Junsu’s guts. The tenor grunted then let go of a long, strident mewl, his head cast back in ecstasy. Drawing nearly all the way free of his lover’s body, Yoochun plunged back in, gripping Junsu’s hips to hold the other man still.

Writhing, the tenor struggled against Yoochun’s hands, needing to have some control over the driving shaft piercing his core. Slightly frustrated at his lack of movement, Junsu growled, grinding his hips about in a small circle around Yoochun’s sex, squeezing down as the other pressed in.

They worked against one another, loud groans working up from Junsu’s chest, mewling cries that quickly became arching pleas for Yoochun to go deeper or faster. The baritone rocked against the other’s body, pressing deeper until he felt as if he could come out of Junsu’s guts, a dark wash of want filling his groin. Yoochun couldn’t get any further in but his body needed more, wanted so much more of the beautiful young man offering everything of himself for the singer to take.

The scant spit from Junsu’s mouth soon dried under the continuous thrusts, Yoochun hitting up with each long stroke, his shaft driving the moisture past the ring and into Junsu’s body. The tenor’s pants became tortured, his pleasure nearly reaching its peak under the mingled pleasure-pain of his tightness. A slight burn began along his cleft, the push and pull of Yoochun’s shaft rubbing at him and touching up against the shock of nerves enflamed by his desire.

Gripping at the bed, Junsu bent his head down, resting his forehead on the pulled back sheets. Surrendering himself to his lover’s thrusts, he rode the sensations of being pulled apart, his core being pushed aside by Yoochun’s hardness. While each stroke hit his core, he trembled under the lightning overwhelming him, the tender nerves nearly too painful to touch as his pleasure filled him. Junsu wasn’t sure how much more he could take, his body fully open and accepting Yoochun’s width. With the ring stretched all the way, the shaft now rode in easily, rocking back and forth in a steady rhythm broken only by Yoochun’s grasp of Junsu’s sex.

The touch of the other’s fingers on his tip spilled Junsu’s seed, the explosion of his body sudden and twisting his nerves. He fell forward, his limbs twitching with the power of their movements. The sensation started in his face, a familiar near-blush that warned him his sac would soon boil over. Then the tightening of his balls against the hollow of his thighs came, roiling about under Yoochun’s inquisitive fingers.

Everything happened too quickly after that, the thunder of his blood roaring into his ears followed by his stomach clenching, folding his body over until he was firmly clenched about Yoochun’s shaft. He let the sensations of his release wash over him, a tide he could hold back no longer. Submerged deep into his passions, Junsu barely heard the raspy scream of his lover’s name, echoing up from his throat and onto the bed, as hot and wet as the seed gushing from his sex.

Yoochun’s vision blurred, stars filling his mind as he let go. Bending his shoulders back, he thrust hard once then again, burying himself deep into his lover’s body. The lightning working over Junsu’s nerves traveled into him, shocking him into release. As his lover’s muscled form closed over him, spasms carried him over the edge and a hot rush of liquid flowed into the small space of Junsu’s passage. Another thrust pushed him further still until Yoochun was sure he’d reached deep enough inside of the tenor’s body that he could touch the other’s soul.

Leaving a kiss of salt in Junsu’s soft core, Yoochun rocked his body gently, carrying his lover’s climax along its course, slowing his body only when it seemed as if Junsu had spent his entire spill. Laying carefully over Junsu’s heat-flushed back, Yoochun kissed at the other’s shoulder, rubbing at the other’s strong neck where tiny vermillion flecks were forming, remnants of the baritone’s nibbles.

“God, I’m not going to be able to walk for a week,” Junsu finally gasped, his voice harsh and rough. His breath staggered in his chest, unable to fall back into a steady rhythm. Weak-boned, he lay under his lover’s heavier weight, enjoying being pressed into the mattress. The feel of Yoochun’s body was a comfort, a shared pleasure that gave him some measure of safety in the chaotic world they lived in.

“I’ll carry you,” Yoochun promised, leaving another wet kiss mark on Junsu’s shoulder. “Here, let me get a towel for you.”

Junsu whined as his lover pulled away, the feeling of emptiness fighting with the relief against his entrance. The ring felt hot, tucked between his globes and he pondered on the wisdom of leaving the lubricant so far away from their bed. Shifting over, he winced, still feeing stretched open by Yoochun’s thrusts. Panting, he took a deep breath, willing himself to relax around the burn.

“Here, let me see,” Yoochun returned. He placed a folded towel on the bed, a damp washcloth on top of it. Unscrewing a tube of cream, the baritone gently placed his hand on his lover’s hip, turning Junsu back onto his stomach.

“You knew this was going to happen,” Junsu accused, eyeing Yoochun over his shoulder.

“This always happens between us,” The other man laughed. “We always get too excited and one of us sits very carefully the day after. Who ever goes on the bottom first always suffers.”

“True,” Junsu nodded, turning his head to rest on the pillow, watching his lover pick up the wash cloth.

“I don’t like to see you in pain, Susu-ah,” Yoochun said, carefully washing his lover clean. He regretted taking his seed from the other’s golden body. If he had his way, they would spend a week lying together, perfumed by their sex and love. Taking the wet cloth, he moved around Junsu’s entrance, letting the water’s coldness moisten his lover’s bruised heat. “You should stop me before we do this again.”

“If I didn’t have you right then, I was going to cry,” He pouted, moaning in pleasure at the icy touch of the cloth. “God, that feels good.”

“Hah, that’s what you said about me and look where it’s gotten you!” The baritone crowed. “Still on your stomach waiting for me to do something. I’m serious, Susu, we have to be more careful. This can’t be good for you.”

“Anything you do is good for me,” He reached for his lover’s wrist, closing his fingers around Yoochun’s arm. “I love you, Chunnie. I don’t regret doing this. If anything, I would do it all over again and make it last longer.”

“You’re crazy sometimes, Duck.” The baritone blew a raspberry on the small of his lover’s back, making Junsu giggle. “Stop laughing. This is very delicate work.”

“Okay,” Junsu lay back, resting his head on his folded hands. Yoochun patted the area dry, then squeezed out a teaspoon of white lotion from the tube. The chill of the cream nearly made Junsu jump, the icy tingle spreading over the tortured heat of his body. “Aish! That’s freezing!”

“Stop wiggling,” Yoochun ordered. “You’re making me spread it too far. You’re going to look like an ice cream sundae with whipped cream all of your ass if you don’t stop moving.”

“Where did you get this from? A polar bear?” He struggled to maintain his position but the other’s moving fingers were nearly too much to bear. Junsu felt himself getting harder, the long strokes of Yoochun’s digits against his core. “Ah, Chunnie, that’s driving me insane.”

“Does it feel better?” He ignored the wriggling singer under him, concentrating on spreading the cream on the swollen area. “Stay still. You’re like talking to the wind.”

“It’s cold!” Junsu complained. “We’ll use it on you next time and we’ll see how much you like it.”

“Let it sink in,” Yoochun ordered, placing a kiss on Junsu’s nose. Wiping his hands on the towel, he leaned back, pulling back one cheek to survey his work. “Jaejoong gave it to me.”

“You told him about this?” The tenor gasped, a rush of shame pinking his cheeks. “God, Chunnie! Isn’t there anything that’s sacred? Do you have to share everything?”

“Joongie-ah gave me the tube without me saying anything,” Shaking his head, the baritone lay next to his suddenly bashful lover. Pulling a pillow under his chest, Yoochun sighed at Junsu’s embarrassment. “And it’s not like they don’t know we’re having sex. Changmin complains about how loud we are. I’m surprised the neighbours don’t think someone’s murdered you sometimes.”

“Oh, you are going to die,” Junsu tumbled over, yanking the pillow out from under Yoochun’s body.

Swinging at the other’s head, he connected and then rocked backward, the momentum carrying Junsu’s arms around his torso. Regaining his balance, he readied another hit, missing a chance to dodge when Yoochun tackled him about the waist, pulling him down onto the bed.

“Hey!” He complained, tasting the sheets with the flat of his tongue. “No fair! You’re heavier.”

“And you bite but I’m not stupid enough to go near your mouth,” Yoochun laughed, sitting on Junsu’s legs. “Hey! That’s my foot! No biting my foot!”

The knock on the door startled both of them, sending the couple flying apart. Panting hard, Junsu stood on the far side of the room, his calves pressed up against the arm chair. Fear flew into his chest, the ever-present threat of being discovered embracing Yoochun always in his mind. The baritone shook his head, raising himself up on his knees to kiss his lover’s trembling mouth.

“Never be afraid, Junnie-ah,” He reassured the other man. “I’m not going to let anything happen to you.”

Tossing his lover the pair of sweats he’d peeled off earlier, Yoochun grabbed one of the hotel’s bath robes, tying it around his waist. A quick flick of the sheets covered the evidence of their lovemaking, the tube of cream and towels hidden from casual view. He could do nothing about the musky scent of sex and hoped that who ever was at the door was someone with a very bad sense of smell.

Peering through the eyehole, Yoochun frowned at the sight of a liveried attendant, the man shifting as he adjusted his bow tie. Cracking open the door, the singer peered out and then down, gaping at the silver dishes nearly covering the top surface of the trolley cart.

“Room service, sir,” The young man cleared his throat, putting on a wide smile.

“Um, we didn’t order anything,” Responding in Japanese, Yoochun replied then glanced behind him, eyes wild and questioning towards Junsu. “Junnie-ah, did you order something from room service?”

“Uh, no,” He shook his head, wondering if he could bend over to pick up the plush bunny lying on the floor and not lose his grip on his untied waistband. “Not that I would say no to food.”

“It’s from the gentlemen next door, sir,” The bellhop nodded. “Jung-san said that you would be hungry after your exercise. Shall I bring it in?”

“Ah, no, that’s okay,” Yoochun reached for the cart. He’d caught a glimpse at Junsu’s bared hips, his cotton pants drooping down around the back. One step would send the sweats tumbling to the carpet. “I’ll do that.”

“Just put the cart out in the hall when you’re done, please,” The young man bowed deeply. “Someone will come and take it.”

“Food!” Junsu nearly tripped coming across the room, his feet tangled in the sweats. Tugging them free, he climbed over the bed, sitting up on his knees as Yoochun brought the cart into the main area. “I will never speak ill of our leader again.”

“You might want to think that over,” Yoochun held up a folded note, a wide grin plastered on his face. “Yunnie-ah left you a message. Thank God it’s in Korean.”

“What’s it say?” Junsu peered under a silver dome, deeply inhaling the aroma of hot tonkatsu steaming under it.

“Dear Junsu,” Yoochun read aloud to his lover, sitting on the edge of the mattress. “We can hear you through the wall. Since it doesn’t seem like Yoochun is enough to keep your mouth full, we thought we’d send you something else to put in there. Hope it helps. Love, YunJae.”
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