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Drawn Passions: Yoosu Section Part Three (LEMON)

Drawn Passions: Yoosu Section
Pairing: Yoochun and Junsu
Part Three (LAST): Yoochun falls asleep and finds a manga-inspired Junsu waiting for him.


Yoochun Section: Part One. Part Two.

Min7en Section: Part One. Part Two. Part Three

Jaeho Section: Part One. Part Two. Part Three.

Plunny gifted by: thuggedoutchick. Honey, please forgive me for taking liberties. Now I've REALLY subverted your plunny.

“Son of a …” Junsu mumbled around Yoochun’s hand. Glaring over his lover’s fingers, the tenor tapped furiously at the piece of paper.

“You kiss me with that mouth?” The other man snorted, wincing and pulling back when he felt Junsu’s teeth bite down into the soft flesh of his palm. “Ouch! Hey! Don’t get mad at me.”

“I’m not,” Glowering, he took the scrawled message and studied it. “It’s in Yunho’s handwriting but it sounds like Jaejoong.”

“It is signed YunJae,” The savoury scent of cooked meat wafted through the room. Yoochun inspected the dishes the older men ordered, approving each with a nod of his head. “They at least took care of us. Look at this. Little dishes of panchan. It’s like we’re at home”

Sniffing at one of the vegetable offerings, Yoochun peered curiously at the long strips of white root. “Kind of. I don’t know what this is.”

“There’s a menu here,” Junsu dragged the cart over to the bedside, patting the space next to him. “We can figure this out.”

“Tonkatsu,” Yoochun left the dome off of the plate, deeply inhaling at the steam rising from the food. “And it smells really good. What’s the rest of it?”

“Onigiri?” Junsu sounded it out. “Ah, the rice balls. With ume in it. I like that. I’ll forgive Joongie-ah for including that.”

“You should, he doesn’t like ume,” Digging around the bottom of the cart, Yoochun found utensils and crowed with delight at discovering a pair of spoons. “Ah, we are loved.”

“Either that or they think that we can’t use our fingers any more for chopsticks.” He was still a bit bitter at being called loud. Yes, Junsu reasoned, his throat was a little scratchy but that was probably due to the air conditioning and the travel. More than likely, his husky tone had nothing to do with the bout of screaming he’d done when Yoochun was planted deep inside of him. “What else is there?”

“It looks like cucumber kim chee,” Yoochun grinned, picking up the bowl to sniff at it. The vinegar mixture was sweeter than he expected and without the tang of peppers. “Almost. I don’t know.”

“The menu says that is Tsukemono,” He sounded the word out. “Did I pronounce that right? Su-kay-mo-no?”

“It sounds good,” The taste of sweet and fresh burst on Yoochun’s tongue as he chewed a piece of the vegetable. “I think it’s got mooli in it too.”

“Ah, this one looks a bit like danmuji,” Junsu poked at the bright yellow semi-circles. “Like half-moons. Ah, takuan. The paper says tah-coo-wahn.”

“It’s sweeter too. Spicy. This one is hot,” Yoochun fanned his open mouth, huffing out his breaths. “Chili. I found the chilis.”

“What, you think you’re Min with an iron stomach?” He teased. “Go carefully.”

“I’m hungry,” Chewing around a mouthful of food, the baritone tucked his legs under him, reaching for a bowl of rice. “You wore me out.”

“Just be careful what you touch,” Junsu warned him off of picking up a slice of nearly-crimson kim chee with his fingers.

“What? We eat all the time with our fingers,” A slap across the back of his hand made Yoochun jerk back. “What?”

“Think about where your fingers might be in a few hours,” Settling gingerly down on the bed, Junsu nudged his lover with his shoulder. “Use your chopsticks.”

“Oh,” The man grimaced an apology, wrinkling his nose at Junsu’s teasingly stern face. “Sorry, didn’t think.”

Junsu offered Yoochun a slice of meat, following the delicacy with a kiss. He was fed in return, careful mouthfuls of rice mingled with pickled vegetables, dainty bits arranged on a spoon for him to taste. The sour bit of umeboshi stuck to the roof of his mouth, its tang soothing on his worn throat. As Yoochun’s Adam’s apple bobbed during a swallow, Junsu bent over to kiss the rolling movement under his kin, making his lover burst out into a sharp laugh.

“You’re going to make me choke,” Rubbing at his short hair, Yoochun tumbled back onto the bed, coughing around his giggles. “Come here.”

“Why? The other man flirted, a coy smile cast in the other’s direction. Shifting, he stared down at Yoochun’s legs. The line of muscle along the other’s calves aroused him, a sensitive twitching along his sex as his head rubbed on the sheets. “You come here. It’s your turn. And besides, you’ve been digging around in the kim chee. You’re crazy if you think I’m coming near you with those fingers.”

“You like my fingers!” He complained. “What about your fingers? Should I let you come near me with those?”

“How about if I come near you with my mouth?” Junsu slid over the bed, rumpling the sheets as he moved across the mattress.

A tug at Yoochun’s robe belt stripped the loose cotton fabric from the other’s hips, leaving him bare to the other’s lips. His tongue found the plump sac between his lover’s legs, and he traced the dark line that separated the two orbs rolling inside.

“Lean back, Chunnie-ah,” Junsu licked again, sending the other man into shivers. He blindly reached for the duffel he knew was somewhere near his foot, the nylon bag crinkling as he moved. A small pocket on the side held what he needed, a small triangular tube that would slick Yoochun’s body for him.

His throat closed down on his lover’s length, its head jumping up to hit his palate. Yoochun’s hands dug into his hair, tugging his head back up, the sensations nearly too much for the baritone to take. Going slower, Junsu lowered back down, moving his tongue around until moisture dripped down Yoochun’s shaft. His fingers were waiting to catch his spit, spreading it around the base of his lover’s sex and into the tight hole he had to work loose.

“Chunnie, can you get the gel open?” Junsu’s voice echoed in Yoochun’s ears, his mind nearly broken under the spell of his lover’s mouth.

With Junsu’s tongue wrapped around his length, Yoochun lost all sense of where he was, plunged down into the velvet sweetness of heat settling around him. Scrambling for the sleek tube, he could barely open its lid before the lubricant slithered free, the pressure of his thumb working out the air.

A spurt of cold on open hand was nearly lost under Yoochun’s moan. Grinning around a mouthful of the other man, Junsu tucked his gelled hand around Yoochun’s tightened sac, rubbing the tingling liquid into the musky skin. The faint mint scent mingled with his lover’s more earthy aroma, their past lovemaking adding a spice to the mix.

The smell of his own body on Yoochun made Junsu hard, a thick vein on his shaft throbbing in anticipation for the heat of the other man. The baritone’s hands were roaming around Junsu’s chest, moving around over the other’s glistening skin. Moving, Junsu felt the rub of something under his knee, the rough terrycloth belt of Yoochun’s robe slipping against the satiny sheets.

“Turn over, Chun,” Junsu whispered, biting into the soft meat of his boyfriend’s thigh. “I want to do something.”

Yoochun paused for a moment, eyeing the glint in his lover’s eyes. Searching his heart, he found nothing in it but trust for the pretty-faced man he fell in love with. Nodding silently, he twisted his body over, sliding up along the bed until his shoulders lay flat against the mattress. The feel of Junsu’s hands over the back of his legs gave him a start. This touch was different, a feathery skim of exploring fingers, barely enough to ruffle the down along his skin.

“Do you love me, Chunnie?” Junsu’s whisper ran dark, a dangerous shadow under his words. “Do you trust me?”

“Yes,” He responded. There was nothing else he could say. He would go anywhere for Junsu, do anything. Biting at his upper lip, Yoochun nodded again. “Anything, Susu-ah.”

“Close your eyes. Let me do this then.”

His hands were pulled up from his sides, guided to the small of his back. Curious, Yoochun twisted his shoulders, trying to see what Junsu was doing but the other’s hands closed over his temple. Remembering Junsu’s instructions, he screwed his eyes shut, plunging himself into a steep blackness.

A rough cloth wrapped around his wrists, binding them together over his tattoo. The knot was tight, giving him just enough room so as not to loose circulation but a tug on the wrapping held against his faint struggles. Yoochun shifted an inch, his shoulders hard against the mattress, his arms pulled back and bound tight.

“Lift your hips, Yoochun,”

Junsu’s hands were on his waist, pulling him up. Yoochun fought to gain purchase on the slippery sheets, his knee nearly going out from under him. Caught about the stomach by Junsu’s arm, he felt himself being maneuvered up, his face pushed down against one of the pillows. The linens smelled of his lover and a whiff of Junsu’s mint toothpaste. Slightly damp still from Junsu’s mouth, Yoochun turned until his cheek rested on the slightly wet spot.

His knees were pulled into different directions until he was spread open, displayed and vulnerable. The belt rubbed against his wrists, its end trapped under his clenched hands. Unable to hold onto anything else, Yoochun tangled his fingers into the terrycloth tie, clutching at it tightly. His weight settled firmly against his shoulders, taking most of the strain off of his stomach and legs. He felt the pillow being tugged out from under his face, the stressed angle of his neck immediately becoming more comfortable.

Yoochun quivered, blind and defenseless. He’d never felt so exposed before, the air brushing against the whorl of muscle between his buttocks. The weight of his sac pulled down, helpless to Junsu’s touch. His sex strained against the sheets, trapped between his stomach and the linens. The barest movement of his body against his bindings sent a nerve-tingling shudder up from his shaft and into his limbs, leaving him nearly weeping at the clench of tightness on his sex.

“Susu-ah,” He moaned, trying not to rub against the bedding. His arousal was sharp, a starburst of near-pain in his belly. The moisture of his release had already begun, leaking into the sheets.

“Give me time, Chunnie,” His lover whispered, licking at the round globe under his mouth. Junsu ran his teeth over the mound, working his fingers around the other, flexing his fingers into the meaty flesh. “Don’t start without me.”

Junsu bent for the tube, coating his fingers with the gel. Rubbing his thumb into the lubricant, he activated its chill, smiling when the underlying warmth kicked in. He knew what Yoochun would feel first and he smiled, a wicked deliciousness spreading into his soul.

Water dripped from Junsu’s hand, the gel shedding drops into rivulets down his arm. He knew he would have to go quicker than he’d planned. The hard length of Yoochun’s shaft bulged under the other’s stomach, threatening to slide free from its fleshy prison. Roiling tight into the press of his body, his sac plumped and turned, the coils bobbing and contracting with each breath Yoochun took.

Junsu worked the ice cube into his lover, reveling in the astonished gasp of shock when the cold square meet Yoochun’s hot core. He placed a hand on the other’s back, holding him down before he lifted free of the bed. With his digits slick from the water-resistant gel, Junsu worked his index finger besides the ice cube, working it in deep past the ring until it rested snug into the tight passage.

Another followed, picked up from the tray that he spilled them into. His mouth guided the second one in. Junsu couldn’t trust Yoochun not to twist away from the torturous filling. With his fingers, he pushed the cube in, lapping at the water that spilled from the other’s hole. Bared and open, the pout bloomed, spread apart by Junsu’s fingers and the flexing of Yoochun’s wriggling body. The baritone’s legs nearly slid out from under him, threatening to topple both men over. A slap across his ass stopped the singer from moving, the red mark standing out on his pale skin.

“Stay still, Chunnie-ah,” Junsu growled, nipping along the curve of Yoochun’s sac, following the crease down to the root of his sex. His teeth pulled on the small slack still left in the other man’s hardened flesh, Yoochun’s hips jerking forward each sharp bite.

“Can’t last,” Yoochun’s gasps were coming in small pants, his heart struggling to keep a steady beat. The feel of his lover’s hot tongue mingled with the freezing squares being pushed into him drove him insane and he pushed his hips up, his body begging to be filled. “Susu-ah, please. No more.”

“You don’t want this then?” Junsu steadied himself on his knees, rubbing the tip of his hard cock against Yoochun’s moistened entrance. “Shall I leave you like this then? I could do this to you all night.”

“God you’re evil,” Moaning, Yoochun’s entrance flexed tight against the barest whisper of Junsu’s gel-slick head. “Junsu, don’t… please, just please.”

“You’re pretty like this, Chunnie,” He bent over, licking at the other man’s fingers, drawing first one then another into his mouth, leaving them as wet as he’d left the pout he was pushing on. “I think I want to see you like this more often.”

“Junsu, I’m begging you,” The baritone’s voice broke, rough and husky with need. “God, I can’t hold on.”

Grabbing at Yoochun’s wrists with one hand, Junsu guided himself against the other’s entrance, coaxing his lover’s body to accept him. The ring pushed him back, drawn tightly closed from the ice but the gel eased him through, the heart-shaped head of his sex sliding past the rim and into the chilled heat. Yoochun arched, straining to push his lover further in but Junsu resisted, taking his time as he worked deeper.

The remaining ice cubes were still sharply cold, tiny glaciers amid the lava-moistness Junsu buried himself into. Pressed against Yoochun’s rear, he bucked up, a jerking motion that brought his length hard against the tangle of nerves controlling his lover’s release. The touch made Yoochun spasm, his muscles reacting to the long caress.

Amid the cold and hot, Yoochun wasn’t sure which would be the death of him. That is until Junsu started rocking his hips, holding Yoochun’s waist still as he began to pound with an unrelenting rhythm into the other man’s core. Each stroke brought him closer to the edge, the melting ice cubes staving off his release. They were melting too quick for Junsu’s liking but the tray was out of reach and the man held fast under him would soon be spilling his own seed by the sounds working loose from Yoochun’s throat.

A growl came free first, a low rumbling creep of sound followed by a higher pitched moan. Yoochun tilted his body up, arching to fill Junsu’s hands with his hips. Straining, he thrust up, using his shoulders for leverage as the other man stroked into him, the bed creaking loudly as he struggled to be filled.

Biting down, Yoochun filled his mouth with sheets that tasted of Junsu’s seed, the milky liquid now dried and flaking onto his tongue. Swallowing, he let go of the linens, unable to control himself from letting loose the boiling torment of need in his belly.

The tangle of profanity spilling from his mouth would have surprised Yoochun if he’d been listening but the cascade of emotions simmering in his soul finally spilled and he screamed, his throat raw with the sound of Junsu’s name. He barely registered the pleas for his lover to go deeper, his mind scrambling to keep up with the needs of his overwrought body. There was a dim echo of agreement from Junsu, his lover shouting his name then came the rush of molten liquid Yoochun needed so very badly.

His orgasm curled his body around his stomach, hips raised to take Junsu’s lessening thrusts. Lifted from the bed, Yoochun came in long ripened ropes of seed, splattering along his stomach and splashing droplets along his thighs. The scent of his lover’s release pushed Junsu over the edge and he craned to go deeper, hoping to bury himself as far into Yoochun as possible before he lost control.

Junsu felt the first wave of his desire break when Yoochun’s whorled muscle clenched down on his shaft. The ripple of his lover’s body ran up and down his sex, massaging each nerve until his length was nearly too sensitive to take much more. His shaft head throbbed, almost pained from the thrusting into the other’s heat. The ice was long melted, leaving only the scorching sear of Yoochun’s body wrapped around him. He knew it was time when his sac parted and tucked in tight against his thighs, the hollow under his sex filled with its hard rounds. The roil had stopped, the skin stretched taut as he struggled to maintain his rhythm, drilling into Yoochun’s passage with steady thrusts.

He fell, letting go of his control. Yoochun’s core sizzled with his release, spilling up deep into the other’s guts. Pressing his lover’s rear cheeks together, Junsu milked himself with the spasm of Yoochun’s muscles, riding the erotic sensations plying his sex. He leaned his head back and pushed in hard, shoving in as far as he could, touching the core of Yoochun’s nerves once more, the baritone bucking and twisting from the sensations flooding his mind.

Gasping, Junsu struggled to catch his breath, his nerveless fingers working the tie loose from around Yoochun’s wrists before he collapsed onto the bed. The baritone lay where he was, resting most of his weight forward, pressing his bent knees into the mattress, too weak to do anything but breathe in, his ragged gasps slowly dragging oxygen into his tortured lungs.

“Love you, Chunnie,” Turning his head, the tenor was about to kiss his lover when the wall above them began to rattle.

Straining to hear the sounds, Junsu swore when he made out Yunho and Jaejoong’s shouts and applause, their fists rocking the wall as they struck the plaster on the other side. Scrambling onto his knees, he pounded back, yelling at them to shut up. Their mocking laughter, nearly muted through the thick wall, fell away suddenly and Junsu glanced down at his bemused lover, Yoochun’s face split with a wide grin.

“Love you too, Susu-ah,” He tried to stop his giggles but they bubbled up, splashing over his lover’s red-faced shame.

“Don’t laugh,” Junsu complained, sliding down against the headboard. “They are never going to let us forget this.”

“It’s okay,” Yoochun lay flat on his stomach, using his elbows to pull him forward until he could reach Junsu. Kissing his lover’s bent knee, he left a wet circle behind, slathering his spit over Junsu’s skin. “I’ll never forget this either. And that’s much more important.”

“Help me kill them later?” Junsu quirked one eyebrow. “After we eat, of course.”

“Of course,” Yoochun nodded emphatically. “Food, then murder. That’s why I love you, Junnie. You always know what should come first in our lives. Sex, food and killing the hyungs. A perfect evening.”
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