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theresa_lynne: jaemin. ice cream sundae sharing

theresa_lynne : jaemin. ice cream sundae sharing.

There was a fall storm outside of the windows, a gentle swish of rain pounding away the last dregs of heat from Tokyo’s concrete sidewalks. The glass pane was cracked open, letting in the sounds of the wind and falling water. A sweetness was carried in on the air, the crisp promise of a winter just a few months away. Stretching, Jaejoong turned over onto his back, working out the kinks from his long legs.

“I thought you were going to sleep until dawn.” Changmin traced his index finger along a line of Jae’s body that only he could make sense of. The trail started at the older man’s collarbone then down over his chest, moving across each rib until it ended at the jut of bone on Jae’s hip. A faint red line dimpled along the path, small faded crimson bursts under the man’s skin, tiny markings left from Min’s ravenous teeth.

“No, I’m awake,” Jae replied, sleepily.

“You aren’t, but that’s okay.” He never woke up well, Min smiled to himself. But then the tangle of sleep-mussed hair about the other man’s pretty face was a vision he was glad to let linger until sentience chased away the clouds of dreams in Jae’s eyes. A rumbled echoed between them and Changmin wasn’t sure if it was his stomach or Jae’s that complained about the lack of food. “Hungry?”

“Yes,” Mumbling, Jae nodded then stretched again. “But I have to pee first.”

“I’ll be right back with some food,” Min said. “Don’t get lost on the way back from the bathroom.”

He listened to Jae’s mutters, a grumbling sleepy accusation of slander as the older man padded off. Sliding from the bed, Changmin rubbed at his upper arms, chasing away the goosebumps rippling his tanned skin. He debated throwing on a pair of sweats over his boxers but the apartment was blessedly quiet, the other members across the ocean in Korea or in Yoochun’s case, staying at a hotel near Disneyland, visiting his family who’d come from America.

The refrigerator didn’t hold anything that tickled his fancy but the freezer glistened with promise. Grabbing a container of vanilla ice cream, Min scooped out creamy golden-white rounds into a wide mouthed bowl. They’d had lunch a few hours ago, shared mouthfuls of ramen from the shop down the street. He wanted something sweet against his mouth, something cold to contrast with the honeyed heat of the older man he knew would already be nested down into the fine cotton sheets of their bed.

The pantry held a few treasures as did the door of the fridge. A microwave warmed the jar of fudge to a liquid and Min winced when he grabbed at the too-hot glass with his bare fingers, blowing on them to cool before using a mitt to hold the jar aloft, pouring its contents over the frozen hard ice cream. He spurted whipped cream on his creation and dumped a hefty collection of maraschino cherries over the fudge. Stabbing a spoon into the sundae, Changmin took the sundae with him then reached across the counter to snag the can of whipped cream with his free hand. Shaking it, he gauged how much of the cream was left, figuring he could put it to good use if they got bored.

“That looks good,” Jae said, lifting his head from the pillows.

“Not as good as you,” Min whispered. Against the soft gold of the sheets, the older man gleamed, a stretch of ivory and blonde tipped caramel. A pair of dark grey briefs hugged his hips, their black band snug under the dip of his belly. Min’s mouth dried, a quick rush of want fighting with the hunger rising in his belly. “I bring ice cream.”

“I wasn’t talking about the ice cream,” The older man’s eyes were dark, his favoured grey contacts left in the bathroom.

Min preferred Jae’s liquid brown gaze but he understood Jaejoong’s desire to become more than the country-raised boy that stumbled into Seoul. The singer wasn’t quite comfortable in his own skin and the contacts, clothes and odd comments served as a shield of sorts, protecting the overly tender heart that beat in his chest. Setting the bowl down on the nightstand, he climbed across the bed, stopping to kiss at Jae’s belly ring. The gold was warm against his tongue and tasted of the other’s skin.

Moaning, Jaejoong tangled his fingers in Min’s long black hair. Min’s soulful mouth moved slowly as the other man took his sweet time traveling across Jae’s stomach. A shift on the bed dipped Jae further down into the mattress then Min’s long legs were straddling his thighs, the younger singer’s long body covering his. Their mouths met finally, a rush of desire pinking their lips as blood rose to the hot surface of their flesh,

“That was nice,” Min breathed into his friend’s open mouth. “Very nice and hot.”

“You make me…warm,” Jae replied, his teeth nibbling at the edge of Min’s mouth. There was a smile there, hidden in the folds of the younger man’s sarcasm. He could tease it out with a kiss or a whispered word. The laugh he could pull from Min’s serious mouth was worth every sharp glance he got from the others.

“I should feed you something cold,” Changmin murmured, reaching over Jae’s shoulder for a single cherry, its round succulent shape dripping with a swath of hot fudge. “That way, I can warm your mouth back up.”

Placing the cherry on Jae’s mouth, Min watched the older man’s white teeth bite into the hot pink fruit, his lips suckling on its round. The slurp of Jae’s tongue pulling the juice from the cherry’s parted skin and nearly broke Min’s control. He’d seen that erotic, hot pout of a mouth around his own reddened tip, the older man taking long sucks from Min’s too hot body.

Leaning over, Changmin closed his mouth over the other side of the fruit, trapping the cherry between their lips. They shared the sweetness of its pink meat, savouring the sugared tang on their tongues. Lost in their kiss, the cherry became a slush on their lips, then disappeared, swallowed along the cherished taste of one another’s bodies.

“The hot fudge is getting cold,” Min whispered, his hands spanning Jae’s slender waist.

“I don’t mind,” Jae kissed under Changmin’s lip, lapping at a dewdrop of cherry juice that escaped him earlier.

“I do.” Cradling the bowl in his hand, Min dipped his finger into the cooling chocolate. “Lay back and close your eyes. I have plans for this chocolate and your body.”
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