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prospensity: min7en with stockings.

prospensity: min7en with stockings. (SexyVictorianCorset!Min complet with frilly, fluffy, soft petticoat and yes...lacy stockings.)

i am SO not to blame for this stocking fic. :::grins::

Japan was too distant, a sea of lights beyond Se7en’s penthouse. His life lay in that ocean of bright yellows and white, twinkling stars dotting ill-defined black towers that surrounded him. He hoped that at least a few of the lives behind those lights listened to his music. He wished he could touch just a few hearts with the words he found in his. God knows, his own heart had been broken open by the touch of another’s words. He’d been stoked into fire by that someone’s touch. And the mere sight of Changmin’s face on a magazine cover usually drove him insane.

Sanity was overrated, Se7en thought to himself. And he was definitely going to take another trip into madness. The reflection of his lover’s lean body in the window glass was a one-way ticket to a heady lust.

God was wicked, the older man decided. A wicked Creator that toyed with the clay puppets he created. There was no other explanation for it. Certainly not because there was some benevolent gift that was giving freely. There was always a catch. In this case, the catch was waiting and the sloe-eyed glances Changmin gave him from under hooded eyes.

There had to have been at least a mile of long legs there… even more maddening was the fine white silk stockings that were pulled up to Min’s mid thigh. Se7en couldn’t think, his lungs were refusing to pull in even the smallest of breaths. A thick pale band encircled each of the other man’s legs, silk wrapped elastic holding the stockings in place.

Turning to watch the other man walk towards him was a mistake. Se7en knew it was a mistake as soon as he did it. The hard lump in his throat and the growing length of his sex told him that but he couldn’t help himself. After all, a guy didn’t watch one of his fantasies reflected in glass. It wouldn’t be fair to the fantasy.

“Damn, you look … tasty,” Se7en reached for his lover, tilting his head up when Min stepped back out of reach. “Come here. Where are you going?”

“Where I have room,” Changmin fingered the short petticoat tufting out around his hips. It was softer than he imagined, a lacy froth of snow, tipped thicker at the edges. He smiled slyly at the swell of black in Se7en’s eyes, the other man’s pupils widening with lust. “There’s a bedroom back there. And a big bed with red satin sheets. Don’t you think this would look nice against red satin?”

Se7en’s mouth watered at the thought. If the sight of Changmin’s long legs wrapped in white silk made his heart thump then the black jacquard corset laced up with blood-red ribbons was going to give him a coronary. Fingerless ebony gloves were tugged up over his elbows, the thin transparent fabric hugging Min’s muscled arms. A glint of silver shone at Min’s throat, the sight of a familiar leather and ringed collar closed over his lover’s Adam’s apple. The chains strung through the rings jingled as Min moved, barefoot in stockings across the wooden floor.

A pair of black silk briefs peeked out from under the crinoline froth, caressing Min’s firm backside. The whisper of fabric called to Se7en, promising a long succulent treat that could be unwrapped slowly if Min was followed.

And follow he did.

Se7en closed his eyes to gain some control over his body. It would be difficult to walk across the length of the living floor with his sex pressed up against his jeans. Rubbing at his crotch, Se7en stood, willing his body to cooperate just long enough for him to get to the bedroom.

When he pushed open the door, Se7en was certain he died. There could be no other explanation for it. Unless he was as naughty as his friends told him he was and he’d gone to Hell. If that was the case, then he would never be able to touch the dream laid out before him.

The petticoat skirt lay on the floor, discarded on the dark wooden planks. It lay as a lure, begging for the other man’s eyes to draw up to the sea of satin and the long-legged beauty sprawled on the blood-red sheets. Min’s golden flesh gleamed, framed in black and white silk. The young man’s black curls fell down around his face, a lank of ebony tucked behind one ear.

“Damn,” Se7en exhaled, whistling under his breath. “Shit damn.”

“Do you like what you see?” Sultry, his voice didn’t crack, a pleasant surprise in Min’s mind. The stockings had been a challenge to put on, as was the corset but the silliness he felt while dressing was burned away by the lust carving a dark desire in Se7en’s face and body.

“God damn,” The older man swore, closing the door behind him. The click of the lock almost made Min smile. They’d been interrupted too many times before by friends. This time, there would be no stopping Se7en from taking what was his. “Let me watch you take some of that off. But do it slowly. I want to see every bit of you.”

Willing his fingers to be steady, Changmin reached for the red ribbons holding the corset closed. Keeping his eyes down, he bit at his lower lip, slowly undoing the bow and tugging the tie free from its grommets. Each time he inhaled, he pulled another loop free. Seconds passed, long eternal drips of time filled with Se7en’s heavy breathing, before the corset was opened.

Min sat up, his legs akimbo as he shed the corset from his torso. A sheen glistened on Min’s mouth, moisture left from the lick of his tongue along his lips. Reaching for the stockings, he was stopped by Se7en’s hands on his wrists, the older man’s breath hot on Min’s neck.

“No no no, some of you is going to be unwrapped by me,” Se7en whispered, forcing himself not to gnaw on the jump of pulse on Min’s neck. “Those are mine.”

His fingers trembled when they slid under an elastic panel. Min’s skin was hot against his wrists and the silk was a slithering pleasure on his palms. Se7en sighed when his desire stroked heat in his belly, rising in a rush of steam when the stockings wrinkled as he pulled them down.

“Those looked so nice on you. Like they were made to fit just you.” Murmuring, he licked at the young man’s ankle, the stocking crumbled around Min’s long foot. “Like you were made to fit me.”

The stretch of Min’s skin was endless, a masculine landscape slowly revealed inch by inch. He barely heard the whisper of an exhalation from Min’s parted mouth but Se7en heard it in his heart. Each ragged breath he pulled from those succulent lips was as much his as the drawn-out moans he could stroke free of his lover’s control. The second stocking followed, a pool of white silk that poured over the bed’s edge. Gripping at the corset, Se7en tossed it aside, not caring where it landed.

“Come here, baby,” Se7en murmured, closing his hands on Min’s slender hips.

Pulling at his lover’s body, he dragged Min onto his back, reaching into the band of the black briefs that cupped the younger man’s sex. Forcefully, he tugged them free, yanking them off and closing his mouth on the inside of Min’s thigh, making the young man yelp in surprise.

“Lift up your knees, Minku,” There was another gift waiting for him, a delightful treasure of a rose-pink pout and musk hidden away from view. “There’s a few other things I want to take my time doing. And I know just the place to start.”
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